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Bring back the suspenders! x

i know the majority of y'all in this fandom don’t care for rep unless it’s cis boys fuckin but just so you know

honerva and allura being both brown AND love interests who are considered smart and beautiful and feminine and adored even when they’re flawed is a HUGE deal – lance flirting with random dark brown skinned alien girls is a huge deal – pidge being implied as trans and maybe also gay and being out already and happy and accepted and cherished and loved by her friends and family is a HUGE fuckin deal !! keith being american and of east asian descent and masculine and multi faceted and angry and edgy at the same time ??? huge. and ?? shiro ??? being the team’s leader who works out and kicks ass and is strong and hot and also VERY VERY masculine ?? a VERY BIG DEAL !! and so is allura being extremely feminine and cute and simultaneously both naive and wise like a real teen and yet respected and revered as sacred, regardless !! that is literally SO in line with BLACK FEMINISM that i can’t always believe .. not to mention allura’s bayard is a magical WHIP she uses to lacerate her enemies hellooo ??? lance having deep seated insecurities and flirting like an adorable dorky teen instead of some sexy pervy latin lover ??? um ??? refreshing ??? hunk being this sarcastic engineering prodigy and snarky and particular and irritable and shredded and fat but also kind and understanding … and the first character in the show to get a love interest i’m … i just … where do i stop .. not to mention altea’s monarchy has literally been all brown folk for generations judging by the looks of “king groggery” on their currency 👀 and wow can’t believe that shiro is not only a cooly mc cool legend and a hero and a bad ass fighter (and CHAMPION gladiator people!!) but is also very soft and emotional and approachable with all of the younger dudes who look up to him as their guide and mentor in this heartwarming brotherly way making him the best example of an adult friend / older male figure i have ever fuckin seen in essentially ANY show EVER let alone in a “boy’s” show about space mechs ??? and to TOP IT ALL OFF this show is BEAUTIFUL !! GORGEOUS !! not a cheap project AT ALL !!! and that ITSELF is a big ass deal because usually when people want to make a show “aesthetically” pleasing to reel in that cash they just make the main cast all pale as dandruff but NO !! this show TOOK THAT RISK !! this show made and continues to make MOST of its characters people of color !! and even pidge who is white is ITALIAN at that like !!! we have a fuckin genius tiny angelic trans maybe gay italian tech girl WHERE WE USE TO HAVE AN UGLI GREMLIN MAN and we have a gorgeous ethereal magical black space princess WHERE WE USED TO HAVE SOME WHITE BLONDE !! i MEAN !!? like ??? sorry your yaoi dreams ain’t comin true but ???? who cares ??? shut the fuck UP this show is PHENOMENAL i mean seriously what the HELL is WRONG with you faux progressive asshats, do you even believe half of the shit you say lol SOME OF Y'ALL ARE SO RIDICULOUS ISTG like REALLY !? nothing is perfect (fuckin obviously) but PLEASE name me ONE show (1) of this genre that has ever even fuckin TRIED to break this much ground for fuck’s sake

people freaking out over these out-there theories while sana and yousef are just flirting and a beautiful relationship is blossoming? maybe this season will be like the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror you know, not everything has to end so badly. i say just enjoy the content we are actually getting and worry about drama and when it actually starts happening? and no one understands what all the s3 parallels mean yet so… cause at the moment all i see is a beautiful muslim girl who is the literal sun with a crush on a beautiful muslim boy who encourages her in every way.

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i was wondering if we could get the follow-up to the new vegas companions and benny watching the courier get tortured? like the after care. it made me tear up a bit lol it was very well written

(I’ll be honest, hearing people actually tear up reading my writing is,,a good, good feeling I’m sorry I revel in your pain like this but I do it’s incredible to make people feel things and it makes my day to get these messages. The original can be found here )

Benny- He knows all the old remedies. It’s been awhile since he’s had to use them, been awhile since he ever cared enough to use them. Stimpacks could fuse bone together wrong, stuff worked too fast for its own good, but broc flower and honey mesquite pods had been the cure-all in his tribe since he was just an ankle biter. It was the slow route, but slow caution wasn’t always the wrong approach. That he could focus on crushing and mixing herbs instead of watching Six shiver on his sheets, that was just a plus. They looked so vulnerable. Smaller than he’d ever seen them, which included when he stood above their grave that night in Goodsprings, when they were arguably even more vulnerable in his presence. This was different. They shudder when he runs the cool mixture over their still raw wounds, hands white-knuckled against the sheets, and he smooths a square of fresh cloth over the biggest gash in their back to soak up the blood which had stained his sheets. “You know, I don’t just let anyone bleed all over my bed, doll. Aren’t you lucky?” They very nearly laugh. “Don’t feel too lucky.” He leans over to kiss the nape of their neck. “You’ve got me. You’re the luckiest gambler in Vegas.”

