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Sorry for being so quiet lately - I’ve been busy with freelance projects.  But here’s a preview of my piece for @lightgreyartgallery‘s upcoming Camouflage gallery show, opening May 26th!  Check my instagram for process shots!

Writers and Voice Actors NEEDED!

“Concept: A time traveler, a dimension hopper and a cosmonaut walk into a bar. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, right? Welcome to the Punchline.“

The above is, more or less, the plot of an upcoming podcast by @heyitssamanthajackson 

And, while you can take that in so many different directions….I have no idea what I want to do with it. 

That Is why I need you, dear writers of Tumblr, I need you to help me take that idea and just Run with it!

so, if your a writer, and your interested in writing for this show, here’s what ya gotta do.

First fill out this form:

Name: (does not have to be you legal name)

Tumblr username:

Age: (there is no age restriction)

How often are you available?

How badly do you want to do this? 

Are you okay with collaborating with a team of writers to create episodes for this podcast? 

Attach a sample of your writing,( please don’t send anything really long, a super short story or even an excerpt is fine!)

Email all of this to thepunchlinepodcast@aol.com

Now, maybe your not really a writer. 

That’s fine, because this podcast is in desperate need of voice actors!

Now, If you check this blog and scroll down just a bit, you’ll notice that the three main characters have already been cast. 

There are probably going to be a million more characters in this show, they just haven’t been created by either myself or any of our wonderful, yet-to-be-discovered writers yet!

If you’d like to voice act a character in this show, please fill out the following form:

Name: (does not have to be your legal name)

Tumblr username:

Age: (there is no age restriction)

How often are you available?

how badly do you want to do this? 

how is the quality on your recording device?

Attach a recording of yourself. (you can be singing, or speaking, your also more than welcome to do some strange or silly voices if your capable of doing them. Although, for the most part I just want to hear what you sound like normally. If you need something to talk about, either just tell me a bit about yourself or if you want, go find a random topic generator online, pick a few and just go on a goddamn rant! I’ll even suggest a few, here: time travel, space travel, inter-dimensional travel)

once you’ve done all that, please e-mail it to thepunchlinepodcast@aol.com

Anyway, that’s all folks!

Good luck!

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Prompt: have this hc that Yuuri is actually diagnosed with an illness at a young age but no one other than his family knows about it since it's not something he likes to focus on/talk about. But one day he ends up in the hospital while he was visiting Japan by himself and decided to go on Twitter (thinking he was on private) and talking about the matter only to wake up the next day with a distressed Victor by his bed side crying and frustrated why Yuuri didn't tell him.

I apologise for how boring my ‘illness’ is, after about an hour of researching, I failed to find an interesting enough disease that would still allow Yuuri to skate. So, I picked chronic headaches.

Hospital Trip

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
After almost 3 years of successfully avoiding a hospital trip, guess who ended up in hospital?

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Had my worst headache ever, the joys of CDH!

MayMay @MayMayBee
What is CDH??? @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
CDH: Chronic Daily Headaches

Prince of Lights @Lightin-the-way
CDH is the worst! Hope everything is alright @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
I’ve been suffering from CDH for years. It is normally somewhat manageable.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Just had a really bad headache yesterday that put me in hospital, isn’t my first time here because of CDH

Victor Nikiforov’s Future Wife @Vic-Nik-No-1
You skate with chronic headaches???? @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Yeah, I mean, sure sometimes I just want to slam my head into a wall because of the pain, but I can handle it most of the time

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Medication does help too. Like, lots

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
But you always have to make sure you don’t take too much. Learnt that the bad way.

Yuuri Katsuki @yuurikatsuki
Have ended up in hospital before for taking too much painkillers.

Y.Katsuki Fanboy @katsuki_yuuri_no1fan
Get well soon @yuurikatsuki

Yuuri woke slowly to the feeling of someone stroking his cheek gently.

“Zvezda, zvezda moya,” the words were mumbled softly somewhere near him.

Even in his drowsy state he knew that something was wrong. Victor was in Russia, helping Yuri with his routines for the next season. He was in Japan, visiting his family for a little bit before he got stuck into preparing for the upcoming season himself.

