‘Scannerz & Scannerz Commander’ by Radica Games (2000-1)

“The original Skannerz came in three versions which represented the three tribes. Zendra (blue), Pataak (green) and Ujalu (red). If a player scanned a barcode containing a rival tribe’s monster, a battle would be initiated. Also items could be gathered from UPC barcodes.”

blobject form + ‘alien’ & barcode motifs

20 Pet Peeves of Cashiers

1. When a customer jokes they “just made” a $50/$100 bill

2. “Wasn’t that item on sale?”

3. Baskets left on or around the register

4. Expert hand maneuvers to avoid being handed a receipt

5. Receipts left on or around the register

6. Groceries left behind

7. Customer tells you the item price when all you want is the UPC

8. Fifty phone calls a day asking what time you close

9. A customer coming in with a WIC check a minute til you close

10. No response when you ask someone if they found everything okay or to have a nice day

11. Register drawer being just a penny off balance

12. Shoplifters

13. Customers dumping items in random places when they decide they don’t want it anymore

14. Customer saying they don’t need a bag AFTER you already bagged their item

15. Not being able to do clean up because every time you walk away from the register someone else walks up

16. Customer spends ten minutes trying to pick out candy while a line builds up

17. Random rushes when everyone in the store decides to check out at once

18. Running out of change in the middle of a rush

19. Customer paying in change

20. “Oh I forgot to grab something, I’ll be right back.”

Reblog if you are/know a cashier who can relate to one or more of these things.
It’s all part of the job, so if you’re a customer, give a friendly smile the next time you see a cashier so they know that the pains they go through to help people like you and me out is appreciated. xxxx


In early 2015, we took in 19 chicks from a school hatching project. Here are their unique faces at six weeks old!

You can read our blog update on the chicks here.
And you can enter for a chance to name four chicks here.

Hatching Projects:

In a well-intentioned effort to allow children to view the process of life entering the world, many teachers conduct classroom hatching projects. Unfortunately, this means they are ultimately and often unknowingly participating in the deformity, neglect, and death of thousands of baby chicks yearly.

Chicks in hatching projects are deprived of their mothers, who are their most natural and loving protectors and the most critical part of their incubation process. Mother hens not only instinctively know exactly what their babies need in terms of heat and shelter, but also communicate and chirp to their young before they hatch, creating a bond and teaching the chicks some of the 200 unique sounds chickens use to communicate. The absence of a mother hen’s warmth and protection leads to many chicks being born with illnesses and deformities such as their organs developing outside of their bodies. These chicks either die from their deformities or are generally killed and disposed of after hatching.

Unfortunately, healthy chicks also usually face early and violent deaths. The classroom is not a long term home for chickens and after the thrill of the hatching teachers often struggle to find homes for the motherless babies the project brought into the world. In the best case scenario the burden of caring for chicks falls on already overcrowded sanctuaries and shelters. Far more frequently, young chicks whom children have come to love are abandoned, returned to hatcheries and killed as they are not easily assimilated into existing flocks and are not economically valuable, or sold at auctions for meat or used to feed other animals, such as captive reptiles.

The paradoxical lesson of a hatching project is not that bringing new life into the world requires respect and long term responsibility but that living, feeling babies can be disposed of when they transition from cute to inconvenient.

Check out these awesome alternatives to school hatching projects that allow children to learn about animals while developing their compassion:

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Book Review: Journal 3

Ah, Journal 3. One of the biggest mysteries of Gravity Falls was who wrote the Journals. Now we all know who it was and with the show ending, the Journal has been brought to life and will be available 7/26/2016 wherever books are sold with a suggested retail price of $19.99. However, if you are attending SDCC this weekend, you have a chance to get the Journal a few days early. Lucky you!

The first thing you’ll notice is it’s size. This thing is hefty. Approximately 8" x 10" and 2 LBs, this is no cheap cash-in. Alex and the group at Disney had the right idea to put a dust jacket on the book containing all the things books need to sell, like UPC codes, company logos, reviews, etc. This dust jacket can be taken off and it reveals a pretty sweet poster on the back.

Once you take of the jacket, you see a beautifully untouched Journal. The gold accents are glossy so they shine in the light and the damaged areas are matte so you can feel the changes as you handle the book. Inside, the pages feel akin to parchment, unlike the Curse of the Time Pirates’ Treasure’s smooth pages. There’s also a gold ribbon to save your place in the book. It’s no monocle on a chain, but it works just fine.

The Journal starts with familiar pages like the June 18th passage followed by Flying Eyeballs, Gnomes, etc. The difference between what we’ve seen in the show and what we now hold in our hand, is that every passage is now legible. You can read about all these oddities in full. The pages seen in the show make up only a fraction of whats in this Journal and it doesn’t contain every page we’ve ever seen, specifically those seen in Journals 1 and 2. While one could dream this means the other two may eventually get a full release, it’s probably not likely. However, Alex and his crew filled this book with almost 300 pages full of information, with many of those pages created just for this book. This is a final loving tribute to the show and it definitely shows.

Reading through the book is like reading an actual journal. Time progresses linearly. Ford recounts his times in Gravity Falls, sometimes flashing back to his past, then continues up until the point where he buries the Journal. From here, Dipper takes over, with the occasional page by Mabel, and we get a full recount of their adventures in Gravity Falls. Almost every episode appears as an entry in chronological order. Once Ford reappears from the portal, it switches back to his perspective and his entries as he catalogs his return to our dimension before recounting his 30 year journey on the other side, Weirdmageddon, and it’s aftermath.

The book answers several questions fans may have (what happened to Blendin, why are the Journals still intact, who stole the capers, etc) and I’m sure will cause several more to be asked as people ponder over all the information within. On several pages, you’ll also notice some familiar symbols that have been decoded in the past as well as newer ones yet to be deciphered. Are you, and the internet, up to the challenge?

So to sum up. If you are a fan of Gravity Falls, this is an absolute no brainer. Just like Guide was a necessity during it’s release, this is the single most important item you could have as a fan. The lore inside, the attention to detal, and a reasonable price make it a must buy for every single person out there.

This is TheMysteryofGravityFalls, signing off.

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