Up in the Aether Two Year Announcement (by LanceNotHiding)

Kind of a big deal if you want to know whats happening in the Midwest Steampunk scene.  Thats the stuff through Detroit, Chicago, Toledo and all the areas around.

Our monthly party for steampunk is now ascending into the pre-production of a new steampunk convention!

Thought you should all know :D

Question of the year

Never before have I been asked so many times “What is steampunk?” Most of my answers were cute or trying to be funny. But once I actually think about it I’m npt 100% sure what to say.
When trying to define a culture it’s never simple. It’s never easy. You will never appease everyone. But just the same, you can never be wrong. This is because everyone’s experience is completely different.

So you know how I haven’t bothered you enough about this awesome steampunk convention in may?


The name is Up In The Aether, the website is http://www.upintheaether.com/ and it is going to be AMAZING. It will be in Dearborn (really really close to Detroit), Michigan, and it’s going to have such awesome people as Aurelio Voltaire, V is for Villains, Eli August, Vorteque, Elizabeth Bear, and Scott Lynch, as well as many more!! As well as all that, we’ll be having panels about clothing, about the historical aspects of steampunk, plenty of other panels and events besides, and, of course, so many wonderful people wandering in their full, steamy garb!

The dates are May 24-26, and you should definitely all be there!

Up in the Aether - The Convention, Current Status

Website plans are moving forward and now we’re just awaiting approval for the kickstarter. More news should be announced next week!

Official Twitter - @upintheaether http://twitter.com/upintheaether

Official Facebook Group - http://www.facebook.com/groups/335710419855781/

Official Facebook Page - http://www.facebook.com/UpInTheAetherConvention

New Website for Up in the Aether: The Convention!!!

We now have a pretty website that you can use to pre-register for the convention, find out more about the guests and such (subject to change), and book your room at the lovely Dearborn Doubletree Hotel.

Come out, one and all, and join us for a right lovely time!!!

Are you more inclined to bury your nose in a good book than you are to drown yourself in a cup of ale?
Do you seek the company of fellow scholars to bounce your own hard earned knowledge against the wall of a colleague in your field of study?
Perhaps you simply seek a quiet place to retreat for a few hours without the noise and bustle of a busy tavern?
 Then come down to the Goblet for a what Lady Keroa is calling a Lunch Study!
The doors of The Aether Company Hall are opening up to any and all with a thirst for more than just a simple drink. Come in and pick up a light lunch, and a book to enjoy your meal by. Who knows, perhaps you will even find a fellow scholar to keep you sharp!”

Where: Goblet Ward 6 Plot 30- southeast Aetheryte

When: Monday August 22nd 6PM est until 9PM est

I wanted to host an event for a while now that wasn’t a tavern or bar, as I have spoken with a few people who feel like they didn’t want their characters to constantly be in that type of environment. They wanted something a tad more substantial, so I am offering this up as an alternative meet and greet just for those folks seeking something a tad different.
There is no pressure to actually rp, if you feel like just coming to hang out and watch, that’s fine too.

Hope to see you fellow IC nerds there!

Special thanks to @astralandumbralffxiv for helping with the screenshots!