Boone- To call what he does to their captors “righteous retribution” would be doing it a disservice. This was a biblical ass kicking. He didn’t need to be a mile away from his target to get the job done. Once the dust has settled, he spends the next three days keeping an eye on Six. Their injuries aren’t exactly life threatening- painful looking as all hell, but nothing they haven’t suffered before, or suffered worse. Still, he doesn’t sleep. Sleep had never been a friend to him, that was true, his head was too full, his thoughts always too loud, and his occasional good nights of rest were short lived and far between. But he doesn’t sleep, period. His eyes ache, he feels like he hasn’t even closed them in seventy-two hours, which isn’t far from the truth. His sunglasses aren’t just an accessory or a shield from the bright Mojave sun. The world is blinding without them. If he sleeps, if something happens to them again, if Six falls asleep and doesn’t wake up, if he isn’t there when they need him, if, if, if. He squeezes his eyes shut for the briefest moment until the building tide which settles to overwhelm him subsides. He opens them again, his gaze settling on Six’s back across the campfire. Slips of angry red wounds and ugly bruises peek out of the bandages wrapped tightly around their torso. His fingers clutch tighter to the gun in his lap. He won’t be caught off-guard again.

Arcade- His first panic attack had struck him when he was a teenager. He’d been stabbed by a strung out Freesider once, and somehow panic attacks were still the worse thing he experienced, if only because he knew how fundamentally irrational and useless they were. It wasn’t a proper fight or flight response, it accomplished nothing, and only left him shivering and breathing hard for ten minutes, his heart hammering so achingly hard against his ribs he could feel his entire body pulsate. He at least gave Six the courtesy of getting them clear of danger and treating their wounds at the nearest settlement before he even allowed himself to be swallowed up. He has to steady himself against a wall to keep from falling off the earth, wraps up his hands in the fabric of his coat to stop them from trembling so hard. He nearly lost them. Six could have died and he- The thought strikes him but he doesn’t give it a foothold in his mind. He waits it out. He shakes and digs his nails into his coat until its over and he can breathe again. He’s steadier now than he’s ever been. He has to be for them. He rakes a hand through his hair as he heads back inside to tend to the courier’s injuries with a more critical eye now that he can think clearly.

Veronica- She cries as she holds their bloodied face in her hands, but not for long. Crying never did her any good, no matter the cause, and she has no time for it. Instead, she focuses on Six. Her anchor. She needs them and they need her, now more than ever. After they’re bandaged and full of Med-X and stims, she lays her head on their chest to listen to the steady beat of their heart. Her body is tense, her neck aches because she isn’t truly leaning her weight on them, afraid to impede their breathing too much, but she keeps her ear pressed to their bare chest for hours while they sleep. It’s all she can really think to do, it keeps her grounded. Stops her from spiraling out thinking too much about what happened back there. When it feels like she can actually sleep, she does so curled up against their side, where she stays for most of the rest of their recovery.

Cass- She should have paid more attention to that Follower drivel they tried teaching her. She could patch up small cuts and fashion tourniquets, but Six is hurt. Really, really hurt, in ways she can’t begin to treat. The doc in the next town tells her the courier was lucky to be alive. They try treating her along with them- she just gives them dirty looks until they get the message. Six takes priority. She’s not much of a caregiver. She knows she can’t do anything to help, and so leaves the doctors to their work. Cass fills the time with- what else?- drinking. It means she doesn’t have to look at the mess of lacerations criss crossing over Six’s body. She drinks and she thinks and mostly drinks. She thinks a little, disproportionate compared to the drinking. She’d actually prayed back there. It was brief, but there. If God willed it, if they made it out, she would tell them how she felt, how she really felt. She’d said that in her head. She glances up at the clouds and rolls her shoulders in a shrug. “Heat of the moment kind of thing. All that was…Sure you get those all the time.” She feels an uncomfortable itch creep up her neck and hastily scratched at it. Her nails dig deeper and deeper until she can no longer clamp down on an irritated growl and snaps up at the sky. “Fine! Shit! When they wake up, god da-ngh…Fuck.” She swipes up a pair of glasses and a bottle and sets both on the table by Six’s bed. She’s going to need a few shots of courage if she wants any hope of getting this little…confession out when they wake up.

