I haven’t posted any BH6 in a while, so here you go! Mikayla’s faces in these photos forever make my life - poor Hiro. XD

Sakura-Con 2015

Hiro - artofprocrastination

Gogo - anyapanda-official

Photography - avieur

More photos can be found here!


I visited bargain hunt today, which is basically like a thrift store but they get their stuff from other stores. I found this tiana fashion pack and decided to pick it up. It fits my Disney store Tiana perfectly! I love the green dress I don’t want to take it off her. Now I want to get some nude Disney store Tiana dolls and have them model the other fashion and I can make the hat and coat.

Cleaning Company AU:

  • manager Winters who doesn’t need to but still goes cleaning ‘cause he feels like he should
  • Luz who convinced everybody that they should dress up in disney and superhero costumes when going to clean in the childrens hospital
  • Roe who works in said hospital and gets more excited than the kids because of that guy who always mobs the floor on his station and is the cutest in his goofy costume
  • businesses man Nix who calls them to clean even though he doesn’t need it just to see that cute red-head manager who checks every spot like 15 times before declaring it clean (one time he even tried writing his number on a piece of paper but it was thrown away)
  • everybody sings together whenever they feel like it

no one’s online so i can post the shame of me getting way too carried away on a dollmaker. i started by seeing if i could make a cute Ax and ended up making an entire disney-esque animorphs merperson AU.

  • okay AX! is a human prince whose ship sank, killing his brother and his crew, leaving him stranded on a desert island as the only survivor until the mernimorphs found his SOS message in a bottle and rescued him. now he lives comfortably underwater (tho he still retreats to his island from time to time) thanks to the mermaid magic trinket thing around his neck. (bonus merman ax i made anyway)
  • MARCO is a mershark, for the irony. also sharks are scary and cunning just like him. he’s a lil self conscious about it and how ppl perceive sharks, so he tries his best to lowkey hide it and compensates by being as obnoxious and upbeat as possible. he stole those glasses from a hapless beachgoer.
  • CASSIE!! IS STILL ADORABLE and sweet and spends a lot of her time hunting down injured or trapped sea life and freeing them. she hates those plastic soda can rings and is quite bitter towards humans for polluting the ocean. those back fins are not realistic but i saw an opportunity and i took it.
  • RACHEL… can you believe the mermaid maker doesnt have weapons and armor like the merman maker?? BS. so i winged it. she’s gonna stab u in the eye w a piece of coral. also her blonde hair is green.
  • jake should realistically be an eelmaid like rach but lets be real, he’s a whale man. love that 90s don bluth hair. i’m glad this dollmaker has it.
  • TOBIAS is half human. idk what he gets trapped as. a sea turtle or smth, maybe. that way he can hang out w ax when he’s on his island. it works.

anonymous asked:

I actually found BH6 merch at my local store today!! I would have taken a picture but my dad needed to be somewhere soon, but yeah, I actually found a lot of Baymax plushies and something that looked like a BH6 pillow, but I was walking really fast and I couldn't tell. This is exciting for me, I haven't seen any BH6 stuff at all where I live.

That’s awesome! I wish my local store had some merch. I think they might have one of the books, but I don’t tend to get those. Just the art books. It’s so hard to find good BH6 merch almost anywhere around me.

Hopefully Disney stocks up on BH6 merch soon, because I hear it’s in high demand. You know, like most of their other movies are, except for a certain one, which is a bit over-stocked…

Hi! I’m starting up a new Disney network/collab blog. You may have seen my other post about it. It’s going to be a general Disney blog, rather than themed, like this one, but I will have other Tumblr bloggers working alongside me to create content for it. We haven’t started making posts yet, because I’m still reviewing the current applications I have for members of the blog (and waiting for accepted applicants to join the blog), but I would really appreciate it if you could send in requests for me to work on! I’m best at edits and icons, but I can try to make whatever you ask me for.