Today’s excellent character of the day is Guzma from Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Guzma is a complicated man. He just wanted to be a captain, and when he didn’t get what he want he kind of started a gang. But he’s a rough and rowdy guy, he likes to wrassle with the gang members, and what he created feels more like a family than anything else. He gets caught up with the Aether foundation and does some bad things, but in the end he washes his hands of it all - he just wanted to be the best pokemon trainer, like no one ever was. Who can blame him for that? Keep on being excellent, Guzma!

tl;dr of how magic works in xiv

basically… magic in this game is “aether”. but so is everything else. everything is made up of aether - trees, plants, people

every living thing has a certain amount of aether that makes it up…

…and then some living things, including some animals, have a bit extra

now, some people, like Cocobusi from the THM quests, don’t have very much extra

and when they try to cast a spell, it takes away more aether than they have to spare

so they die! because that aether wasn’t just keeping them alive, it was their “alive”.

some people, though, like the other Busi brothers, have a very large amount of extra aether

so when they cast a spell

it only takes a little bit out of them

and these are the people who can become effective spellcasters!

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Predictions

• Colress has a huge part in the plot (DNA splicing, his appearance in Sun/Moon for seemingly nor reason, etc)
• More Alolan forms (“features new Pokemon”, doubtful actual new Pokemon will be featured in a sequel game, possibility of gen 2 alolan forms?)
• New Z Moves (new Z Crystal in teaser, potentially new Z Move cutscene)
• Alolan League/Pokemon Gyms along with trials or replacing trials entirely
• Red/Green making more of an appearance in story (perhaps helping maintain the league, becoming champions, etc)
• Another weird timeline jump, like in Sun/Moon to catch a second Nebby, but this time more of a plot point.
• Team Skull again but this time maybe they’re cool guys? Idk I don’t see them teaming up with the antagonists this time.
• Aether Paradise either cool and not corrupt, with Lusamine being a good mom for once, OR Aether Paradise turned into something akin to a Battle Island™
• PLEASE LET MY POKEMON FOLLOW ME NINTENDO IM BEGGING YOU (walk/run cycles found in game data for EVERY SINGLE POKEMON in sun/moon)
• More hints at Sinnoh Remakes
• More super cute clothes and hairstyles; maybe more unique hair colors? (Pink/blue like team skull grunts maybe?)
• Ultra Beasts also being part of the main plot due to the games literally being named after them.
• “Alternate Timeline” hints at a potentially alternate universe for these games, in which Lusamine never became crazy, cities may have been built elsewhere than before, etc etc. Very interesting wording. May not simply be placed after the events of Sun/Moon like many are theorizing.

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imagine gladion buying you chocolate and flowers eeeeeEeeEEEe


  • yes but also imAGINE HOW AWKWARD HE WOULD BE
  • Gladion would be standing there, in all back, looking menacing.
  • And the florists/chocolatiers would be so scared!!! 
  • Who is this guy?? Why is he so angry and brooding?? HELP US??
  • And then in a soft voice…
  • “Sorry, need to get something for my s/o.”
  • And he gives them a shy smile.
  • “I’ve never done this before.”
  • *sings* shot through the heart! and you’re to blame!
  • He gets like… the most outrageous box of assorted ones and a big frilly bouquet of roses (and Gladiolus of course never forget Gladiolus flowers bc Gladion) and hides his reddened face behind it.
  • He visits that florist v frequently after that for Gracidea and Gladiolus flowers that he gives you at random intervals and the staff think he’s adorable.
  • All the while, he’s on his way to see you getting all these!!! looks!!!
  • He can already see tomorrow’s headlines.
  • Aether President Newly Elected President of Love. (more on page 7)
  • “Why flowers and chocolate? Why not something more useful like Pokéballs and Potions?”
  • “You give y/n those all the time, Young Master.”
  • “Yeah, because I love [Y/N] of course.”
  • Next year, he’ll get you a basket of Potions, Revives, and Pokéballs let people try to stop him.
  • He gets really anxious about it and is only relieved when you tell him you’re happy he gave you something practical.
  • He still loves getting you flowers. He invests an absurd amount of money into plant research that ends up becoming pretty useful for Aether and the flower shop he frequents.
Guys, can we just take a trip back to when I met Aether?

