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Kickstarter is ALIVE!

Hello, everyone!

We are happy to announce that our second attempt at Kickstarter is now LIVE!

This time our goal is $3,500 and will feature more digital rewards, like Exclusive CG/Event Illustrations, a digital copy of our soundtrack, our AVID Spin-off BL Game, and possibly getting all 8 of AVID’s suitors!  

This doesn’t mean our physical rewards are gone, though!  Backers at certain tiers or those that want to add-on physical items can still possibly get our metal keychain, 5x7 character prints, body pillowcases, or our acrylic charms!

Also, for backers at the $15 Lotus Tier, not only will you get our digital soundtrack, you’ll also get access to our exclusive Kickstarter backers live streams on our private Facebook group!  We do hope to do a Backer Only Live Stream within the first week, possibly during the con if hotel wifi allows for it, but we don’t know for sure yet.  Tomorrow night we hope to be able to post a date and time after Justin, Noelle, and Darkenmarr look over their con schedule together.

We’ve also learned that sometimes posts with links involving Kickstarter campaigns are finicky and sometimes won’t appear in Tumblr’s search.  We love our game, our story, and our characters and want to bring this experience to as many people as possible.  We ask if everyone who sees this post could kindly share it to help reach more people.  We greatly appreciate it!

Thank you all!  We hope to update everyone on our A-kon experience soon!


A surprise last minute addition to the To the Edge of the Sky: Please allow us to introduce the second and final character and CG artist to the #TTEOTS team, Hazel! She’s an established fanartist within BTS’ fandom and we’re so grateful that she managed to apply before we closed applications! We’ve attached a few of her pieces for you guys. Hazel and Monz will be working together collaboratively to bring the best possible experience to ARMYs for TTEOTS later this year.

Twitter | Instagram 

She’s really excited to work with us and we’re really excited to have her working with us! The two have demonstrated significant skill in different areas in their work, and we look forward to seeing the amazing artwork they put together. Like Monz, Hazel has a lot she wants to share with you all and has committed to working hard and giving her absolute best on the project^^

When Tiana finds herself house-sitting a mansion, she thinks her life is taking a turn for the better.
Little does she know the house is not what it seems… and neither are the two occupants who both wish to lay claim to her heart.

Contested ownership barely covers what’s happening at The Crossroads

The Crossroads is my NaNoReNo entry this year. It’s a light, romance-focused, supernatural visual novel.

I’m hoping to make it a bit lighter and fluffier than I normally do :D

It will be quite a linear visual novel, with really only the romance scenes and endings differing throughout- hopefully it will mean I can actually finish the project in the month!

            Warnings: Suggestive adult content (but it’s hardly anything!)

> Two love interests
> Personality choices all the way through
> Three possible endings for each love interest
(Love Ending, True Love Ending, and Bad Ending- Bad ending will vary only slightly for each)
> Just general fun and romantic lightness
> Unique Sprites, BGs, CGs, GUI

                               (Concept sketches only at the moment!)

Main Character

Tiana- Name Changeable
After losing her job, her apartment, and pretty much everything else, Tiana finds herself at a crossroads in life and has to decide where to go next.
Luckily, a job offer to house-sit a mansion in the middle of nowhere sounds like the perfect opportunity to take some time for herself.
(A very simple character customisation will hopefully be available- hair colour, skin colour, and eye colour)

Love Interests

The steward of The Crossroads. The man seems to bypass flirting and go straight into… well, full on suggestions! Quite the man to figure out…

Works as the handyman of the house. Sweet and caring, he suits the gentle gardens he spends most of his time in.


So, I really wanted to do NaNo again this year, though definitely wanted something I can actually finish within the month 

I will be soloing this as usual, so progress will be steady, if a bit slower.

I’ll probably be starting on GUI and backgrounds as they are my least favourite things, but I might slip into the sprites sooner because, well, that’s the fun stuff!

Hope you guys like my entry! I’m looking forward to progressing on it :D

Hello everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since our last proper update! We finally have new art to show, thanks to our new sprite artist Greenace! (If you don’t know what’s going on, you probably missed our announcement post here about our future plans and changes in the project).

Anyways, you guys wanted a proper sprite for the queen of Lunar Kingdom, and your voices have been heard ;D Meet Charming’s mother, Queen Gretel! Hope you guys like how she looks! Greenace tried really hard to imitate Elzee’s style so that our sprites would be as consistent as possible, so please show her some appreciation for her efforts if you can!

I should be back soon with another new sprite to show since Greenace is working at the speed of a madwoman. So stay tuned!

PS: A few of us in the Lads in Distress dev team have started a joint public VN Discord server, where we talk about LiD among other VNs we’re working on. We answer questions and give sneak peeks and sometimes early updates in the server, so come join us if you’re interested! ;)


Here are the somewhat cleaned profiles of our cast!

