We were at a North American Missions meeting/dinner, and they were looking for some people to take some missionaries for some services.

And we’re gonna have a couple missionaries at the North End Church. MP is gonna send em to us. I am excited. The first one is in July, I believe…and the other is next November. Sweet?


Also, we’re starting up Bible study on Thursdays…Aaron is gonna rock the Fun Na Menals.

Things are coming together and it’s feeling good.

I think we’re just gonna break down a message on worship on Sunday morning…then next week, I’m working on a message about altars.

Also, planning a series about the 3 P’s of Christmas.

Promise (of the Savior)

Provision (of the Savior)

Presents/Presence (of the Savior)

It’s a work in progress.

Oh yeah.