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Illustration for the cover of my upcoming zine, Specimens, Collections and Curiosities II. It’s like a sequel to my first zine, but it has more witchy things! I’ll have them in my shop at the end of the month, AND I’ll have them at my table at MoCCA in NYC on April 1 and 2nd. It’ll be my first time back in the city so please come say hi!

Support (Harry Styles Imagine)

Warning: swearing 

I’ve finally done my dream imagine! I’ve been wanting to write a dramatic imagine for a while now. Thank you to those who voted for this and for those who even personally messaged me. I really do appreciate the help.

It took me quite a lot of time to finish this because I had a lot of scenarios in mind. Sorry for the delay. Hope I didn’t disappoint.

Anyways… Hope you guys like it! 

Feedbacks are very well appreciated.



They say that after the honeymoon phase comes the biggest bump in one’s relationship.

For four years now, I’ve been Harry Styles’s girlfriend. I met him when I started working for Lou as her assistant stylist for the Where We Are Tour. At first, I was adamant to do it. But with a little push from Lou, I finally agreed. I’m glad that I agreed. Each passing day on the road, Harry and I grew closer until he finally asked me to be his. And I said yes.

Throughout the course of the On The Road Again Tour, I was asked yet again to join the crew. But this time, no decision was needed to be thought out. I was going to be with the love of my life 24/7 and that was enough reason to agree once more.

 I was with them when they had to perform for the first time without Zayn in Manila. Nerves were wrecking around backstage about who’ll sing Zayn’s part in which song and what’ll happen to their positions onstage with one member missing. I was even there when Zayn officially said goodbye.

I was with Harry when they announced to the public of their decision regarding the hiatus. It was hard for the lads to end up with that decision, but they all knew that it was for the greater good of the band. They knew that if they went on with a heavy heart that they might end up resenting what they do or worse, each other.

 I was there during their last show in Sheffield. Hugs were given as soon as the show ended. Tears were pouring everywhere. I have never seen Harry cry so hard before. Even I shed a tear or two. Of course, I’ve been with these people for two years now. I’ll miss seeing them everyday. But whatever happens, we all promised to support one another in any way or form.


Now, it’s been a few months since the hiatus started. Harry and I decided to go home to Holmes Chapel to unwind for a few weeks. Anne was kind enough to have accommodated both of us. Gemma even stopped by everyday to chat with us. It seemed like I was in a normal relationship and not in a relationship with a superstar.

A few weeks after that, Harry was casted for Christopher Nolan’s new movie Dunkirk. To say that I was proud of him was an understatement. In the midst of shooting the movie, Harry asked me to join him because he was feeling lonely. With a smile on my face, I gladly joined him. Plus, Cillian Murphy was another reason to drop by. (wink wink)

After the movie, Harry decided to start writing for his first solo album. I was so happy that he’d be back in the comfort of his beloved studio where I knew he was genuinely happy. He decided to take a small trip to Jamaica, which was such a breather. It was away from all the flashing light and spying eyes. Harry’d spend his time in the studio with Jeff and Mitch. While I, on the other hand, started drawing my dream fashion line.

Every since I was a kid, I have loved dressing up. And finishing my degree in fashion designing really was a dream come true. Dressing people up like how I did with the lads on tour was not the job that i was expecting but it was a great experience. I’m much more interested in designing my own fashion line and flaunt my designs on the runway.


One normal day back home, I got a phone call from the biggest fashion company in London. They heard from Lou that I was a fashion major and wanted me to send drafts of my designs for their upcoming fall collection. I was beyond ecstatic.

This is it.

 My dreams are becoming a reality. I immediately called Lou and thank her over and over again. I then excitedly told Harry and he was so proud of me. That night, me, my family, friends and Harry went out and celebrated but I noticed that Harry wasn’t into it. My best friend even asked if he was ill. It was like he wasn’t even there. I just took it as stress and agreed to go home earlier than expected.

The day of his album launch came. It was a whirlwind of emotions. I was so proud of how people responded to Sign of the Times, but the response to the album was much better. Knowing how hard Harry worked for it and how much people appreciated it made me so happy for him.

