Flower Crown Queen - Loki x Reader

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The sun hung high in the sky like a glistening gem above you. The grass beneath you was soft and dry, your flowing robes spread around you were overlapped with his.

Loki’s fingers were intertwined with yours, his thumb tracing patterns over the back of your hand.

“You’re my queen.” He smiled, pressing a soft kiss to your fingers.

“Am I, my King?” You asked teasingly, propping yourself up on his chest.

“Always.” He murmured, the sunlight giving his eyes an aetheric glow. He brushed a thumb across your forehead, “And now you have a crown.”

A tiara of silver flowers formed across your forehead, the silver flowers weaving into delicate patterns with Loki’s gentle touch. You couldn’t help but gasp, which caused Loki to smile. “Stunning.”

“You need one too.” You stated.

“I am no King.” He said, a tint of bitterness scarcely hidden under his affectionate tone.

“You’re my King.” You moved off him and started to pick the pretty wild flowers around the clearing. They were purple and yellow, red and pink, large and small. You weaved them together between your fingers to make him a headpiece as he watched with a hint of a smirk.

When you were finished, you mock curtsied to him, “Your Highness.” You placed the floral crown gently on his head, he smiled at you, brushing a thumb across your cheekbone.

“My Flower Crown Queen.”


Pokemon Sun and Moon AU where the MC moves to Alola and starts their Island Challenge before Lillie ran away from the Aether Foundation. MC ends up failing the challenge miserably and in their despair travels to Po Town and joins Team Skull where they meet Gladion. They get close to Gladion and find out what happened to him and why he works for Skull and decides to help him in his quest to stop his mother. Through this entire journey they end up falling in love with him. Once the situation with his mother and Aether is done and over with Gladion encourages them to finish up their Island Challenge and with Gladion’s help (and their own Type: Null) they manage to finish the challenge and become Alola’s Pokemon League champion.

(Cue Guzma, Plumeria, and grunts celebrating in utter happiness because ONE OF THEIR OWN BECAME CHAMPION.)

(Also imagine MC meeting the other Region champions and them talking about defeating their own team and MC is just over in the corner sweating nervously BECAUSE THEY ARE IN TEAM SKULL.)

Headcanon; Guzma’s Reasoning to obey Lusamine

Team Skull was on hire from Lusamine, and only by proxy of Guzma. She approached him with the offer, and manipulated his mind through praise to get him to accept.

Lusamine would give a command to Guzma (ex; catch some Pokemon, make a mess) and Guzma would issue it to Grunts. This way Aether could clean up and be the ‘good guys’ while Team Skull was the Alola gang of thugs.

With the money, he’d buy food, medical needs, and clothing objects for his grunts, along with a small allowance for each.

Gladion was a more external 'arm’ of Team Skull, and Guzma was sure to keep details of the source of money away from everyone, besides Plumeria.
He was aware of Gladion’s connection to Aether and it’s president, so he’d do his best to keep Gladion’s involvement a hush-hush matter.

The Pokemon that Guzma goes off to sell that the Grunts collect are actually being given to Aether, even though he knows that there’s a chance of the Pokemon having a bad time. But it pays and he needs to take care of his little family.

Now that I think on it...

It’s a bit of a wasted opportunity that our two main storyline, past-Gen cameos, Colress and Grimsley, didn’t get much relevance to the plot aside from giving you a TM/Genesect Drives and the Sharpedo Ride respectively.

It would be cool if they were investigating Team Skull/Aether Foundation alongside Officer/Kahuna Nanu. It’s very vaguely hinted that Nanu doesn’t trust the Aether Foundation. Acerola brings up he could get them to help him out and protect the local Pokemon, but he doesn’t, opting to do it himself. Now, Nanu is apparently kind of a lazy guy–he lets Team Skull run amok, didn’t even want to be Kahuna, and outright refused to be a member of the E4. So, why would he pass up the opportunity to let someone do the majority of the hard work? Maybe he picked up on something.

Like, perhaps Nanu contacted the global police to help him investigate and he was able to pull a few strings, so they sent him a member of the Unova E4 and Colress (who had been arrested in between his trip to Kalos and here, but was able to strike a bargain to avoid jail if he helped Grimsley and Nanu investigate–a “lazy” police officer with a dark past, a gambling addict, and a mad scientist ….together, they fight crime!) Unova and Alola are both Pokemerica, so theoretically may be close by. And I can imagine that both could be of use when it comes to dealing with the Ultra Beasts, Grimsley being a strong battler and Colress being a scientist.