upcoming chinese movies


Upcoming Chinese monster movie. Hope they plan on changing the music, because it sounds awfully familiar.


Close Friend <闺蜜/Guimi> or otherwise known as “Girlfriends”

First teaser posters.

An upcoming film from the the renowned Hongkong director Barbara Wong (of the highly successful The Stolen Years with Joseph Chang and Bai Baihe) which is a story of  3 “girl friends” with different personalities but much like your average everyday kind who grew up together and share each others’ emotion, passion, problems and what not. 

Featuring: Ivy Chen, Fiona Sit, Yang Shan, Shawn Yue, Wallace Chung, Vanness Wu

Release date: ?? 2014


Cold Peach Blossom

Starring: Feng Shao feng, Yang mi

大寒桃花开/Da han Tao hua kai originally filmed 10 years ago (2004) but suffered several set backs and was eventually shelved. Who would have thought that a few hit series and movies later, FSF and Yang mi’s first collaboration would see the light (again!) The producers are banking on the stars’ current popularity, so after a series of photoshopping and remastering, the film was given the green light and will be released January 17th.

Yang mi looks a bit different than she does now but FSH looks exactly the same. What has he been taking?! I like the original movie poster, it’s so throwback.