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Dithyrambalina is a magical community installation and a village of musical, playable houses. That’s right. The structures themselves are recycled musical instruments, ready to express the joy, pain, or wonder of anyone who cares to take the time to play them.

Even before the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans had been afflicted by huge numbers of run down properties and abandoned lots. These tragic symbols are the backdrop of city-wide dysfunction, but they are also the tableau in front of which New Orleans’ rich musical and visual heritage parades and performs. This project is an imaginative attempt to redress the futility of this blight by finding within it vast resources of salvageable materials. By turning our salvaged construction into a music box that is free, public, and playful we are inviting the wider community to imagine and participate in a new landscape of potential and possibility.


Upcycling Vintage Wine Bottles as Lamps

My MiL was ahead of her time. About 40 years ago, she made a pair of lamps out of a lamp kit and the bottles of some very very good wine. (The Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1959 was $50 a pop back then, and today its averaging - what?! - $3k a bottle?)

The lamps still work perfectly today!

Made from old photography lightbulbs that were forgotten and lost in an attic. The best materials to make new and interesting things from are the things that are neglected and unused.


One minute build! I had the idea to turn an old school, copper and brass fire extinguisher into a shop light for a couple of years. Turns out it was easier than I thought! The result is fantastic. It hangs on some salvaged fire hose. @recycledfirefighter @makemagazine @ryobipowertools @dewalttough ———————————- #adecentproject #reclaimed #vintage #antique #vintageindustrial #industrial #industrialdecor #mancave #firefighter #estiloindustrial #lighting #diyvideo #diy #diydecor #diylighting #upcycled #upcycle #doityourself #maker #imake #iliketomakestuff #fixthisbuildthat #dewalt #dewalttough #ryobination #ryobi #oneminutebuilds #repurpose #repurposed (at Beacon, New York)

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Upcycled Lamps & Lighting Ideas

Birdcage Floor Lamp: A thrift-store birdcage is paired with an old chandelier to create a unique floor lamp. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Mason Jars: Aqua and green jars are fitted with funnel tops and Edison bulbs then hung in a cluster to make a vintage-style kitchen light. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Wine Jug: A big bottle of vino was emptied then turned into a table lamp. The unique macramé shade adds the perfect touch of fun chic.

Library Lamp: A stack of books is sandwiched together, wired, then topped off with a wire egg basket.

Dress Form: This lamp can wear a gown for formal occasions or put on a casual frock for everyday use. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Wood Baskets Pendants: Wooden bushel baskets are repurposed as kitchen lighting. The conduits were covered in rope to give the fixtures a coastal look and to provide a nice contrast with the wallpaper-covered ceiling. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Globe Light: The world is dissected at the equator then the Southern Hemisphere is turned upside down to create a semicircular lampshade.

Wash Tubs: A pair of inexpensive galvanized buckets have been converted into charming patio lighting. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Old Pulley: A salvage-yard bracket and pulley are joined with an Edison bulb to make a rustic wall sconce. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Big Whisk: Industrial-sized bakery whisks are whipped into a stylish pair of pendants.

Tugboat Toy: A toddler’s toy is transformed into an adorable table lamp. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Lego Lamp: Have a table lamp you’re sick and tired of? Cover it with these classic building blocks.

Tall Tins: Vintage-style snack tins are stacked together to make this clever floor lamp. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Cupola Cap: The peak of a barn cupola was flipped upside down to make a rustic light fixture in a wine-friendly rec room.

Mementos: Save wine bottles from special occasions and use them to make a personalized chandelier. Before you begin the project, mark the label on each bottle with the date and event. This way you can look up at your new light fixture and reminisce about the time each bottle was enjoyed.

Architectural Salvage: Old columns are easy to find at most any salvage yard, and it is just as easy to drill a hole toward the bottom of the column and wire it to make a floor lamp with tons of character. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Bugle Lamp: A piece of a band’s brass section was repurposed into a quirky lamp.

Book Light: The pages of a book that are adorned with an elaborate typeface and detailed artwork were used to create a tiered light fixture. The book pages were fastened to the old chandelier frame using simple binder clips.

A Tisket, A Tasket: A bunch of thrift-store baskets are roped together to make a coastal-style light fixture. Only the large basket holds the bulb; the rest are just accents. Design by Joanne Palmisano

Twiggy: An old thrift-store light fixture is given a budget makeover. Tree branches and the fixture are spray-painted white then wrapped around the base of the fixture. Design by Joanne Palmisano


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