i mean I GUESS since dave is reading it he would change tavros’ words bc he’s still under the impression that tavros is scared of him bc of that one time dave schooled him and since karkat wrote the script and thinks of tavros as a wimp (?? probably) but lets all be real here tavros and gamzee should be rapping in paradox space right now 


A young lady stands in her bedroom. Due to a violent storm, her house has just lost power, along with her wireless internet connection. This has severed her link to a popular video game she was playing with a young man at a critical moment. That young man is relying on this young lady to reestablish a connection somehow. This young lady named…


It’s on the tip of your tongue. What was the name of this young lady again?

Summerteen Romance, page 20

"Who’re these douchebags", classic.

Wow, Kanaya’s taking this camp rivalry pretty seriously, huh. Guess she had more time than the others to develop camp pride.

Pfff, Scooby Doo reference FTW. And “Newsers”. (New+losers.)

Dave’s got a point, Tavros is really flustered in this comic, guess it’s due to all these new things coming at him vrom every direction.

And calling Vriska a hipster? That means he hasn’t spotted Erian yet. Although… In canon, she was stil/l wearing glasses but has shown to not need them, e.g. when going off to fight Jack.

Look at that sand tent Gamzee’s making. And I guess Sollux at least was sitting NEAR the beach, I thought he was still sitting next to their dorm hut.

Lol @ him pining for Terezi… and protag-Karkat, although regular Karkat is quick to correct his writing.

Guess at this point, he was still trying if he could succesfully blackflirt with Dave.

Gee, protag-Karkat is looking more offputting with every page.