“Will you walk into my parlour?” Said the Spider to the Fly. 


                                         What are you doing? 

There are so many problems that need fixing on this site. 

  • A way to block blogs on mobile without going to said blog. 
  • Weeding out the pornbots 
  • Taking care of the problems with notifications {I.E. having double notifications or not actually being able to see all notifications}
  • The glitch where themes just suddenly disappear from blogs for a few minutes
  • On blog ads that keep turning on  { Note: I understand the need for ads. I do. But putting them on our blogs without warning and messing up people’s themes — themes that people spend a lot of time perfecting — is not the way to do it. }
  • Actual child pornography 

But, instead you take away our ability to check mutual followers… a choice which has caused many people, including myself and my friends, very unnecessary anxiety. 
Perhaps, if you focused your energies on solving the very serious problems that plague Tumblr, rather than make them worse, we could turn this site back into what it was MEANT to be: 
A place where people can form friendships, share common interests, express themselves!

 Let’s try to make it that, again. Please. 

We - the very first children - had come to be called merely the FIRST BROOD who had spawned the rebels; but the Legend of the Twins was forgotten; and no one knew the names Mekare or Maharet.

indepedent and highly selective maharet and mekare of anne rice lore. canon divergent as fuuuuuck.


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Lock screen is Obi-Wan bc I’m thirsty. Home screen is Patrick McKenna bc I’m thirsty for Ewan’s face. And last song I listened to was Science and Religion from the angels & Demons soundtrack bc holy shit it’s epic!!

I’m gonna tag my gangs and spouses because why the fuck not! @maawi, @jescalucy, @dyscworlds, @agenderromulan, @kyberpunk, @eclipsemidnight, @sanerontheinside, @lilyrose225writes, @meabhair,

hey I just wanted to remind everybody (and let new followers know) that it takes about a week for your messages to be answered and posted! I promise I answer every message I get, it just takes a while (◡‿◡✿)

Countdown to Crystal Storm

Hi guys! Keeping with the tradition of last year, @magnusldamora and I came up with a weekly theme to build up hype for the release of Crystal Storm. 

The way it works is starting on each of these dates, you can post a little blurb/edit/fic/whatever your heart desires about each of these prompts. 

  • 11/8 - A scene you want to see in Crystal Storm   
  • 11/15 - A song that reminds you of the series
  • 11/22 - A character from the series you wish got more story 
  • 11/29 - A scene from the series you wish we got from a different perspective
  • 12/6 - A world (a different book, tv show, etc.) you’d want to see the Falling Kingdoms characters in
  • 12/13 - Post your Crystal Storm selfie 

We’d love to see lots of people participate, and if you tag either one of us we’ll be sure to reblog it. :D

A big welcome ! And free drawings !

So many new followers !!! Hello to you all. I’m happy you share your time with me and my blog with all it’s silly stuff ♥ ..

For the still lasting 300 followers special (you are even more now) i open another few free drawing slots. The catch is that i picked a few themes you can choose from. Feel free to choose whatever charakter you want except the theme has a set charakter. Just send me an ask with your request, i’ll pick the coolest and draw them. (All non NSFW, but maybe i do bonus edits)

Here are the themes:

¤ Pin-Up style drawing
¤ Halloween
¤ Mane six (except RD and Ponk)
¤ Vintage/30s drawing
¤ Super happy
¤ Flying or using magic

breezeblocks 2.0 - preview & code (updated)

A makeover for one of my themes on my old theme blog


  • Customizable post size (from 275px to 540px)
  • Optional sidebar image (can be toggled from icon size to full sidebar width)
  • 3 custom links
  • Sidebar position (left/right)
  • Display option for tags and captions
  • Optional infinite scroll / manual load
  • Background image option (with stretch to fill screen option)
  • Optional search bar


  • Feedback is appreciated! 
  • Please let me know if something doesn’t work