upcycled dolls


The next group of Tree Change Dolls will be available in my Etsy shopwww.etsy.com/au/shop/treechangedolls onThursday 12 November at 10pm Australian Eastern Daylight time. I will post photos of all the available dolls once they are ready, so stay tuned!

Here are photos of some of the dolls that will soon be available, hanging out in my tomato garden at home.


Between the two socks I made a sweater, capri bottoms and knee high socks in a whole Deadpool pajama set for my friend. Her doll isn’t as hippy and thick thighed as my doll, so the pants and socks won’t be as stretched out. I’m really happy with the whole set!


I will have another group of Tree Change Dolls available in my Etsy shopwww.etsy.com/au/shop/treechangedolls on Wednesday 2nd December at 10pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). Here are a few preview photos of some of the dolls enjoying a frolic outside now the days are getting warmer here in Tassie! That means holiday season is on the way!

I will post more photos soon, so stay tuned.

ugh. i get uncomfortable when people use the word “upcycle” and the doll look perfectly fine beforehand. like customizing is fine if you want to change it to suit your tastes but dont act like giving a doll smaller eyes and less make-up makes it inherently better and more “appropriate”. there are dolls out there for that. “upcycling” is usually used to give your sexist views a positive spin, like no one would want the in tact doll until you got your hands on it?. i’ve seen too many people calling the dolls “whores” and “sluts” and other sexists remarks to ever let me be comfortable with the concept of “upcycling”.

i love seeing the cute, dewy eyed sweet dolls with lots of freckles people make as much as the dolls with extravagant makeup that look fierce and fabulous but the term “upcycle” just gives me a sour taste in my mouth.


Sweater foxes who are almost done (I pinned their parts together to show in the pics, they still gotta be sewn), plus ponies and cowls and owls in progress.  Also not shown are 4 vintage style bunnies that have been in pieces for weeks, who will all be for sale first week of June!  I am gonna be hand sewing a bunch of stuff at a friend’s place next week. :)


A huge thanks to producer Rani Chaleyer and camera operator Daniel Hartley-Allen and all the team at sbs2australia program The Feed for putting together such a lovely piece on our little story.


Another red-haired treechanger! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of this doll before I repainted her. I have included another doll which was very similar (but with blonde hair). These dolls came from Evandale market. This little tree climber has had a haircut, new clothes and new shoes, as well as a face repaint. She will be available in my Etsy shop on 15 February 2015.

Also, check out my DIY video on how I remove the factory paint from my dolls, online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqiNDsTcknk



I took a lovely walk up the hill today to the local reserve to see if any wild flowers are out yet. Spring is on its way! Of course I took my latest Tree Change Dolls with me. I hope you enjoy these pictures of their adventures as much as I enjoyed taking them! Some of these dolls will be in my Etsy shop soon. I will be posting them randomly for a change, rather than at a set time. I hope you get lucky!


Look what these little Tree Change Dolls ® have made! I took them into the bush to take some photos for the cover of the cardigan pattern (coming soon). What do you think of their cubby? Here’s an old photo of me and my sisters making a cubby when we were kids. Such fun!

(Oh, and did you notice the ® symbol I added? I’ve registered Tree Change Dolls ® as my trade mark. Very exciting! Please remember to respect my intellectual property rights, those of you upcycling your own dolls.)