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Only a dragon would not even question that a millennium of exile is an extremely long one! 

We will try to find something for you to break, Mark 1.

We Repair Ponies #247

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It’s Day 3 now and I’m gonna post something I’ve never posted on here before. Bad art time, guys. These are the original concept sketches that eventually led up to the creation of this blog!

2 years ago, I was originally drawing these for the @lunadoodle blog where I drew a doodle of Luna a day to submit there. But I kept drawing Luna with Celestia and I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed drawing the two of them just being cute and interacting together. So much so that I made this tumblr.

In the description for the first doodle: “ Who knows maybe I’ll use it in a comic someday.” pffhaha little did I know. It’s really cool to just see the style develop, and just remember where I was back then.

Anyway yeah enough with me rambling. Hope you guys enjoy this little piece of blog history ^^

When one of your cousins likes MLP and the other likes Star Wars and you’re short for time on Christmas presents

anonymous asked:

Seeing as Halloween is just around the corner, could you make some headcannons for what the Dangan Ronpa 1, 2 or a mix think or do

HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYSSSSS! -HUGS YOU ALL AND GIVES YOU LOTS OF CANDY- This is pretty much a HUGEEE post, but these are all pretty fun and some of them are HILARIOUS! I didn’t put it under a “Read More” because Tumblr’s mobile app can’t display “Read More”s correctly and I expect some people to be on their phones during Halloween, hahha. >_@creakie and @atalantaz for some of the ideas! ~ Mod Narii

In order of things I thought up for each character: costumes/ what they’ll be doing on Halloween evening/ extra comments

Dangan Ronpa 1:


  • James Bond
  • He’s handing out candy to children and melting at how adorable the children are.
  • He’s James Bond because he didn’t want to scare the kids.


  • He’s probably dressed up as something “Great Gatsby”-esque because it’s a “peasant’s festival and there is no better place to be at than my mansion”.
  • He secretly loves Halloween because it’s a reason for him to show his wealth, so he’s ordering the servants around for the many, many trick-or-treaters who all come to the Togami mansion for three digits worth of candy .


  • Nurse
  • She’s giving candy to children. She’s quite awkward though, but she smiles at them a bit oddly, so the children feel a bit awkward and mumble a thank you before leaving quickly.
  • If teens come to her, she’d tell them off with a “Don’t you guys have anything better to do?”.


  • Witch
  • She’s handing out candy to children because Komaru told her to and that it’s for just one night. Komaru and her are having a Halloween-themed sleepover night, with horror movies.
  • She secretly likes seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they receive candy.


  • Mad scientist
  • He’s quite shy about handing out candy, but he has to since his father bought wayyy too much candy. He loves seeing the children smile though.
  • When the children compliment his costume, he gets very flustered and shyly thanks them for the compliment.


  • Cheerleader
  • She hands out candies to her fans during a huge Halloween-themed concert while singing Halloween songs.


  • A vampire noble
  • Decorates her house in a fancy, luxurious mansion theme and plays Diabolik Lovers or some creepy, dark-themed game with handsome men.
  • She wouldn’t open the door even for trick-or-treaters.


  • Sailor Moon (YESSSS)
  • She’s handing out candy quite happily and she actually gets very into character, saying speeches about protecting the children.
  • The children who were kind of apprehensive of visiting her all love her afterwards.


  • Living doll
  • She’s hovering around Junko as she’s giving out healthy candy. Junko orders her to stand in a corner without moving then scare the passing children.


  • Something sexy and revealing, like a sexy nurse or policewoman.
  • She’s giving out healthy candy that tastes bad and the path to her house would be filled with really scary contraptions that scare the living hell out of you.


  • Business man
  • He hands out candy to children from a suitcase to fit the theme, but parents think he’s handing out shady items such as drugs, so they all prevent their children from going to his house. He ends up spending a pretty lonely evening, but he gets all the candy to himself.


  • A Disney princess
  • She’s handing out candy with Sakura. They’ve prepared some homemade candy together the day right before as well during the day of Halloween.
  • She’s all giggles and smiles when the kids refer to her as her costume


  • Japanese emperor
  • He’s handing out “healthy” treats to every children he crosses while explaining safety precautions to them.
  • The kids find his costume cool and listen to him with awed expressions.


