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Andrew Bird feat. Annie Clark - Lusitania (x)

Bird says the song actually took him up to three years to write after the line, “you’re the one who sunk my Lusitania” popped into his head. Collaborating with Clark was the easy part. “I’ve known Annie for years,” said Bird, “so I asked her to sing because the second verse felt like it was a different point of view. She gets the more upbeat point of view. It felt like static electricity between two people.” (x)

Sun in Libra

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Beautiful kisses, soft whispers, always desirable always admirable.
We call you Libra, I think of beauty and wind blown hair when I say your name, and that is why hair blowing in the wind is the perfect symbol for you.
You have an attractive sass about you, the way you walk the way you talk, you meet and make friends easily always lively and talking brightly, you are the vibrancy in the room.
You love to be in love, enjoying having a partner to kiss and smother in compliments someone to tell how much they mean to you!
You are a brave soul who is always desiring more in the world, yet you always keep an upbeat view on things happening around you.
You are charming, you are elegant, you are Libra.