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"I need a contact phone number so I can put your delivery through" "I don't know it, can't you just send it without the number?" "Sorry I can't, it's there just in case something goes wrong with the driver, the food, or if we can't find your house" "It will be fine, just put it in without the phone number" "Sir our system won't physically allow me to put through the order without a phone number" "Well you just lost a customer" lol bitch you think i care, come pick it up then

Sorry, I've never done an ask before or like a request :/

How would the dads react to dadsona running passed them holding their kid/kids, who is equally freaked out because they are being chased by something (kinda funny like a duck lol)?

[is alright 👌 sorry for the late reply and not many posts today - mod rae]

🎣Brian : “Brian! Help!” your voice is high and scratchy, something rare. Daisy’s hand is clutched in yours tightly as you run towards your partner. “(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” Brian looks up at the sound of your voice, a worried look cascading over his face when he sees the both of you. “Duck!” Daisy squeals as she throws a quick glance over her shoulder. The waddling and loudly quacking duck seems to be gaining speed, its lil webbers smacking the pavement with loud “thwacks”. Brian bursts into a hearty chuckle. “Are you scared?” he teases and does nothing to help you, even stepping away when you and Daisy run behind him. “Yes we are!” Daisy tugs on your hand to drag you to the door of the house. The duckies let’s out another angry quack and starts to peck at the edge of your shoes, making you jump and scream.

🏋Craig : “Bro, is that a duck?” Craig shouts over to you from the frontyard where he’s doing push-ups. A small shriek from you confirms his suspicions, and he tells the twins to get off his back so that he can get a closer look. River is bundled up in your arms but doesn’t seem too scared. In fact, she’s blubbering and making happy baby noises as she bounces up and down in your hold. You throw a desperate look at the duck flapping its wings at you and somehow will yourself to move faster. Craig jogs over to you, separating the duck from chasing you. It quacks annoyingly and tried to peck at his feet. “Now now, back to your home,” he picks the duck up despite it quacking angrily while trying to peck his finger off. Craig starts towards the park where there is a small pond and you try to catch your breath.

🐶Damien : He’s working on the garden when you come flying through the door, but the duck still chases after you. Lucien cursed and only then does Damien poke his head into the living room. “Are you alright, dar- Is that a duck? Why is it in the house?” his voice is stark and he’s clearly in shock. “Help!” you can only cry out as the duck chases your heels and Lucien climbs onto the dining table to avoid it. For once Damien doesn’t scold him. “Hold tight, sweetheart!” he scrambles to get some bread from the kitchen, before luring the duck with the small bits of food out the door. He shuts it tight in its face and smiles a little. “Now get off the table, Lucien. That’s not the proper way for a gentleman to act. And I hope that you’re not hurt?” Damien plants a soft kiss on your cheek despite Lucien making gagging sounds in the back.

📚Hugo : He nearly drops his laptop in fright when your first scream reached his ears. Hugo was about to work on some stuff but the moment he hears you, he puts his laptop down and rushes out to find you. “(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” he shouts. You run into him, colliding into his chest as both of you were looking in separate directions. “Duck! Oof- Duck!” you pull Hugo up and he looks behind to see the duck quacking after you. “Duck!” you shriek again. He lets out an amused half laugh, shooing the duck away with his hand. “Go on, don’t bother us,” Hugo insists and the duck snaps at his hand. You’re clicking his middle from behind rather tightly, shaking a little even. Eventually the duck turns and waddles off, but not after quacking at you one last time. “You ok? That scared me, I thought you died,” he sighs, pulling you into a lingering kiss.

