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ELISE! i'm taking off a semester to work with activists and performance artists in Berlin and i keep having to do shady stuff in weird parts of town in the middle of the night BUT i just learned what the project will be and we might influence the upcoming German election and kick the right wing party's ass SO I FEEL LIKE A PROPER REVOLUTIONARY HELL YES AM I ENJOLRAS YET !! also ily keep up the good work

Well…. be careful? Please? That sounds a little dangerous, so please make sure this is safe for you, okay? Otherwise, go and kickasses ♥


Now introducing: Star Blossom Boutique

Formally known as the knottie shop, Star Blossom Boutique is going to feature quite a few new items! 

First off lets give a warm welcome to a new member of the team @earlymorningbonghits 


Very soon we are going to be adding a variety of new items:

-Crystal jewelry

-Pet play collars and cuffs

-Personalized crystal grids

-Personalized tarot and oracle card readings 

-Chakra healing

And much much more!

Keep a look out for our upcoming giveaway to kick off the shops revamping!

Also please go give these a follow:

Instagram: starblossomboutique

Tumblr: @starblossomboutique


That’s right, folks! Thanks to your support on Patreon, cosplay work logs are officially back for the new year~! I’m really excited to document some of my upcoming projects, and to kick things off, I marathoned the process of styling my Yukine (Noragami) wig and filmed the whole thing from start to finish. (It was 7.5 total hours of spiking that thing. Oi vey!)

Quick guide to the upcoming battle:
  • John: Kick ass with loving wife and daughter
  • Teleporting furry battle royale
  • Some sort of serendipitous sprite surprises
  • Jane works her buns off to keep everyone feeling peachy
  • Return of the Intermission: To deter skipping, there are only 2 Pages this time
  • Shenanigans from everyone else

Okay, so you remember me talking about a big project? This is that project.

I will be designing and hand-embroidering all 72 cards of the Major and Minor Arcana Tarot cards, as well as the back side of the cards and a cover for the accompanying booklet.

I will also be making seamstress/sewing related tarot bags to accompany the deck for those who pledge a certain amount on my upcoming kick-starter.

It’s going to be a huge project, but I am really looking forward to seeing this come to fruition.

(Also, the original hand embroidered pieces will become a quilt, which may or may not become a reward in my kick-starter campaign.)

( @tarotbylady, @memnochslittlesecret, @nova-zer0 )


get ready shawols! smtown travel has announced that the global package to shinee’s upcoming kick off concerts for shinee world v in seoul will be opened up at today (kst). the specific packages and what they entail have not been revealed as of yet but all information needed will be put out and ready to go at 8pm kst. good luck!

shit someone wearing a jungle hat would do

-use a killer wail just for your super jump
-use splash walls ever
-be on your team and walk infront of you while you’re shooting
-splat you behind a wall because of lag then seabag you
-get to S just so they can play bamboozler and make your team lose
-make an offensive miiverse post and get it in your plaza
-unplug your router in the middle of a ranked match
-vote donald trump in the upcoming 2016 election
-kick your dog

lucescu Stunt rehearsal with Kat@kitkatsmeow, Dom @domsherwood and Hubert @hubertboorder for an upcoming fight… Clace is kicking some Demon butt!!! I love training and working with these guys - they are so dedicated and work so hard at each and every sequence - you are going to love this show!!!! @lucescu

DC Comics Panel from Boston Comic Con: Candy Villains, Red Band Harley and New Batmobiles

DC Comics had a contingent of creators in attendance at Boston Comic Con this week and they all converged for a panel hosted by the very handsome Bat editor Mark Doyle. And how nice it is to see a panel that is half women including two women of color. (And,no, DC is not yet hiring kids, that’s Scott Snyder’s son dressed as Deathstroke And speaking of Deathstroke he’ll be battling Damian in an upcoming issue).

The panel kicked off with Brian Azzarello the cranky uncle of the group talking about the Dark Knight threquel he’s working on with Frank Miller. He reports the book takes place three years after volume 2 and that it will come out in November.

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