And to add to that happiness, pieces from the collection that I sent was chosen for the London Fashion Week Fashion Show a few months from now. I had already told Harry the night before about it but he just nodded and told me he was proud.

Maybe he’s just tired? Or maybe he’s just nervous for the launch the next day? I thought. 

His entire team went out to celebrate that night. Of course, I was there during dinner with his family. I told Gemma about the the fashion show and she promised to be there to support me. Anne even let out a sound of excitement and kept on hugging me, making me feel how happy she was for me.

The dinner ended quickly, so they decided to have a few drinks. Me, on the other hand, had a very important meeting with the company so I had to be presentable and hang-over free.

 “Love, let’s go?” Harry asked.

 “Babe, I have that meeting tomorrow remember?” I asked, with a ‘duh’ tone.

 “What meeting?” He asked. I was shocked. His facial expression really showed no signs of him knowing what was going on.

 “The meeting for the fashion show?” I asked, hoping that something will spark up.

 “You got the job?” He asked.

 “Harry, I told you that last night.” I said, a small frown now starting to form on my face.

 “Ohh yeah. That.” He said. I was kind of disappointed that he forgot but I just shook it off.

 “Anyways, it’ll probably be best if I head home first. Go enjoy the night.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

 “You sure?”

 “Of course.”

 And with that, I left him and went home.


The meeting the next day went very well. I met with the tailors who’ll make my designs a reality alongside me and explained to them how I wanted it to turn out. They were nice enough to have understood my worries and assured me of my creative works. The models were also chosen and among those are some of the most well known models. The feeling of Cara Delevingne wearing my work was unbelievable.

I went home that afternoon with a tired body, yet a big smile on my face. Harry was in our bedroom getting ready to go out and celebrate with his friends. I quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek and a quick ‘hey babe’.

“Love, go get ready. We’ll meet them at five.” He said, buttoning his shirt.

“Babe, is it ok if I pass tonight? I’m so tired and I just want to lie down and relax.” I said, slumping my body in the bed. His face showed how much he wanted to go. “Go on without me. Enjoy babe.”

“Don’t you want to celebrate the success of my album, love?” He said with pleading eyes. Of course I want to but having sewed a few pieces myself, I was exhausted.

“It’s not that babe. It’s just that… I’m so tired.” 

“Oh. Ok.”

What’s with his attitude? I don’t know why his tone suddenly sounded like he’s implying that I didn’t want to go just because I don’t want to go.

“What’s with you?” I suddenly asked. I don’t know what ticked inside me, but I had a feeling that me asking that question will lead to a fight.

“Nothing. It’s just that I feel that you’re not happy for me.” He said while fixing his not-so-long-anymore hair.

“What are you saying? Just because I don’t want to go out tonight doesn’t mean I’m not happy for you.” My voice started rising.

“Then make me feel it! All you care about is your stupid designs.”

Oh hell no. 

“Excuse me?”

He’s gotta be kidding right now.

“I said it! All you care about is your stupid runway fashion show. You never support me in any of my works. It’s like I don’t even have a girlfriend who supports me. All we talk about is how excited you are for the show and how happy you are that YOUR dreams are coming true. What about me, huh? Ever thought about me? My album? My dreams?”

 “Oh for fuck’s sake Harry. Don’t you ever say that I didn’t support you. I spent two years on the road with you… two years which should’ve been spent on designing my OWN fashion show. I’ve been beside you through all of the rumors, the hiatus, and now your solo career. So don’t you dare point a finger at me and say that I don’t care about your dreams because I do.” I said. My blood’s now boiling that I don’t think it’ll be enough cooling off just for tonight.

 “Then make me feeling like you care and join us tonight.” He shouted.

 “Why are you so fucking selfish? Can’t you see that I’ve been working my ass off for MY dream? All I ever thought about for the past few years was you and your damn career. Can’t you think about mine? All I’m asking is a night in tonight. Heck, I’m not even asking you to stay with me!” Harry was about to say something but I cut him off.

 “You know what Harry? I realized now… All I ever did in this relationship is give, give, and give. And I’m getting tired.”

