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I just want an entire episode of Yuri being happy and spending the day with his Grandpa *cough*OVA*cough*  

please just let the boy be happy. 

As happy as I am for Daisy Ridley to be getting all of these opportunities to be in other movies, it’s becoming very clear, with every role Daisy gets, that John Boyega is not receiving the same treatment.

John Boyega only has two movies coming up. Star Wars episode 8 and The Circle, which he’ll star in with Emma Watson. What we should note about The Circle is that he was cast in this movie BEFORE The Force Awakens came out.

So I ask, why have offers not been pouring into his ear ever since TFA came out? He starred in one of the biggest franchises of all time. Where is the news that he’s starring in other movies? Daisy Ridley was considered for Lara Croft, what rumors have we heard about John? Why is no one considering him for the next role Chris Pratt is probably gonna get?

We all know why Daisy Ridley is getting role after role, and I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve them, but when you compare what she is getting to what John is getting, there is really no question about what Hollywood is looking for.

Lmao I once had an idea there will be a kiss on Episode 7

Tbh, I had a hunch Viktor and Yuuri will kiss on episode 7 based on a constantly related anime, No.6; which the two lead male characters (Nezumi Shion) kiss on episode 7

which is a laughable thought, I wrote a joke text on facebook about that. Since then, I had been anticipating ep 7 for a kiss. What a baseless thought, tho

In reality, this season its not only Viktuuri

5 x 7?!

Bonus : Never forget

i cant believe mark hamill is being made to do night shoots for episode 8 like ? the man is up so late at night in a hoodie, tweeting from his laptop in some kind of shady back room??? @rian johnson what the fuck let him go to sleep

A small coastal community attempts to rebuild itself after the murder of a young boy.

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ultimate shipper meme: [5/5] “for which i started shipping them” moments → the doctor + rose tyler

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