💒Joseph : “Duck! Duck, daddy! Duck! Duck!” Christie’s over enthused yells for Joseph and Christian’s ear-piercing screams make you have a headache while you run. Was that even possible? Soon enough you can see Joseph’s head pop out of the front door as you nearly the house. “Duck!” you’re chest is heaving with the need to just stop and slowly die while you’re legs are burning with the work. “Don’t fear, Spider King is here to save the day!” Joseph wields a whisk in his hand as he closed the door behind him. You feel the urge to roll your eyes but currently you were busy focusing on trying not to get killed by a duck. Soon all 3 of you are locked in the house and outside Joseph is literally fighting off a duck with s whisk. You can see Ernest videoing him from his own house window.

☕Mat : “Run! Faster!” you puff for air as Carmensita charges ahead of you. Who knew that kid could run so fast? She had left you behind with the angriest duck you had ever seen tagging you. You’re trying not to pass out. Somehow Carmensita makes it to the Coffee Spoon first, and the glass door slams shut infront of you. You can almost feel all hope draining out from you but you push yourself to carry on. Eventually you slam the door close in front of the duck who still strides around outside the glass barrier. You’re panting for breathe when you turn around and see Mat holding Carmensita close to him. “Was that a duck?” he sounds so scared, so, so scared.

🔪Robert : You had absolutely no idea how on earth Val could sprint in 3 inch heels, but by her speed, you’re pretty sure this wasn’t her first time. Apparently she was allergic to ducks. The moment both of you had spotted one while strolling in the park together, she had taken off without a word. Now you were trying to catch up with Val as the duck had decided to chase you all the way back to Robert’s house. When you near his place, he’s on the front yard playing fetch with Betsy, not even passing a glance at Val who slams the door shut. But the moment he sees you grinning he bursts into laughter, maybe it’s because of your terrible form. You have to screams at him to get the duck away and even then, it takes him forever to do so.

  • Mika: Yuu-chan...
  • Yuu: Yea Mika, what is it?
  • Mika: Umm... I don't know how to say this, but...
  • Yuu: W-what? What is it?
  • Mika: ...
  • Yuu: Mika!
  • Mika: Mmm... *blushes*
  • Mika: Yuu-chan... Y-you... Um...
  • Mika: You are going to be a father...
  • Yuu:
  • Yuu: WHAA--!?
  • Shinoa: Wait, how does that even work??
  • Mistuba: Mikaela-san... B-but you are a... You are a boy, right?
  • Mika: No, I mean yes, I mean... Okay, listen here! I have these two kids. And they are apparently mine and Yuu-chan's.
  • Mika: *holds two children*
  • Shinoa: Oh my god, so cute! Twins!!
  • Yuu: H-how did we...
  • Mika: I don't know!!
  • Guren: God damn it, what is this??
  • Me: I am so sorry, I tried to come up with an excuse for it, but I've got nothing.
  • Yuu: T-then what do we do!?
  • Me: I dunno, it's your problem now. Name your kids.~
Fan Letters (Optional Bias)

request:  Can i get a optional bias scenario wheres your a well know idol and he is just a normal person so he starts to get insecure bcs of all the fanboys so you have to reassure him. Lol sorry if its to detailed

genre: fluff

word count: 390

author’s note: i haven’t written anything for this blog in forever and i feel really bad :((( i’m going to try and start writing more, but school has me all types of fucked up ugh. and i wrote it in third person because i felt like it sounded better. anyways, i hope you all enjoy!

**also sorry if this is an inaccurate representation of a fan sign, because i’ve never attended one, and i usually don’t watch the videos from them, so yeah. if i get something wrong, don’t crucify me lol.

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Odd request but I hope you take it, Mc gets turn into a little kid for the day and jumin has to look after her but she ends up wondering of because she went to explore the magical world but when jumin finds her just finds someone picking Mc and running away, Mc just laughing like lol person just bringing me everywhere. 10/10 love to see baby-sitter jumin you can add more if you want of course love to see what you come up with. Sorry if it's too odd if you don't want to I understand. Thank you!

I won’t lie this is an odd request, and it certainly could give off the wrong message to others so this will be altered accordingly. I don’t mean anything rude or bad by it please don’t take it that way I just do not want to give off any sort of negative ‘vibes’ I guess. 

