"Marco is a Trans Girl" Theory

I’ve written about this before, but I wanted to compile everything thus far into one big post outlining the theory in full.

Which is: Marco Diaz is not only transgender, but will come to terms with it, come out, and transition as part of their character development over the series.

Now before I get too far into this, I want to adress the biggest (and, so far, only) counterpoint that people have brought up:

Disney wouldn’t allow this.

Which I don’t think is entirely true. Yes it would be huge, yes it would be completely unpreccidented and something Disney’s never done before, but I don’t think it’s impossible. They have been more lenient on LGBT-content in their shows. Gravity Falls was finally allowed to have ther gay couple in the finale, and there was a lesbian couple on Good Luck, Charlie. Niether of these are really much to write home about, but they do show that Disney’s willing to improve.

As I’ve written below, there’s a MASSIVE increase of allusions to Marco Being a Girl in just the few episodes of Season 2 that’ve aired so far (only the first two as of this writing) than there was in Season 1. And that none of the hints were really concrete until just now. This could potentially mean that inbetween the production of Season 1 and Season 2, Disney finally gave them the approval to go through with it. 

And well, there has to be a first time for everything, and this could very well be it.

Anyway, full theory under the cut.

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dooplissss  asked:

I love how you present animation news for so neutrally and informatively even for shitty movies, then in the tags you're like 'this is goddamn fucking bullshit I cant believe this when does i end jfc thats it I'm waking up disney's corpse and make him finish what he started' like I feel you man and also you're hilarious


Elemental Disney 4am thoughts (A continuation)



she somehow slipped under my radar because shes from a brand new tv series that apparently just aired today?? instead of from a movie



sorry its 4am and I’m very excited!!!

anyway okay, i looked her up and all her currently released lore stuff and shes got some p cool associations! elemental wise i mean

first of all, she has the literal best animal companions ive ever seen??

3 Jaguar-Macaw Griffins called Jaquins, they are awesome and they look like this


and she has a spirit guide animal companion named Zuzo 

based of a mexican Chanul and he belief of a certain mayan tribe in south mexicp that says every person has a spirit double in the animal world (im grabbing this straight from the wiki lol)

and her magical thingy is an amulet called the Amulet of Avalor, this item apparently appeared before in the “Sofia the First” tv series as the item that Elena was trapped in forever ago, with “Elena of Avalor” being the tv series all about Elena and where she came from and her story and etc

anyway the amulets powers are basically it gives you a power for every good deed, and a curse for every bad deed, but i just happened to notice a lot of the associated powers all had to do with animal related things as well when the Sofia girl used it, but it originally belonged to Elena first apparently so I’m assuming these things are gonna be associated with her as well. (as well as your typical “powers” like strength, invisibility, telepathy, growing/shrinking

animal related boons were things like Animal Communion, Mermaid Transformation and Bouncing really high

curses are things like croaking like a frog and a bird beak curse

but its third cool power is the ability to summon another princess or princess ANIMAL companion from any point in space or time

so yeah, if I were to give her an element for the whole children of the elements thing, she’s definitely the Child of Fauna?Beast?

the girl is like the Vixen of the Disney Princesses (Vixen as in the comic book character)

Tonight our first Latina princess debuts on Disney Channel at 7:00pm. I am beyond excited because we finally have one and we are only hours away to meet her and her people. When I went to the Disney store, I saw little girls excited for Elena. Sure she’s for TV but it’s a start. And who knows, she could join the line-up of the Disney Princesses and get her own movie in theaters with Moana quality animation. We just have to keep reminding Disney but let’s take a break and welcome Elena of Avalor!

Me: well I guess that’s it rucas really has become Endgame

Also me: are you really trying to tell me that there was nothing in between Lucaya? They shared plenty of moments and Lucas said the things he liked about maya had nothing to do with riley. Not to mention there is so much potential wasted and for what??? To further rucas? It’s ridiculous! These characters deserve more than this. And another thing maya had plenty of times to pull out and say hey! Lucas! You’re good enough for my best friend! Bc honestly this is pretty psychology messed up. Is Disney really saying that for girl A to decide if a boy is good enough she should act like girl B? What the hell?? No way would I have let that fly with my friends Bc that’s entering into a seriously weird situation. I feel cheated and by the way if Lucaya aren’t endgame someone seriously needs to tell Peyton Bc he doesn’t act that way unless scripted. If the way he acted tonight was how he always had been then maybe it would be different but his facial expressions have always shown a different picture. I’m not gonna quit GMW but I sure as hell didn’t sign up for a repeat of BMW I signed up for a continuation.

But at least Maya’s happy and joshaya is cute asf

Started a savings jar for next year. It worked out in saving up for the Disney Cruise this past February, so I put it next to my Captain Mickey for inspiration 💚 #sdcc2017 #

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okay I was gone for like 15 mins and I come back and got 30 new DMs. what gives ???? what happened ???? (part 2 isn’t up yet on the Disney app??? so what’s up???)