How to Recycle a Whole Sweater from Posed Perfection.

This post shows how to make 8 projects from 1 recycled sweater:

  • Sweater Cuff Bracelet
  • Orange Sweater Neck Warmer
  • Sweater Pumpkin Vase
  • Sweater Headband 
  • Sweater Embroidery Hoop Pumpkin
  • Sweater Dollar Store Vase 
  • Sweater Lumbar Pillow
  • Sweater Stuffed Pumpkins 

A little #DIY Inspo 🌸 I’m so inspired to more of this around my home💡#Upcycle #Recycle ✔️ ———————————————- aqui tienen una idea simple y facil de hacer en casa🌸 Yo a esta muy inspirada hacer más de estos recientemente💡#Recicla


Scrap/Upcylced Art Journal Part 2:

For the cover I rescued a huge bird seed bag that was destined for the trash, cut it apart, and wiped down the inner plastic backing.  It curled in on itself and was still a bit thin for a cover, so I cut a piece of a Trader Joe’s bag to fit and sewed them together.  Once I had all the pages cut, I ironed them (after the initial ironing), hole punched, and secured them with metal rings.


Upcycling Vintage Wine Bottles as Lamps

My MiL was ahead of her time. About 40 years ago, she made a pair of lamps out of a lamp kit and the bottles of some very very good wine. (The Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1959 was $50 a pop back then, and today its averaging - what?! - $3k a bottle?)

The lamps still work perfectly today!