Brin, the “I’m gonna win ALL THE THINGS, BRING IT!!” gal
Rayen, the shy soft squishy shy cutiepie that loves her little dragons too much but hates having to go out and interact with other players.
Honoree, our clueless pay-to-win child, she’s a sweetie though!
And Glen, the dead inside gay ace ice cream parlor clerk who’d rather not be there at all as our special support character!

The name of the game will be  DoraKone: My sweet summer adventure (because Dulce, our MC, is a nerd.)

Logo will come later! We’ll keep you updated with our progress! :D

Update 9/23/2017

Hello, everyone! Noelle here.

Time for a quick update of what’s been going on the last few weeks.

We originally had plans to go to San Japan at the beginning of the month, but because of transportation reasons and concerns about Hurricane Harvey, the team had decided against going to the convention.  Instead Noelle and Justin used the time that was already allotted for the convention to travel to Wyoming to visit @darkenmarr and work together in person.

While visiting, we were able to fix her computer situation by helping her get a good desktop.  Her laptop had issues with running art programs, leading to frequent crashing and freezing, which caused a major delay in art progress.  We hope with the nice desktop set up there won’t be any issues now.

Speaking of art progress, while we were visiting Darkenmarr we were able to come up with designs for Lily, Caelius, Dem, and Layton!  Kickstarter Backers have already seen the sketches, but we plan to show them off to everyone else soon.

While we were in Wyoming, we were able to work on a schedule for the sprite work, but it might have to be pushed back just a little bit.  After we left Wyoming, Darkenmarr reported to me that she hurt her hand when she was walking two of her dogs and she currently has her drawing hand wrapped up.  Also just a heads up, if you ever meet her dog, don’t touch the laser pointer unless you want to lose an hour of your time playing with her.

On to more updates!  I plan to send surveys out to tiers that are $55 and below once school calms down some more.  $75+ tiers will wait a little longer as I want to wait until we have body pillowcase sketches, unless everyone at those tiers knows which character(s) they want regardless of the design.

In writing news, Justin and I have finished editing Harlan’s first three chapters and are currently writing Connor’s first draft, where we’re about halfway through chapter three.  Once the first three are finished for Connor, we will give it to our readers in our read and review group for feedback, and then Justin will work on Sven while I take a crack at Lowell.

After working through the romance song, Geoff and I agreed that it wasn’t working, so we’re still tinkering with the romance song.  The next version of that song that we show off will be entirely different from the last one.

That’s all for right now, but we’ll be sure to check in soon with more updates!

Hey guys!

We’ve mentioned this previously in updates, but we figured this is a good time to make an official announcement post.

In a week, which is June 10, we will be releasing the demo of The Masquerade Killer, our commercial otome in progress. It will consist of around 17-20k words, which is 90% of the common route.

Not all assets are final – for example, in the full game, all the 5 main characters will have multiple poses and outfits rather than just the one currently in the demo. We would also love your feedback on various aspects of the game so we can improve it for the final game!

Along with the demo, we will also be releasing the prefundia campaign for The Masquerade Killer to the public on June 10. This is in preparation for our Kickstarter campaign that will be launched on July 11. We will be offering many goodies, so do take a look! We would very much appreciate any feedback and signal boosting for the campaign!

As always, thank you for the support, and we hope you will look forward to the demo! :D


A short romance visual novel/dating sim

You need a job and fast. However, every job to apply for seems to not have any positions available to you. Before you give up, you find luck in the Pink Lady Cafe, working a full-time job for Valentine’s Day. Simple, right?


  • 4 Romance Options (2 Male, 2 Female)
  • Genderless and Nameable Main Character
  • Full Voice Acting
  • Memory Card Game!
  • A couple of hidden easter eggs?


Writer/Producer - Michaela Laws
Artists - ReddArt, Anirhapsodist
Editor - Natasha Laws
Music by Christopher Escalante
Voice Talents - Sean Chiplock, Eric Dubyu, Caitlynn French, Michaela Laws, Sheila M. Lin, and more!

Friday update 10/13/2017

Happy Friday everyone! Time for this week’s Friday update!

Writing: Having finished Corvin’s first structural edit, I have moved on to editing Marc’s route. I’m most of the way through and should finish this weekend or early next week.

Sprocket is about half finished with Ewan’s route and has been making awesome progress!

Art: We’ve received a few more concept arts, and I’ve seen sketches for some additional ones. I’ve also set aside a little bit of time to work on those. So there’s been lots of drawing of things. All the concept art has to be re-drawn in our art style, and sometimes that means heavily editing and re-doing the lines while keeping the basic composition the same.

I wish I had more stuff to show off but honestly, everything right now is kind of in a state of half-finished. I don’t really like showing off things in that stage though.

We’re also getting to the point where I don’t really have too much to show because…spoilers. So I can be tricky to find ways to tease you guys with images without showing off too much!

