Please excuse the Department of Extraordinary Upcycling, all its members are currently picking out favorite books to read, games to play, or movies to watch while basking on these awesome carpets created by Argentinian wool artist Alexandra Kehayoglou. She uses leftover scraps and threads from her family’s carpet factory in Buenos Aires to create wonderful rugs and carpets that mimic natural textures such as fluffy green mosses, tufts of grass, water, and trees.

Kehayoglou’s labor-intensive hand-tufting technique creates lush landscapes that bring the tranquility the outdoors inside people’s homes, private green spaces where it never rains or snows. Some of her pieces incorporate tapestries, covering both a wall and the floor, making the transformation even more dramatic and delightful.

Kehayoglou told Instagram:

“I grew up surrounded by rugs. I realized that the knowledge of rugs I had was in my genes. Using it as an artist became inevitable. The style that I’ve created is an abstraction of landscapes from my country. I would like everyone that looks at my pieces to feel that they are entering a new context. The pieces are big and feel infinite. They are meant to be portals that have the power of taking you where your memories are.”

To check out more of her textile art and keep up with her latest creations follow Alexandra Kehayoglou on Instagram, Artsy, her website.

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The rug made from old tshirts…..how it’s coming along:
I decided I would make a rug out of cut up strips of old tshirts a few weeks ago after seeing a photo of one made on the internet.
I have only been working on in sporadically but one things for sure: it takes ages! Plaiting the strips together takes so much longer than I expected, but you can do it sitting out in the sunshine whilst chatting with friends so its all good. :)
So ud finished the first plait set of three colours this morning so I thought I’d start sewing them together to see how it would look. Sewing them is easy. Just set the sewing machine on a wide zigzag stitch and sew the plaits together along the sides.
Someone on Tumblr gave me a tip for when making it that the rug can go a bit lumpy so its a good idea to put a backing on it. (Thank you for that tip ♡ - I would have replied directly but for some reason I can’t on my blog as the settings dont allow me and I haven’t worked out how to change it yet!)
I didn’t put any backing on this one as its the first im making so its a bit of a practice and so I’ll see how it looks without first.
Right now its about the size of a large placemat - but it looks gorgeous I think. My son has already bagsied it for his bedroom when its complete. Plenty more plaiting to do before then though!

FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 3 | 5.29.15

‘live a rainbow dawn’ moroccan vintage azilal boucherouite-style rug by pinkrugco

a vintage moroccan rug made from wool and recycled thread, in a brilliant and vibrant rainbow color palette. modern yet rustic … i love the happy vibe.