 Flashbacks of how Harry reacted with me getting the job came to mind… he didn’t even care. Heck, he even forgot that I told him about me getting it. I’ve talked about this with a friend of mine and what she told me really hit me.

 “It sounds to me like there’s only one person in this relationship.”

“Love, I’m not saying that your dream is not that important. It’s just that -” he said, but I cut him off.

“You feel that your accomplishments are far more important and extravagant than mine.” I said in total realization. No words were needed, his facial expressions were enough to assure my assumption.

“I can’t believe you!” I shouted. “A relationship between two people is about trust and support, and you can’t even support your girlfriend of four years? Your girlfriend who was beside you, supporting you since who knows when!” I started crying.

 “Love, it’s not like that…”

 “Then what is it like Harry? WHAT?” My head started to ache and my breathing started to quicken its pace.


 “You know what? You’re not the Harry that I fell in love with anymore. You’re just a big-headed pop star who only cares about his fame.”

 “You’re not the girlfriend that I used to know as well. My girlfriend supports me in everything that I do.”

 “And my boyfriend also does the same.”

 “I’m still that person!” He said in exhaustion.

 “No you’re not.” I said with tears now streaming down my face.

 “Then what are you implying?” For a split second, I saw the man that I fell in love with - the man who’d swim the oceans just to make me smile.

 “I’m sorry but if you’ll continue, it’d be best if I left.”

 “Love, no… Don’t do this.” Desperation was very well heard from that one sentence.

 “I’m sorry.”

 I grabbed my bag and with that, I left the man who still had my heart.

They said that there’s always a rainbow after the rain. But with this kind of relationship, seeing a ray of light might be impossible.



I was going to wait until I officially finish everything but I got a little too excited so here’s another preview of my upcoming clothing collection (this will be my first s3cc clothing hehe). I randomly took inside jokes and stuff related to my favourite band as names so if you get the above references then we’re basically soulmates (´• ω •`)


Do you want to publish a book with fellow writers? Here is your chance. XX Poetry is a project and a chance for experienced but also aspiring poets. I want to bring 20 poets of tumblr together to write two poems each to publish an upcoming poetry collection. It is a chance to evolve, learn and grow in your writing.

How to apply:

  • Reblog this post and spread the word.
  • Follow @rmeisel 
  • Send an email to meisel.ramona@gmail.com with a link or a pdf with some excerpts of your work so far to apply
  • be comfortable to share your email with all 20 chosen members later (this is important as it will be easiest if we all stay in contact via email instead of a network page)
  • be comfortable to write two poems for a chosen theme until February 28th 2018

Applications close December 31st and will be announced in the first week of January. If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Darkwing Duck is the best comic you aren’t reading

He is the terror that flaps in the night! He is the traffic light that never turns green even though there’s no other cars for miles! He is Darkwing Duck! And he is, apparently, the best licensed comic that is having trouble finding an audience.

In the 1990’s, there was a lot of dreck in cartoons; nostalgia-tinted glasses can make us forget how bad a lot of our precious memories really were. The Disney Afternoon, though, contained the kind of shows that hold up even today. That’s why Disney is looking to mine the period for a modern audience. So far that effort has included a remake of Capcom’s excellent NES Ducktales game, an upcoming collection of six of Capcom’s Disney NES titles, a Ducktales reboot set to launch this year, and a Rescue Rangers movie currently in the works. There have also been comics of many properties, but Darkwing has by far been the standout. Now, I am learning that the series, which started in 2010, went on hiatus, and came back in January of 2016, is endangered. Having just read the collected edition of the first four issues of the returned book, I can safely say this is an injustice the like of which would whip the Duck Knight himself into action.

Simply put, the Boom Studios Darkwing comic, written by Aaron Sparrow with no lack of love for linguistic loquaciousness and illustrated with the boundless energy of the show by James Silvani, is among the best uses of a license ever, not just in comics but in all media. It started seven years ago with Drake Mallard having divested himself of the daring demands of his double life as Darkwing and dissolving the dynamics of the duo between himself and Launchpad, resigning himself to a restless reverie of daily red ink as another corporate drone. Sparrow and Silvani delivered the kind of return fans of most franchises can only dream about. It was funny. It was exciting. It was colorful. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, it gave the show, which was well-known for not having any kind of serious structure, actual continuity while never losing the madcap pace that made it so much fun.

