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DIY Lace Denim Overalls | DIY Upcycle Your Old Clothes  by Yumi King

Link: https://youtu.be/Y4Y4PBEWhZU

Finally got my #new #vanity all set up. It took me about a day to paint and seal it so not too bad. I think it was well worth it. Can’t believe someone was going to throw this out! #upcycle #barbiegirl #princess #shabbychic #vintage #chalkpaint #pink #mint #stencil #lush #makeup #diy #diyproject #dinglehopper #treasure

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Do you have any DIY with old cassettes? Thank you!

DIY Painted Cassette Tapes

These are so cute! Hang them up together in your home or gift them to your friends. You can even take note of the tutorial below and make a cute organizer out of the painted tapes.

DIY Upcycled Cassettes

Something handy.

DIY Casette Tape Business Card Holder

Something handy AND portable!

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Upcycled Wrist Warmers
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Baby, it’s cold outside and these little wrist warmers keep you warm & cute as a button. Below is an easy-as-pie upcycled DIY on how to make a pair of wrist warmers from old socks:

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1 knee-high sock

1 fancy button

lace (at least enough to go around the bottom of your sock)

sewing machine

needle & thread

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Cut the foot off your sock. I used a knee-high sock so I trimmed a bit off the cuff as well, but you don’t need to if you like the length or are using a shorter sock.

External image

Add lace or trim to the cut end of your sock. This is functional as well as fashionable. You get a little flair for your wrist warmer and it also keeps your sock from unraveling.

External image

Sew the trim to your sock with the right sides touching so that your seam is on the inside of your wrist warmer.

External image

External image

I added a button and a little gathering for an extra touch. The gathering is done by running a short basting stitch up about 3 inches of your wrist warmer, then pulling tightly and knotting off.

External image

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7 Easy Ways To Personalise Your Bag!

Do you need a mid-week break? I do. That’s why I’m going to spend time on one of my favourite things in the world – handbags (I just did I mini yaay in my head, while writing that). Now, I don’t actually have time to make something elaborate. So, I’m going to share ways on how to quickly  personalise your bags and make them more customised to your taste. Here are some of the personalisation ideas I found and am planning on experimenting with.

For the details, check out this link.