• what she says:im fine
  • what she means:the date is july fifth two thousand fifteen and nepeta leijon is alive she is alive she just spoke for the first time in four years and honestly i am a changed person. i have been saved. and to top it all off jasprosesprite^2 recognized nepeta for all of her innocence and goodness that was unjustly stripped from her via dirty purple clown and i am just. i need everything, doc. give me everything you got because nepeta leijon is going to be the death of me i am sure of it!!!!! god bless us all for we are truly blessed on this day. amen

I’m starting to wonder if Jasprosesprite is supposed to represent the Homestuck fandom

She has meta knowledge of many different timelines

She has very little regard for characters who she considers boring

She was in a big hurry to make the Strider reuinion happen

She acts like she’s always right

And most of all, she wants to protect Nepeta Leijon at all costs.

Broken sword, shattered heart; walls crumble beneath a fractured sky. Let’s pretend I’m good at symbolism.   [Full view], please.