I was reading both the books written to timothy the other night and something dawned on me. timothy was literally all Paul had towards the end of his work on earth. in 2 timothy Paul constantly reminds timothy of how all his close friends and fellow christians just deserted him. As Christians we need to realize the fact that it could literally come down to just you and Jesus in you walk with him. we cant rely on other people lifting us up or keep us from falling spiritually but we need to get in the altar and rely on a holy ghost saturation to up lift us and let Gods word wash us and mold us to where he needs us to be.

If you think about it there were only three or so people at Calvary with Jesus out of the thousands that followed him while he preformed miracles.

If we strive to be more like Jesus everyday, then less is more in that case

Can you imagine what the apostle Paul could’ve done if he would’ve had access to Facebook and the internet and Instagram? Can you imagine what his posts would’ve been like? God has given this generation an incredible opportunity for evangelism; do not waste it on yourself!
—  Luke Levine
He means more than this world to me <3

It hurts me to see Christian standards pushed aside but all my hero’s live by them and for good reasons. Of course no one like likes being told what to do, growing up we experience this all the time: hating going to bed during nap time, being told to eat your vegetables, or getting spanked for being bad.. No one likes standards and rules but there needed, and without them were in trouble.. God didn’t give us His word to make us stumble and fall, He gave it to us to guide us in the right direction, don’t abuse it..