  • Zombie
  • He organizes a haunted house in his gang’s lair. His henchmen and him work all night at scaring anyone who wants to try out the haunted house. His attraction is actually really scary, but when told that, he denies it with a “Whatttt? That’s not scary at all”. The kids get too scared, so he asks his henchmen to make it less scary, but it’s still one of the scariest places on Halloween.
  • At the end of it, the kids would get a bunch of candy, so they wouldn’t complain at all.


  • Policeman
  • He goes trick-or-treating for free candy. Or at least, tries to. His goatee rats him out immediately. He ends up asking some kids to get him some candy and they actually do it, because he pretends to be a legit policeman.
  • He tries hitting on attractive passerbys.


  • Mangaka with lots of those winged pens and even nerdier glasses and plenty of manga storyboards in his hands.
  • He’s reluctantly handing out candy to the kids who pass by his house, although he’d prefer continuing writing fanfic.
  • The only reason he dressed up was for the kids. They know where his cosplay comes from; they are surprisingly big fans of Bakuman.

Dangan Ronpa 2:


  • Vampire (oh geez he’d be so attractive)
  • He helps design haunted houses and yards of people. He carves creepy faces onto pumpkins and decorates with eerie tombstones, lanterns, skeletons, etc. He has nothing else to do and too much time and money on his hands. His house would be one of the creepiest. When children ring the doorbell, already scared, he quickly opens the door because he’s so excited to see children, but they all run off. 


  • Pokémon trainer, with one or two Pokémon plushies
  • She’s trick-or-treating, although she ends up battling kids with Pokémon on the way many, many times. She ends up giving lots of kids her EV-trained and shiny Pokémon.


  • Mummy
  • She’s walking around with a first aid kit, making sure all the children are unharmed and enjoying themselves. She’s also putting cute Hello Kitty reflective tape on them so they’ll be seen in the night. The children complain that she’s ruining their costume though.


  • Succubus (those horns though)
  • She’s trick-or-treating and hiding in bushes to scare children.
  • She also teams up with Mondo at some point when she gets bored to scare more people.


  • Japanese princess
  • She goes trick-or-treating with Mahiru. Her small size and baby face gets her all the candy she wants!


  • Alice in Wonderland
  • She’s giving out with sparkly eyes foreign candies from Novoselic to children. They think it must be amazing candy from her enthusiasm, but they all really hate it once they try it, asking each other if what they ate was even candy.
  • She actually believes that the children are monsters, hearing that it was a night when “monsters and humans join together”.


  • Demon overlord “HA I can finally show you my TRUE FORM! Witness my hidden prowess, BWAHAHAHA!” Also, the Dark Devas of Destruction are wearing little costumes that he made himself, like hats and capes as well, because he wants them to be a part of the celebrations.
  • He’s probably walking around and making sure no “demons” attack the trick-or-treaters aka the children.
  • He gets quite embarrassed when they tell him his costume is cool, but he huffs quite proudly and hands them “my secret ingredients” aka candy.


  • Byakuya Togami
  • He’s definitely trick-or-treating for the candy. He finds it amusing how people always question why he’s trick-or-treating, since he’s supposed to be Byakuya. He ends up saying “Why don’t you do something with your life instead of complaining about a stranger trick-or-treating? Now give me the candy”.


  • Angel
  • She goes trick-or-treating with Hiyoko, although she is too busy snapping pictures of the Ultimate Traditional Dancer as well as all the beautiful costumes and settings she sees.


  • Volleyball player or some kind of athlete
  • She’s SUPPOSED to give out candy, but she ends up eating everything. Nekomaru, when he passes by, is shocked that she couldn’t bring the joy to the children, but he laughs it off heartily.


  • Assassin
  • She’s lurking around Fuyuhiko when he’s giving out candy in case any enemy yakuzas come by. She secretly loves how happy he looks, although he will always deny being overjoyed about Halloween.


  • Superhero
  • He would go trick-or-treating. He actually planned everything out, mapping out which route was the most time-efficient and which houses to avoid (Junko’s and Taka’s). He also wears a mask, so people would just think he’s a tall kid. He eventually goes to see Hajime and Fuyuhiko so they would join him.


