upcycled skulls

So, I have a theory that Sundowner was a SKULL soldier during the events of MGSV who resorted to having cybernetic enhancements later on in life to regain use of his voice. He looks like an upcycled SKULL, moves like a SKULL after losing his reactive armor, wields machetes that are near-identical to the SKULL ones and what little background information we get about him in MGR suggests that he could have been deployed in Afghanistan in ‘84.

Did I mention that he totally looks like a fuckin SKULL soldier!? Because holy shit


I barely got the coffee cup to my lips this morning before I was pleading with Ben to please help me carry the cabinet over to the house from next door (where it was painted).  The off gasses are still pretty potent, but I really don’t care.  I immediately cleaned the glass sides, doors and shelves, and started curating.  I could not possibly be more pleased with how this turned out.  I’m slightly annoyed by the cord sticking out from the side of this piece, but Ben claims to have the solution, so I’ll be patient.  Best part?  There’s still room for more inside.  I’ll have to be careful about how I jam things in there from here on out, but it’s do-able.  This is officially my new favorite item in the house.  AND, it’ll keep curious little kid hands off my collection.  Win!