Yuuri slowly opened his eyes and quickly found them locked with a beautiful pair of blue ones.

“Vitya?” he mumbled in confusion, causing the figure to coo at him softly.

“I’m right here, zvezda moya,” Victor mumbled softly.

“Why? Should be,” Yuuri paused as more of the drowsiness wore off and the normal throb of a headache hit him. He took a deep breath, though painful, it was tolerable compared to the day before. “Should be in Russian,” he mumbled while raising a hand to rub at his eyes.

“You expect me to stay in Russia when I found out you are in hospital for a disease I didn’t know about!” Victor said, a tone of distress in his voice.

Yuuri stared at his fiancé, noting that Victor had red rimmed eyes, indicating that there had been tears rather recently.

“CDH isn’t a disease,” he mumbled while reaching out to grab the hand stroking his cheek.


“I just get daily, pounding headache. I just had a really bad one yesterday, Vitya, you shouldn’t have flown out here. You could have rung Mari or my parents, they could have explained everything,” he said gently while squeezing his fiancés hand.

“I was worried,” Victor mumbled ever so softly.

“God, I love you,” he sighed while tugging his fiancé close so he could kiss him deeply on the lips.

“Yuuri,” Victor whined weakly against his lips. Yuuri smiled to himself as Victor quickly took over the kiss.

Yuuri knew that it would take a lot of kisses to convince Victor he was fine and that he didn’t need to fly over ten hours to check up on, but he didn’t mind spoiling his fiancé a little.

Twitter War AU


anyone want to help out a penniless artist afford to feed herself and afford the ridiculously over priced required textbooks throughout the new upcoming semester? 

I’m opening up some digital art commissions - Your OC, or something from any particular series - hit me up. 

I’ll only have a set of TEN slots open at one time, to ensure that i can keep everything on track and complete within a decent time frame ^_^

Fandoms (anime and cartoons,but also games) I’m familiar with/ can draw:

-Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
-Gravity Falls
-Hellsing (Original + Ultimate)
-Appleseed / Ghost in the Shell
-Life is Strange
-Nier: Automata 

Please don’t let my lack of fandom listings put you off - so long as you provide a decent reference image for me to work with I can do just about anything ^_^


-> Full Body sketch = $7 AUD

-> Full body, full colour = $10 AUD

->Head/Bust sketch = $3 AUD

-> Head/Bust full colour = $ 5 AUD

Want to add a simple, decorative background? Add $1 and it’s all yours.

Examples of full body sketches (Just various pieces of my art you can take as examples):

Example of a Full Body, Full Colour: (Once again, these are just various pieces, most of which are fandom related): (the below piece is a shitty example, pls just roll with it lmao)

Example of Full Body, Full Colour w/ Background:

OR something like this from Gravity Falls!

Example of Head/Bust shot (sketch):

Example of Head/Bust shot, full colour:

or Hey! anything inbetween, like so;

Also, MLP commissions are available! like so;

(This one above was a request)

OR something more complex like this one below! This was a commission i did back in 2014, so rest assured i’ve nothing but improved lmao



Honestly guys it would help me out so much if you’d consider commissioning me. I wouldn’t ask but I’m getting to the end of my tether and there’s no work i can get to financially support myself because of my inconsistent living arrangements. This is the sort of thing that i can do on a regular basis. i know not everyone has money to just throw around and that’s why i’m making these prices as cheap as chips. 



I only have a few rules/guidelines i’d appreciate you all to follow;

-> Please PM/Inbox me to commission me 

->NSFW commissions ARE available.

-> For you to commission an OC, please PLEASE provide me a reference image. if i don’t know what they look like, i can’t draw them.

-> Depending on the size/complexity of the commission, prices will vary but a final decision will be made between myself and those commissioning me to maintain absolute fairness.

-> I will retain all credit for any artwork you pay for, meaning whilst it will be yours my watermark and/or signature will be appearing somewhere on the piece. However this will be a subtle marking out and will not detract from your commission in any way.