Other: Anyway, in other news coder is starting work on the last stretch of coding actual game function and features (he took a short break after getting the last few features done). He expects to be finished up with that in a couple of weeks. And then we’ll get back to doing the scripting, as well as testing all the things.

I also got a new WIP track from Eric, our composer. OwO

Summary: I feel like it’s a fairly short progress report this week. Kind of a “Yup, we’re working on all the things” sort of update.

That’s all for now and we shall see you next week! 

I am thrilled to finally be able to reveal the main cast of Studio Élan’s upcoming visual novel!

From left to right:

Tara: Everyone’s favorite paranormal internet celebrity, Tara Bryck is THE authority on ghosts, ghouls and everything in between. Her desire to write a book about the most fascinating of legends brings her and Maddie to the snowy village where our tale begins.

Maddie: Our hero! Being your best friend’s manager is never easy, especially when said best friend drags you along on a search for ancient legends. However, it’s not long before she finds herself captivated by something in the village much more fascinating than any legend.

Morgan: A native to the mysterious village our heroes find themselves in, she invited her favorite occult celebrity to come solve an ancient mystery deep in the forest that surrounds her town.

Abigail: Our deuteragonist! A mysterious girl shrouded in arcane secrets. Who is she, really? What does she know about the darkness that lurks in the woods?

Only one way to find out: play for yourself!

Follow @studio-elan and https://twitter.com/vnstudioelan for constant updates on the project! We can’t wait to share our wonderful romance with all of you!


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the super late post! Here are the bigger versions of Seth and Julius’s CGs, which will be included in the trailer. There are four frames for each CG, but we’ll only show one for now to leave the best for later ;)

What do you think? :D Hope you like it!

On moonlit night,

when sky is bright,

look to the ground and see,

what faerie feet have left on path,

a circle round and wee.

But keep afar,

from grassy scar,

that circles near the tree,

for if you tred,

or dance instead,

you never shall be free.


A rhyme Freya heard many times as a child from her mother as they passed the ring of mushrooms that envelop the largest oak in the park.

But it’s just an old wive’s tale- a fairy story, right?

Well, she’s about to find out that some tales are more real than expected.

Touch of Fae is an upcoming fantasy otome game about a girl who falls through a fairy ring and discovers a world beyond. Realising she is of both worlds, she has to make some tough choices and find out just which world she connects to more.

Love Interests

- 3 individual love interest routes

- 4 endings for each route (Bad end, Fae End, Human End, True Love End)

- Main character’s personality dependant on choices made by you

- Original art for all BGs, GUI, CGs, and sprites

- Character customisation!

- CG Gallery (CGs in the gallery will show the default character, as I have no idea how to code it otherwise! But CGs in-game will show custom character)

So, I’m finally getting to announce my new project I’ll be working on! I’m really excited to start it, and have been working on it since the end of last year. It’s still a way off from completion yet, but I thought I would show what I have so far.

It is indeed about faeries. Partly because I have always been interested in them, but also partly because I had the real urge to draw characters with bright hair and big ears.

And yes, there is going to be a character customisation feature in this VN! It’s something I’ve really wanted to add, and I’m finally pushing myself to do it. Unfortunately, that does mean CGs will take much, much more work, but I really hope it will pay off. Also, I imagine it will mean the game will have quite a large file size!

It will be commercial, though I’m still not sure on pricing yet, as I’m hoping I might be able to offer the routes individually and in a bundle. So, I will do my best to work that out! First thing I will be concentrating on is getting the demo up together, which I will release at the same time as Steam Greenlight (fingers crossed for that!).

Once again, I am a one-woman team on this project, so things will progress steadily but probably slower than most!

I would love to hear your first thoughts on this! Or, if you have any questions then please let me know- just send me a message, I always enjoy hearing from you guys! :)

I’ll be posting updates regularly, so keep an eye out!

Update - 25/5/17

I’ve done pretty well on The Wayhaven Chronicles. I’ve finished writing Chapter 6- writing Felix/Farah’s scene was a nice change, as they’re much looser to write than the others.

I’ll be moving onto Chapter 7 next, then it’s only editing and testing, then I can update to the full demo! Chapter 7 should be more linear, so it will be quicker to finish.

Exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time :D

Touch of Fae has fallen behind again :/ I’ve been limited on time recently, and Wayhaven has taken all of it. Hoping to start on a background or a sprite again soon though!

Hope everyone is doing well :)


An ace photographer, Benni hopes to graduate and instantly go into food-photography as a career. She is bright and bubbly, but always has a keen eye on things that would strengthen her portfolio; even people! She is energetic and always hopes for the best, but can get frustrated and even childish at times when things do not go her way.

~Love Interest~


I went to link someone to the post with these but I couldn’t find them. So I am assuming I’ve never posted them to the blog.

And now I am.

So I can link someone to them. LoL 

So yeah, these were just little dossier-style character profiles I put together for fun during the Kickstarter. They hint at some story related things that will come up during the game. =)