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Supernatural Preferences: When You're Pregnant

Sam: As soon as you found out, you began plotting how you were going to tell him. Of course he noticed the slightly different things you did, resulting in him pestering you to see what’s wrong. After you told him the news he began prepping for the baby immediately. Regardless of the fact you two had nine months to get everything ready. Guess excitement overtakes people’s senses.

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Dean: The minute-no the second you told Dean, he began to treat you as though you were going to explode. Taking junk food from you because “it could hurt the baby”. Not letting you lift anything. Barley even a book or glass of water. Once you started to show more and more he refused to hug you…or even sleep in the same bed with you once you further progressed because “what if I roll over onto you?”, even though he never had before. Luckily for you, once the baby was born he directed all that paranoid attention to the munchkin.

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Castiel: It’s no surprise that he found out before you did. He was in a state of complete shock and awe from the second he heard a second heartbeat lingering inside of you. At first you thought it was cool or adorable how he could check in on you. That was until he was doing it every other hour to make sure nothing was wrong. It only got worse when the little being inside of you grew to be bigger. Any movement you made, or small noise at the feeling of a kick in your ribs, Cas had to give you the full examination. Sooner or later he realized that everything was going to be fine and he could stop worrying so much. That didn’t happen until a week before your due date.

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Crowley: From the moment you told The Boy King about your little gift, he had a certain change in him. Whether he saw this as father redemption or was just filled with happiness, you couldn’t tell. The most overprotective he got during your pregnancy was not letting you leave Hell without him. Which was understandable, so you didn’t really put up a fight. Carrying the King of Hell’s child had its perks. Like food whenever you wanted it, and whatever you wanted. Anything you asked for, demons would scramble about trying to get it as quickly as possible. It was really something funny, watching them trip over their fear of not being fast enough. Of course your new little munchkins first outfit had “The prince/princess of Hell” labeled on it. That one you didn’t really have a say on.

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Lucifer: It all started when he sat straight up in bed and just looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Just when you thought your life couldn’t change anymore, it did. On so many levels. Honestly it was really weird knowing that all of Heaven and Hell knew you were with child before you even had a clue. The fact that you had Angels hell bent on killing you, but mainly the baby, didn’t really help with the whole pregnancy stress level chart. As if it wasn’t stressful enough having a human growing inside of you. But Luce was by your side 24/7. Always keeping the Angels or anything that meant to harm you far away. Somewhere between all the baby assassins and pregnancy hormones, the two of you still had time to have a somewhat normal upcoming. Anytime a kick or a movement was going to happen he knew. And he’d be right there to witness it.

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Gabriel: Never had you thought that Gabe and his trickster tendencies would be something you would appreciate. That was until it came handy to have to help hide you from those who meant to cause your unborn child harm. Most of your pregnancy wasn’t spent fighting some war against those who intended to harm you. It was spent fighting another war over what the babies name would be. First idea Gabriel had was “Little Ass Kicker” because for some god awful reason that made sense. Obviously you weren’t about to call any child of yours that, but he was persistent. “What about Lak?” He would ask while you were just about to drift off to sleep. “Lak? The hell kind of name is-…it stands for Little Ass Kicker doesn’t it?” There was no way around it. He’d go to pretty lengthy extents trying to get you to say yes just once so it’d be official. Like rubbing your back for an hour. Or getting you a shit ton of the food you were craving. Long story short…you gave birth to a Little Ass Kicker…

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石原さとみ, 松本潤 & 二宮和也 + Kicking Sniper in VS嵐 (2012/11/08)

Quick guide to the upcoming battle:
  • John: Kick ass with loving wife and daughter
  • Teleporting furry battle royale
  • Some sort of serendipitous sprite surprises
  • Jane works her buns off to keep everyone feeling peachy
  • Return of the Intermission: To deter skipping, there are only 2 Pages this time
  • Shenanigans from everyone else

lucescu: “Stunt rehearsal with Kat@kitkatsmeow, Dom @domsherwood and Hubert @hubertboorder for an upcoming fight… Clace is kicking some Demon butt!!! I love training and working with these guys - they are so dedicated and work so hard at each and every sequence - you are going to love this show!!!!”


That’s right, folks! Thanks to your support on Patreon, cosplay work logs are officially back for the new year~! I’m really excited to document some of my upcoming projects, and to kick things off, I marathoned the process of styling my Yukine (Noragami) wig and filmed the whole thing from start to finish. (It was 7.5 total hours of spiking that thing. Oi vey!)

Winter TV Spoilers 2015

The upcoming two-parter – which kicks off on Super Bowl Sunday and concludes days later in the drama’s new Thursdays-at-9 time slot – will be “really special,” attests creator Jon Bokenkamp. “It takes place on a much larger canvas and is a bit more cinematic. It will have some really great answers about Liz’s past and her connection to Red” - as well as feature guest-star Ron Perlman (Sons of Anarchy) as a Big Bad.

Following February’s two-night event, the show will spend significant time on Harold Cooper’s grim diagnosis, which Red alluded to in the Season 2 premiere. “What it means for him, what it means for his family and what it means for his relationship with Red and the task force will all be featured in the back half of the season,” Bokenkamp says.

Okay, so you remember me talking about a big project? This is that project.

I will be designing and hand-embroidering all 72 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana Tarot cards, as well as the back side of the cards and a cover for the accompanying booklet.

I will also be making seamstress/sewing related tarot bags to accompany the deck for those who pledge a certain amount on my upcoming kick-starter.

It’s going to be a huge project, but I am really looking forward to seeing this come to fruition.

(Also, the original hand embroidered pieces will become a quilt, which may or may not become a reward in my kick-starter campaign.)

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Hi! I’m Jim Gibbons, an editor at darkhorsecomics who spends a fair amount of time on tumblr as pizza-party.

robot6 asked me if I’d be interested in doing a series of posts for their tumblr. I thought that sounded like a lot of fun. But, I thought it could be a lot more fun if I showcased some brand new art from some upcoming projects!

To kick things off, here are two new pages of victorsantoscomicsPolar that will appear in Dark Horse Presents. An already exciting espionage comic, the Steranko-influenced coloring on this sample is particularly awesome, I think! — JIM


get ready shawols! smtown travel has announced that the global package to shinee’s upcoming kick off concerts for shinee world v in seoul will be opened up at today (kst). the specific packages and what they entail have not been revealed as of yet but all information needed will be put out and ready to go at 8pm kst. good luck!

shit someone wearing a jungle hat would do

-use a killer wail just for your super jump
-use splash walls ever
-be on your team and walk infront of you while you’re shooting
-splat you behind a wall because of lag then seabag you
-get to S just so they can play bamboozler and make your team lose
-make an offensive miiverse post and get it in your plaza
-unplug your router in the middle of a ranked match
-vote donald trump in the upcoming 2016 election
-kick your dog

lucescu Stunt rehearsal with Kat@kitkatsmeow, Dom @domsherwood and Hubert @hubertboorder for an upcoming fight… Clace is kicking some Demon butt!!! I love training and working with these guys - they are so dedicated and work so hard at each and every sequence - you are going to love this show!!!! @lucescu