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Does anyone even realize how important it is that Karkat’s now the troll king?

I mean, he spent his entire life running and hiding from an evil queen, feeding himself with fear and paranoia. But now he’s home, he’s safe, he has his boyfriend and his best friend by his side, nobody is coming after him anymore. He’s in the condesce’s shoes now, but instead of ruling with an iron fist, he’s gonna guide and help all of these new lifes that are his responsibility now. He still blames himself for the death of his friends, but this is his way of making up for that, he’s going to do for this new society what he didn’t manage to do back then. I’m so damn proud of my son, you guys have no idea. His character arc is finally complete.

"Are you okay?"

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Eridan Ampora smiled for the first time in cannon but it wasn’t even over anything serious. Out of cannon Eridan is a joke but cannon Eridan is a serious character that loves military stuff and has trouble not being a dick sometimes and has made some serious mistakes and it would have been nice to see him smile over something like getting over his mistakes or something like that. I would have even been fine with a few frames of him falling down and feferi reaching out a hand to help him up and he smiles because one of the most important people in his life felt he was worth helping. BUT NOOOO he had to fucking ride on shreks shoulder holding god damn cotton candy while smile like a fucking idiot. Now he is a joke both in cannon and out of cannon and its horribly upsetting me. This character is pretty much ruined for me now and I wish the he would have never smiled because at least he would have some dignity.

Firstly I want to say that it is shitty that us dirkjake shippers are afraid to even go under the freaken tag just because we’d see nothing but hate for the ship. What is even MORE shitty is the fact that people are sending fucking hate anons to dirkjake shippers and telling them horrid, HORRID things. JUST STOP WITH THE HATE. ITS NOT FUNNY, AND IT IS CERTAINLY NOT ACCEPTABLE. While we are all entitled to our opinions, it doesn’t mean that you can bully people and make them feel like shit.  

Now, the update. The update was important. In fact, it was VERY important in clarifying the emotions/feelings/etc that the strider bros possessed. We got to see Dave finally talk about how abusive Bro actually was towards him. Dave ranted it all out, telling Dirk of the messed up, shitty things that he had to put up with. Dave explains how Bros abusive behavior affected him, he explains how his friends never really understood his situation, and how he wished he had someone who would actually CARE for him. Dave talks about how he doesn’t like to fight or be in danger, and his thoughts on heroism. Dave had to go through so much SHIT like jesus fucking christ….I swear this update had me on an emotional roller coaster that flew off a cliff. There is so much I could go on about with Dave and his situation but I want to talk about Dirk here. We got to see Dirk admit he was toxic to his friends, esp Jake. Dirk ACKNOWLEDGED (holy fucking shit) his toxic flaws and admitted that he still has to fix his mistakes, even when he’s not close to even touching the surface. On top of that, Dirk also took blame for all of his other shitty alt selfs (aka splinters???) and their actions. Because of this DIRK FUCKING APOLOGIZES TO DAVE. Note this shit cause damn! It wasn’t even Dirk who abused Dave, it was Bro but Dirk fucking apologizes because he feels as though Dave’s abusive childhood was his fault. (How can you hate this muffin???) On that note, IT WAS BRO WHO WAS ABUSIVE TO DAVE, NOT DIRK. Dave even says “come on man. YOU didn’t do anything.” along with “You aren’t him. You’re not responsible for any of this shit…” which is so bloody true it hurts. While he is an alternate version of Bro, Dirk is just a 16 year old boy who is emotionally unstable and can’t figure things out without messing things up. In all seriousness, there is a certain point where you have to realize that Dirk is not Bro. They may share the same dna (Like Dave said) but their actions and emotions are two total differential things.  

Now back to the DirkJake because omfg…

So, Dirk admitted that he “felt pretty bad about the role [he] played in [his] friends’ lives…Especially Jake” because he felt everything disastrous that had happened to them was entirely his fault. (are you guys seeing the connection yet?) Dirk believes himself to be a toxic element to Jake from day one and wouldn’t be surprised if Jake was avoiding him as much as possible. Dirk doesn’t want to poison another person, especially the people he already cares about. Along with everything else, he never blames Jake, or makes excuses for his behavior. Dirk realizes his flaws. It is within this page too, that we get to see that DirkJake isn’t perfect. Honestly, It was never perfect and I have no idea who said it was but DirkJake isn’t an ideal star. However, the hate it is receiving is unnecessary.

