I’ve got the Super Beard Bros fever. And the only perscription…is editing a 3 minute video for 4 hours. Enjoy! @thatonevideojirard

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Hey everyone! As you all know earlier this week we got featured on MTV Iggy! We were super stoked about it.

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 “I didn’t know what the hell i was doing, but somehow that same stranger i’ve seen for months and months on the streets ended up in my student apartment, on my sofa, coughing up a storm and sick as a dog. I ended up bringing him blankets and one of those shitty neon beach pails that kids use for sand castles for him to upchuck in. Before I could have the chance to leave, he reached out and grabbed my arm, and let me tell you, I have never seen a more terrified looking person in my life. It was pitiful and downright gut twisting to keep eye contact, but what made it worse was when a horse voice just barely whispered, “Don’t kick me out” In that moment I just realized this person was a scared kid who got himself into more than he could handle.

Here we have another installment of the homeless AU, of course from Eridan’s point of view.

Mind Blown Again

I’m a fan of Naruto, and for whatever reason I decided to look up the English voice actors to see what else they had been in. I learned one of my favorite characters, Kakashi Hatake:

Has shared a voice this guy

And this thing 

and this thing

And this thing

And this thing!

How can such a cool guy share his voice with these freaks?!

Flowey is in the kitchen, being watched by Toriel while Frisk is at school because he had to go and get himself suspended (again). Toriel just got finished baking some cookies–a new recipe, even–and sets them down to cool, out of Flowey’s reach, before taking a few moments to herself to tend to some chores around the house. Flowey may be stuck in his little flowerpot, but he is more determined to get at those cookies than Toriel anticipated, and with great effort scoots himself close enough to be able to snap them up with his mouth. On impulse, and because he’s a sucker for mom’s baking, he manages to get through more than half of them despite his size.

Toriel comes back from having tidied up in another room only to find the little brat slumped over in his pot, immensely regretting the decision to not stop at just one or two cookies. She would punish him, given those cookies were for everyone to share after dinner later that day, but decides to show some mercy given that his self-inflicted bellyache is already quite the sufficient punishment.

Signs as Daria characters

Aries// Mr. DeMartino

Taurus// Jake Morgandorfer

Gemini// Quinn Morgandorfer

Cancer// Mr. O'Neill

Leo// Michael Jordan Mackenzie

Virgo// Daria Morgandorfer

Libra// Tom sloane

Scorpio// Upchuck

Sagittarius// Jodie Landon

Capricorn// Sandi Griffin

Aquarius// Jane lane

Pisces// Trent lane