so I’m actually pretty convinced now that the reason they had Alfred tell Bruce of what Thomas Wayne did for him is because they intend to parallel this scene later on this season.

we know according to Sean Pertwee that Alfred, because of this split with Bruce, will go down a darker road and unravel in a way that’s not pretty - we get a bit of that side of him in the story about him meeting Thomas Wayne, we know Alfred without his self control is probably a lot like his old friend Reggie from season 1, and we also know Sean was seen on set with the Narrows group - it wouldn’t be surprising if Alfred gets caught up in this war that’s coming or in the fight club but when he wakes up this time covered in blood, it’s gonna be Bruce (who has woken up from being an asshole) who helps him and rescues him, just like Thomas Wayne did for him all those years ago.

that would be a good parallel and I would love for once that someone takes care of Alfred for a change - the man has always set aside his own personal trauma to take care of everyone else, time for someone (coughBruceWaynecough) to put Alfred first.

I mean, people seem to forget, the man DIED, in fact he didn’t just die, he watched the child he loves shove a sword through his chest - has anyone asked him how he felt and help him with his trauma????

destielsolangelotrash  asked:

I live for your headcanons and I live for Vhope so the logical thing is to ask if you've got some Vhope headcanons for me? Pretry please?

i live for vhope too my friend!! and i do i do !!!!!

  • 98% of hufflepuffs are friendly and welcoming to new students and u can bet yOUR HAT HOSEOK IS ONE OF THEM
  • like he just does above and beyond to make the first years feel happy and at home
  • and tae immediately warms up to him
  • tae literally tangles himself to hobi’s legs and hobi just accepts it
  • tae absolutely adores him who god damn doesn’t
  • hype up couple
  • out for blood whenever hufflepuff has a game
  • literally screaming murder
  • always all over each other
  • personal space i don’t know her
  • walking around with sunglasses bc why not
  • tae gets homesick easily and hobi is always there to cheer him up
  • he’ll start talking about astronomy and he’ll have so much wonder in his eyes that tae just feels like he has part of home right there
  • chillin in the gardens and having some random hobbies like knitting everyone some weird sweaters
  • purposefully playing random songs on the barrils
  • then getting soaked in vinegar
  • then going to hug the rest of the boys
  • and then running away laughing when jin threatens to hex them
  • always, always have each other’s back

allmight bodyswap w aizwa

AM: hey hope you don’t mind i just made a sour cream cheesecake got a spicy fried chicken sandwich with fries and im having the time of my life

aizwa: (coughing up blood)

YOU LIVE LIKE THIS?????????????????

medical thoughts on the punisher (up to ep 6)
  • frank plz why are you carrying her like that she could have a spinal injury don’t drape her over your shoulder
  • dude how are you still using that arm you were shot in the shoulder
  • were you shot again
  • why are you spitting up blood where is it coming from
  • damn arrow injuries are not fun
  • oh no an arrow injury and a bullet injury are not fun
  • yeah he dead
  • lol micro is having such fun carrying you
  • so micro is both able to put in an iv and also had the supplies in his murder van? next to the drone? okay jan
  • wow! a wound! getting! infected!
  • I appreciate that it got infected but tbh once you get septic in a kitchen you kind of die
  • isn’t it handy to have a staple gun? only sometimes though, which is why you decided CAUTERIZING IT WAS A GOOD IDEA
  • also I really appreciate the effort this guy went to in thoroughly sanitizing his hands ONLY TO RUB THEM ON HIS PANTS INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR THE SANITIZER TO DRY COME ON

truerubberacorn  asked:

Is the ask box still open?? If not, sorry 😰 Maybe a scenario where Madara falls in love with his brothers savior?

It is!! Thanks so much for sending a request in~ I’ll have the savior be gender neutral, since you didn’t specify! (If anyone wants a specific gender for any of these scenarios, please specify!)

(Warning for some semi-graphic violence!)

