upcycling yarn (knitting on a budget)

my unemployment has coincided with an increased interest in knitting and a stage in my life where i dream about using finer materials. i dont have money but i do have time. so… i decided to recycle luxury yarn.

recently, i bought two silk/cotton sweaters and two cashmere sweaters from a thrift store (about $16 - so approx $4 each) and have been unspooling, steaming, stretching and re-plying them with my home made spindle. i used an old rice cooker (to steam); heavy books (to stretch); and a chopstick with a hook on top (to ply) - did i mention i don’t have money? i also skein on the legs of an upside down chair.

i am super excited for the result, and to start knitting. it is weirdly therapeutic to destroy something to create something new.

My friends and I have started a business called Upcycle.  Upcycle means to take something and make it into something else more useful. As fashion students we were looking around at all the resources we are offered and said, we gotta do this! We have started with making thrifted jeans into trendy shorts.  Our ideas are always evolving and plan to expand farther past shorts. Follow our adventures on Instagram @ upcycle_style.  And if you’re interested in a pair email us at upcyclekent@gmail.com


So I’m moving house soon but it’s super expensive and would like to be able to afford a bed to sleep on too (atm we probably won’t be able to afford a bed or anything like that)
So I’m selling some of my clothes. Here’s the info:
The dress has never been worn. It’s a size 8 (Uk), and I’m selling it for £8 plus shipping (that will depend on where you live) I’ve swapped the belt for some pretty lace ‘cause the belt was ugly ;-; it’s also a paler pink than in the picture but my camera is pants sorry :c
The shorts were criminal damage trousers I’ve cut and machine sewn into shorts and added some lace on the pockets. I think I’ve worn these like twice a long time ago, they’ve been sitting in my wardrobe unused for a while. They size they’re a size 30 European but that’s way too small?? Anyway I’m gonna say they’re a size 8 (uk) because they’re too small for me and I’m a 10. They’re £7 plus shipping.
And jeans are a pair I bought in Germany a while back that don’t really fit my style and I’ve only ever worn them as back ups so I’ve faded and distressed them to give them a cool pink look. They’re a size 8-10 (Uk) and are £4 plus shipping.
I’m not really expecting anyone to buy these but it’s worth a try. Drop me a message if you’re interested. Please reblog n.n!

Fire engine red CUFF bracelet with rich mustard yellow and olive green tone floral print embellishment, and quilted detailing.

Specifications: Measures 10 x 2", fits wrists 7 - 7.5" max., two-button closure. Two-button closure can easily be repositioned by buyer to secure a smaller fit.

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Acquire this specific item (one available): Cuff

My best selling PDF pattern…the cropped tank top! Super easy to sew. I made this one with blue bias tape thrifted from Salvation Army in NJ and red cherry fabric thrifted from Goodwill in Queens. The back (pictured in the link) is made from a vintage curtain panel found at the Salvation Army in NJ. Modeled by my friend Sharon.


We’re excited to see you all this Saturday!

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Introduction to me!

Hello! My name is HannahGrace, I’m a 22 year old fashion lover and sewing fanatic! I’ve been wanting to start Gracie Green as my fashion blog with a twist for a while now but I’ve never had any idea how to go about it! Until I was recommended to go on Tumblr ! So here I am!

About me - Ive always been the person who takes old clothes and a pair of scissors, some pins and very little knowledge of what I’m doing to recreate something new. (Although it doesn’t always work out as planned) I still love all things sewing! Recently I have stumbled across a massive following of Up Cyclers and Refashion fashionistas, this is where I have found my place! I also make things from scratch, whatever takes my fancy!! So follow me as I post my way through life.

Expect lots of posts on Make do and mend sewing! Refashion and upcycling of clothing! Also tailoring ;D