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people freaking out over these out-there theories while sana and yousef are just flirting and a beautiful relationship is blossoming? maybe this season will be like the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror you know, not everything has to end so badly. i say just enjoy the content we are actually getting and worry about drama and when it actually starts happening? and no one understands what all the s3 parallels mean yet so… cause at the moment all i see is a beautiful muslim girl who is the literal sun with a crush on a beautiful muslim boy who encourages her in every way.

Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being too Innocent to Know What it Means. . .

Anonymous said: okay, so i had this ridiculous conversation with my friend, she always says dirty things but is too innocent minded to know what the alternative could mean. so could you do that for mx and exo. where their innocent girlfriend says something dirty, but then is like , “what? whats wrong? what did i say?” thanks sorry if its so detailed… lol

Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being Too Innocent to Know What it Means… (this is a long ass title)

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A/N guys,,, i’m back. it’s been too long, and i feel so guilty for that,,, but here’s a reaction to make up for it. please forgive me,, everything is okay so thank you j-j-jackson-ah for the supportive message,,, gash i didn’t know you guys cared like that. everything is okay,, my grandma is in assisted living,, life happens,, shes a sweet old lady and she’s staying strong. <3

Kai Eonni ~


You would be sitting at a dinner table, deciding to have a relaxing night out with the boys. You had suddenly said something, not really thinking before saying it. There was a silence throughout the group, some trying to figure out if you meant to say that, others wondering if the innocent persona you emanate was just a show all along. Suho would quickly cover it up, and if he has enough time would ‘shhh’ you before you got the whole ill phrased sentence out, knowing that you didn’t mean for it to come out like that. He would quickly try to make an excuse for you to the other members, knowing what was going through their heads at that time. As you ask, “What? What’s wrong? What did I say?” Suho would refuse to explain to you, however, if you keep asking for him to tell you, he would give in and say, “I’ll tell you when we get home Jagi. But don’t worry about it for now. Okay?”

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This would be what he lives for. This has happened before, and every time he would find this so amusing. However, whenever you ask for him to explain what you said, he would refuse and just ask that you never change. He finds it so sweet and cute, and he doesn’t want to ruin it by explaining the meaning of the dirty things you’re saying. He would then mock you by patting the top of your head like a kid in a loving way trying to keep a straight face while saying, “When you become more mature I’ll explain, but until then, no.”

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This would shock Puppy-Channie. He would find this hilarious and would jokingly ask, “Babe, have you been holding out on me this whole time?” However, he would know that you were too innocent and meant the latter meaning. This has happened many times and he would always tease you before explaining what the other meaning is. He would enjoy watching your face change into an expression of shock as you quickly rush to explain you didn’t mean that. He would always tease you, wrapping his long arm around your shoulder and say, “But did you really not mean that? Or are you trying to give me hint?” Like the little ass he is. However, the moments this tall ridiculous giant really lives for are when you slip up in front of the other members, especially the other little ass Baekhyun so they can bully you together. And don’t think that Chanyeol isn’t sending a text to Baekhyun when Baek isn’t there to witness it first hand, ‘cause the moment you mess up, Chanyeol is sending that shit faster than lightning – like a mom sending a video of their child walking for the first time to the husband.

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This would shock little cinnamon roll. He would feel sympathetic, especially if it was in front of others, because he knows you don’t mean it in that way. However, you would catch on that you said something questionable when you see the face Xiu-Xiu makes *cue gif* He would try to reassure you that he knew what you really meant, but there are those times when you get so fed up with his and especially the other member’s dirty minds, but all sweet-mittens-Xiu would be able to say is, “I’m sorry Jagi, but… We’re men, we can’t help it if our brains are wired to 98% of the time to think sexually.”

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He wouldn’t notice. And if you were with the other members, he still wouldn’t notice, and you two would need the other members to explain it to both of you. He would probably do the same thing, say one thing, but it be taken by other people around you guys as something dirty and sexy. The best part would be you two talking about something and then Lay says one thing that sounds dirty and you reply with something else that sounds even dirtier and you two don’t notice –having completely serious faces, talking in a fairly serious tone as well – but Baekhyun and Chanyeol were sitting there waiting for this moment, their phone cameras on and rolling, ready and catching the golden moment for laughs later in the very near future when the rest of the members come home and they share it with them.

*Lay learning the alternate meaning of what he said*

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Chen would have a hoot about this. This would be his daily dose of entertainment, and the best part for him is that it was his girlfriend. He would also find this as a good way to get you all hot-and-bothered while teaching you new things about ‘activities’ you can do in bed. Chen would see this as a win-win for both sides, being a win for you ‘cause you’re learning and a win for him because his girlfriend is leaning new sexy things and also he gets a laugh out of it. He’s a gorgeous sexy beast that knows how to use his time to his benefit, let’s just end it on that.