-> All payments are to be made to my paypal account, the details of which i will provide to you once we have settled on the agreed amount/details of the commission.  

Originally posted by askthekuroshitsujiguys

all that said and done, please consider commissioning me guys! 

thank you in advance!!


Other Tortall stories I want, most of them courtesy of those same conversations with my brother:

-Kally’s story, obviously

-A story set in the time of Jason the conqueror (Jon’s grandfather), possibly about Lianne navigating the court and marrying Roald. I want to see how female agency works in a more traditionally feminine setting. We’ve seen how more atypical Tortallan women get their agency (knighthood, magic, etc), but I’d like to see how a convent-raised woman navigates her world (without going the ‘supporting a wannabe tyrant’ route of someone like Delia. Although, now that I mention it, Delia’s story would be fun too).

-A story from the perspective of a Stormwing. In keeping with the themes Tammy keeps returning to, I want the story of the first Stormwing to become a knight.

-A story or six about the Bazhir as told from their own perspective. I want to know about their history and their magics, about their relationships to the Old Ones and the Ysandir, about navigating the world as a colonized people. I want tensions between different tribes, with arguments about assimilation and losing their culture. But I especially want an exploration of magic. We know the Raka shape their magic very, very differently from the Luarin, both due to old traditions and due to the pressures of being colonized. How do the Bazhir shape theirs? How does the Gift intersect with the ancient magics of the desert? What do they do about Gifted women, and what positions were traditionally open to them? I just really feel like the Bazhir were under-served by mainly appearing in SotL, when Tammy’s worldbuilding was new and her understanding of things like colonialism wasn’t as developed.



If you’re interested please DM me on Tumblr or email me at stasiy99@yandex.ru 

PayPal or WebMoney are accepted.

I draw:

- OCs

- couples

- fandom stuff

- pretty much everything else that doesn’t fall into “I don’t” list

I don’t:

- furry stuff


- mechs and complicated armour

Additional payment may be required if there’s a lot of detail. 

Reblogs would be greatly appreciated!!

“So you’ve done enough of us? We were good for experiments, but nothing else? Is that why your employers didn’t want me?”

“Vidcund…” Pascal said with a warning in his voice, but this only agitated his brother more.

“No! I’ve waited all my life for my child. Everything PT told us! The noble mission, the eternal gratefullness of his people, all that crap! The goddamn baby books I’ve read, and all that time spent looking up at the sky, waiting for your spaceship to grace me! What is so outstanding about Pascal that he gets two chances, and I get none? What makes him so suitable?”

I honestly didn’t know what to say. I don’t fare well in confrontations, especially ones I’m unprepared for. I was too stunned to inform him of our upcoming plan of opening pollination centers in Balzabian embassies.



With such a rich history of punk music and jazz pioneers, Washington, D.C. has naturally bred local artists making big impressions on national music scenes. Big names who were born and raised in D.C. spread across the U.S. like wildfire: Duke Ellington, Bad Brains, and Ginuwine, to name a few. However, D.C. has to compete with a handful of other major cities, like New York City, Chicago, and L.A., that produce incredible artists regularly, which sometimes causes the D.C. music scene to slip under the radar. Luckily, in 2014, Ex Hex appeared from the basements of our nation’s capital to make some new, much-needed noise.

Ex Hex is a staple in an ever-growing line of female rock bands among the likes of Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and The Courtneys. As a matter of fact, frontwoman Mary Timony has fronted other successful bands like Helium and been in other groups with rock music greats like Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney. Add on drummer Laura Harris of The Aquarium and bassist Betsy Wright, and we’ve got the garage-pop trio of our dreams. All three of them are local to the D.C area.

