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I'm sorry to ask and I know it is not your job but can you tell me why it is wrong to say "I'm so gay for (idol)" or "idol makes me queston my sexuality" I've seen people get upset by those comments and I know its wrong but I don't understand why? I tried to look up the answer my self but nothing showed up on google. Thanks in advance.

It trivializes non-hetero identities and attraction. You can find someone attractive without having to say “They make me question my sexuality lOL!!!” bc being attracted to the same gender is just totally strange and worth questioning right? It’s almost like a big “NO HOMO AHHHHA” That’s how I see it. 

It’s wrong for similar reasons of why it’s gross when people call their OTPs and fanfic of them ‘sins’ 

-Admin Kim  

Never have I been so wrong about a character before. Just like so wrong. Actually about two characters.

 I spent 8 episodes thinking Viktor was playing Yuri, and realized he wasn’t during the airport scene. That he cared for Yuri as much as Yuri cared for him.

And then episode 10 was like LOL sucker, guess what?! Viktor cared for Yuri first! The playboy in the eros skate routine??? ITS FREAKIN YURI. YURI SEDUCED VIKTOR AND THEN JUST UP AND LEFT 


so i just screamed this in the tags of a gifset i queued buT: im really glad magnus said “you’re forgiven” instead of smth like “its okay” bc really?? what alec did/said was NOT okay. not ever and magnus called him out. and alec had to step back and understand that and when he did he came back and he apologized. and magnus asked what he was sorry for making sure he understood what exactly he did wrong bc its not enough to just say ‘sorry lol can we have that steak and vodka now??’ alec needed to understand what he did exactly that was wrong so he can improve his behavior. and after that magnus softened up and was like: you’re forgiven and also hey. i’m proud of you bc in general its hard to admit you screwed up. and this relationship is so healthy and im just so damn proud of them.

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Hi Maddy-kun !! As the most decent guy I'd met in tumblr, I want to know ur thoughts ❤ can you tell us in your POV how Sasuke planned to marry? For me, I think he rushed things up, if not, how can he survived not getting Sakura's virginity when they're literally together? I really doubt him (as a man) sorry if its offending but if they're a couple they can do it w/o marriage, (like asuma & kurenai). But I'm not that kind of girl lol. So if he planned marrying her, how? in a short period of time?

Yeah… To be honest that’s really rubbed me the wrong way.

I see absolutely no reason why he “as a man” would be unable to survive without getting Sakura’s virginity. It’s not like we’re all sex-crazed beasts, and that goes double for Sasuke who’s arguably one of the purest people in the series when it comes to matters of the heart, and things of a sexual nature.

I don’t think Sasuke rushed things at all, I’m actually almost certain that it was a very gradual process, with him slowly opening up to her more and more about himself, his past, his family, his views with hindsight etc, thereby slowly building up their relationship. He wouldn’t just rush into marriage simply because he wanted Sakura’s virginity. Uchiha’s value love and family more than anyone else, not sex.

Lastly, Asuma and Kurenai didn’t have sex before marriage; they were married before Mirai was conceived. This was clarified in the guidebook for The Last.

lame story you dont have to read but hi im back;)

hi guys.
sorry that im gone for days again.
i was so shocked that i could get an attacking ask like this ( http://enfpstud.tumblr.com/post/157303014388/you-are-a-bit-cringe-worthy-the-concept-of-your ) on my inbox.
i was gonna ignore it but i was really just woke up the time i see that notification, youd say yeah i got a panic attack. lol yes i was scared.
so i asked bothy @studytherin and emma @einstetic should i delete it or nah; bothy say recommend yes and emma said no bc everyone have too see that its wrong. (thanks to sheena @equaticns and lama @stuhde your guys words boost my mood up!!)
then yeah i decided to off from tumblr a bit, that negativity was a litte bit toxic.
well i still chat bothy in LINE bc really i talk to her everyday…

so here you go, i’ll tell you a story.

i was bullied in junior high school. seems like everyone hate me just because like damn mate i was that girl who know everything before anyone else in my school (like im the first internet girl bc my city is kinda so so so far from modernity).
they attacked me verbally, mentally, even they attacked my twitter notifications (you could imagine that right).
so they thought i was something exaggerated too, because i had a crush on the most handsome boy in my school, they keep laughing me just because thing like that (i felt im so ugly because of that you know). then i got close to a 7 grader boy when i was in 8 grade (technically younger but fact said he is a year older than me, he was my preschool friend too), which i could say, he is handsome and he got fans too here. he was so kind to me even at the end we werent meant to be (we still yeah this kinda relationship but not until we both in senior high school too).
you guys probably could imagine how much hate-words ive to hear every damn day.
at 9 grade when i almost graduated, i said to my bestfriend i want to go to a fav senior high school in my province (actually in my country too, listed as top 10), and yes the people who hate on me lost their beards because i did it. they started to attacking my twitter again when i dont even follow them like wtf, i was using my twitter for fangirling too so yeah i got thousand followers back there (still in 16k now i guess i havent opened my twitter for ages lol i used to have 20k followers) and they likely to be more “hating” on me.
at 9 grade, something happened in my little surrounding, which make it worse, i had a depression since then.