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He would approach this situation with more maturity out of all of these morons. Of course he would let a chuckle out, I mean, who doesn’t laugh at unplanned dirty jokes from the most unexpected of people? He would quietly lean over and whisper into your ear, “You might want to rephrase that Jagiya…” Giving you a heads up when he sees you look confused as to why the other members are trying – but failing – to hold in their laughter.

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Hysterical laughs, that’s all you’ll be able to hear after you let out a poorly constructed phrase. He would need a moment to get himself together as you sit there confused as to what you said that was so funny. He would be willing to explain the other meaning, but would ask you a few times, “Are you sure you want to know?” just to be sure you’re 100% ready to hear what he and the other members heard. After when you get flustered, Baekhyun would cuddle you close as he gushes over you, “Awww, my Jagiya is too cute and innocent for this world! I can’t handle your cuteness Jagi!”

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This would also come as a shock to Luhan. He liked the innocent side of you, giving him the feeling of responsibility to care for you – a feeling he likes. However, he wouldn’t hate this either, it would be cute, and he would get a laugh out of it, however, when you ask him to explain what you said, he would refuse, saying, “No, you’re too innocent minded, and I like you like that.” Giving you a kiss on the forehead to show his affection and unconditional love for you.

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The moment that phrase leaves your mouth, expect Tao to give you that ‘What the fuck?’ expression. He would have those days where he acts dramatic about it and rests his forehead on his hand, needing to take a break from the world and all it’s throwing at him in that moment. Though those reactions would be rare, most of the time he would tell you to rephrase what you said, then remind you that you need to think about what you say so you don’t come off as a pervert to people who don’t know the real you – meaning the innocent you. He would always feel bad for his harsh responses though and would silently apologize by giving you extra affection later.

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This would shock Sehun. Probably into silence to be honest. He wouldn’t know where this came from and would be questioning the relationship – not whether you should break up, but wondering if you were one of those girls where you act like an innocent lady in the streets but become a freak in the sheet. ‘Cause to be honest, Sehunnie-Poo isn’t sure if he’s ready for that kind of Fifty Shades of Grey relationship just yet. After all, he is still just barely older than a toddler, lezz be honest, we’re counting in male-maturity years after all. He didn’t think that was where the relationship was heading. He would ask if you knew what you just said, in a fairly serious manner, and when you give him a blank stare back, he would sigh in relief and realize your innocent mind was as close to a dirty mind as you would get. He would then tell you to be careful about what you say to who.

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He would find this cute and very endearing. He would always cover up for you when out with other people, just to help you from getting flustered, however when you two are alone and you slip up, Kris would tease you about it. Loving you blushed cheeks and rush to fix what you said, sometimes only making it worse, giving him more of a laugh. He would always pamper you afterwards though, trying to get you to forgive him when he pushed you too far and got you upset with him.

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Fan Letters (Optional Bias)

request:  Can i get a optional bias scenario wheres your a well know idol and he is just a normal person so he starts to get insecure bcs of all the fanboys so you have to reassure him. Lol sorry if its to detailed

genre: fluff

word count: 390

author’s note: i haven’t written anything for this blog in forever and i feel really bad :((( i’m going to try and start writing more, but school has me all types of fucked up ugh. and i wrote it in third person because i felt like it sounded better. anyways, i hope you all enjoy!

**also sorry if this is an inaccurate representation of a fan sign, because i’ve never attended one, and i usually don’t watch the videos from them, so yeah. if i get something wrong, don’t crucify me lol.

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omg so many people on that post said they hate f451 i am so offended????? i’m gonna sit down w my kids tomorrow and be like be honest do u hate it am i hurting u

BTS on Yoongi’s birthday

JH: so what are we doing for yoongi hyung’s birthday again?

J: we’re gonna surprise him with presents and cake!

JK:  but hes so old what if he has a heart attack?



JK: I stand by what I said.

J: now I see why namjoon hates u sometimes


JM: shit u guys shut up yoongi hyung is here

SG: hey guys u called–



J: calm down yoongi


JK: lol I called it

V: sorry we wanted to surprise u … surprise?

JM: are u okay??

SG: no wtf

RM: okay well after ur done having ur heart attack can u start opening presents already

JK: open mine first!

SG: sure whatever


SG: u got me underwear

JK: yup, now u can stop ‘borrowing’ mine


JK: its more like a gift for myself but yeah ur welcome

JH: okay well that sucked

JH: here my present is better

SG: …these are coupons for free hugs

JH: yeah and I bought u a birthday dinner!!

JH: but I only had like $10 on me at the time so I got u 2 packs of ramen

SG: gee thanks I can really feel the love

JH: only the best for my favorite jackass

RM: okay my turn

RM: I brought u my wisdom


SG: whut

RM: now I know u have lived a long life in ur years as a grandpa but Im smarter and hav more experience with mixtapes and I just wanted to make sure u knew that I am here if u ever need guidance 

SG: okay fuck u 

SG: seokjin hyung please tell me u have something better

J: of course I do yoongi



SG: well where is it?