That story was intended as a mini-series, but it spun off into an ongoing one, which saw Darkwing dealing with classic villains and new threats, and in which the stories hung together surprisingly well, considering the cartoon character had about four different origins and constantly contradicted himself. There was even a crossover with Ducktales that…didn’t quite work out, despite their best efforts.

After this inauspicious “end” to the series, Sparrow, Silvani and crew battled hard to save Darkwing, and he eventually landed at Joe Books. When I picked up the first volume, “Orange is the New Purple”, I was worried. I was actually very interested in where the previous series had left things, and I thought for sure that after such a long gap Sparrow would just be made to start over.

Fortunately, I found the new book picks up where the old one left off (which I daren’t spoil), while still being accessible to newcomers. Darkwing and Gosalyn attend the opening of a new Arkham-style prison, and of course things go horribly wrong as some of his old enemies take the place over, lock them both inside and release the inmates. What follows is as funny as it can be without losing the plot, and as serious as it can be without losing the humor. This time around, it is a little harder to swallow the idea that Darkwing is in any real danger, as his “toonish” malleability is in full effect: from cars landing on him to being smushed by giant mallets, nothing sticks. It gives Silvani a chance to go whole hog, though, and his artwork resembles the cartoon even more closely than it did before. It’s also great to see almost all of Darkwing’s wacky Rogues Gallery in one place, including the new baddies introduced in the previous “Election” story. Every one is used creatively as Darkwing and Gosalyn play them off each other to affect their escape, and you can almost see the art moving in full animation in your mind.

Darkwing is, after Ducktales, perhaps the most in-demand show for a reboot from the Disney Afternoon. For now, the comic is as good as we’re getting, and I would argue it is actually a better fit for D.W. With series creator Tad Stones’s approval, Sparrow, Silvani and their team of clearly devoted fans have given us a deeply dedicated distillation of dreamy Darkwing delightfulness. As Liquidator would say, though, if you want to keep the webbed wonder around, act now! This book is a limited time offer!

P.S. I’m adding this a few months later to thank everyone for supporting this book and for using my post to do so. The book is on hiatus again, but from what I can tell the creative team is always fighting for the character.

In hopes I can be forgiven for being a little self-concerned, I’m also adding some links to some of my other columns you all might like. This blog essentially serves as my portfolio for writing work, so any followers, shares, comments or likes are very, very helpful to me. Thanks in advance. Now back to the Duck Knight!

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below is a brief preview of the genres and lyrical content of four of the five new tracks on jonghyun’s upcoming compilation album, the collection [story op. 2]. the fifth track, which is not mentioned, is the title track: “lonely” which features snsd’s taeyeon. the description of this track (which was revealed two days ago) can be found here. also not included are descriptions of the songs on the album that were previously released to the public.

눈싸움 (blinking game): standard jazz. lovers locked in a gaze, trying to confirm each other’s love. the title for this song is the same in both english and korean.

놓아줘 (let me out): pb r&b. gradually heightening emotions leave a strong impression. the korean title of the song is “let me go”.

벽난로 (fireplace): neo soul. pain from a break-up expressed through a dark / aggressive sound. the title for this song is the same in both english and korean.

바퀴 (where are you): no genre or song details but it’s confirmed that this is the song he sang on sketchbook back in 2015 (infamously known as the cockroach song). according to the translator: “바퀴” on it’s own means “wheel”, but “바퀴벌레” means “cockroach” and it’s often used in korea as a kind of derogatory term for annoying couples. (source: sullaem)


Visvim AW16 SENSE Magazine Preview

As usual, Japanese SENSE Magazine previews the upcoming collection from Visvim through a curated editorial, this time around featuring some flat shots highlights along with looks. Enjoy the small glimpse above and keep an eye out for the first drops at selected retailers.