Anyhow, thank you and have a wonderful day, enjoy.


“Are you sure this is necessary?” Jumin asked, peering out of the car window as his father dropped him off.

“Yes I am, every teenager should have some experience with the typical odd job!” He exclaimed, offering a hopeful grin. “Consider it a…‘ride of passage’.”

Jumin didn’t respond, folding his lips doubtfully.

“Listen, you know this family, they’ve worked very closely with us for a long time now, their child, MC is an angel. You shouldn’t have any trouble at least,” Mr. Han assured him, setting a firm hand on his shoulder. “This may even be a good opportunity for you to make a friend.”

“With a six-year-old?” Jumin withheld a sigh, glancing back at him. “I wouldn’t consider that much of an achievement.”

“We have to start somewhere…” He told him, lightheartedly. “If this is where you have to start, that’s just how it is.”

He didn’t respond.

What could he really say anyway?

He stepped out, giving his father a polite dip of his head before he approached the cozy, brick home ahead of him.

It didn’t even take more than a few knocks for your mother to answer.

She smiled at the sight of you, your father rounding about behind her, arms weaving around her waist.

“Oh, Jumin it’s so good to see you how long has it been?” She beamed, waving brightly. “You look more and more like your father every day!”

“…Thank you.”

“Well, we’ll be back by eight or so, MC is outside if you want to introduce yourself and I left some money on the counter so you can order pizza,” She laughed meekly. “I know it’s nothing in comparison to what you usually have but, I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love pizza.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine ma'am.”

“Nice kid,” Your father murmured, giving him a faint goodbye as both of your parents moved out to the car, delighted chatter between the two as the vehicle shifted into the ignition.

And he came to you.

You were, as they said, outside, swinging up to the very clouds in your excitement.

You didn’t even stop as you noticed him.

“Hi!” You yelled out, your voice shifting as you were thrown back and forth. “You’re my ‘babysitter’ aren’t you?”

“I am.”

“How old are you?”

“That’s not a polite thing to ask.”


It was clear it didn’t click in your head.

He resigned, sitting down in one of the lawn chairs across from you.

“I’m fifteen.”

“I’m eight!”

“You’re very young.”

“You’re pretty old!”

He didn’t entirely know how to feel about that.

“You’re Jumin right? My mom talked about you.”

As you stopped launching your legs you eventually lifted yourself from the swing, coming closer to him with curious eyes larger than dinner plates.

“What did she say about me?”

“She said you’re her boss’s son, said you’re real quiet, kinda shy.”

“Do you think I am?”



“You’re talking to me.”

“That doesn’t prove anything.”

“Then don’t talk to me.”


“You’re still talking.”

He crinkled his nose, leaning forward in his bewilderment.

“What does that prove?”

“You just needed someone to talk to.”


“Come on!”

Before he could even question you further you ran off, giggles erupting from you as you rushed down away from the backyard.

“Hey! Hang on!” He began to chase after you, already a spike of worry shooting up inside of him that he hadn’t thought possible.

Of course, you were only eight, so it wasn’t particularly hard to catch you.

He snatched onto your arm before you crossed the street, scoffing as you began to pout, pointing out to something on the other side he couldn’t quite see.

“I wanna show you something!”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“You’ll really like it!”



A bit of him cracked, the glimmer in your eyes and desperation in your voice somehow getting to him.

“I-fine…” He took your hand, keeping you from crossing. “But wait until the cars are gone, okay?”

You lit up like a firework.

“Okay!” You gave a crooked, exhilarated grin. “Thank you!”

And the most peculiar feeling arose in him.


It was a mere spark, but it nearly left the corners of his mouth tugging upwards.

“…You’re welcome.”

Eventually as the distance between the cars grew, he let you lead him on to where the grass drifted against his knees and the trees started to crowd more and more on the edge of the neighborhood.

“Surely your parents don’t allow you out here.”


“Then why do you come out here?”

“Because it’s nice.” You answered, glancing up for a moment. “Don’t you have something like that? Something special?”

He thought for a second.

And was met with an aching.


You thought, responding brightly, not even hesitating for an instant.

“Then we can share this! Together!” You cried. “This’ll be our special thing!”

