upcycled cords


Loving this itty-bitty quick-n-easy weekend project to make cord ties. Honestly, I don’t know which was more fun: finding a use for some leftover wool or up-cycling an old leather wallet to make monogram buttons! 🤗❤

You will likely be surprised to know that I drew this chart myself - free hand, even! Impressive, huh? 🤣

And one more note (since I’m already coffee silly): the vintage hole punch in the background belonged to my grandmother… I do so love using tools she once held in her creative hands. ❤ 🌻 🍃

anonymous asked:

any DIYs that use washi tape?

DIY with Washi Tape

DIY Washi Tape Cord Labels

Something that I ought to do with my cords..

DIY Upcycled Mint Tin

A great way to turn an old mint tin into a cute container for bobby pins, small candies, a miniature card for a friend, silly putty, or pack in a mini sewing kit.

DIY Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet Coaster

Bring the pallet fad into a miniature scale for your mugs and cups.

DIY Phone Holder

Super easy! And from what I gather, this could double as an amplifier.

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