J: ur looking at him

J: Im blessing u with my presence and that should be more than enough

SG: seokjin wtf no

J: oh

J: then no I have nothing better

SG: gdi

V: oh oh its my turn here look at mine look at mine!!

SG: oh wow its actually in a box thanks taehyung

V: open it!!

SG: ok ok


SG: theres nothing in here what did u get me?





JK & V: *incomprehensible screaming*

SG: sit tf down before I cut both of ur nuts off

V: oh

V: okay

JK: sorry

JM: well it seems that everyones presents flopped

JM: but u still have mine to look forward to!

SG: idek if I want to know what u got me

JM: why not?

JM: I got u the leather jacket u were eyeing in the store yesterday


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its... pretty funny how as soon as she apologized to you and like as soon as youre not upset anymore minty suddenly deserves to be left alone like.. i get that you dont mean any harm but? shes still racist and a bad person lol. like you contribute to the 'harassing' and as soon as she says sorry to you the 'harassment is getting out of hand' like.. the hell

im just saying stop bringing it up with me i worded the post wrong and changed it i just dont want to be included bc surprise. im a human too 

dont expect me to be the one to fix all this mess bc thats just shitty to expect one person to fix this all


Yixing doing 20 clap pushups ^^

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Hi Maddy-kun !! As the most decent guy I'd met in tumblr, I want to know ur thoughts ❤ can you tell us in your POV how Sasuke planned to marry? For me, I think he rushed things up, if not, how can he survived not getting Sakura's virginity when they're literally together? I really doubt him (as a man) sorry if its offending but if they're a couple they can do it w/o marriage, (like asuma & kurenai). But I'm not that kind of girl lol. So if he planned marrying her, how? in a short period of time?

Yeah… To be honest that’s really rubbed me the wrong way.

I see absolutely no reason why he “as a man” would be unable to survive without getting Sakura’s virginity. It’s not like we’re all sex-crazed beasts, and that goes double for Sasuke who’s arguably one of the purest people in the series when it comes to matters of the heart, and things of a sexual nature.

I don’t think Sasuke rushed things at all, I’m actually almost certain that it was a very gradual process, with him slowly opening up to her more and more about himself, his past, his family, his views with hindsight etc, thereby slowly building up their relationship. He wouldn’t just rush into marriage simply because he wanted Sakura’s virginity. Uchiha’s value love and family more than anyone else, not sex.

Lastly, Asuma and Kurenai didn’t have sex before marriage; they were married before Mirai was conceived. This was clarified in the guidebook for The Last.

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(1) i'm now rewatching the part with make-up challenge AND NOW I HEAR SO MUCH MORE!!!!! when jack says that there's gonna be a poll on twitter to found out who is the prettiest 'girl' he then says "it's DEFINITELY gonna be joe" (2:31:34) and then joe and jack give each other like a high five but with fists (sorry my english is bad), then obviously the "slide in your dm" thing, then at 2:32:49 he says "he's got sunkissed(???) hair, looks like mine" (and look at how joe looks at him!!!!)

(3) and at 2:39:22 when the camera is on caspar i hear jack saying “i can’t believe you’re not gay”????? or what does he say i keep hearing this lol idk probably i’m wrong. lmao i’m so sorry for this huge ramble i’m just a big joeck shipper and i’m so HYPED rn sorry. ily :)

(sorry i didnt get part 2 of this) but omg im so dead jack just couldnt control himself!! he was so flirty and touchy with joe and was obsessed with telling him he looked good,,its like,,,joe looked so pretty that jack didnt even know what to do with himself. also here are some other moments, like jacks super underappreciated joke,

jack: im with lucy…and youre with lydia. see i can tell difference! i can tell the difference. 
joe: *sits down in front of him* 
jack: *points at him* you’re caspar, right? 

and then he said that he could tell by the colour of joes t-shirt or something and joe did thiS? 

jack using this challenge as an excuse to run his fingers through joes hair saying they should style it even tho thats not part of the challenge and lucy told him to stop (he didnt stop)

also i know its kinda hard to see but joe gives jack such a genuine, scrunchy-eyed smile when jack says he has sun kissed hair i love flirting

i dont even have any words for this lol just,,,thanks so much

jack carefully tilting joes face up :))

everything abt this killed me


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                  Oikawa Tooru & Alexander The Great 

So, I wanted to take a moment to talk about this topic for a bit. I know there are several other posts that already analyze the symbolic nature to these two figures but I’m not here to necessarily to do that. There is another wavelength I would like to cover that has recently came to my attention. 