Last night I was doing some reminiscing and I want to share this little tidily bit with you.
So when I had my first Ghost ritual I really didn’t know any of the members besides their symbols/nicknames. I was so new to the fandom that I messed up and called aether “new omega” once YIKES. So yeah, when I met them I really didn’t have a reason to be nervous or have any expectations at all. This was a good thing but also a bad thing. Like I’m glad that I wasn’t such a fan then because I didn’t idolize them or worship them like I do now lol. But because of that, I kind of wasted an opportunity to ask all the questions that I have for them now. *sigh* I h8 me lol.
I was just kind of content standing there against the rail by the tour bus chatting with these girls I met in the line. The boys (& girl) started coming out and signing things for the fans that were waiting and I had bought a poster just for the chance that they might. Earth and Aether walked up to me together and I greeted them. Earth signed my poster and I thanked him before he moved along. Aether was next and I shook his hand telling him my name, like I would greeting anyone else I didn’t know. I was trying to think of something to ask him but I blanked so I followed with “what’s your name?” Like I would anyone else. But then I screamed at myself like wtfff u know he can’t answer that!!
I was shook when he actually said his real name. Like omg. And I didn’t realize it, but he had been holding my hand that whole time. I slowly pulled away my hand and he was just looking into my eyes uggghjdsj. He started signing my poster and I was like uhh say something else bitch tf is ur problem! Like when I say that he had me shook, I ain’t lying. My dumbass then asked him what he played in the band. This lil fucker looked me dead in the eyes and said “uh it’s a secret” LIKE BOI U JUST SIGNED IT BUT OKK.
lol I think he realized I didn’t know much about their identities so he was trying to be funny. While he was still looking in my eyes, we both started giggling. I said “ah, that’s right. Well thank you. You were awesome tonight.” After that, he thanked me and carried on to sign other things. And I was standing there like… is that what love at first sight feels like???? Um. Annnd that’s when the obsession started! 🖤

You know, the more I learn about Lusamine, the less impressed I end up.

She’s the president of Aether, a massive foundation with its own artificial island! Buuuuut that’s just because she inherited it from her father. She tried to open a hole in reality! Buuuuut that’s just because her husband went missing doing wormhole research. She’s unapologetically doing what she wants! Buuuuut she was actually a loving, caring mother in the past and she’s implied to return to that after a good beating….

It’s like the trifecta of female villain tropes – loving wife, mother, and it’s Not Her Fault. Bah.

(I get that it’s a kids’ game, so they’re going to veer on the side of optimistic when it comes to forgiveness and redemption and your parents loving you deep down, but still. It’s annoying at all of this small stuff piles up and drags down Lusamine’s villain cred.)

decided atomos is the best minion for gathering, because, due to their nature of sucking up aether, they would also be good at sucking up items from the surrounding area

unfortunately, they may end up in the void after that. but still, he’s trying his best

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I was just reading a v good gladion x reader fic somewhere on the internet, however one of the chapters turned into nsfw (as adults i guess) and even though it wasn't badly written i'm asexual and kind of need to forget about it. XD pls send fluff!!. Can you make a hc about their relationship, if it wasn't focussed specifically on the physical aspect of love, but more mentally bonding / gentle hugging etc? If you don't mind at least. (:

I totally hear you. I’m not asexual I think but I also don’t  really see the appeal of nsfw (which is why I wouldn’t write any unless people ask for it and even then it needs to be tasteful XD). I didn’t know that you meant so I based some of these off stuff I see from my parents.


