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Now would be an excellent time for Louis to really officially announce the date of the release of Miss You. Post a pic of him performing today, like his bandmate posted with 'Honoured to have performed Miss You at the Royal Variety. Song will be out on x day, can't wait for you guys to hear it!' or something like that. I think promo leading up to a release is super important and there has been none on his sm so far, and I really dont get it. So they should start now!!

good pointers! get on it, louis’ team

Me: yeah can i get fuckin uhhh ….. the right pronouns?

Them: sorry, the pronoun machine is broken for everyone but cis people

THIS EPISODE Season 13 episode 7

OKAY FIRST OF ALL. MY POOR LUCIFER BABY AHHHHH. I hate how many people are actually hating on him. Like shit man. He’s actually one of the funny villains

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On the show. He’s sassy, sarcastic and yes he can be a bit childish

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But he can also be charming! And all around adorable. (Mark is also very very adorable)

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And when he’s character is written constant and correctly! (Which the writers can’t seem to do for a lot of characters!) He is also very intelligent! And manages to get himself out of a lot of shit. Sure he’s unorthodox. And is corrupt-has anger issues (I can highly relate to this one), major daddy issues, he’s narsassistic and well he is Satan. But he was also corrupted by the mark. Which means he wasn’t always this way.

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Now with the Lucifer cas team up? HOLY SHIT THIS IS MY JAM. My top two favorite characters teaming up (though reluctantly)

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Cas was so completely done with Lucifer the whole time they were talking. It was so funny. Especially their banter- “what are you doing back in this world?” “what are you doing alive?” PRICELESS. “Sorry if I’m a bit on egde. Last time we were together you killed me” “last time we were together you stabbed me!” “I’m sorry!” I absolutely loved it!!

Now Lucifer being de-powered…..

That was completely unexpected. Honestly though the second Kevin said archangel Grace I was like…. Michael’s never going to use his. Lucifer is NOT human. Just weak. Very weak. He stated to Castiel he needed time after being called the weakest link. Which means he thinks he can build his power back up. Which I think what truly made him THAT depowered was going through the portal. Lucifer only lost a bit of his Grace. Unless this truly shows us how different an archangel’s grace is from a normal angel’s grace in that in losing just that bit of grace it makes one of the most powerful beings in the universe basically have red glowing eyes as some sort of party favor. And saying that because Castiel lost all of his grace that Lucifer (a being who spent all of forever being pretty much all powerful and who’s grace was pretty much ALL he had-no Winchester safety net, no friends, no family who doesnt hate him) shouldn’t be allowed to be upset? That’s Bullshit. He just lost a part of himself. A person’s problem should not be invalidated just because someone else has a worse problem. Thats Like saying you are having major problems but because someone else has it worse that you should never say your problems bc other people have it worse. (I’m guilty of that. I don’t share my problems bc I feel like other people have it worse so I shouldn’t complain)

And Lucifer being tortured. “He’s getting what he deserves.” Okay first of all. Lucifer’s has been getting the short end of the stick since Chuck slapped that mark on him. Instead of fixing Lucifer as he saw it corrupt him, Chuck decided to throw his problem away in a cage when it caused Lucifer to speak out against humans and rebel. (Being the first angel to express free will) (Which mind you. LUCIFER IS NOT THE ONLY ANGEL THAT LOOKED DOWN UPON HUMANS. THE APOCALYPSE LITERALLY SHOWED US THAT AND EVEN CHUCK WASNT TOO HAPPY WITH HUMANS WHEN METATRON HAD TO TALK SENSE INTO HIM!!) He got locked away and destined to die. Which he even said he didn’t want to fight Michael (But he was prepared to fight) killing Gabriel we saw that he doesnt just feel rage or hatred (fueled by the corruption) but you also saw that he felt guilt. And sorrow. LIKE HE ACTUALLY CRIED AT LOSING HIS BABY BROTHER! The baby brother he raised! So no he’s not a hate and anger fueled monster. He feels sorrow. He feels fear.

AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS. LUCIFER ACTUALLY FLINCHING. He’s weak. He knows this. He knows that he can’t match up to Asmodeus in this state. And I think he fears that Asmodeus might take advantage of this and get payback for what Lucifer did to him. (Hey if a creature scares even Lucifer THEN THEY SHOULDNT BE LET OUT YOU DUMBASS PRINCE OF HELL. I BET YOU WERE THE RUNT) Lucifer just really needs a hug right now. *opens arms and is ready to give Satan a hug*

AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT PROUD PAPA LUCIFER! People keep saying he just wants the kid for power but I don’t think that’s necessarily true….. I actually think he genuinely cares for Jack. I think he genuinely wants to be a father to Jack. I’m really hoping that this season’s leads to a redemption arch for Lucifer. I think being de-powered and having Jack would be good for him and help him gain perspective on some things. Both Castiel and metatron gained perspective when they were human. As much as Mark said Lucifer would kill himself if he lost his grace. I think just de-powering him would be good. Plus it’s a change up on the characters story. Instead of just….ya know. Getting locked up in hell with small moments of freedom in between before he’s some how locked up again.

Anyways that’s just my little rant about tonight. Agree, disagree I don’t care. Just don’t hate.


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Rose: “Doctor!”

Tenth Doctor: “Rose! Did you do that?”

Rose: “What, save your life, free the prisoners? Course. Who’d you think it was, Bruce Willis?”

