Keith pulling another all nighter.

Inspired by Steve Ahn’s drawing of artist Keef… An AU where Keith is a famous artist who makes a webcomic named Voltron. Shiro is his supportive beef who also works as a trainer at the local gym. Shiro inspires most of Keith’s work.

They’re really happy and tragedy free in this AU, okay?? The only thing that stresses Keith here is not being able to catch up with deadlines…

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Hipster Curses

After a day’s worth of discussion, i think we’ve come to the consensus that this dude is a planeswalker from Mythic Wilia ‘Msburg, or perhaps Hipstolaria, and his name is Brody Todd Stevens. He only sleeves his cards in penny sleeves made for baseball cards because that’s the most authentic way to do it, and carries his collection in a cardboard box made from reclaimed single-origin rules tip cards. He’s definitely got an opinion about your basic lands, which are, ugh, so *basic*, and will only use the first printed version of any card, even during drafts (he keeps every possible reprint that might show up in his box).

Brody T, as his bromies call him, gets his hair cut by one specific Knight of the Ebon Hand, using a blade shaped from the tail of a Razormane Lion. He really wants to tell you about his first single, but he hasn’t ‘walked back to Ghirapur to pick up his fresh aether records yet. But if you follow him on Instant-gram (it was cooler when it was interrupt-gram, he mutters), he’ll totally let you know when it drops.

tl;dr of how magic works in xiv

basically… magic in this game is “aether”. but so is everything else. everything is made up of aether - trees, plants, people

every living thing has a certain amount of aether that makes it up…

…and then some living things, including some animals, have a bit extra

now, some people, like Cocobusi from the THM quests, don’t have very much extra

and when they try to cast a spell, it takes away more aether than they have to spare

so they die! because that aether wasn’t just keeping them alive, it was their “alive”.

some people, though, like the other Busi brothers, have a very large amount of extra aether

so when they cast a spell

it only takes a little bit out of them

and these are the people who can become effective spellcasters!

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Predictions

• Colress has a huge part in the plot (DNA splicing, his appearance in Sun/Moon for seemingly nor reason, etc)
• More Alolan forms (“features new Pokemon”, doubtful actual new Pokemon will be featured in a sequel game, possibility of gen 2 alolan forms?)
• New Z Moves (new Z Crystal in teaser, potentially new Z Move cutscene)
• Alolan League/Pokemon Gyms along with trials or replacing trials entirely
• Red/Green making more of an appearance in story (perhaps helping maintain the league, becoming champions, etc)
• Another weird timeline jump, like in Sun/Moon to catch a second Nebby, but this time more of a plot point.
• Team Skull again but this time maybe they’re cool guys? Idk I don’t see them teaming up with the antagonists this time.
• Aether Paradise either cool and not corrupt, with Lusamine being a good mom for once, OR Aether Paradise turned into something akin to a Battle Island™
• PLEASE LET MY POKEMON FOLLOW ME NINTENDO IM BEGGING YOU (walk/run cycles found in game data for EVERY SINGLE POKEMON in sun/moon)
• More hints at Sinnoh Remakes
• More super cute clothes and hairstyles; maybe more unique hair colors? (Pink/blue like team skull grunts maybe?)
• Ultra Beasts also being part of the main plot due to the games literally being named after them.
• “Alternate Timeline” hints at a potentially alternate universe for these games, in which Lusamine never became crazy, cities may have been built elsewhere than before, etc etc. Very interesting wording. May not simply be placed after the events of Sun/Moon like many are theorizing.

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Do you have any sort of grand theory about all the different ways magic physically manifests in the multiverse? I mean, there's aether, Lazotep, etherium, Vis is life energy, Carmot was dragon blood? Just seems like they're being used as the excuse why planes are different or something.

All right, I’ve talked about writing this down before, but it’s time. This won’t be as all-encompassing as the larger cited version I plan to write, but here is my theory. It explains basically everything about the multiverse.

Unified Mana Field Theory

There are a few basic tenants to get out of the way first.

1. Mana and Physical Dimensions are Interchangeable.

This is the key to this theory, and the best supported by the lore. Back in The Thran, Glacian lays out this theory, which is what attracts the attention of the planeswalker Dyfed (semi-confirming it is true). Basically, the idea was that by channeling mana into powerstones, they were creating pocket dimensions inside.

They also discovered that this works in reverse, and than physical space could be absorbed to charge a powerstone. This was later used during the collapse of Serra’s Ream to charge the powerstone that would fuel the Weatherlight’s planeshifting engines.