“You don’t need to do that you know.”

“I know. I want to.”

He didn’t think a child could leave him so stunned.

But you did.

He couldn’t even come up with something to say in return.

He was simply quiet, a sort of awe etched in his expression.

You didn’t seem to mind.

You just continued leading him on, eventually stopping near the edge of a hill where the trees left a bare patch.

“Here! Sit down!”

He obliged, setting himself down beside you on the edge, looking out amongst the rest of the fields, hints of purples and pinks from flowers.

“Now look! Look up!”

He did.

And he was met with pure beauty.

The sun was setting, a blast of warmth decorating the world overhead, speckles of stars and blues peeking from the sun’s rays.

“…Whenever I’m sad I think about this place.” You said softly, meddling with your fingers awkwardly. “I always thought it was really pretty, but I didn’t know if anyone else would like it.”

“Why did you show it to me then?”

“You looked sad.”



“I’m not sad though.”

“Daddy says sadness comes in a lot more ways than just 'sad’,” You remarked, your gaze not quite meeting his. “I just felt sadness for you. I wanted to show you this.”

“I’m supposed to be watching over you, not vice versa.”

“I don’t know what 'vice versa’ means, but I think you’re doing pretty good.” You encouraged him. “I just wanted to be a good friend.”


“Yeah!” Your glee became muted, a bit more worried now. “I mean…I don’t have many friends-but you have to be here so I don’t know if that really makes you my friend-”

“Do you want to be friends?”

You nodded instantly, pleading in your eyes.

“Then I guess we can try it out.”

“Do you not have many friends?”

“I um-no…no I don’t.”

“Then we can just be each other’s friend!” You returned, hopeful. “We have to start somewhere right?”

He nodded, a sense of gentleness welling inside of him.

“We do.”

“Then, friends?”

And for the first time in what felt like ages, he smiled.

A true and actual smile.

And it was because of you.

And the wonderful thing you had brought into his life.


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hey sorry i have a question about the adults writing minors in relationship stuff-there are published books like six of cr/ows and r/aven c/ycle where the writers are adults and write minors exploring their sexuality and romantic relationships with each other (they're good books, i just did that in case you get drama for it showing up in the tags). i just want to know if this is wrong? i dont really know how to google something like this lol

so my personal feelings on this at least are that like, blossoming sexuality (especially when its often something the author feels like working out, i’ve read a lot of gay coming-of-age novels) is quite a lot different than like, porn, which is what a lot of fandom smut is. like i just recently read funny boy by shyam selvadurai, and i think towards the end the main character is 12 or so, and he has sex with the boy he likes. but its very vague, what’s really described is enough to make it clear and then the emotions around it and how he works from like confusion, shame, and guilt to self-acceptance.

another thing i can’t really be certain about i suppose, but i have a feeling a lot of authors of YA novels aren’t like…getting off to it, you know? this ties in with how i’ve yet to read a YA novel that’s just porn. i know groping seemed really hot to me when *i* was 15, but i don’t think that’s how authors feel reliving being awkward teenagers. thinking about loudly and grossly making out with my hs boyfriend in our other friend’s movie theater room was cool at the time and now everything about that feels so mortifying to think about lol. but there’s like, genuine porn of minors in the yoi fandom, aand *a lot* of romantisization of grooming and power imbalance.

the first time i read a book with any sex in it was a just blume book when i was. 11? i think? and the characters are 18 y/o high school seniors so they weren’t Babies but i mean still significantly younger than the author herself, and i don’t think that was weird - it was never written like porn either, it was clumsy and awkward and more about like. growing up and navigating how emotional being a teenager is and (eventually, spoilers lol) how emotional, but not the end of the world, breaking up with someone you’ve had sex with is.

i also feel that “shipping”, whether an individual wants it to or not, implies a certain investment in a relationship that it seems weird for adults to have. like, i read aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe a month or two (10/10 highly recommend made my gay mexican ass happy cry for hours) ago and that book just had smooching, and i reblogged fanart of them holding hands and stuff, but i don’t feel like i “ship” these high schoolers, if that makes any sense?