All in all, the update was incredibly emotional and hussie’s character development of Dave and Dirk is just so fucking great. Like malevolentbox  said,  Dirk saw through Dave’s insecurity because his friends could not. Dave recognized Dirk for his anxiety because his friends could not and then they hugged. This update was, in a lack of words, amazingly emotional.

No but seriously there’s nothing harmful about making bucket jokes, or making Karkat say fuckass, or jegus or gog any of those old Homestuck jokes that has become “outdated” or “childish”, and so I don’t see why people have so much of a problem with them. If people are having fun joking around with those things then why get on their case? It’s not anybody’s job to police how other people enjoy themselves if what they’re doing is totally harmless. Being a “meme snob” is a dumb thing to aspire to and really just makes you a killjoy.

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have you seen the update??

yea h idk how to feel about it

I admit I chuckled a few times and some parts were nice like the Kanaya ones and also the Dave and Karkat whisperings

but it just sounds like everyone is way too agreeable with Vriska and treating her like a top authority or something?

VRISKA: ::::) “
doesn’t sound like something the old Terezi would say..? (and I actually liked Vriska until before the “she’s 8ack” flaws and all considered ngl)

and Dave already didn’t care much about this stuff even before but now also Karkat sounds like he’s fed up with everything and that he really doesn’t care anymore and that makes me sad idk

so far I feel like the versions I liked/cared for of the characters were mostly left in the pre-retcon


this part was actually really upsetting for me to read because after watching eridan slaughter his friends and being hunted by gamzee, i honestly think that karkat has been through enough, and he’s shown signs of post-traumatic stress before. [he had a panic attack once they got to the green sun, that was a hell of a lot more than just one of his rants]. and now with all the things happening in these updates i think it’s going to bring that all back. i don’t blame karkat for being scared or panicking. if someone just stabbed you, you’d be pretty freaked out too. kanaya may be brave, but she’s also known to be a bit reckless, especially when she’s mad. this may be a dangerous road for her to take.

I really don’t understand you people

You really REALLY wanted Nepeta back, but let’s be honest, I love Nepeta I fucking love her but she was never really important to the plot.

You also really REALLY wanted Davesprite back but being honest again, he also was never really that relevant, he saved the timeline once and since then he was just Dave 2 or something like that, and I also really fucking love Davesprite.

And now, Hussie found a way in which both of them could still be relevant to the plot, a way in which both Nepeta and Davesprite could be relevant, just… let’s see Jasprose for a minute, Jaspers and Rosesprite by themselves were not relevant at all, Jaspers was always comic relief more than anything and Rosesprite said herself that she wasn’t more than just a helper and that she was not on the spotlight anymore. But when they fused, God, Jasprose is a whole new character, with a whole new personality and whole new powers, in this few updates Jasprose has done much more than what Jaspers and Rosesprite would have probably done in whats its left of the webcomic.

Davepeta open so many possibilities to what they could do for the plot, we have no idea what is their new rol to the comic, as far as we know it could be really important, just as Jasprose rol has been in this last updates.

But you are all hating on the idea.

You are all saying how this was a horrible idea, how this was predictable (Ding dong this specific thing was supposed to be predictable just as a lot of thing in the past), how this is useless and adds nothing to the plot, how do you fucking know???

You know what wouldnt make sense??? leaving Nepeta just like that, adding her just because Jasprose wanted to, with no relevance to the plot, the same for Davesprite, leaving him around just being alive.

I prefer way WAAAAAY more having Davepeta being relevant in some way to the plot than just having Nepeta and Davesprite alive for making the fans happy.

And that’s another thing. Hussie doesnt owe you shit. This is his story, he has been writing this webcomic for more than 6 fucking years, 6 fucking years of his life thrown into this webcomic, and you are all saying that now is shit and that it doesnt make sense anymore.

I call bullshit on that, in the past we had Dave thinking that Bro was the best brother in the world, we had John having a mental breakdown over some fucking candy, we have a lot of shit that at the moment seemed fucking irrelevant and useless (Do you remember the intermission???)

SO yeah, hs right now is full of some silly stuff, stuff that aparently make no sense, stuff that seems problematic or whatever. But it has always been like that.