2. Aether makes up the Spiritual Dimension.

This is less well supported, but it’s been stated before in lore articles that life is tethered to the aether. Souls are often referred to as ‘returning to the aether’, and the emergence of aether beings like the aetherborn seem to confirm this theory, and they seem to be souls temporarily tethered to physicality by the aether refinement process. More conceptual realms always seem to be tied closely to aether and the Blind Eternities (Nyx, the Kakuriyo, Bolas’ Meditaton Realm).

The planeswalker spark is noted as being a fragment of the Blind Eternities on someone’s soul, and we know that the Blind Eternities is full of aether, but it isn’t only made up of Aether. So some other aspect of the eternities rides into a plane on a soul into a living creature, becoming a ‘spark’ that can connect that being to the multiverse.

Please note, aether isn’t necessarily a distinct phenomena from mana, but for the purposes of the Metaphysics of this post they’re two different forces. It might just be the raw state of magical energy, and the ‘mana’ we see is decaying aether into component parts.

3. Mana and Aether interacting is Reality.

This is the most important bit, based on supposition from a lot of stories. I believe naturally occurring planes occur on the confluence of leylines in the Blind Eternities. They form ‘bubbles’ or pockets of reality we call planes, and the intersection of mana and aether push against one another. This is supported by Kaladesh and Equilor.

On Kaladesh, the aethersphere and aether presence on the plane is very strong, but the leylines and mana presence is weak. Why would this be? I think they’re out of balance and Kaladesh’s weakening mana is allowing aether to pervade the plane again. We saw something similar on Equilor, where I believe the aeon fog (shown in one of Equilor’s cards) shows the same kind of Phenomena happening. This is why artifical planes need to be balanced carefully, as they don’t have natural mana forces exterting pressure outward against the Blind Eternities, and without careful maintenance could become unbalanced and collapse.

4. The ability to manipulate them is Magic.

This one seems pretty simple, ‘Magic’ is simply the word for beings that can manipulate these building blocks of reality. If mana + aether makes planes, that’s probably how people make mana/aether constructs, no? Many cards show people interacting with aether as much as with mana, and in my view they’re using magical power (mana, usually) to open small holes in reality to bring in aether, which they then shape into whatever they will. Planeswalkers are mages who are simply able to open big holes and walk through them.

How does this relate to ‘stuff’ in the Multiverse?

Lazotep seems to be hardened mana, or a physical substance connected to leylines. We don’t know much about it yet, honestly. But I’ve already mentioned that mana and physical dimensions are interchangeable, so it’s possible it’s just solid mana, not unlike Sangrite (the next thing I’m mentioning).

Sangrite is dragon’s blood, which is also hinted at being the mythical Carmot used to make Etherium. Etherium, from the name alone, tells us it’s a metal made from Aether. Blood, we know from vampires and people who use blood magics, is it’s own source of power - it’s literally the stuff of life. Because life is only possible by a fusion of mana and aether, it’s the good stuff, most pure distillation of power (this is noted with Zendikar’s Vampires being ‘mana distillers’ by drinking blood to feed their Eldrazi masters). Dragon blood would have to be particularly potent. In my view, Etherium is a metal made from some of the most vital mana and also captures (or increases the ability to draw on) aether. The reason those infused with Etherium can operate without pieces of their body is because of the intangibility of Aether (not unlike Aetherborn losing pieces of their epidermis).

Vis is life energy, yes. And what did I just say ‘life energy’ was made of? Aether and Mana.

This wasn’t even my true write-up. I’m missing a lot of points, but as a basic outline this is my Unified Mana Field Theory. Please note that this was a little rushed, and not my full, crackpot theory, so there will be some gaps and holes.

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imagine gladion buying you chocolate and flowers eeeeeEeeEEEe


  • yes but also imAGINE HOW AWKWARD HE WOULD BE
  • Gladion would be standing there, in all back, looking menacing.
  • And the florists/chocolatiers would be so scared!!! 
  • Who is this guy?? Why is he so angry and brooding?? HELP US??
  • And then in a soft voice…
  • “Sorry, need to get something for my s/o.”
  • And he gives them a shy smile.
  • “I’ve never done this before.”
  • *sings* shot through the heart! and you’re to blame!
  • He gets like… the most outrageous box of assorted ones and a big frilly bouquet of roses (and Gladiolus of course never forget Gladiolus flowers bc Gladion) and hides his reddened face behind it.
  • He visits that florist v frequently after that for Gracidea and Gladiolus flowers that he gives you at random intervals and the staff think he’s adorable.
  • All the while, he’s on his way to see you getting all these!!! looks!!!
  • He can already see tomorrow’s headlines.
  • Aether President Newly Elected President of Love. (more on page 7)
  • “Why flowers and chocolate? Why not something more useful like Pokéballs and Potions?”
  • “You give y/n those all the time, Young Master.”
  • “Yeah, because I love [Y/N] of course.”
  • Next year, he’ll get you a basket of Potions, Revives, and Pokéballs let people try to stop him.
  • He gets really anxious about it and is only relieved when you tell him you’re happy he gave you something practical.
  • He still loves getting you flowers. He invests an absurd amount of money into plant research that ends up becoming pretty useful for Aether and the flower shop he frequents.
Metroids and Cold