  • Being in a relationship with Gladion means dealing with those Family Issues.
  • Your relationship with Lillie is fine of course bc she’s super nice.
  • Your friendship with her actually ends up drawing both siblings closer together and it’s really sweet watching Gladion come out of his shell and finally opening up to her again not feeling like the older brother that has to hide all his pain from Lillie.
  • His pain though is yours too so you’d have to be really strong for him.
  • On the plus side, he’s strong for you too, because he knows the burden of responsibility.
  • If you feel like your role as Alola’s champion and saviour is too much to carry Gladion knows, he always knows somehow, and will drag you out of the League and give you a night off where you both just let off steam.
  • Letting off steam activities include: walks in Malie Garden, Battle Royale, or just plain laying about eating junk food lazily grooming your Pokémon together.
  • Gladion is actually very considerate and very easily picks up on your moods so he knows exactly when you both need space.
  • He’s not comfortable about pda in general but he’s v comfy with gift giving!
  • Like, you’d probably arrive at the League only to find like pots of flowers around your Champion seat (Gladiolus Flowers of course what a dork).
  • ALLLLL the Gracidea flowersssss.
  • You don’t really like shopping but Gladion likes to watch you try on new clothes and try new food just as much as he likes to watch you go to new places and discover new Pokémon. He likes the way you light up.
  • If he catches any Pokémon that remind him of you he totally gives you those Poké.
  • All the non-edgy Pokémon go to you tbh.
  • You have like five Luvdisc and one shiny Luvdisc. I get it Gladion you love me v much. So much, all the Luvdisc freaking flock to you. XD
  • You get mail from Aether via his Golbat all the time. Odd short messages like what you want for dinner or if the Elite Four are still stubborn about having teams of only one type of Poké.
  • Goes with you everywhere to complete your Pokédex probably.
  • If you’re into fitness, he would run and train your Pokémon with you early in the morning claiming he won’t be beat by your Pokémon but really he just likes spending time with you.
  • Is actually very good at braiding and hair styling, he’s also good at make-up. Probably does your eye-liner in the mornings.
  • All his clothes are just a little loose on you so they’re perfect for when you’re lazing about or short trips to the League.
  • In your spare time, you both go to the beach to see if you can toss any Pyukumuku back into the ocean for fun and always always end up tossing each other into the water.
  • Calling him Flower Boy.
  • Him calling you The Joker (because of that blank smile face). 
  • Being his girl/boyfriend makes you an honorary Team Skull member so no one dares mess with you.
  • Team Skull actually likes you better than him. He doesn’t really care for them but it’s cute seeing the Grunts crowd around you and glare at anyone who dares look at you wrong.
  • Plumeria is like “Wife/Husband that girl/ boy now.”
  • When you defeat the Elite Four with just bug types you become like Guzma’s fave. Gladion gets a little irritated that you’re spending all this time with Team Skull. XD
  • He flips out when they give you the Team Skull uniform, like no pls put on something else anything else here have my hoodie.
  • Possessively shoves his hoodie over your head. :”>
  • God Bless Him he loves you so.
  • And so does his doggo.
  • SO supportive of all your ideas on how to improve the League and Trial facilities. Gives great feedback on rules you can implement. 
  • Donates all of Lusamine’s frozen Pokémon so you can hand them out to new trainers who are just starting their Island Challenge.
  • You encourage him to take the Island Challenge too and properly challenge the League.
  • He’s like an unofficial Trial Captain kind of. When he’s free he hangs out at Victory Road, no one gets to you without beating him first.
  • The trainers actually have to go up Victory Road when he’s at Aether because if everyone had to beat him then not a lot of people would be able to Challenge you lets be honest. XD
  • You and he visit Lusamine once a month, at first it was just you since Gladion pleaded business with the Aether Foundation.
  • Eventually though, he decides to come with you and you are honestly so proud of him for it.
  • All four of you cry the first time Lusamine and him talk and she calls out to him softly and thanks you, it’s all very heartwarming and Lusamine is so grateful to you for taking such good care of her kids she’s defo approved of you wife/husband that girl/boy son or I will make u do it myself.
  • At home, you both cook mostly because while Gladion knows the basics you have more experience with harder dishes watching your mom but cutting things and actually computing cooking time? Yeah, Gladion can handle the mechanics. 
  • All chores are handled together unless one of you is busy.
  • You have about 30 minutes each of allotted time before bed to unload everything that’s troubled both of you that day.
  • Overall, you keep each other sane and Gladion is very dependable but you also pick up in the places he can’t cover. 

