upd lantern parade


Jersey - Bench, Shorts - Bench, Shoes - Vans

Wore this outfit to the UP Diliman Lantern Parade last week. The jersey was one of things I bought for Christmas and I thought it would be perfect for the event because UP, okay. :)

I just wanted to wear something comfortable because I knew we’d be moving around a lot that day. But still, I didn’t want to miss the chance to shoot an outfit post. The jersey + shorts combo was fine enough not to let me sweat too much.

Maginhawa food trip in the afternoon, the parade in the evening, and Maskipaps later that night, that was a really long day! Even a better reason to dress up but to stay feel good throughout the day.

This shirt combines my love for my school and for my dream school, UST.

My friend said that the outfit would’ve been dead only if there were no socks. So yea, thanks to this yellow pair for saving it! A first for me, maybe I must play with printed socks next time. :)

Did you guys know that I shot my very first outfit for this blog last year at the Lantern Parade? Oh how time flies. Haha! Happy anniversary fashion blogging. Hihihi.

This was the most challenging shoot I had, by far! Had like around 300 takes (lol haha!) because it was already dark and there were a lot of people moving on the background.

Hassle! Can’t blame them cos the program was going on while we’re shooting. Would just like to thank my forever amazing photog, Lyle, for never giving up! (She almost did, tho haha!)

‘Til the next look! :)

Photos by Lyle Pendon

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