Now that I think about it, the famous Metroid weakness to cold is… perhaps a little more hyped than it ought to be in-universe.  

Sure, a larval-stage ‘troid freezes solid when you hit it with an Ice Beam, but so does just about everything else in the Metroid universe.  However, Metroids are among the fastest-thawing enemies in the series, and being put on ice doesn’t do them lasting harm.  All freezing does is make larval Metroids vulnerable to the concussive damage of missiles, which is how you actually kill them when all is said and done.

In the Prime games, the Tallon IV ‘troid variants (which also show up on Aether courtesy of the Space Pirates) and at least some of the Phazon-altered types can be killed with beam weapons, although the freeze-and-missile combo works much faster.

And then you have all the growth stages of the original SR388 Metroid, where even the lowly Alpha stage can remain mobile when iced up, and any ‘troid at the Zeta stage or higher doesn’t even frost over when hit with a charged Ice Beam.

The only thing gameplay-wise that supports the lore that Metroids are particularly weak to the cold is Samus herself in Fusion, with the environmental damage she takes in cold rooms on the BSL before getting the Varia Suit and how the SA-X can freeze-and-missile her in the pre-Varia encounters.

This realization kinda takes the punch out of the “O noes, they’re making cold resistant Metroids!” bit in Other M.
Samus shoulda been like “…That’s called a Zeta Metroid, Adam.  Did that part of my report from SR388 not come up in your research?”

Granted, a LARVAL Metroid that can shrug off freezing (faster than they already do) would be problematic…

Guys, can we just take a trip back to when I met Aether?

Last night I was doing some reminiscing and I want to share this little tidily bit with you.
So when I had my first Ghost ritual I really didn’t know any of the members besides their symbols/nicknames. I was so new to the fandom that I messed up and called aether “new omega” once YIKES. So yeah, when I met them I really didn’t have a reason to be nervous or have any expectations at all. This was a good thing but also a bad thing. Like I’m glad that I wasn’t such a fan then because I didn’t idolize them or worship them like I do now lol. But because of that, I kind of wasted an opportunity to ask all the questions that I have for them now. *sigh* I h8 me lol.
I was just kind of content standing there against the rail by the tour bus chatting with these girls I met in the line. The boys (& girl) started coming out and signing things for the fans that were waiting and I had bought a poster just for the chance that they might. Earth and Aether walked up to me together and I greeted them. Earth signed my poster and I thanked him before he moved along. Aether was next and I shook his hand telling him my name, like I would greeting anyone else I didn’t know. I was trying to think of something to ask him but I blanked so I followed with “what’s your name?” Like I would anyone else. But then I screamed at myself like wtfff u know he can’t answer that!!
I was shook when he actually said his real name. Like omg. And I didn’t realize it, but he had been holding my hand that whole time. I slowly pulled away my hand and he was just looking into my eyes uggghjdsj. He started signing my poster and I was like uhh say something else bitch tf is ur problem! Like when I say that he had me shook, I ain’t lying. My dumbass then asked him what he played in the band. This lil fucker looked me dead in the eyes and said “uh it’s a secret” LIKE BOI U JUST SIGNED IT BUT OKK.
lol I think he realized I didn’t know much about their identities so he was trying to be funny. While he was still looking in my eyes, we both started giggling. I said “ah, that’s right. Well thank you. You were awesome tonight.” After that, he thanked me and carried on to sign other things. And I was standing there like… is that what love at first sight feels like???? Um. Annnd that’s when the obsession started! 🖤

I have a funny relationship with Metroid Prime 2. Whenever I start playing it, always on the back of having finished Prime 1, it takes me a little while to adjust and get into it because I’m still mourning not being on Tallon IV any more. Tallon IV fills me with such strong nostalgia, playing Prime always hits me right there. Even if I start up the game thinking “I’ve played this so many times I probably won’t enjoy it as much” I’m inevitably blown away. So when I finish the game and start up on Aether, I start with that “it’s just not the same.”