i’ve said this to people before but i think its sad there’s so many icky shippers, because otherwise like, yurio having an unrequited puberty crush on yuuri? totally plausible. i had crushes on people older than me too. and the ones that weren’t creepy treated me like a younger sibling, as they should. minors figuring out boundaries and relationships and feelings is so, so important, and a lot of the understanding of what’s acceptable comes from the modeling of adults. and because of that, i think like good, honest novels where teenagers have to deal with uncomfortable parts of growing up are important - i know they were for me. but talking about the awkwardness of wet dreams or how genuinely earth-shattering being broken up with for the first time feels when you’re 15 is worlds different than explicit sex scenes between kids.

its a weird line to toe, i think - i know i feel sort of awkward talking to younger trans men about bottom dysphoria now that i’m an adult, but like, i had bottom dysphoria when i was 16 too, i had Gender Feels that were brought on by watching porn and crying about it, and i’m glad there were people willing to talk to me about it without sexualizing our conversations or taking advantage of my openness, you know? i think as an adult you need to be extremely careful and wary and stray on the side of caution when it comes to anything like this, but its not inherently horrible.

inktober for writers day 10: honour


An adherence to what is right; fulfilling an obligation, or keeping a promise.

How can it be right when it feels so wrong? Hajime thinks, shedding his heavy armour coat. He trades out his usual armour for something light; good for travel. He packs up only his most precious essentials.

If honour means that he has to stand by and watch someone that he loves suffer, then he has no place for it.

“Sorry, Tooru,” Hajime whispers. He knows that Tooru never wanted this for him.

He was supposed to be a good knight. Strong. Righteous. Honourable. Maybe even a king someday. They both know he could do it - he’s a talented swordsman, not to mention a natural born leader.

He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with a demon.

But, well…

Apparently, life had other plans.

And when Hajime sees the expression on Tooru’s face (surprise, shock, relief, “but why are you here, it’s not safe-”) when he shows up in the middle of the night, breathless and disheveled with a wild plan for them to escape this kingdom, he knows that he made the right choice.

Fuck honour. Hajime chooses love.

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Companions dare Maxson to ask out Sole making her feel special but then tell her it was a dare Making her feel shattered? Sorry if it's too sad 💓

It’s cool! I love me some drama too fam! ;)

Maxson is dared to ask out F!Sole (Gone wrong lol)

Once Sole was off to help Marcy with some work in Sanctuary, the companions announced the dare to Maxson, without considering any consequences. He couldn’t lie, he wanted to see Sole’s reaction to him asking her out in the first place. He found Sole on her knees carefully planting some tomatoes. He approached her and cleared his throat, capturing her attention “Knight!”. She stood up in no time, wiped some sweat off her forehead with her sleeve and smiled at him “What’s wrong, Elder?”. He cleared his throat once more before holding his hands on his back “Knight… I think this is an appropriate time to express my desire of spending some off duty time with you”; Sole’s face lit up, she was now smiling like an idiot, she knew exactly what was happening…or so she thought… “Are you asking me out…Arthur?” she giggled at the thought. “…Affirmative.” he answered with a straight face. Her smile doubled itself as she nodded her head. Before she could hug him, she watched him cover his mouth to hide a laugh. She stood there in surprise and stared at him as he laughed at her innocence. “You need to be sharper than that Knight! This was nothing but a test”. Her smile disappeared. She watched his face turning into a serious one as he started to lecture her about her innocence. Midway his sentences, he was shocked to see her holding her heart area and tearing up. She then burst into heavy tears, made out a “…you’re cruel”, but only barely. He was then worried, by his surprise. She gave him a final look, full of pain before running away. He didn’t get to run after her since the shock took over his body. They soon realized that the dare was a horrible idea…


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Do u think it's acceptable for bi girls to think of themselves as femme/butch/etc or is that strictly for lesbians?

as a general mindset i don’t really like to police people’s identities, but i think “femme” and “butch” (i’m not sure what you meant to be included with etc, sorry!) are specific words that convey much more than “masculinity” or “femininity,” although that’s what they’re usually (especially femme) watered down to. 

femme and butch are more than aesthetics; they’re ways of presenting oneself to women, for women, outside of the gaze or preferences of men. (note: i have seen some people use the term “availability to men” when describing this and i disagree with that–i think framing bi/pan women as “available to men” is gross and misogynistic.) i’ve also noticed that overwhelmingly more people want to use “femme” rather than “butch,” which suggests a knowledge that butchness is rooted in relationships solely between women (i.e., lesbianism) and has therefore come to have worse connotations than “femme.”

