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Irish Eyes - Titanic Honor & Glory Demo 3



- ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ by Telltale Games for all major consoles

- ‘Spider-man’ by Insomniac for PS4

- ‘Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite’ by Capcom for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows

- ‘The Avengers Project’ was announced today as the first of several Marvel games being developed by Square Enix

Upcoming video games I'm looking forward to:

Torment: Tides of Numenera

I loved the first Planescape: Torment RPG, so I’m looking forward to playing this. I love that it will allow you to solve quests in multiple, different ways. I heard you’ll also be able to play as a female character in this sequel, which is nice, since the first game didn’t have that option.

Night in the Woods

I love the game’s soundtrack and art style. It feels quite rare to come across a game with such a friendly art style, yet has very adult themes. I like seeing works that do that.

Return of the Obra Dinn

I’ve played the proof-of-concept demo of this and ended up writing a positive review of it. I really like the premise of using a time-stopping pocket watch to solve multiple murders and deaths. This is from the creator of Papers, Please, btw.


I’m not sure if I’ll actually play this (I’m terrible at platformers), but I’m looking forward to seeing it come out and hearing people’s thoughts on it. I love how it looks like a 1930s Max Fleischer animation (the game devs went as far as using paper to traditionally animate and paint everything).

Ghost of a Tale

You play as a mouse bard. I feel like that premise alone gets me. The Redwall-inspired world that this RPG is set in looks breathtaking, and the fact that you play as a mouse simply makes that world feel even grander in scale. Also, the mouse is adorable. His name is Tilo, and he has a bell-hat.

clamanath  asked:

What's your opinion on this: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=bFAPKDVXNnw

I think he’s out of his damn mind.

For starters, the title is extremely misleading. I won’t call it click bait, because if it was click bait it would look more like “I Went to the Comic Book Store Today and You’ll NEVER Guess What Happened Next!” but all the same he’s selling oranges and calling them apples. The video is called “The Rise and Fall and Plummet of Comic Books” and the majority of the video is just him pissing and moaning about how demographics he’s not part of are being reached out to. He barely even touches on the comics and sales themselves and mostly focuses on tired, beaten to death points like lady Thor and a black girl paling around with Tony Stark. Like, seriously people, even people who like those characters are probably sick to death of them being brought up all the fucking time. Also, describing Bat Woman’s sexual orientation as “Oh, she enjoys slurping some slatch!” And he wonders why people call him and his fans ‘man babies.’ It would be one thing if he was 12 or 15, but he’s not; he’s a grown ass man. When the hell is he going to start acting like one?

Also, describing a Mary Sue and citing Rey from The Force Awakens as an example? First of all, 2015 called, they want their easy target back, and second that whole “Ugh, Rey’s a Mary Sue, nyah nyah nyah!” has been long since debunked. There’s nothing you can say about Rey that can’t also be applied to Luke.

But putting all that aside, he’s not saying anything new. Comic books have been on the wane since the Spectator Boom back in the 90′s turned the industry on its’ head and it just never recovered. Comic books just aren’t a growth industry anymore. The upcoming video-game “Injustice 2″ will easily sell over three million copies if not more, but if DC made a comic book with the same exact story, characters, premise, and setting….it would be lucky if it sells 100,000 copies. By the way, those are considered GOOD sales. In any other industry, selling 100,000 of anything would be a death sentence for that particular intellectual property. If only 100,000 tickets were sold for a movie like Civil War or Batman v Superman then not only would that be a crippling financial blow to the studio, but the medium itself would have taken such a punch to the gut that it likely would have been DECADES before that studio made another superhero movie.

Having said that, I do agree that I’d much rather see these companies make new characters instead of just give a pre-existing character and giving them a race or gender swap. It’s tiresome, boring, and supremely lazy. The part I take umbrage with is that he’s acting as if this is some recent phenomenon that only surfaced in the last few years. Spoiler alert, it’s not. Comic books have been doing this for decades now, for it’s a tactic almost as old as comic books themselves. While it’s as exasperating as exasperating gets, it works. As much as I detest that method, I still have to admit that if not for it we wouldn’t have great characters like Steel, Power Girl, War Machine, X23, Batgirl, She-Hulk, pretty much every Teen Titan that isn’t Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and arguably Beast Boy (one can easily argue that’s he’s a green pint-sized Plastic Man, only with animals) and the list goes on and on.

