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Imagine spending all the night with the Doctor, just having the most sarcastic conversation you could possibly imagine, sitting in your house, on the couch. You guys cuddle for half of it, seeing as your best friends and that’s not going to make you want to kiss him in any way shape or form, no no no no, of course not. When the sun starts to rise, he sort of looks out the window and smiles at you. (You had managed to resist the urge to kiss him ALL. NIGHT. Bravo.)

“Oh look at that… It’s the sun…”
“Oh my god…”
“I kept you in one spot for a whole night!”
(Smugly) There’s a lot you can do in one spot.“
"Bad Doctor, no innuendos. Stop it.”
“Shut up, you like it.”

Can You Feel The Love (KevEdd)
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Your lips
Her kiss

“Describe the feeling
Is it appealing?”

Yes, I love it on my neck
After you leave I always check

For a sign from you
“Is that from last time, or is this new”

It feels like your trying to quench the unquenchable
You try to satisfy what you are unable

You kiss and kiss to your hearts content
You try to find fulfillment

It feels like your kisses sap away my life
And that is something I want, I like

remember when we thot they were gonna drop the album during the apple music thing because siri’s a demonass bitch so we stayed #UpAllNight calling target walmart and best buy and it turned out to not be true


This band will never be the same without you. Thanks for everything little boy from Bradford, you did good. :’) I hope he never removes the 1D from his Twitter name, bc he’ll always be a part of this band and it’ll never be the same without him. We will always be here for the rest of the boys supporting them no matter what till the very end. One direction will always be at heart. This band is family and no one gets left behind. I saw Zayn perform for the first time this year in Singapore, and I never thought it’d be my last.

One dream. One band. One direction.

“Just close your eyes and enjoy the roller coaster that is life :) x” -Zayn Malik.

Stay safe Zayn. Xx


I used to think home was a place
Four walls and a lot of space

Today I found out I was incorrect
Home is not a place or an object

But someone that can be felt or touched
I came to this conclusion when in my arms, her cheeks blushed

I realized, that when we hold each other
In our arms, we, the two lovers

That feeling of no longer being alone
That my friends, that feeling is called “home”.