• Enjolras:Grantaire, I love you but if I see you eating another potato chip covered in spray cheese and nutella I swear to god I'm kicking you out of this flat.
  • Grantaire:oh says you, Monsieur Rambutan! FRUIT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAVE TENTACLES, ENJOLRAS!

being told ur lazy and also having depression is confusing sometimes bc when u dont feel like doing anything u don’t know if ur being lazy or ur just depressed


TG: youre supposed to keep up the act smh

TG: how else are people going to think were head over ass for each other

TG: completely devoted and in love

EB: …um..no.

samwell-h-e-double-hockey-sticks  asked:

Hi! I'm a new check please blog and I'm looking for good blogs to follow, do you have any recommendations?

Hi! I’m so sorry it took me 8 years to reply to this. Here’s a good list of people to hit up. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the people you should follow (bc I’m positive I’ve forgotten some great blogs and also I’ve followed like 30 new cp blogs in the last few days so im excited to see what they have in store.)

@itsacpsideblog // @hockeylesbians // @bittyybee // @pawspaintsnthings (sidenote: the most gorgeous art style like omg) // @falconerjack // @ziimbits // @itsybittle // @senorbunofficial // @senorbunny // @princezimmermann // @peanutbittle // @bittybutt // @ilovetextingandscones // @zimmerbittle // @lardoduandefencesquad // @jlzimmermann (sidenote: p sure this was the first cp blog i ever actually interacted with so ayy what’s good) // @thatsabingo // @idontreallylikebutterflies // @codiegirl1358 // @iridescentoracle // @betsytheoven // @pansexuallardo (sidenote: it looks like this was the first cp blog i followed wild) // @omgeverythingplease (great ref blog like omg)

If anyone wants to reblog this and add more people, plzzzzz do. 

sorry for the lack of updates on anything art/animation-related lately, life’s been a bit busy. i’m hoping get stuff done faster in the future, but just know that i still have lots of projects planned that i’m hoping to get to work on soon!

good morning babes  !  i woke up at  8  a.m. and i am death.



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Just curious, what are thoughts on merasmus--


VERY good i lov him so much h e’s such a good + silly villain i lov him i lov his relationship w/ solly i lov him just tryin to find a good roommate + suitable housing i lov him jst barely being a nuisance to th team bt also th main halloween villain i



(also there’s Ths) (tht used to b m header) (tht i still think ab from time to time)


can we talk about this

JS: *hears fans talking about their boyfriends* 

JS: break up with your boyfriends !! 

JS: who has a boyfriend??!  

Fans: *raise their hands* 

JS: alright u guys can leave right there, right now *points to exit*

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….