So now that Moana is so loved already… And i love everything about her! Just…

*slides up to disney with a trunk of ideas*

Japanese Princess, South American Princess, Portuguese Princess, ALASKAN PRINCESS, HISPANIC PRINCESS!!!!!!!! maybe also another european princess because i wanna see a polish princess sometime soon.

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This has probably been mentioned somewhere before but; All three main characters in Disney's 'Up' are autistic. Ellie is very special interest and sensory focussed, and doesn't get social rules and stuff. Carl is routine oriented, change is horrible and life changing and just bad so he avoids it at all costs, and of course he loves his special interest too. And Russel doesn't get social rules or sarcasm but he loves learning and focusing on his wilderness explorer club and getting all the badges

I’ve been reading up on Disney World (haven’t been there in over 13 years, but a guy can dream, can’t he?) and apparently they’ve got an attraction at Epcot called Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

It apparently involves using a smart-phone app (or a specialized phone borrowed from the park) to track down Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb at the various World Showcase pavilions and thwart his evil schemes

It’s intended for young visitors, but I can’t help but wonder how many times Cast Members have asked older Phineas and Ferb fans who were interested in participating “Aren’t you a little old for this activity?”, and been met with the obvious answer:

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1. Disney or Studio Ghibli? Grew up with Disney, but I’m gonna go with Ghibli. Ghibli has deep stuff, great message, and amazing landscapes.
2. A book or movie? Books – light, quiet, personal, portable. Also libraries are magical. 
3. Comedies or scary movie? Comedies but I laugh at scary movies all the same.
4. Emotional or logical? I am both and it’s conflicting.
5. Pastel or dark colours? Both!
6. Candles or incense? Don’t like either particularly, but incense brings back memories of…temples, friends, houses, Bali. Good things.
7. Summer or winter? Summer! The only season when I’m not in pain, and I can actually read outside, walk, picnic, and spend hours outdoors till late.
8. Museum or aquarium? Both! Free please? (I love you for that, Smithsonian Institute)
9. Halloween or Christmas? Christmas because family time and good food.
10. Peppermint or spearmint? Either.
11. Cake or pie? Cake but will never say no to pies—especially pecan pies!
12. Forests or fields? Both have their charms. Forests for the mystery and the abundance of animals, fields for flowers and open horizons.
13. Morning shower or evening shower? Both but evening is usually necessary.
14. Massive mansion or cozy cottage? Cozy cottages for sure!
15. Dinosaur kid or space kid? Neither? I just played with toys a lot and made up stories, especially explorer stories.


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Name/Nickames: Saras
Gender: Female
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff <3 ( @r-crescive hey yooo - does Hufflepuff have secret classes on sarcasm or something!?)
Favorite Color: Blue, any shade
Time: 4.17 PM
Last Thing I Googled: How to write a fight scene
Fictional Character I want as a sibling: Nakamura Hiro from Taiyou no Ie or Kawamoto Akari from Sangatsu no Lion. They’re so kind and will take care of me well~ (Akari is going to make me gain weight, seriously)
Number of Blankets I sleep with: None usually. Iz hot here.
Favorite Bands/Artists: Lots! My recent favorites are Priscilla Ahn, Olafur Arnalds, and Aimer ( @reibox I see you like Aimer too!)
Dream Vacation: The world. There is so much to see!
When did I make this blog: April of this year, I think.
How many blogs do I follow: 200+
What do I post about: art, photography (nature), quotes, some anime, Joker Game, occasionally my own art/writing/commentary.
Do you get asks on a regular basis: Nah
Aesthetic: Anything–really. The world is rich and beautiful, and it’s also not beautiful, and therefore it is fine the way it is.

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DAMN DISNEY! back at it again with the positive messages

so i just saw zootopia and you should too and here’s why

  • animals are culturally split into a predator/prey duality that productively explores gender and racial conflict, ie:
    • prey parents telling their daughter that she can’t be a police officer because prey never have been and it’s not safe
    • said daughter being called a diversity hire & treated like it
    • “progressive” people who still show prejudice
    • genuine friendship across the predator/prey divide, but both having internalized prejudice and coming to terms with/apologizing for it
    • predators randomly becoming violent, which is blamed on their “biology”– eg they were violent before, we’ve evolved, but that’s probably where it’s coming from
    • this & the resulting fear all ends up being caused & exploited by a politician to stay in power
    • really direct stuff like 
      • “see, a rabbit can call another rabbit ‘cute’ but when other animals do it it’s kindaaaa”
      • “you’re very articulate for a predator”
      • “it’s so fluffy-” “DONT TOUCH HER HAIR”
      • “you’re not a predator like them” “so now there’s a them”
  • all of these are called out and it’s genuinely just a super positive portrayal of overcoming stereotypes and fear of the other & acknowledging/dealing with prejudice in all its different forms
    • marlon brando vole doing the speech from the godfather
    • shakira as a gazelle, ft giant muscular tiger backup dancers wearing glittery shorts
  • watch this movie.

So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

i knew i loved you
because in the beautiful places
i used to go to be alone,
on the edges of maps and
beyond the dawn and inside
my open skull
i found that suddenly, these places 
were oddly lonely, that without you
they were empty; forests were wide and
silence was ringing 
and my mouth filled with 
the ways i could tell you about the color 
of green that trees make when they’re
watching someone fall 
for something
i knew i loved you because
all of my secrets want to crawl out of
their hiding places 
and curl up 
next to you.
—  When I run, suddenly it’s you I’m running to. // r.i.d