dealing with depression for 4 years now wasnt and isnt easy. i was such a good good actress to hide it away from my senior high school friends (shs was a lot better no one ever talk about me behind my back and everyones lovelies). well atleast until i reached for help.
i have 3 amazing bestfriends in shs, and theyre all boys, 3 years all years through shs with them. so if you think i talk way too much, lol, my boys never ever protesting me for being like that.
also i have 3 amazing dormies lovely i could talk to every night. they probably will have question marks everywhere if they see me quiet…

well what i was try to pointing out is… somehow being honest could kill another person, it might make them suffocating, hating themselves forevermore, and so so.
you wanna know why i tell people my story? am i an attention seeker? (i was questioning myself that too)
its just… i like to do that. i feel loved when people hear me, i feel worthy. so i think its nothing wrong to tell people how my day was.
anyway, i dont hate the people who hated me on jhs, i said hi to them instead and asked them whats up when i met them in the town (after graduated from jhs ofc bc i lived in a dorm when i was in shs bc its way too far from home.) its way better than having a hate revenge towards them.

sooo soo yeah, people has their own story. thats most likely why im so sensitive over a hate speech. i could answered that ask with “wow i got a hate ask im so famous” but that sounds so ignorant and yes, tumblr, i am back.

also, thanks for the love you guys have been sent me! yall pretty much soooo wonderful💙💚💛💜

Look I love Dylan O'Brien and Phoebe Tonkin a ton but sometimes you get bored of using the same old faceclaims, they are taken in a roleplay or maybe just want to mix it up. There’s nothing wrong with that, under the cut is a masterlist of my favorite UNDERUSED faceclaims with plenty of resources.

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BTS on Yoongi’s birthday

JH: so what are we doing for yoongi hyung’s birthday again?

J: we’re gonna surprise him with presents and cake!

JK:  but hes so old what if he has a heart attack?



JK: I stand by what I said.

J: now I see why namjoon hates u sometimes


JM: shit u guys shut up yoongi hyung is here

SG: hey guys u called–



J: calm down yoongi


JK: lol I called it

V: sorry we wanted to surprise u … surprise?

JM: are u okay??

SG: no wtf

RM: okay well after ur done having ur heart attack can u start opening presents already

JK: open mine first!

SG: sure whatever


SG: u got me underwear

JK: yup, now u can stop ‘borrowing’ mine


JK: its more like a gift for myself but yeah ur welcome

JH: okay well that sucked

JH: here my present is better

SG: …these are coupons for free hugs

JH: yeah and I bought u a birthday dinner!!

JH: but I only had like $10 on me at the time so I got u 2 packs of ramen

SG: gee thanks I can really feel the love

JH: only the best for my favorite jackass

RM: okay my turn

RM: I brought u my wisdom


SG: whut

RM: now I know u have lived a long life in ur years as a grandpa but Im smarter and hav more experience with mixtapes and I just wanted to make sure u knew that I am here if u ever need guidance 

SG: okay fuck u 

SG: seokjin hyung please tell me u have something better

J: of course I do yoongi



SG: well where is it?

J: ur looking at him

J: Im blessing u with my presence and that should be more than enough

SG: seokjin wtf no

J: oh

J: then no I have nothing better

SG: gdi

V: oh oh its my turn here look at mine look at mine!!

SG: oh wow its actually in a box thanks taehyung

V: open it!!

SG: ok ok


SG: theres nothing in here what did u get me?





JK & V: *incomprehensible screaming*

SG: sit tf down before I cut both of ur nuts off

V: oh

V: okay

JK: sorry

JM: well it seems that everyones presents flopped

JM: but u still have mine to look forward to!

SG: idek if I want to know what u got me

JM: why not?

JM: I got u the leather jacket u were eyeing in the store yesterday


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the A.G.R.A. | G.A.R.A. thing had driving me mad since day one. why scramble the letters this way? (my initials, no sorry lol, just one is mine), wrong wrong wrong, it doesn't match up, this bit its a lie and i just cant tell how.

could be the people chasing her? or the people she worked with before idek

hey lets show those gross cissies!!! uwu reblog and add ur cute trans aesthetic!! here's mine

the dark pit of dysphoria. nights spent sobbing and wishing i was born cis
wanting to die. breaking the mirror in my room because i can never look real. fear. so much fear

oh wait sorry um did i do that wrong i mean uh
SO glad im trans lol its so cute !!!!!!!!!!!love being forced to use the wrong restroom. love being beaten up. so quirky :3