upd8 art in a way

He’s trapped, and he’s alone

Look at where you are

Look at where you started

The fact that you’re alive is a miracle

Just stay alive, that would be enough

I don’t think I quite have the words to express the ways that Homestuck has affected me personally and artistically. 

Thank you, Andrew Hussie.


@aradia-week day 5 - ghost interaction

my favorite interaction between Aradia and a ghost was when Aradia saved that falling ghost-Nepeta. the thing i love the most about this interaction is how canon it is. it’s just a pity terezi’s phone wasnt wide enough to show aradia in the photo of ghost-nep falling, right? but yes, this is Totally Canon™

What goes through people’s minds when they go to make upd8 fanart?  Like, do they look at things and just go “oh hey I wanna draw that moment”?  Is that the feeling?