Also, if everything seems boring to you, let’s remember that this panels, and not only this ones but probably the last 300 or something panels are not supposed to be intense, are not supposed to be the climax, is the calm before the storm. Homestuck will fucking end soon and you can’t have every single part of the comic full with action, plot relevant stuff or shit like that, sometimes you need to be slow paced, you need to do some stuff that atm makes no sense, you need to have the characters chat for a while, specially if you are preparing the WHOLE FUCKING CLIMAX AND ENDING TO THE STORY.

TL;DR Davepeta may be way better than Nepeta and Davesprite and the people complaining about how hs is now shit are probably blinded by nostalgia and are hs elitists.

it just doesn’t feel finished. which i mean, i guess for weeks i joked about how i was in denial and didn’t want it to end but… even then, even if it ended but didn’t end a REAL ending with like a solid “this is what happened” would have been better. idk if it’s supposed to open to interpretation or if it’s not really actually over? i’ve had speculations based on some of the wording that the act seven update might not really be the final update and honestly?? right now i’m hoping those are true because that ending wasn’t an ending at all.


I see people giving Vriska some hate still in this Update? And I really can see why. She was THE 8itch, but they are mostly calling on all of what’s happening seeming OOC, and again, saying there’s so much character development lost but.

I don’t think so?

Okay, first, Vriska didn’t fix things. Her presence didn’t magically make everyone happy. Terezi didn’t kill Vriska, THAT is the tipping point. Terezi doesn’t get with Gamzee. The drama with the teen romance with Karkat, Dave and Terezi stops. Rose doesn’t try too hard to Auspitice. THOSE are the actual changes, Terezi is happy, they focus on other things. Scourge Sisters try to get back to being bros, kick Gamzee around a bit. Karkat and Dave become better bros (And maybe something more?) sooner in the Meteor. And Vriska prevents Rose from getting drunk.

Now, OOCness… Vriska’s still been shown as self centered and pretty fussy. Gets in between Kanaya and Rose, spies onto Karkat and Dave, uses Gamzee as a slave… But like, I don’t think Vriska was ever that bad. Following Mindfang’s steps, feeding Spidermom, Scratch contacting her, it led her into the psycho girl we all know, but when talking to John? She showed herself more affectionate, caring about things. She wanted to feel like the Heroine, in her own way, and that doesn’t excuse her actions. But when she gets to a stable point in which she doesn’t have to prove herself anything… Three years on the Meteor, getting to hang out and make amends. Meeting the humans they have been talking with, looking forward to reaching the new Session… Wouldn’t it make sense that her personality relaxed?

Others said how Vriska killed Tavros and Gamzee killed Nepeta and Equius but Gamzee is treated as the only villain. Vriska had crazy plans, and Tavros went to attack her. She warned him, and ended stabbing him in self defense. Still, she killed him but. One, Troll Society and Highblood-Lowblood relations are different than human ones. Even still she’s a huge bitch and I will never forgive her killing Tavros but… Two, she regretted it. Maybe it does nothing after he’s dead. But the thing is. Eridan killed Feferi and Kanaya, and showed no remorse as he thought joining Noir was the only way. Gamzee refers to himself as a Monster but doesn’t exactly show too much regret, and his volatile personality keeps him always dangerous if unchecked. Vriska openly stated her regret and her concern for what she had done, hinting to the possible positive change that we have seen in this one Update.

Finally, about the development… We really didn’t lose much? What did we have before? Interactions with the Ancestors, Rosemary canon, Rose Drunk, Dave and Karkat becoming bros after fighting over Terezi, Terezi being a completely useless Seer until the situation was desperate… With this Update, Rosemary becoming canon is still a thing, and we saw Rose being forced to quit before it became a problem, keeping her sober as to not make a mistake. Terezi was more cheerful and will stay more useful. Karkat stopped being obsessed about Terezi apparently and focused on bonding with Dave. We’ve got everything we had, pretty much, except Rose didn’t become a slurred mess, Terezi keeps being her non-desperate self, and Karkat loosens up faster. If anything we have MORE development than we did before, and all in a more positive direction.

But all in all, jeez. We have ONE good update after thousands of pages and you all complain? Who cares if DaveKat is your NOTP, or who got together with who or who didn’t? Hussie conveyed in one quick montage more than three Intermissions did, while keeping the spirit of the comic and the characters in a good way, and showed people being /happy for once/. Please calm down.