The roar of war sounded out around him, yells and screams, the clang of sword upon sword, the rip and tear of flesh and sinew, all blended together into a cacophony that rang in his ears. Madara kept himself focused on the shinobi in front of him, quickly dispatching him with a guttural growl as blood splattered onto his armor, the shinobi clutching at his entrails and vomiting up blood and bile. He hadn’t a chance to scream before Madara slammed his tanto into his eye, his body stilling as the blade cut into his brain, killing him.

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Inktober 2017, 26/31: The Fox and the Hedgehog
A FOX swimming across a rapid river was carried by the force of the current into a very deep ravine, where he lay for a long time very much bruised, sick, and unable to move. A swarm of hungry blood-sucking flies settled upon him. A Hedgehog, passing by, saw his anguish and inquired if he should drive away the flies that were tormenting him. “By no means,” replied the Fox; “pray do not molest them.” “How is this?” said the Hedgehog; “do you not want to be rid of them?” “No,” returned the Fox, “for these flies which you see are full of blood, and sting me but little, and if you rid me of these which are already satiated, others more hungry will come in their place, and will drink up all the blood I have left.”
Better to bear a lesser evil than to risk a greater in removing it.
– Aesop’s Fables, translated by George Fyler Townsend


Originally posted by pinkharold

This is so angsty, but I hope you guys enjoy! Thank you to whoever requested. Keep spreading the love. xx - L

You overhear Harry talking badly about you at a party.

Warnings: angsty, light smut

Word Count: 1,728

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13x02: Dean is John

Fairy Goddabb (and team) coming at us, waving his wand and textualising that Dean is John in a season all about fathers… Forget hail Mary’s I’m giving hail Dabb’s this year.

In 13x01 we got Grieving!Dean, canonically upset and nihilistic over the loss of Cas and Mary and the others. First every time though was Cas.

In 13x02 we are now seeing the fall out from this. Namely that he is mirroring both John’s life long grief over the loss of Mary, the grief that led him to act towards Sam and Dean in a way that led them to have so many issues that they are now overcoming, and also mirroring season 1 Sam through his grief over Jess.

We have already seen Dean drop to his knees next to Cas’ body just as Sam did at Jess’ grave and Mary did over John’s body and we had the scene where Sam pulled Dean back from Cas just as Dean pulled Sam back from Jess.

I then said here that I was expecting at some point mirroring of the scene from 1x02 where Dean offers to let Sam drive to take his mind off Jess (check!) and references to Dean not sleeping (check! - the “you were hallucinating sheep” conversation) but to get them both in 02 was fantastic :)

x x  Honestly, I want to keep a checklist of these things… I am so overjoyed!

Next is 1x04′s:

Sam “I’ve gotta find Jessica’s killer, it’s the only thing I can think about”
Dean “All that anger, you can’t keep it burning over the long haul, it’s gonna kill you”.
Sam “How do you do it?”
Dean “We help others, it makes it more bearable…and killing as many sons of bitches as we can”

Perhaps next week? In 13x03? When they go out to help someone else on a “normal” MOTW hunt? Who knows, I can hope. I can’t help NOT hope given we’ve been given so much else so far on my wishlist in such timely order. 

So anyway, yes, it’s established that Dean is GRIEVING. He is a MESS. He’s also perfectly mirroring both Sam in season 1 after Jess’ death and John his whole life after Mary’s death.

I wonder what could possibly be the link here? Hm. 

Originally posted by castielsprofoundbees

*we just don’t know*

So then yes, Dean is mirroring John. THIS IS NOT TO SAY DEAN IS LIKE JOHN. You can mirror someone without being exactly LIKE them. Look at Jack mirroring all of TFW. It’s just a way to expose a storyline and emotional motivations for someone’s actions. OK? I am not saying that Dean is John. It’s just a link to the story of the past to show the story of now and how parts are mirrored to be ADDRESSED and SUBVERTED.

This then makes total sense when we look at Dean’s interactions with Jack. Yes he is harsh and struggling with him right now, the cause of Cas’ death, the potential big bad, because he’s grieving and a mess. Just as John was. 