For readers, it is clearly evident to why Furudate would make a reference to Alexander the Great in regards to Oikawa. In terms of leadership and his position of command, Tooru holds great qualities that help him lead his team to victory. When I really took the time to think about it and do a bit of research, I found that you could argue that the reference goes a bit deeper than expected.  

A little history lesson here ( and please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this, I’m no expert really ) but Alexander the Great believed in Greek Polytheism. While this form of religion is very broad and has many different complexities to it, the Greek culture holds values a bit different for their time period. In famous literature, as seen in classics such as The Iliad and The Odyssey, a common theme, and quite heavily enforced, presented throughout was man’s downfall because of pride. 

The Iliad depicts this lesson well, explaining how Achilleas wouldn’t have lost his lover if it had not been for his stubborn pride. Though, in this time period strength and brute force was considered essential in war. Later though, as referenced in The Odyssey, cleverness and the intelligence of outsmarting your enemy is valued more than just physical strength in itself. Odysseus is an intelligent man, coming up with witty ways to escape his enemies but like anything else, his pride puts him in dangerous situations, ones that could have been avoided at best. 

I like to believe Furudate was inspired by the philosophy of the Greek and there was a significance to choosing Alexander the Great from this time period. The way I kind of see it is Oikawa’s rival, Ushiwaka-chan, can be referenced to the old school mentality of “brawns over brains.” This is not saying that Ushiwaka is unintelligent. In this time period, the greatest and strongest warriors were always sent out to fight the main battles, taking the role of leadership. This basically reminded me of the chapter where Waka’s coach talks about his style of game play, where players are chosen solely to help Waka. Oikawa represents the evolved belief, that being tactical is more useful, drawing out the most from his teammates and multiplying their talents. 

What spurred this thought on was Oikawa’s famous line, “This insignificant pride of mine, you had better damn well remember it.” I find it so ironic and interesting that this topic/theme is brought up here. Is it pure coincidence or is there really significance to this whole ordeal?

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I'm sorry I started this whole argument, i never meant to insinuate that the responsibility was yours alone (really thank you though you've been so upfront with people Its really refreshing. Hope to see more skits like the civil war one; at least to me its where your creativity shines the brightest. Same with the skits before and after gameplay vids, really helps to break up the pacing of the video and keeps me engaged.)

Its fine! Really, you did nothing wrong lol. I’m only restating things i have seen fans/the community have said themselves. There is another skit like Civil War coming very soon!


I kept running and running until the screams of my name got quieter and quieter. Luke still doesn’t even know I’m here. I ran to a park before I collapsed in the snow. I sobbed for what felt like hours but in reality it was only 10 minutes. I calmed down as I watched the snow flakes each with its own unique falling down hitting my eyelashes before they melted away. That reminds me of mine and Lukes relationship, Something unique that stays for a while then out of no where it disappears, only to vanish into something unseeable. Hours have passed and Im just sitting here.

Maybe no one cares. Maybe no one even notices i’m gone.

I get up of the snow and start walking again. I started sobbing quietly, sniffling ever so often.

“(Y/N)?!” A voice says quite loudly. I ignore it.

“(Y/N)!!!?” the voice said louder.

“WHAT!” I yell at the voice with a face I can’t put on. 

“(Y/N) I was so worried! Do you know what time it is?! I’ve been searching all night for you! Its almost 5am!” The voice now with a face said with worry. 

I couldn’t help it. I just balled again, and tightly embraced Calum

“C-c-calum I saw him with another g-girl” I sobbed into his chest

“I know babe, I know. I fucking whipped that kids ass.” He said trying to be funny but I could hear how mad he was and how he was trying to hide it.

He embraced me into his chest bringing me to his car. we drove in silence until we reached the hotel again. I dreaded to go back in, and I think Calum can tell.

“Babe, its alright he went for a drive” Calum spoke reassuringly. 

I followed behind him like a puppy as we walked to the elevator and held onto him as if I would never see him again. we walked until we reached the door number 246. Calum held me close as he sang quiet calming songs we sat on the couch. No sounds but him singing and me quietly sobbing, soon after we both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to see Calum on the phone crying softly. 

“Calum?! whats wrong” I said scared and hoping for an answer

“I-It’s The hospital…” Calum said crying and shocked

“Whats going on Calum?!” I said now in tears

“I-Its Luke…" 

PART 1: http://katt5sos.tumblr.com/post/78107841557/imagine-luke


hey lets show those gross cissies!!! uwu reblog and add ur cute trans aesthetic!! here's mine

the dark pit of dysphoria. nights spent sobbing and wishing i was born cis
wanting to die. breaking the mirror in my room because i can never look real. fear. so much fear

oh wait sorry um did i do that wrong i mean uh
SO glad im trans lol its so cute !!!!!!!!!!!love being forced to use the wrong restroom. love being beaten up. so quirky :3