Bésame Cosmetics is coming out with an “Agent Carter” collection, so get ready to partake in some beauty espionage
Could we finally have our own Sweet Dreams lipstick like Peggy?

“At Disney’s D23 fan expo, we chatted with Loni Clark, Bésame’s Marketing Director about the upcoming collection. She says we can expect lipsticks, powder, cosmetic bags, eyeshadows, and the brand’s existing 1940s perfume, which is the same fragrance she wore in the show. The collection will launch in November.”

OK, I don’t know what they’re talking about with “the fragrance she wore in the show” - only time I remember Peggy handling perfume was when she emptied her atomizer down the sink so she could neutralize the nitramene. (I don’t have one of those new-fangled smart TVs with the fragrance app.)

But the rest!!!!


Kick-Ass Chicks: Anahita Moussavian

We’ve been keeping up with the latest shows and collections during fashion month— but knowing us, we always want to dive deeper. To get some insider info on the industry, we went to none other than our friend Anahita Moussavian. As the Deputy Fashion Editor of The New York Post and Alexa, Anahita knows the ins and outs of taking a fashion show experience and turning it into a piece to remember. We chatted with Anahita to learn about her favorites from New York Fashion Week, and what it’s like to be fully immersed in the industry.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

What gift do the ChoiMatos want the most and how would they hint that they want them? And to top it off, what gifts would the others give them and how would they react to them? Idk if this counts as a choimato birthday bash since it includes the rfa too but I think it'd be cute!

Countdown to the Cake: 3

What RFA gets for the twins:


  • I see him as the type of person who gives what he would like to have
  • Since he likes his bike as much as Saeyoung likes his cars, probably something related to that (don’t ask me what, I know shit about cars and bikes, let alone cool gifts related to that)
  • For Saeran, a very cool jacket with the finest leather and maybe some spikes. (hey, just because he’s a changed man, doesn’t mean he has to dress like a square)


  • He has a very limited budget, so it’s nothing too over the top, but it’s from the bottom of this heart, he makes sure to point that out in a very sweet card along with the gift
  • I said in that fic for Saeyoung because I truly believe he would get him some comics, maybe some shojo mangas to educate Saeyoung a little
  • He’s so scared of asking Saeran what he wants, so he goes for something related to electronics, maybe a vintage game? (lowkey he wants a partner to game with, take the hint Saeran)


  • The most thoughtful gifts you can think of, even for someone she’s not that close like the twins
  • For Saeyoung, a basket of muffins and cupcakes, some of them are light (boy needs to eat something besides HBC at least this day of the year)
  • And for Saeran, headphones. She knows how he really needs a break from everything sometimes and some music maybe will help. She even has suggestions of nice songs, if he wants. (Spoiler: they are all from Zen’s musicals)


  • You may think he asked Jaehee to choose something and he would just pay, but he actually picked the gifts himself
  • For Saeyoung, the first exemplary of the upcoming collection of Elizabeth the 3rd dolls
  • For Saeran… honestly, it doesn’t matter, what really moved Saeran was the note aside the gift. “The past is in the past, now. Welcome to the family.”

What the twins want and how do they ask for it:


  • He doesn’t know how to be subtle.
  • Lemme just drop some hints I want a new cool stereo for my baby.
  • “Guys, don’t you think we should go on a road trip? It would be nice driving long hours non stop with some good music on. Oh yeah, we can’t because my favorite baby doesn’t have a cool stereo, it would be nice to have a cool stereo. By the way, do you know my birthday is coming?”
  • As for MC, he would say “ahh you don’t have to, come on… What did you get me?”
  • He would enjoy literally anything you’d give him.
  • But if it’s a cat, he would explode with happiness.


  • He doesn’t bother dropping hints.
  • If you really wanna know what he wants, just ask him.
  • “I want at least one day of peace and silence in this house.” “Okay, can I get you new boots too?” “Please.”
  • From MC, he’s too embarrassed to actually say what he wants, so he just asks a little quality time to get some ice cream in the park.
  • And when they’re alone and he’s feeling more relaxed, he’ll ask for his gift.
  • “I want a picture of you. Or maybe of us.”

You can see the other days here!