Look, laugh and guffaw and cry “See, this is what happens when you pander to SJWS!” all you want over comics declining sales all you want, but again, falling sales are nothing new. Comic books and printed media as a whole with the exception of novels has been slowly but steadily going extinct for the past two decades now, and blaming falling comic book sales on SJWs or whatever online boogeyman is currently trending is like blaming EA for the video-game crash of 1987. By all means, criticize them all you want. You don’t have to like what they’re doing by any stretch. As someone who’s grown up reading comic books, I can’t tell you how utterly heartbreaking it is to not only see comic books and printed media in general slowly going extinct, but even more saddened that what comic books there are serve as little more than beta-testing grounds for future multi-media projects. By and large, Marvel doesn’t give a FUCK what comic is and isn’t selling. Would they like Korean Hulk and Ironheart to be best sellers? Sure, but they aren’t losing sleep over low sales. The only part they actually care about is when or if Riri Williams becomes a viable enough character to take the reins in future Iron Man movies once Robert Downy Jr. decides “Yeah, you know what? I made enough money.”

Again, you don’t have to like it or even respect it. I certainly don’t. But if your big KO to them is “Hey, your Captain Marvel comic isn’t selling very well!” all Marvel’s going to do is reply with “Sorry, what was that? We can’t hear you through this big pile of money we’re about to make from the Captain Marvel movie staring his female counterpart which will also become the go-to female superhero movie when DC inevitably fucks up Wonder Woman!”

One more thing. As for the whole SJW thing, again, you can criticize all you want. But if you’re going to lose your shit over a comic book talking about tampons, then grow. The hell. Up. Comic books have talked about problems of men and boys for as long as comic books have been a thing. Almost every teenage superhero have powers that are metaphors for puberty while at least one third of the entire Spider-Man lore and mythos is about how he can’t seem to ever get laid. Anyone who’s going to lose their damn mind over Marvel talking about girl problems while ignoring Peter Parker’s sex life often being a major selling point all the while acting as if they had been personally wronged because a comic book had the audacity to reach out to young girls for once, then they can take their selective persecution complex and stick it straight up their ass!

And for the record…

World Collision Chapter 2


Chapter 1

Slightly shorter chapter this time. Gotta get them to a safer place, you know?

( @krehe, I saw your screaming. There is no escape when you’ve gone too deep. :3)

Mar’s Haven

The Zoomer started picking up speed, causing Myra to stiffen up sharply.

A corner of the tarp was lifted up. “We’re coming up on the Time Barrier. Do you guys have your talismans?”

“T-talismans?” Myra repeated in confusion. “Time Barrier?”

James sighed as Azari, Pym, and Torrun pulled out various items and gripped them tightly: Torrun’s sword, Azari held what looked like a worn, old mask of some kind of black cat, and Pym holding a similarly worn mask, but with antenna sticking out of the top of the mask instead of cat ears. “The pink barriers are Time Barriers; you’re going to need something that’s been infused with energy can protect you from getting abruptly older or younger – Dad, do you or the World Jumper—“

“She’ll be fine.” Cap gripped his shield and held it in front of him.

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A hack n slash open world RPG where you can ride/command a dragon. and bump music while you do it. AND its being produced by the guy who made Devil may cry.


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Got any Mordhau hype?

The upcoming video game that is currently on kickstarter, or the art of wielding a bastard sword like a freaking war hammer? If the former, then it definitely looks promising, but I am a touch cautious, given how armor mechanics are often softened over in video games and nerfed, while the latter is a devastatingly potent way to utterly ruin some rookie militiaman’s day.

Still can’t believe we essentially willed Creek into existence, into canon and into an upcoming, massively anticipated video game set to be distributed worldwide. It becomes even more unbelievable when you consider the number of other fandoms that have constructed well-established, highly plausible ship conspiracies that never got the chance to be fully realized when it would have been so easy, realistic and groundbreaking for the respective creators to do so. Of all the books, series, shows etc. and it’s a South Park crack ship consisting of two background characters that sees the light of day. What a world what a time to be alive?!? I classify the show as PRIMARILY chaotic evil but it also has its moments of chaotic good and Creek was definitely one of them.