Okay, real talk. Gen 7 has been amazing so far.  I really love this game, and in particular, I’m a big fan of the new villain organization.  Evil science organization with a leader who is just delightful.  However, the more I think about it, the more I’m really dissatisfied with the current state of Lusamine’s character, specifically around her motivations.  I’ll have more under the cut, but for the shortened version: I really hope Gladion is wrong, because I need a better motivation than that.

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Reason I think Aether Foundations is up to something:

They’re all wearing matching white uniforms and their leader is fabulous.

And it just reminds me a bit too much of this group:


We are all familiar with the way aether impacts the world around us. Who hasn’t witnessed the sky light up in a brilliant aetheric lightning display, marveled at the delicate beauty of a flower’s petals as they twist open to invite in aether breezes, or stood in awe of a herd of sky whales riding an aether squall? Aether is the most powerful force on our world. And now, thanks to the genius of Avaati Vya and the infrastructure provided by the Consulate, we can all safely use the power of refined aether in our daily lives. So how does aether get from the sky to your personal automaton or family cruiser? This informative diagram created by our Department of Instruction will take you on the exciting journey from collection through distribution!

Art by Kevin Tong

Gladion doesn’t fit in with Team Skull.

Has anyone noticed that he doesn’t have Team Skull’s logo anywhere on his design? Plumeria’s got it tattooed on her stomach, and Guzma and the grunts have necklaces. Did I miss Gladion wearing the logo somewhere or does he really not have it?

Not to mention that Gladion’s design in general is strikingly different from the rest of Team Skull. Everyone else has strictly black and white clothes with a cross/zigzag motif and the sun/moon skull eyes on their heads, whereas Gladion has black and red clothes and no cross/zigzag motif and no skull eyes.

I dunno man, that’s just really suspicious, especially with the theories I’ve seen involving Lillie and Lusamine…


I bred Aether and Aura for the Jamboree, sadly the babies’ birthdays are the day after because weh but still festival babiessss~!