There is going to be so much symbolism around John in this season and frankly seeing Dean mirroring him makes me so HYPED because this means we really should see some amazing exposition of Dean’s feelings towards John and himself in relation to John and I cannot help but hope for CLOSURE on this now. 

Then we have Jack who is a huge mirror for Sam. Sam who was the reason Mary died, though of course it not through his own fault. Mirror wise, Dean is John and Cas is Mary, Jack is Sam. 

Original story: John/Mary - Sam.
Season 13: Dean/Cas - Jack.

Still with me? OK.

So now we need to see this subverted. The ORIGINAL STORY.

Where Dean and Sam’s lives were ruined and turned upside down by all this, by the yellow eyed demon and Lucifer’s plan, by Heaven’s orders. 

The terrible original story of how everything started seems now to be mirrored and subverted into a (potential) end (but at least a later story) where everything is ‘fixed’. 

In the original story everyone was manipulated. Mary and John were manipulated into falling in love (versus Dean and Cas who fell in love DESPITE Heaven and everything against them). Sam and Dean were fated to be the vessels of Michael and Lucifer but they chose free will.

Everyone tried to manipulate Sam and Dean down a certain path. Their whole lives were a manipulation up to the point they chose Free Will. 

Now JACK has to choose FREE WILL thanks to their guidance and help. Through mirroring them and their story and through them helping him choose the righteous and free path.

Originally posted by godshipsit

He has to be the catalyst and mirror to subvert this story, to allow the metaphorical John and Mary (Dean and Cas) to LIVE and have a happy ending. For the metaphorical Sam (himself) to NOT grow up into the demon blood arc, and for the real Sam to move past this, accept the past and move onto a brighter future, to let go of his guilt over it by helping Jack past this too. For Jack to do just as Sam did do in the end in season 5 and fight back thanks to support from his family.

Jack’s story is a chance to subvert all the horrors of the start of the story for Dean and Sam, but first their story has to be mirrored for this to work.

This is what we are seeing happening. This is the set up.


just a bet part v

hey !!

sorry this took some time, was an accident i promise

remember if you wanna make moodboards or playlists, you can! just make sure to message it to me so im sure to see it. i appreciate you all so much

thank you for all the support on this story. it truly means the world, especially after that whole story being stolen dilemma.

part one, part two, part three, part four

summary: beverly bets richie he can’t get with the new kid, eddie, and sleep with him in three months. richie disagrees.

pairing: richie x eddie

words: 2056

2 months and 14 days remaining

Eddie knew something was wrong when he walked into school that morning. He felt eyes glued to the back of his head, piercing his skull with their stares. He hated it. He absolutely couldn’t stand it. It was like everyone around him knew something he didn’t. People whispered as he walked by, some even abruptly stopping their conversations when he approached. Eddie balled his hands into fists, attempting to calm his nerves. His hands were shaking a little, his legs a bit wobbly as he walked down the hallway. Eddie finally reached his locker, letting out a breath through his nostrils. His relief didn’t last long, though.

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Bouquet of Roses -- Steve Harrington

Requested: “hi can I get an imagines with steve Harrington because he is a babe where you guys planned a date then he was late because he was fighting the demidogs and u think he’s cheating on u sorry for the long request but thank you if write” “I know you have a ton of requests but would you be able to do a Steve Harrington x reader smut? — stilinskisuggs” “Hi! I saw requests were open and was wondering if you could do a Steve Harrington smut? Literally anything you want, thank you love x”

Warnings: SMUT!!! (16+). Cursing.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Summary: Your suspicions that Steve is cheating only grows when he ditches your date to go to Nancy’s house. He proves to you that he would never cheat on you in the best way.

Listen To: Roses by Shawn Mendes

Words: 1827

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Dating Marvel Characters Would Include... Part One

Requested by @yourmainbabygirl

This is part one because I didn’t want it to be too long and I wanted to get this to you ASAP!! 

