Upcycling Jars, Bottles, and Other Glass Containers.

I cook ALOT. I’m quite proud of my little collection of herbs, spices, teas, legumes, and other dried edibles. Not so much for the actual contents, but for the fact that 90% of the glass containers were upcycled. I saved my kimchi jars, pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, jam jars, booze jars - errrr, whatever I bum off the bartender, and etc. I especially love using the Canada Dry tonic water bottles for my spices; the wine corks I save fits the perfectly as a stopper! The rest of my containers are usually rescued from flea markets and thrift shops. 

I encourage everyone to find a place in their homes for glass packaging. Keep them out of the dumpster.


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 11.21.16

recycled gold + gemstone jewelry by mineralogydesign

sorry for the late post guys … not sure where my original 3rd post went!! anyways, mineralogydesign is always a beautiful solution. i can’t get enough of their sparkle.


etsyfindoftheday | suggested shop: grannyabell | 10.19.16

varied embroidered colorful postcards by grannyabell

good evening followers!! alisha at chicago-based etsy shop grannyabell reached out to me sharing her creative, colorful, unique upcycled paper postcards, and i just HAD to show off a few of her rad designs. so cool right?! who wouldn’t love to get an adorable handmade piece of embroidered snail mail this fall … i know i would <3


These plastic tubes with strings on top are basically ready-made sachets, all you need is cut them into a smaller, more practical size. Sure, it’s plastic, not black velvet, but it’s water-resistant, you can see what’s inside, and you’re turning trash into something useful.

The photo shows one glued with scotch tape, but using a stapler is generally better. I just couldn’t find mine. And yes, I know the two packs don’t match, because I did it first, from an old pack that ran out, and only thought about taking pics for you guys later.