  • Frankenstein (His ahoge is the antennae)
  • He’s carefully preparing the candy to give to the children, organizing them neatly. When he hands them out, he asks all of them if they have any allergies, what kinds they like. Kazuichi comes and drags him to go trick-or-treating at some point though, so Hajime reluctantly joins, saying “Uhh Kazuichi, we’re way too old for this”.


  • Fireman
  • He’s handing out candy to children because he secretly loves how happy they look when they get candy. At some point, Hajime and Kazuichi come over and ask him to join them (K: “Eyyy”, H: “h a l p”). He’s the one who proposes the haunted house to Kazuichi and mentions the large amount of candy prizes. He secretly does it to see his reaction. 


  • Wrestler
  • He’s giving out candy to children while giving them tips on how to become stronger later on, judging them by how small/slim they look. He’s very pumped up and screams motivational quotes and the children are always very excited after going to his house.


  • He’s dressed up as a musketeer, because it’s suave.
  • He hands out delicious candy that he made himself during the week. The children love it, so they always come back to his house. Thankfully, he was prepared and had made plenty. His house is one of the most popular.
  • For the attractive individuals, he gives them chocolates that he considers “aphrodisiacs”.


  • Leon goes trick-or-treating at Junko’s house and flirts with her. She rewards him with some healthy, horrible-tasting candy.
  • When children compliment Mukuro, Junko gets jealous and exclaims that she’s the one who did her makeup and thought of the idea of the costume.
  • Kazuichi, Hajime and Fuyuhiko would try out Mondo’s haunted mansion for the enormous amount of candy at the end. It’s way too scary for Kazuichi though, so he ends up running away and/or crawling into a ball in a corner and calling for help. Hajime’s pretty scared as well, but he ends up taking care of Kazuichi until Mondo comes. Fuyuhiko’s just laughing at Kazuichi, but he soon gets scared as well. Peko comes flying in, to the rescue. Mondo, once he arrives and sees the odd situation, would probably laugh and give them some compensation candy.
  • Kiyotaka, if he sees Leon as a policeman and telling the children to get candy for him, would get upset and start scolding him about taking advantage of children and using an administrative and honourable job as a costume.
  • Komaru is a black cat, to match with Touko’s witch costume.
  • Kiyotaka and Mikan team up to ensure a healthy and safe environment for kids. Taka’s way more loud than Mikan though, and the kids get scared of Taka and gather around Mikan, who gets even more flustered.

- Guess who? X)

What’s there left to clarify ?

Sunset is warming up Celestia’s throne while she is on an official trip, and wanting to enjoy the moment, Sunset decided to parody her a bit XD

At first I drew this only for the sake of the joke and I wasn’t intending to just leave it be, but for some reason this idea amused so I decided to remake it)“


Twilight: “Wait just a minute, Starswirl was what? Luna, what were you going to say? Celestia interrupted you before you could say it-" 

Celestia looks to her younger sister, with surprisingly, an annoyed expression on her face. Luna sinks back nervously, her cheeks coloring a tinge of red in embarrassment.

Celestia: ”….“

Luna: ”..H-Hehe…“



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Ooook , i found an old Pony that i made on Pony Creator like 2 years ago but eey

I drew it now that i have the ability to ;w; 

And hell ye it came out good , she alredy have a history and personality i’m proud of this oc

OK , Blind Wigs is a regular pegasus she doesn’t have any powers or such , she was born with wings but she didn’t have the strength to fly so she never learned to

As a kid she went with her mother to Canterlot for working matters , and she used to see the royal guard there , she was there every week so she always saw the guards fighting and protecting the city , so she decided that she would like to be part of Equestria Army when grow up

She got in Celestia school and started to train how to fight , she learned to use a sword and even tho she couldn’t fly she used her wings for defense and fighting it self

She grew up with a high level ability with swords, she couldn’t use any magic but her skills were great , when she was teen she got the title of Paladin by Princess Celestia and that’s when she got her CutieMark 

Since than she is a guard in Canterlot and is called to protect Equestria from low level enemies that don’t require magic ot be defeated