Moods and daydreams are often side-effects of listening to a good album, and upon my first listen of Ex Hex’s first 2014 LP, Rips, I’m tumbling around and yelling in a crowded, vintage, red convertible on a beachside highway. Specific, yes, but the bright guitar and driving rhythm are undeniable. The opening song of the album, “Don’t Wanna Lose,” sets the perfect, sun-drenched tone for the album with wobbly, one-stroke power chords. The chorus is catchy and quick; “I don’t wanna lose your love / It’s in my hand, it’s just a question of / If you’re gonna stop messing around / You better hurry up, don’t let me down.” Another hit off the album called “Hot and Cold” is a testament to inconsistent and blurry relationships, and showcases some of Timony’s incredible guitar talent. With guitar licks throughout the song and a strong, classic rock ‘n’ roll guitar solo about a minute in, “Hot and Cold” demonstrates how all you need is some Timony guitar work to get you going. Their song “Outro” is the perfect way to end the album, as Timony belts out in her perfectly whiney-yet-deep vocals, “Take care, don’t beware / Follow the sound.” Throughout this album, Ex Hex does an impressive job of embodying classic beach and garage rock tropes while still making it their own; a raw, hot-tempered band with a sunny, vintage sound.

Now a staple in the D.C. music scene, Ex Hex is a band worth following. They have starpower of all forms: in their music, in their lyrics, and in their relationship with their hometown. So, what’s better than seeing them this summer at the legendary music venue Merriweather Post Pavillion, local to the D.C. area? Close to nothing. You don’t wanna lose this opportunity.

-Beth Townsend

See Ex Hex open for Belle & Sebastian, Spoon, and Andrew Bird at Merriweather Post Pavilion on July 30.

Tarot Readings Open Today!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who reblogged this post when I was having a difficult time! A few people donated, some helped buy us new appliances, and many others supported my shop! Due to all your help we were able to replace about 50% of the things stolen and pay to change our locks - woo! 
I wanted to show my thanks by opening up free tarot readings today(August 18th) only. There are a few rules though:

  • No anon asks.
  • No asks about death or health.
  • You can ask one question or just ask for a general reading and I’ll pull 1-3 cards.
  • You can pick oracle or tarot.
  • This is for followers only because I know it was mostly my followers who helped out.

I’ll get to them as time in my upcoming days open up! Otherwise I’ll just be working on shop stuff as usual. I look forward to reading for you!🔮✨

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Hi Mark-- I know that the Weatherlight Saga is sort of a touchy subject to discuss. Did designing for the upcoming Dominaria open up old wounds? Or did it help provide closure or clarity regarding past events?

I had a blast working on Dominaria. I’ve come to grips with the Weatherlight Saga being not what Michael & I created long ago.


An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request: He has a nightmare and you comfort him

Word Count: 4,878

The chair was uncomfortable no matter how many times Ed switched between sitting with his left leg tucked beneath him or sitting cross legged on the seat.  He sighed and rolled his head to stretch the stiff muscles in his neck, tilting it left and right to try and get it to crack.

When he’s in the studio he isn’t easily distracted, not like he is at home, which is why he chooses to spend full days there and then some when he’s feeling creative.  He’d been there since early that morning and every so often he’d check his watch for the time, making sure he’d stick to his schedule and be out of there before eight, since he made plans to have dinner with you at his house.

From the kink in his back and the yawn he couldn’t help but let out, he checked his watch again, double taking when he saw that it was already ten minutes past eight o’clock and he was nowhere near being done at the studio.  Without another thought he quickly pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed your number.

It rang unanswered and Ed sighed against the phone when it went to voicemail.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” he started, “I lost track of the time, but I promise I’m leaving here in fifteen minutes, no later, please wait for me.”

With a final ‘I love you’ he hung up and got straight back to work editing the last bit of the song he’d been working on.  He kept getting stuck on the last verse of the song and when he started to run his hand through his hair and rub his eyes under his glasses, he knew he had to leave it and come back to it another time.

Ed stood up and stretched his back, curling his arms up beside his head with another yawn.  Though his stomach had been grumbling for the past hour or so, he ignored it to try and finish the song and stayed put in the dim room, handwriting lyrics he’d been trying to complete for the past week.

Sometimes songs would come so easy to him that he’d get overly frustrated when he got stuck on one or two of them.  When he would start feeling angry or frustrated he was well aware that he had to stop, and so he did, closing up his leather bound notebook and gathering it in his left hand beside his hip.

“’Night guys,” he called once he left the room, rubbing under his nose before he nudged his glasses up a little further.

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