Some of our DE staff went out to show you how to do #DisneyDating without even going to the parks.

We’ll post each date individually, but check out the full article now for more date ideas!

You gotta think though, like. The wallpaper was intentional. That’s not just a figment of our imagination, y’all, that’s straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth legit. So all these little things we’ve been picking up on (John’s theme calling Sherlock back to life, “Who leaves a wedding early?”, the flowers, the birds, the elephants.) IS ALL REAL JOHNLOCK’S REAL I’M REAL WE’RE ALL REAL

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Okay guys im trying to come up with steven universe themed food ideas cus my birthday is coming up soon and my girlfriend and i will be doing it SU themed. So far i have
- watermelon steven
- garent punch (raspberry punch with blueberry sherbert)
-guac and chiapppssss
- not so perfect porkchops (hot dogs)
- amethyst whips ( rock candy)
- fire salt viles ( pop rocks)
- donuts

Im drawing a blank though. Any ideas would be very appreciated

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