Today’s 1.0 lookback - Silencing the Raven:

-After a grueling battle, Nael Deus Darnus’ weapon is knocked from his grasp.  Weakened, he staggers to retrieve it, but between wounds sustained and Dalamud’s overwhelming power, he’s unable to pull it up from where it lodged.  Tainted aether seeps from his hand.  The White Raven senses that his wings have been clipped.

-He turns without a word and reaches for the false moon with one hand, his other hand on his chest in silent tribute… or perhaps a plea. As still as a statue, he falls backward, strikes the ground, and his entire form discorporates.  What remains of his aether streams toward Dalamud to be consumed.

-Without Darnus to sustain them, the Allagan systems which kept Rivenroad afloat shut down, the islands shudder and start crumbling.  But Cid hasn’t gone far.  He swoops in for a heroic rescue of his own, and the adventurer’s party leaps to safety.

-The gun-halberd Bradamante plummets to the land below, unnoticed by the departing heroes, along with the rest of Rivenroad’s structure.

Some Gladion headcanons based off a conversation with @pixel-sylveon​ and @cindercate​!

  • Gladion spoils Null with beans, he always carries them with him. Null is so conditioned to receiving beans after a battle win or loss that one time Null jumped on Gladion after a battle with you. He didn’t have any beans with him so you offered Null some of yours. After this encounter you started to carry more and more beans with you to offer to Null whenever you run into Gladion. Gladion is extremely jealous of how easily you earned Null’s affection.
  • Gladion’s nickname around Team Skull is Gladbag, he hates it so much. Gladion and you once encountered a former grunt who referred to him as it and during the battle with the grunt he sent out his Trubbish nicknamed after Gladion. Unfortunately you may have misheard Gladbag for Gladbabe
  • You are constantly reminding him to smile more, though you feel like your words never get to him. The times that you do see Gladion smile though you know he’s being sincere and honest.
  • Growing up in the Aether Foundation Gladion was never around people, after running away from the foundation he was overwhelmed whenever he was amongst a crowd of people. This is the reason why he stood aside at your celebration after becoming the champion. You noticed how he didn’t  interact with anybody, not even Lillie, so you dragged him along with you. 
  • “We aren’t enemies anymore, but you said we weren’t friends either… All I ask is if could you please just smile for me, it’s a celebration after all!”
This sword..

Roka sat silently on the couch, looking into the fire, deep in his thoughts. 

“There’s something more to this sword, other than the fact that is naturally lights aflame. When I wield it, I feel like it instantly desires to suck up every bit of aether than I have. I have a feeling that I know what it is but..I am not certain.”

He gets up and paces for a while, then takes one of the many books about aether that he has gathered and opens it. 

“After reading so much about everything aether related, I’ve come to believe that this sword..”

He lets out a soft sigh and closes the book. 

“This sword..can possibly be a piece of Ifrit. Not only is it on fire, but it saps up my aether, as well as the surrounding aether. I can’t think of anything else..maybe I should confront someone on this.” 

He lays the book on the table and his linkpearl begins to ring. He answers it and to his surprise, it’s his father. 

“Father, how are yo-”

He’s cut off by his father talking. 

“I understand..I’ll be in Doma by the next sun.”