“It’s not our country. We stole it from the Native Americans. And, when they have a peaceful protest at Standing Rock, we shoot at them with rubber bullets. But, we let you chinless turds march through the streets with semi-automatic weapons.”

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who are they? do you know their names or anything? lol i might stan

yesss ok 

This is Chris, the oldest, from 1997, Korean but raised in Australia, in JYP since 2012, friends with GOT7, especially with Bambam, his personality seems to be smh bright and fun like Jackson’s (and if he debuts in the trio or a group, he’s most likely to be the leader, kind of like Jihyo to Twice)

This is Changbin, idk much about him except that he’s Korean, 1999, and appeared on Show me the money 5 

This is Jisung, he’s my son, 2000, full Korean, studied on DEF Music Academy, trained since 2015 (here’s another video of him, you should definitely check him out) 💖❤️💗💖💘

(the order they rap here is Jisung > Changbin > Chris)

UPADATE uhm after some months and lots of changbin exposure IM PRETTY SURE THAT’S NOT HIM LOL
Annoying- Sherlock x reader

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Part 2

Y/n couldn’t stand the thought of Sherlock Holmes. There’s a lot of other things she would rather do than breathe in his direction. He is rude, insensitive and all round annoying, and just the sight of him makes her sick to her stomach. She honestly didn’t know what her older sister saw in him, he obviously uses false compliments and feelings to get his dirty work done.

And the man made it quite clear he didn’t want anything to do with her either. 

Y/n rolls her eyes as Sherlock walks into the lab, Molly trailing behind him like a lost puppy. And John came in a bit after, she had no problem with the Doctor, he’s nice, unlike his companion.
Sherlock scowls upon seeing the girl sitting at a desk, but she was too busy peering into a microscope to be bothered with him. Her e/c eyes meet his for a moment before she went back to the microscope. “Did you get the blood results yet Molly?” Sherlock asks, turning to look down at the shorter woman who shakes her head. “I wasn’t here when it came in, Y/n was working on it.” she answers, nodding to her sister. Without a word, Y/n raises a small vile that held the blood of some bloke from a crime scene and a note with the details because she had absolutely no intentions of talking to Holmes. John walks over and takes it from her, since it was clear that Sherlock wasn’t going to move, “Thanks.” he says and the girl smiles, “No worries John,”
Sherlock rolls his eyes at the sound of her voice, turning around and briskly walking out.
John chuckles as he fall in step with the taller male, Sherlock looks over to him, “What?” he questions, which only makes John laugh. “You know Sherlock, for a man who notices everything, you really don’t.”
“What are you talking about John?” Sherlock asks, his confusion showing as his brow creases. “Honestly? You honestly don’t know?” John shakes his head, leaving the detective to figure it out on his own. Sometimes certain things are so obvious that even the smartest person could miss it.
Back at the lab, Molly stood, watching her younger sister carefully, “Why don’t you like him?” she asks and Y/n sighs, looking up at her sister, “What a funny question.” she muses, “Let me ask you one, Why do you allow him to play you like that?”
Molly blinks at her younger sister, unable to actually answer her. They both know why, it’s not like she needed to answer. Y/n nods, “Right. I don’t like him because I don’t. Simple.” She gets off the stool she was sitting on, pulling off her lab coat, “I’m heading out for lunch, need anything?” Molly shakes her head and Y/n leaves without another word.
Y/n sighs, glad to be out of the lab, breathing in the fresh London air. For once she’s not surround by chemicals and junk, she goes to a nearby cafe to buy a few muffins for herself and Molly, despite her sister’s protests. A lot can be done in a half an hour, so the girl takes a walk before heading back to Bart’s.


