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Teen Top’s L.Joe Lands A Role In An Upcoming Play

Teen Top’s L.Joe will be appearing in an upcoming play.

On March 15, a source from the play “Factory Manager Writer Bong” (tentative title) stated, “L.Joe will be using his real name Lee Byung Hun as he stars in the play. He is practicing hard while getting along well with other actors.”

The upcoming play is about a single man in his 30s who experiences the harsh reality of the world. L.Joe is a part of a triple cast for the character Kei. The play will open on March 29 to April 2 in Seoul.

Meanwhile, L.Joe is currently dealing with a dispute with TOP Media regarding his contract.


“So Derek-”

“No.” Derek responded not letting Isaac continue his sentence. “You don’t even know what I’m going to say.” Isaac said looking at your brother with wide eyes. 

“You and (y/n) are plotting something, the two of you keep whispering about something. I know my sister, whatever it is it can’t be good.” Derek said not looking up at Isaac. 

“We’re not plotting anything–well anything bad.” Isaac said fumbling with his hands. “Alright then, fine, ask me.” Derek turned his attention to Isaac. “Well, I know you’re really close to your sister.”

“That’s right.” Derek said nodding for him to continue. 

“And I know you always have her best interests in mind, and you want her to be happy and protected.” Isaac took a deep breath–he was still under Derek’s intimidating gaze. 

“Is there a point to all of this?” Derek asked suddenly worried about where Isaac was trying to lead the conversation. 

“Well, yeah, I think you should know that (y/n)-” He paused and under Derek’s harsh gaze cracked. “She’s dating Scott.” He said switching the topic off of him. Derek stood up quickly. “What?!” He screamed. “Since when?” He asked. 

Isaac shrugged. “I don’t know, I saw them sneaking off earlier.” He said as Derek stormed passed him and marched out the door. Isaac took a deep breath when he heard Derek’s car pull out.


“Scott?” You asked raising an eyebrow at your secret boyfriend. “I’m sorry! I caved, you’re brother can be very scary when he wants.” Isaac explained making you groan. 

“He’s a teddy bear.” You said rolling your eyes. 

“With you maybe. To the rest of us he’s a full groan rabid grizzly.” He said sarcastically. 

“We’re gonna have to tell him eventually.” You said. “Yeah, eventually, let’s try again in a year.” He offered up making you roll your eyes. 

“Wimp.” You muttered under your breath.

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Pics from the Promo for the upcoming Teen Titans Go! episode “Two Parter” which involves the Titans having to save the League from Darkseid who has one hell of an unexpected VA (Weird Al Yankovic!). XD

Teen Top Dishes On The Details Of Their Upcoming Comeback

Teen Top Dishes On The Details Of Their Upcoming Comeback

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After the recent announcement of Teen Top’s comeback as a five-member group, the members further revealed some details about their plans!

During a V Live broadcast on March 22, the members of Teen Top announced that their next project will be a full-length album consisting of some songs composed by the members themselves.

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Chunji revealed, “The photos for our next album came out great. Since it’s…

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Must Have Been Fate

Ashton Irwin One-shot

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Requested? Yes: Ashton imagine where you’re like famous and become friends but then become something more
Notes: okay i kind of took a different approach to the request but i really enjoyed writing this so i hope you enjoy reading! 
Word Count: 2,357

♒ Then ♒

Being able to present at the American Music Awards (AMAs) was such a huge deal. You were the upcoming star of the teen-romance Before I Fall based off the bestselling novel by Lauren Oliver. The movie was also a huge deal and now so were you. Plus, the chance to get all dressed up in glam and walk the red carpet was always enjoyable.

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