                                     - “Infamy of the Zaross”
               Big Finish Tenth Doctor Audio Adventures V.2 (2017)

When you finished school long ago and you think you finally can live your life without have to deal with harassment all day but then you have to realize you’re still a freak to others and it doesn’t matter how old you are because you will be a freak forever and nothing ever change that

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People who say the speed of light is a real physical barrier have never witnessed the speed at which men will band together to make a woman responsible for soothing the feelings of a man who’s harassed her. 

(Sample conversation:
Dudes: he definitely broke the code of conduct! [talk about how sad this asshole feels for five minutes] but enough of that, what do YOU want to happen?
Me: I want to not hear about his sad feelings and for him to leave me the fuck alone for the remaining three hours of this conference. 
Dudes: sure thing!
Dudes, half an hour later: so we talked to him and [more about his sad feelings in detail] but he’ll totally leave you alone!
Me: …sure okay are we done?
Dudes, another half hour later: so he is still SO VERY SAD and CRYING and MORTIFIED AND - 
ME: what the fuck was unclear about not wanting to hear about his sad feels and that being the end of this  
Dudes: uh, okay, so…he’s still going to leave you alone. cool?
Dudes, every ten minutes: so how are YOU feeling? are you sad yet? you seem fine are you fine? 

an obvious joke made by everyone on the face of the planet whos heard that song but ive been listening to christmas mixes so gkhkg


“I didn’t think you were going to show.”

Kaidan slides onto the empty stool next to Joker, who’s staring down at the bar like it’s a nav console, a half-empty glass of something amber at his elbow. There’s another glass in front of the empty stool that’s full. Kaidan doesn’t ask what it is. Doesn’t even say hello before he takes a deep sip. Whiskey. Good. It’s a whiskey kind of day.

He almost hadn’t shown. This wasn’t something he really wanted to commemorate with people, and especially not here. Of all the bars on Arcturus, Joker had to pick this one.

Joker smirks into his glass. “Everyone thought I was being stood up by a date.”

“Got held up in a briefing,” Kaidan replies. He thinks about apologizing, but doesn’t. This is already weird enough.

“Of course you did. The Alliance is actually keeping you busy.”

“Yeah.” Kaidan takes another drink, tries not to look at the booth to his right, almost but not quite out of eyeshot. Feels like a lifetime ago that he was sitting in it, 0600 the morning of a new assignment, his brand new superior office sitting in front of him nursing a bitch of a hangover with another beer.  

The Normandy’s former pilot looks about as bad as Shepard had on that morning five years ago. His uniform hangs on him. Beard hasn’t been trimmed, at least not lately. Even bad lighting and a low-brim hat doesn’t hide the dark circles under his eyes.

Kaidan’s chest tightens. Five years ago he had looked across the table at a soldier in pain and done something about it. But this time he’s tired. So fucking tired. He doesn’t have the energy to rescue anyone, even Joker. In a flash of bitterness he wishes for once that he wasn’t the one who gave a damn. Let someone else care for a change.

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What’s up guys it seems like the fandom is back on their bullshit again denying Asra is a person of color and that Lucio is a precious angel uwu when in fact he deserved to fucking die and if he didn’t deserve to die before he deserves to die at least three times now.

Asra is a POC. Nadia and Asra (and sometimes Julian but it seems that the fandom is specifying Nadia and Asra cause we all know why 👀👀) are not fucking demons. Lucio was an ass who canonically murdered and tortured people, and very much deserved to die.

Just under one hour ‘til Silver Lining opens its doors!

Come along for food, conversation, and a chill atmosphere at this teahouse and eatery located in Coerthas (on the Eorzean side, near Dragonhead).

Located OOCly at Ward 4, Plot 44 of Mist on the Mateus server, the nearest aetheryte is Central Mist Subdivision. Go up the hill, it’s the first Medium house you’ll see!

There will be a public PF up when I open up access inviting people to visit, so if you think you might forget, keep PF open!

Please bear in mind that there is only me on staff right now, so if things get a little hectic please bear with me! OTL

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Dva/bridgette, "Built" (cuz my girl lindholm is built as fuck amiright)

last but not least of that inbox game, because I couldn’t just write a summary for this. I’ve never even considered this ship, but I am delighted.



Hana Song lay slumped across the hood of her mech, defeated.  What was it that had finally felled this intrepid hero, so much beloved by the South Korean people and the world of online gaming?  A hoard of omnics, overwhelming in numbers? A final battle, glorious in its ultimate failure?  A moment of reckless bravery that for once she wasn’t clever and lucky enough to survive?

That, at least, might have been more dignified.

Currently, Hana Song was laid low by a technical difficulties.

She had only been with Overwatch a few months so far, and it was both everything she could have dreamed and nothing she had expected.  They were doing so much work. Hana valued what she contributed to the front lines of the Crisis, of course, she was here first and foremost to defend her people, but… sometimes when you were getting up every morning and being deployed again and again before a persistent press of omnics, you began to feel like you weren’t making any headway.  A constant grind with no objective in sight.  Overwatch was different.  Overwatch wasn’t just playing the game, it was rewriting the rules.  It was exciting.  It was full-tilt, life-or-death, world-hanging-in-the-balance sort of work, and Hana was thriving.

Her mech, unfortunately, was not.

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people can still bicker all over and let the negative feelings accumulate but if the papillon doesn’t want to akumatize people because he doesn’t feel like it, it’s his call.

he doesn’t hang out at his lair 24/7 ok.

i’m pretty sure he takes a break during paris fashion week.