It was late and Y/n was still at the lab, getting some last minute research done. Molly had offered to stay back and help but, she’s been working non stop since morning and she’s needs to rest so Y/n declined.
She was taking notes when someone walked in, she looks up from her small note pad. “Sam… hey.” she fakes a small smile as her ex boyfriend walks to her, stopping to lean against the desk she was sitting at. “I came to see you.”
“I thought we agreed that I don’t see your face?”
Sam crosses his arms over his chest, seemingly getting comfortable, much to Y/n’s annoyance. Sam’s grey eyes look up at the ceiling in thought before looking back at the girl, “Yeah, well I changed my mind.”
Y/n blinks, “Yeah well, change your mind again and walk out. I have work to do.” she says annoyed, looking down at her notes again. She hears Sam sigh, and in a second he grabs her wrist, twisting her arm. “I don’t think so.”
Y/n gasps in pain, glaring up at him, “Let go.” she says through gritted teeth, but of course, it only seemed to amuse him. Flashes of memory comes to her mind of when they were together, it wasn’t a happy relationship and things usually went south. Until she broke it off, but as faith have it, they worked in the same bloody building.
That’s why she refuses to allow herself to like any guy, her image of a good man flew out the window since Sam. So she didn’t allow anyone to get close, she remained detached.
“I really think you should listen to her.” A deep baritone voice comes from by the door and Sam drops her hand and turns around. “Mr Holmes.” he says, eyeing down the detective. Y/n keeps her eyes glued to her notepad, of course it had to be him, Sherlock Holmes is just the person she needs to see right now. Sam walks to the taller male, standing right in front of him.
Sherlock raises an eyebrow, looking the man over, then his eyes flicker to Y/n. “You should leave.” Sherlock warns, narrowing his eyes at Sam. The man smiles, chuckling at Sherlock, he takes two steps and that was all it took. Sherlock puts his hand near the man’s neck, putting a tight hold on the pressure point between his collar bone and his upper shoulder. Spinning him around, he kicks the back of his knee, forcing the man down, allowing Sherlock to bang Sam’s head against the counter.
Sherlock straightens out his coat as Sam lays unconscious on the floor. He crosses over him and walks to where Y/n was sitting watching him with raised eyebrows. “Wow, okay…”
“Are you alright?” he asks, motioning to her wrist where a bruise had blossomed, and she nods speechlessly.
Did Sherlock Holmes just defend me?
“Uh, yes. I am.” she says, rubbing her wrist tenderly. Sherlock nods, reaching into his coat pocket, he pulls out a small packet with some sort of dirt. “I came analyse this.”
“Yeah sure.”
He moves away from her, going to where he’d normally sit, emptying the dirt into a Petri dish. I should probably - “Thanks for that,” Y/n says, her eyes still in her notepad, she didn’t want to look at him, because he’d easily see.
Of course he could’ve deduced it a long time ago, or not. It’s not that she doesn’t like him, he’s annoying yes but, she does have a soft spot for him. It’s Molly, she loves her sister too much to let some man get in the way of their bond. If she were to act on her impulses, she’d hurt Molly, and that’s something she couldn’t live with, she’d rather lose a chance at a boyfriend than lose her sister.
“You’re welcome.”

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Na pier­wszy rzut oka od­kryła we mnie mnóstwo wad… pew­nie po­myślała, że mógłbym być wyższy, mieć sil­niej­sze ra­miona, in­ny ko­lor oczu. Chciała mnie ominąć, ale pot­knęła się o ka­myk. Zdążyłem ją złapać. Gdy stała tuż obok mnie, oka­zało się, że: nie jes­tem aż ta­ki nis­ki, że mo­je ra­miona są na ty­le sil­ne by uchro­nić ją od upad­ku a oczy, tyl­ko sza­re, ale żad­ne in­ne tak pięknie nie od­bi­jały jej uśmie­chu.
I love watching the Destihellers bargain over the years.

Season 5: Destihellers - Fire Jared and turn Supernatural into the Dean and Cas show.  Make Destiel canon, totally change the show for us do it now!

*Sam saves the world and Supernatural continues to be about Sam n Dean*

Season 6: Destihellers - Oh wait, we actually love Sam so don’t fire Jared but instead make Sam the Destiel cheerleader in the Dean and Cas show!

*Cas does most of his shit off screen, meanwhile Dean temporarily dies to get his Sammy back*

Season 7: Destihellers - Dean needs to go crazy with grief and sell his own soul to bring back Cas!”

*Dean never grieves and never mentions Cas again, meanwhile he’s totally focus on on Sam while grieving over Bobby’s death.*

Season 8: Destihellers - okay fine, Supernatural is about Dean AND Sam, but it doesn’t mean Dean can’t also love Cas equally as he loves Sam.

*Dean puts nothing before Sam before accidentally marrying Sam in a church*

Season 9: Destihellers - Look, the brodependecy thing is toxic, the boys need friends outside of eachother.  Dean needs to be with Cas more to have a healthier outlook.

*Dean kicks a human Cas out into the streets without care, money, protection, or shelter*

Season 10: Destihellers - Come on if you make Destiel canon NOTHING on the show has to change!

*Cas has separate story lines and Dean and Cas grow increasingly irrelevant from eachother*

pre Season 11: Destihellers - I don’t want Destiel to be canon anymore, I just want Dean to be freaking nice to Cas again.

Season 11 speak peak trailer: Destihellers - I hate Jared and this show so much.

Ricci.Supreme House

I made this house for photographer sims. I think young couples and teen sims would like this house!! I hope you’ll like this house :))

Ava's Demon Pact Song
Ava's Demon Pact Song

Written and Sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Frank Haught


You promised me
If I agreed to let you
inside my soul
That you’ll
help me reach my goals
It was foolish of me
To think i could trust thee
Never did I think
You’d be so cruel

There is nothing I can do
But continue to pursue
your dream for anew
it will ensue

Oh how was I
Such A fool
Now there are nothing but pools
Of the blood of the damned
the innocent
and malicious  

Now we take our blood bath
Now we make, our own path

(I just saw the upadate and I was so happy!!!)

99% sure this girl on FB is trying to catfish me. She hasn’t really tried anything yet, but I’m already suspicious considering I don’t know her and our two mutual friends are guys I work with. i.e. other Marines…

I’ll keep y’all upadated

Christina Ricci’s Los Feliz House I was inspiration by Christina Ricci’s old house I hope You’ll like this house!!

Fairly recent steampunky dress up that I did a little while back. Sorry I haven’t upaded anything in a while, moving back to the dorms at my college and the first couple weeks more out of,me than I expected. I should start posting a little more often now. ❤