“femme” doesn’t mean “likes to wear dresses and lipstick and do traditionally ‘feminine’ things,” although that’s how many people interpret it. butches are gender non conforming, yes, but so are femmes, in that all lesbians are inherently gnc due to the fact that we don’t involve ourselves in relationships with men. i think that’s the point a lot of non-lesbians can miss: a femme’s “femme-ness” is rooted in their gender transgression and the fact that they are exclusively interested in women/women-aligned people. so while femmes may appear to “conform” to femininity, they are in fact rooted in gender non conformity.

i think it’s easier for some people to see that butchness doesn’t make sense in the context of dating men because “femme” sounds so similar to mainstream femininity. so i don’t want to say it’s inherently “wrong” or “bad” for nonlesbians to use those terms, but i think that there should be careful consideration, especially if the person is in a relationship with a man, of the nuanced history and what it stands for.

If theres one ship I dislike more than SS and NS, its SuiKarin. SuiKarin is something SasuSaku fans made up to protect their “otp” from karin. Which is honestly so pathetic lol. Pretending to like Karin and all. For some reason its cute to them how theyre always fighting? Thats not cute. They degrade each other and its but an extremely abusive relationship. God, where do I start? its all types of wrong. Theres no love, barely even friendship between these two. I could go on forever.


Yixing doing 20 clap pushups ^^

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Lol idk who else to say this too. But i always scroll through the teratophilia tag and there's a picture of someone's penis and idk whats wrong with it but its not normal and everytime i see it i almost scream. Im sorry if you didnt want to hear this but i just saw it again and i cringed

I’ve noticed said…image. And yeah, it’s jarring. All I can say is block the blog and it won’t come up when you search. You can also simply block the image if you have xkit.

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kip-soto said:Wait shit i think you’re the person that loves monochrome a lot

kip-soto said:3rd update: I fucked up you’re the wrong person I thought you were crazy about monochrome and I’m sorry again

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BTS on Yoongi’s birthday

JH: so what are we doing for yoongi hyung’s birthday again?

J: we’re gonna surprise him with presents and cake!

JK:  but hes so old what if he has a heart attack?



JK: I stand by what I said.

J: now I see why namjoon hates u sometimes


JM: shit u guys shut up yoongi hyung is here

SG: hey guys u called–



J: calm down yoongi


JK: lol I called it

V: sorry we wanted to surprise u … surprise?

JM: are u okay??

SG: no wtf

RM: okay well after ur done having ur heart attack can u start opening presents already

JK: open mine first!

SG: sure whatever


SG: u got me underwear

JK: yup, now u can stop ‘borrowing’ mine


JK: its more like a gift for myself but yeah ur welcome

JH: okay well that sucked

JH: here my present is better

SG: …these are coupons for free hugs

JH: yeah and I bought u a birthday dinner!!

JH: but I only had like $10 on me at the time so I got u 2 packs of ramen

SG: gee thanks I can really feel the love

JH: only the best for my favorite jackass

RM: okay my turn

RM: I brought u my wisdom


SG: whut

RM: now I know u have lived a long life in ur years as a grandpa but Im smarter and hav more experience with mixtapes and I just wanted to make sure u knew that I am here if u ever need guidance 

SG: okay fuck u 

SG: seokjin hyung please tell me u have something better

J: of course I do yoongi



SG: well where is it?

J: ur looking at him

J: Im blessing u with my presence and that should be more than enough

SG: seokjin wtf no

J: oh

J: then no I have nothing better

SG: gdi

V: oh oh its my turn here look at mine look at mine!!

SG: oh wow its actually in a box thanks taehyung

V: open it!!

SG: ok ok


SG: theres nothing in here what did u get me?





JK & V: *incomprehensible screaming*

SG: sit tf down before I cut both of ur nuts off

V: oh

V: okay

JK: sorry

JM: well it seems that everyones presents flopped

JM: but u still have mine to look forward to!

SG: idek if I want to know what u got me

JM: why not?

JM: I got u the leather jacket u were eyeing in the store yesterday