My Requests are open unless stated otherwise! <3

Warnings: Mentions of sex, cursing

Tony Stark

  • Him protecting you as if his life depended on it after you get hurt on a mission
  • Late night talks to help each other sleep
  • Cute nicknames 
  • You being terrified when he fell from the Chitauri portal 
  • Being the only one to calm him down when he has panic attacks 
  • Letting him rest his head on your chest while you run your fingers through his hair
  • “Y/N, did you just ask me to marry you?”
  • “Not if your answer is no because I don’t want to die of embarrassment.”
  • “That’s adorable..”
  • Passionate sex when he comes back from missions that you stayed home from
  • Rough but passionate sex when you think you lost each other
  • Teasing him about Peter and how much he obviously cares for the teen
  • Getting calls from Peter when Tony won’t answer the phone and listening to his stories about his Spider-Man adventures that day
  • Siding with him on the Sokovia Accords 
  • Tony punching Sam in the face when he knocks you out at the airport 
  • Being best friends with Rhodey
  • Joining in on the ‘Tony Stank’ name calling

Bucky Barnes

  • Teaching him about today’s technology and giggling when he asked silly questions
  • “What does ‘hmu’ mean? It’s in almost all of your messages on this…Facebook.”
  • “Hit me up.”
  • “Why does he want you to hit him?” 
  • Going into a fit of laughter as he looked at you with raised brows
  • Challenging him to arm wrestling matches
  • Regretting the decision to challenge him to arm wrestling matches
  • Having Steve as a sort of big-brother figure
  • Him kissing you for the first time before running to the jet-hangar with Steve during the events of CW
  • Not wanting to leave his side even after he was frozen again in Wakanda 
  • Holding his hands and lacing your fingers with his during nights of love making 
  • Whispered ‘I love you’s’ as you fall asleep
  • Asking him to put his metal arm on you as you sleep in the Summer
  • Tracing the scars that litter his body when you lay in bed
  • Neck kisses
  • Stomach kisses
  • Collarbone kisses 
  • Him calling you ‘doll’ and ‘sweetheart’ 
  • Defending him after he gets arrested in Bucharest
  • Trying to calm him down and bring him back when Baron Zemo says the trigger words 
  • Getting arrested and taken to The Raft
  • Steve then breaking you out of The Raft so you can see Bucky before he goes under

Thor Odinson

  • Asking him about his home and watching him smile as he happily told you all about it
  • “Do you think you would ever be able to take me?”
  • “Of course, Lady Y/N!” He would practically yell in excitement
  • Braiding his hair on multiple occasions 
  • Kissing his neck softly while your hands messed with his golden locks
  • Comforting him when he brought you the news of Loki and Frigga’s deaths
  • Letting him vent to you as you rubbed his back in attempt to help him feel better

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I had to pull out of my last panel at Yallfest, guys. I’m still going to be there for the other stuff - the breakfast at the booth, the signing, and the earlier panel.

Anyway, I’m sorry, and it’s on me — if you follow my Tumblr, you might have already read of my boring health problems this year, but if not, it’s this:

Folks who follow me might have noticed over the last several years that I was posting with increasing frequency about brain fog & migraines. In June, I got rapidly sick at a seminar & collapsed. I had to be shipped home, cancel a tour for the 1st time ever, and then spend weeks getting better. I only sort of did. I got hives all over. My hair fell out. My abstract thought vanished- some days I could remember my home address but couldn’t say it out loud. I couldn’t stay awake. I had to sleep every 4 hours, & every time I ate, I got even more tired. And this sleep was a weird, drugged, dreamless, sick sleep. There are photos of me pulled over by the side of the interstate to sleep because when a reaction hit, it was non negotiable. There’s also a photo of my crumpled Evo when I was too tired to avoid the semi truck that ran into me on the highway. I should’ve realized earlier it was an immune reaction, but it snuck up. Blood work rules out cancer, but showed my immune system was gone. Since then, I’ve been on a low histamine diet of about 6 foods (hence the photos of the food I make myself on tour). I got brighter & more like myself. I could write again. Migraines vanished. But I still had to be careful of anything histamine producing … like certain foods. Cats. Plane travel. Stress.