Okay I can’t sleep, so i’m going to do my thoughts on the end of homestuck.

Pros first
- amazing animation, absolutely gorgeous and well done homestuck is finally the animes
- the characters are happy. they are free from the game and can live in peace
- v nice music, as usual 
- dirk and jake were playing soccer i think i’m going to die laughing wtf 

Cons are a little more complicated, and I’m gonna section it into loose ends/the unexplained, and character/story potential. 

Loose Ends/The Unexplained
- the felt were left still alive on jake’s planet. Crowbar is not dumb, and was clearly alive and awake.
- Lord English’s curse. As explained by doc scratch, it passes to whoever kills the current bearer, and being killed is the only way for it to be taken away from someone. As having been the one to kill the condesce, Roxy should have inherited it, or the condesce wasn’t actually dead. 
- Hussie pointing ominously at LE. Just a glimpse of him in the flash would have been nice to note that he was still there
- The sprites. Were they allowed out of the game since they are constructs? Even if they were, none of them were at the platform. Are they all dead?
- The Weekend at Bernie’s reference was never cashed in.
- Jack noir was still alive???
- literally anyone could say ‘caliborn’ to calliope and ????
- Aranea???
- where did eridan’s gun go?
- what powers the jujus (rings of life and void, the cueball)
- Gamzee. gamzee gamzee gamzee. :o(
- the alpha kids left at the end of the masterpiece. do they just… stay there? forever? 

Character/Story Potential
- Pretty much no resolution between a majority of character relationships. i’m not talking about ships, i mean did jake and jane ever make up? jake and dirk? - rose and dirk never had a conversation.   
- Gcatavrospirte all that power, and the creation of this character led to nothing
- jane was supposed to talk to her denizen. remember that?
- rose never played the rain
- dirk never talked to /his/ denizen 
- terezi and vriska’s character arcs, but /especially/ terezi 
- Caliborn modeling himself after jake, and his OC. Many, many implications that caliborn would posses jake and there were /many/ opportunities for this
- Die’s doll with the ability to bring back members of the felt and the midnight crew, heavily hinted to be important, never used. Could have destroyed the green sun in a /very/ interesting way  
- Gamzee again. god he deserved more than that. at least if we were going to end up with him presumably dead and a permanent part of lord english, he should have gotten a Terry: Fast foward to Liv or Reader: Mental Breakdown style flash to explain it all
- Spades fucking Slick never got to truly fight lord english

now I know a lot of these are personal gripes, and i don’t want anyone to think that i don’t like the comic. it’s not even that i didn’t like the ending! I did! i thought it would have been a wonderful ending, had at least /half/ of the stuff above got resolved. I really hate complaining, and i love this comic from the bottom of my heart and hope that hussie is doing well. he should be so proud of what he accomplished, no matter the flaws. 

Ok, listen. Bout that upd8.

Literally, all the response I’ve seen from the Homestuck fandom so far kind of pisses me off in a way. Why the fuck are you pitying (Vriska) aka punk!Vriska??

Sure, alive Vriska said some shitty things. But punk!Vriska isn’t Vriska any more. The Vriska we knew would never be upset, let alone cry if some shit was spat at her. She’d fight back, or brush it off like no big deal. Punk!Vriska isn’t positive character development; its more like character change. 

I feel like alive Vriska was testing her, just to see how different they really were. Or if you guys wanna take the other route, you could say those mean things she was saying was how she truly felt about herself, inside, I guess; and was just directing it towards another version of herself to let it all out. 

I don’t care how much you guys prefer the whiney, sappy, “happy” little punk!Vriska over alive Vriska. I will always love alive Vriska over her any day, because she is VRISKA. The scorpio. The “huge 8itch.” The moirail to Terezi and the one that actually cares about some of her friends. The one who gets shit done, gives shit to other people, and doesn’t take shit back. 

Instead of some fake-happy wimp like punk!Vriska who hung out with Meenah instead of going to find her other dead friends. 

Look, I don’t hate punk!Vriska. I’m just very upset that people would prefer that version of Vriska over the alive one.

That’s just my opinion, mkay? Vriska is one of my most favorite characters and I really despise when people don’t take her actual character into consideration.