And yet at the end of Echoes, I feel so fulfilled. I daresay I feel almost more fulfilled than I did beating the Metroid Prime. Traversing the unique environments of Aether is so incredibly satisfying, and I look forward to visiting each place in turn. The build from being barely able to set foot on Dark Aether, to striding around it like a boss, is so noticeable and satisfying. The fights with the Emperor Ing and Dark Samus are so challenging, but feel so damn rewarding, I feel better coming out of them than I do at the end of Prime 3 when I finally kick Phazon’s arse (AND Dark Samus) once and for all.

Funnily enough, despite all my utter adoration for Aether- the fact that it is my favourite game and favourite planet- I don’t have that same sense of lingering “I wish I was still there” going from Prime 2 to Prime 3.

Flashes of the Future (Part 8)

Summary: Nothing hurts more than facing the truth.

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words: 1515

Warnings: Angst. I can’t be specific because that would be a spoiler. There is only pain here. 

A/N: Remember that I’ve warned you several times… See the Masterlist and/or Series Masterlist for more information.

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Chapter 8: A Flash of Veracity

The golden rays of the sun still emitted an ethereal glow over the virescent terrain, and it made [Y/N]’s surroundings seem extremely enchanting, but life always had a way of being deceitful. A gentle wind wafted through the incandescent air, sweeping the branches of the willow trees to the side. [Y/N] turned her face  away from the caisson coach to the nearest swaying tree, and noticed how some of the green leaves fell off and drifted to the ground. After they hit the grass and remained still, [Y/N] focused her vision on the six men who were carrying the draped casket to the site. The steps they took were slow, like how her life had become, stagnant and senseless, ever since James had left her.

When James left for the war, she felt an indubitable torment. She suffered knowing he was on the other side of the ocean, fighting a frightening battle with many cherished brothers, beloveds, husbands, and fathers on both sides, but she had to trust in the words he had told her persistently… as if he needed her to believe it, so he could believe it himself.

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Overworked s/o headcanons would be aMAZING right now I'm dying

I could not fill this out fAST ENOUGH YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.


  • It’s safe to say that your life as you know it has ended you are no longer human you have become a work slaVE.
  • There was a time that you had zero things to worry about all at once~
  • You miss those days, you see them pass you by sometimes and you angrily/desperately grab at them with flailing fists full of requirements and papers and energy drinks.
  • You don’t want anyone to look at you right now, or touch you, or even BREATHE IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION
  • So of course, Gladion picks now to finish up his regular Aether President work and check on you.
  • “… [Y/N]?”
  • that’s what you call karma sweetheart :*
  • When he sees the piles of work and the papers/memos scattered everywhere as well as the hundred point lists of things you need to do!!
  • He understands okay he really does he owns a company at 16.
  • He does get out though he comes back with like health bars and fruit shakes that are so cold they give you brain freeze but are also so sweet they give you sugar rush.
  • Alllllll the healthy ways to eat while working.
  • Will let you borrow Silvally as a lap warmer when it’s too cold.
  • Sore muscles from sitting in front of your computer?
  • Gladion’s got your back literally.
  • By the end of your first pile you realise two other piles have been sorted by urgency and by the chronological arrangement you need them.
  • You’re so thankful you could cry.
  • You do cry and you both have to take a time out from work so he can calm you down and cook you something decent to eat.
  • There is a line you cannot cross.
  • “No More All Nighters”
  • He will bodily drag you to bed and keep you there no matter what this is his one rule. You can work until 10:30 but no longer than that dEAL WITH IT.
  • “My buddy in all things, most holy of all helpers-”
  • “Okay, what mountain of work do you need sorted.”
  • He sounds like he’s exasperated but he loves being helpful to you.

You know, the more I learn about Lusamine, the less impressed I end up.

She’s the president of Aether, a massive foundation with its own artificial island! Buuuuut that’s just because she inherited it from her father. She tried to open a hole in reality! Buuuuut that’s just because her husband went missing doing wormhole research. She’s unapologetically doing what she wants! Buuuuut she was actually a loving, caring mother in the past and she’s implied to return to that after a good beating….

It’s like the trifecta of female villain tropes – loving wife, mother, and it’s Not Her Fault. Bah.

(I get that it’s a kids’ game, so they’re going to veer on the side of optimistic when it comes to forgiveness and redemption and your parents loving you deep down, but still. It’s annoying at all of this small stuff piles up and drags down Lusamine’s villain cred.)