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dirtylittlesinner  asked:

Any advice for a broke beginning druid?

Well, apart from my general advice for beginner druids, which totally applies to broke druids as well, here goes:

1. Try to grow at least one or two potted herbs. Not only will they be a cheap source of ritual ingredients, but you can also use them to season your food. If you go with sage and rosemary (both officinalis), you can also use them for basic medical tasks (they’re pretty good antiseptics, for instance) and they’re hardy plants that are easy to grow.

2. Use what Nature gives you. Rainwater. Acorns. Rocks. These are all holy artifacts of Druidry, and they’re free.

3. Upcycle product packaging. Jam jars, tea tins, cardboard boxes - all this stuff that most people throw away. You can use them for many things around the house, whether related to your druidic practice (like storing ingredients etc.) or not. Avoiding waste and littering are very druidic things to do.

4. Make your own candles. I use a metric crapton of candles in my practice and at home in general, because I love them, and I save a lot by making new candles from leftover wax. Here are some tips on how to do it, from my main site.

5. Second-hand shopping is your friend. Clothes, but also tablecloths and other house-linen that can be used in practice, used books - all those things are cheaper and buying used things means far less waste, resources usage and general inconsiderate-munching-on-Nature.

Nearly half of Americans are not recycling personal care products. Let’s change that right now, starting with #earthweek. Learn more: http://iwanttoberecycled.org/bathroom


Kevin’s Supersized Salvage on Channel 4 showed how great and beautiful up-cycling can be. Deconstructing an aeroplane and turning its parts into these magnificent products reflects the creativity, problem-solving and uniqueness that exemplifies what design is. The desk lamp, clocks and bird houses are all my favourites and would absolutely love having any of them in my house.