upcoming trend

me: *logs on tumblr* *checks trends and finds “back to school” is trending*
tumblr: hey, school is starting soon!!! (: I hope you have an awesome year and-
me: *logs out immediately, shuts laptop and buries myself in my blankets in order to forget that hell will be starting soon*

Before Philippine Fashion Week became a thing, Presidents gathered the public in one place so that they could see what the upcoming trends would be. Of course, some days the public wasn’t sure if they’d be treated to fashion show, or actual proclamations.

Here we have President Magsaysay showing off his lovely all-white ensemble to a delighted, but very confused crowd.

anonymous asked:

Can I request Kise being dragged by their s/o to go Lolita fashion shopping and then his s/o models some outfits she might buy~?

Although Kise never really minded going on shopping trips with you, this time he was a bit doubtful. Sure, he was into the upcoming fashion trends but Lolita fashion was something he’s never really considered. He’s seen them in the streets and thought that they were cute and odd at the same time.

You pulled him into one store and ‘ooh’-ed and ‘aah’-ed at every piece of fabric displayed. Kise would sit on the chair, unable to do anything as you roamed the place and picked out all the ones you liked. He stayed in his corner, constantly checking his phone for texts or texting the others for any form of entertainment or company.

Die. – Kasmatsu-senpai

“_____-chi!” He whined, getting up and slipping through the curtains of the dressing room. “Senpai just told me to die and…” He trailed off, watching you shyly try to hide the adorable outfit you had on. His eyes widened and lips parted in surprise. “_____-chi…”

“Well,” you, with your adorably flushed face, spread your arms and twirled slowly, giving him a 360 view of the outfit. “What do you think?” When he didn’t say anything, you assumed the worst and ducked your head. “I’m going to change now—“

“What?” He interrupted, blinking at you. “Why? You look so kawaii, ____chi!” Kise grinned and began bouncing on his feet, something he always did whenever he got too excited. “Are you going to buy that? Can you try on some more for me? You look so cute!” He cooed before throwing his arms around you and snuggling his cheek against yours.

“Kise… can’t… breathe.” You choked out as he continued to suffocate you because of your cuteness.

BONUS: Kise is totally into those flowery printed ones in pink. Cat ears are his kryptonite.