up yours 2014

how does harry manage to update his fashion sense with each of his eras?

2012 - sweet dorky kid who might offer to pay for your ice cream and will want to “take it slow, yeah?”

2013 - some bratty frat boy who always gets what he wants but you would still let him fuck up your life

2014 - the matured ex frat boy who left the frat when he got educated on “no means no” and “rape culture” & switched his major to art or some bullshit like that

2015 - that one guy who spends WAY too much time at record stores flipping through queen and the rolling stones commenting about how he “listened to this shit wayyy before it was fucking hipster” even tho he was born in the ‘90s

2016 - the cute new dude who your boss just hired and all the girls (and some guys) in the office have a crush on and so you try to find him on social media but he has absolutely none

2017 - intimidating as fuck guy who gets iced coffee every single morning at 7 am with some weird ass bell bottoms on but when you actually have a convo he just starts crying about how much he loves the bees and “we need to save them at all costs”

You know those songs
that make you feel
like anything is possible
& that everything is
going to work out?

Those songs that
raise your vibration?

Those songs that
make you feel alive?

Those songs that
make you feel infinite?

You should make a playlist
of all those songs so if
you ever start to feel like
you’re breaking down or
you’re going to lose it, &
you don’t know what to do,
you will know what to do.

You can listen to that playlist
& take deep breaths in & out,
letting it consume you until
it washes away all the
pain, fear, worry, & anxiety,
making you feel whole again.


Look at these AWESOME PEOPLE cosplaying my designs at RTX!!!!! Casual Texas [cosplayer] (she’s even doing the pose god bless), King Gavin [cosplayer], Casual Theta [cosplayer], and Guns For Hire Felix! I’m not sure who Felix is so tag you if that is you!!!!

YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOUR COSPLAYS!!!! Thanks again guys I’m so super honored and happy to see my designs come to life you are all awesome! Let’s do it again 2015!




Happy belated Christmas/New Year, sylphee!  I always loved your Reading Karkats so I thought I’d draw you a Reading Signless in a great big sweater with a mug of something hot and a good book.