Anyway, I’ve been slowly losing the battle on tour. I’m down to four foods and I don’t want to tell you how many hives I have. The reactions are getting wild again, ramping up, & once again I find myself sleeping by the sides of roads.

I don’t want to disappoint any readers, but I’m taking steps to make sure I make it these last two weeks of events. That means unfortunately I’m trading that last Yallfest panel for sleep. I’m sorry, but I hope you’ll all come to my earlier one instead.

THAT scene. You know the one.

The Colonel just shot the detective. He didn’t regret it. You, wanting to calm William down try to wrangle to gun away from him.

But you don’t 

Instead you get shot.

You lift up your hands, seeing the blood that’s been splattered on them and you see the Colonel, William, step back.

He realizes what he did. He regrets it now.

He tries to save you.

He tries to fix it.

But it’s too late. 

jeongguk; 13 hours [1]

❝I wrote over 2800 words of this in the last 3 hours because I’ve been putting this series off since the prologue and I need a nap.  

►3.4k words; not suitable for younger audiences, mafia!jeongguk

► warnings; gore, angst, mental and physical abuse/torture, graphic talk of blood and open wounds. 

Your body jerked from side to side, the small confined space of the trunk limited your breathing immensely; your chest heaved heavily from the lack of oxygen and anxiety that continuously pooled deep in your stomach. Your breathy cries for help were muffled by the dirty rag that acted as a makeshift gag, your feet kicking violently against the hard metal as your wrists turned a heavy shade of red from the thick rope that bound them together.

You felt the car come to a slow stop, a newfound fear installing itself into your very core about what was about to come next. The sound of the soles of shoes hitting the ground echoed throughout your head; your heart beating heavily against your ribcage. It felt as if your ears have been enveloped heavily in cotton, and with no doubt you grew very pale; but you kept your eyes tightly shut as you sought out a ringing in your ears, but still the sound continued as it grew more distinct at each hollow step closer. Keys jingled as the trunk opening leisurely. You felt the cool night air drift through your nostrils and invade your lungs; a sharp contrast from the dusty and ugly trunk ventilation you breathed continuously as a means to stay alive.

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Bonding Moment

“We did it, we are a good team.” Lance smiled at Keith earning a shy warm look from Keith as he helped pull him up to his feet.
“Urg.” Lance groaned holding his stomach his whole body trembling from the effort to just stay on his feet.
“Lance?” Keith asked as the blue paladin leaned into his side earning a blush from Keith.
“I-I don’t feel so good” Lance mumbled as his vision began to blur a cough bubbling up his throat and spraying blood.
“LANCE!” Keith screamed as Lance fell forwards on top of Keith pinning him beneath him.
Lance looked terrible, his face covered in burns and his breathing too shallow. Red began to seep through the cracks of his armour.
Keith felt his breathing stop as he stared, he had never seen so much blood before, let alone on a person he was starting to consider friend.
“HELP!” He yelled, not that he really needed to.
Shiro was already at his side gently patting Lance on the to try and get some kind of response. “He needs a pod hours ago. Come on buddy hold on please.”
Lance cracked open one eye a sliver looking up at Keith. A small pained chuckle escaped his lips “ha, never thought you’d be cradling me in your arms.”
Keith smiled wiping the blood from Lance’s chin “we were over due a bonding moment.”
The grin slipped off Lance’s face as he went limp in Keith’s arms.
“We got the crystal!” Hunk yelled running in stopping dead at the scene. “Oh… I-is he?”
Shiro shook his head “no he’s still breathing, but we need to get him into a pod soon as possible.” He spoke grimly, he had seen soldiers die in the line of duty. There was no way of knowing if Lance would make it through this.
“Ok…ok… Corans setting up the crystal.” Hunk stammered unable to look away from the blood covering his best friend.
Shiro bent down to pick Lance up but was beaten by Keith who some how managed to carry Lance’s lanky form all the way to the infirmary.