Okay so that was incredibly stressful and aggravating … but I just got a job offer for a TT job.

Mash-Up customs! Maleficent and Aurora

Naming these mash-ups isn’t quite as easy as naming an Iron Man/Batman mash-up. Princess Malora? Princess Auroficent? Maybe I should just call them AU customs. XD Anyway, here are two mash-ups I finished last night - Maleficent and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. I love the way they look together! Although… I’m thinking Maleficent Aurora THE ONE ON THE RIGHT might need her hair lightened up; I promise it doesn’t blend into her skin like that in person! LOL!

I used Aurora and mini Maleficent for the bases. I did full repaints on both of them, but I also decided to switch their ~props around so they fit the new paint jobs better. ;)

I gotta admit, now I want to do this with all of the princess/villain Pop duos. ;P

i love parties honestly like going clubbing is fun

but the real fun is when it’s a family friend’s birthday and u have a plate full of nibbles and there’s a dance floor and disco lights and cheesy pop music

im a dancing lEgend i swear every time there’s a party someone asks me to teach them the macarena or the 5, 6, 7, 8 dance because i know them all perfectly B)

fun fact: me and a group of friends were known for our time warp dance and had to do it on stage once at a party. it will be my legacy

dOnt get me started on karaoke honestly is there anything better than soulfully singing ‘can you feel the love tonight’ in a room full of strangers because i think not


I made it to Orlando yesterday! Thank you everyone for the safe travel wishes! I’m so exited, I picked up my first Disney parks doll! They are all so beautiful with so much detail, much better then the classic dolls! They’re kinda expensive too lol, which is why I’m holding off on getting more until I get my cast member discount!


Unused Hulk and the Agents of SMASH storyboards from Jason Hanks.

This rather says something about how a lot is lost between concept stage and finished product. These frames were for the series finale – I didn’t see it myself (since I don’t think much of the production values or the show’s writing) but know some folks who keep up with the current run of Marvel-Disney animation and might appreciate the insight.

I don’t know how long these will be up because Disney’s in the habit of burying a lot of behind-the-scenes production art these days.   So yeah.  There you go.

don’t hold up 13 year old disney channel stars as paragons of feminism literally just leave them alone theyre not even old enough to be in high school yet. idk about you but i had no idea what i was saying when i was 13 and setting these kids up as Feminist Heroes is just setting them up for a fall if they happen to eventually do something wrong, as children who only know the world through the views of the adults around them are wont to do.


Hey !! So if you haven’t noticed I haven’t been as active as usual and OF COURSE I’m going to be still but if I’m not and you want to keep up with Disney adventure follow any of these 3 !!! Love you all !!