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Up-cycling Museum Furniture

A cool thing about being a 120 year old museum is that you can find some seriously amazing pieces of furniture in your basement. 

This old cabinet at Carnegie Museum of Natural History once held scientific specimens but has recently been up-cycled  to display merchandise in the new gift store. 

The redesigned store will open in early December and will feature restored dioramas and salvaged furniture as part of a museum-wide effort to continue to be environmentally friendly. 

Stop in for some awesome holiday shopping and take in a bit of museum history.


Elemental Air • Alchemy necklace • Air element • Witchy • Four elements • Copper necklace • Copper pendant

Hand-made copper necklace featuring the alchemical symbol for the air element. This piece was made from upcycled copper, which has been oxidized and later on sealed with organic spruce resin.

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 8.25.15

hand-marbled silk ribbon, 5-pattern variety pack by natalieasis

floating pigments create this marbled look on natalieasis’ silk dupioni ribbons, which are really remnants of larger fabric pieces — i love that the edges are upcycled into gift wrap or hair ribbons rather than being wasted or tossed. such fun colors!