bts as teachers

(high school teachers)


  • home economics teacher
  • the kind of teacher who turns up over-prepared (shit tonnes of binders, folders, stationary and an apple)
  • praised for great fashion by his students
  • still grades papers with stickers
  • probably has a food related pun for every lesson
  • “mr. kim? how about mr. handsome” (wrote this on the board on his first lesson… it hasn’t quite stuck but damn it if he doesn’t keep trying)
  • chill teacher most of the time but won’t put up with kids messing around during his class
  • 80% of the other teachers have a crush on him
  • gets the drunkest at christmas parties embarrasses himself every year
  • parents adore him during parents evening though

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This co-living space of the future is for kids who never want to grow up

Collective, known for its high-end room rentals, is launching a building in London’s Old Oak neighborhood that will be its first co-living space. Rooms are small and rent for roughly 250 pounds a week.

But rather than having large sleeping quarters, the building offers 10,000 square feet of communal space. That includes shared kitchens and lounges as well as myriad open areas like libraries and video rooms. Additionally, the building offers its residents access to a gym, spa, restaurant, bar and shops. And this dorm-room like living style isn’t exclusive to London.

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