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…wait, aren’t we magical talking horses? Why do we need planes anyway?

Happy Fifth Anniversary everypony! I can’t believe we are still here after five years! Here’s hoping for another five!

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She’s Not a Little Girl Anymore

Peter and Lucy had always been close, anyone could see how close the oldest and youngest Pevensies were. Even when Peter married Y/N, he always found special time for his littlest sibling. While Y/N was away on political business, Peter was prone to nightmares and Lucy became his guardian angel and more often than not comforted him after waking him up.

Peter found himself running through the Shuddering Woods. His heart pounded away as he scoured for his family.

“Y/N!” he shouted, his voice echoing in the apparently empty woods. With no response, he continued to search for his wife. Peter looked far and wide, in desperation, trying to find her.

He stopped when he saw Y/N’s crown lying on the ground, Peter rushed forward to pick it up, his panic began to intensify at the sight. He walked a ways from where he found her crown and saw Y/N laying, rolled up in her cloak.

“Y/N,” he gasped turning her over to see her throat slit, “no,” he whispered, grabbing her, “no!”

“Peter,” Lucy shook her brother awake from his nightmare. He jolted awake, sitting up straight in his bed. “It’s okay,” the now 18 year old Lucy comforted her brother, who was dripping in a cold sweat.

“She was gone, Lu, her throat slit,” he panted.

“It was just a nightmare, Pete,” she grabbed his hand, “c’mon,” she pulled him towards the castle kitchen.

As the two Pevensies reached the kitchen, Peter had stopped panting and became more level headed. Lucy, while older, still found herself in need of brother’s assistance to reach the chocolate powder. Ever since being sent to the professor’s and in Narnia, Lucy and Peter found hot chocolate helped the other when they were going through a tough time, it became their little ritual.

“Still need my help, shorty?” Peter managed to crack lightly.

“Or maybe you’re just freakishly tall.” Lucy retorted as she sat down next to him with their mugs. She paused, “when you say her, you mean Y/N don’t you?”

“Always when she’s away,” Peter sighed, looking into his cup. “I just don’t want Charles growing up without a mother, he’s only 5, Lu.”

“He won’t,” Lucy patted her brother’s arm, “Y/N will come back and, who knows, maybe give Charles a sister,” she smiled leaning her head on his shoulder. Peter laugh a little, slinging his arm around her.

“I hope so,” Peter muttered again into his mug.

“Two more days, Pete,” Lucy added, closing her eyes, breathing in her brother’s scent.

Peter slowly finished his hot chocolate as Lucy lie, asleep, across his lap. He looked down at his little sister as he hit the bottom of the glass. “Twelve years,” Peter shook his head and picked her up, “you think I would have learned by now, Lu.” He started his way up to her room, climbing the stairs carefully, as to not wake her. Lucy snuggled into his chest as he came closer to her room. “Twelve years, since we started this little tradition and I still carry you to bed,” he came to her doorway and pushed it opened with his shoulder.

“You wouldn’t have it any other way,” she muttered simply as he laid her down.

“Goodnight, Lu,” Peter smiled, closing the door.

In the following days, Y/N returned home from Brenn with the young prince, Dimitris, and the princess, Celestia, as diplomatic guests at her side.

“Y/N,” Peter laughed happily upon seeing her step into view.

“Mommy,” Charles cheered, tearing away from his father, towards his mother. Peter took off after him.

“Hello my love,” Y/N smiled at her son, scooping him up and kissing him on the cheek. “Hello darling,” she smiled to her husband.

“I’m glad you’re home,” Peter beamed, kissing her forehead as the young royals stepped up.

“Peter, Charles, this is Celestia and her brother Dimitris the seventh, Prince and Princess of Brenn,” Y/N introduced.

That night at dinner, Lucy and Dimitris spoke to each other as if they were old friends. Y/N smiled as she watched the two talk animatedly. “They seem to be getting on well,” she muttered to her husband.

“I don’t like it,” Peter argued back quietly.

Y/N scoffed at her husband, “you don’t like it because this means she is growing up,” she countered

“She is my little sister but, where did the little girl who loved to chase butterflies go?” Peter stared at the two.

“She’s still there, Pete,” Y/N assured him, “but, now there’s a little more than butterflies on her mind.”

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months  and the visiting royals continued to stay in Narnian court. Peter and, well, everyone began to take notice of the growing affections between Lucy and Dimitris. Peter didn’t like the fact his little sister was growing up, that she wasn’t going to need him anymore, not one bit. He found himself often taking out his aggression on the training dummies in the field.

“Why do I have a feeling that you’re envisioning a certain visiting royal as you chop away at that training dummy?” Y/N asked from behind him.

Peter turned to her, dripping in sweat, “where’s Charles?” he panted, sheathing his sword.

“With Aunt Susan, in the market,” she answered stepping towards him. “Now, tell me what’s wrong,” she sat on the bench.

“Nothing,” Peter  answered, picking up daggers to throw.

“Sure, and in other news, did you know the sky is green? Peter, we’ve been married seven years and we’ve known each other way longer than that,” she pointed out.

Peter stopped, sighed, and sat down beside her, “I just don’t want to not be needed by my family. Su and Ed never really needed me anyway but Lucy? Lucy always comes to me with any problem she has.”

“And she always will.”

“Not if she marries him.”

“Marriage?” Y/N cocked her head to the side, “who said anything about-” realization hit her, “he asked you for her hand didn’t her?”

“He asked just this morning ,” Peter confirmed.

“What did you say?” she asked.

“That I had to talk to you,” he bit his thumbnail.

“Pete, as much as I hat to say it, Lucy isn’t a little girl anymore,” Y/N sighed.

“Marriage is a big step though,” Peter argued.

“They’ve known each other seven months, it’s not like they’d be getting married tomorrow,” she added.

“That’s such a short amount of time! We knew each other for years before we even thought about marriage.”

“Susan was engaged after a week, Edmund, six months,” Y/N argued, “what makes this any different?”

“Lucy never think ill of anyone. What if he’s cruel or ruins her spirit?” Peter looked to his wife with worry. “She’s the youngest and could easily be taken advantage of.”

“From what I’ve seen, in Brenn and Narnia,” Y/N started, “he is kind and gentle. Dimitris has such a good heart and treats everyone as his equal. Peter, I would never expect Lucy to marry anyone less. I think it is a good match, don’t you want her to be happy? Besides, you’ll still have three people as well as a kingdom to look after.”

“Three?” Peter looked at Y/N confused.

“Well, there’s me, of course. We can’t forget Charles, and…”  Y/N put a hand to her stomach, “makes three.”

“Oh my God, really?” Peter asked excitedly as Y/N grinned. He laughed, picking her up and swinging her around.

“Ew, you’re gross ad sweaty, put me down,” she laughed.

A year and a half and a birth to a baby girl, Florence, and her twin, Josephine, later Lucy’s big day arrived. Y/N and Susan helped prepared her as Edmund watched the children.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Lucy grinned as Y/N tied the back of her dress.

“And to think, it nearly didn’t happen had Y/N not convinced Peter,” Susan smiled placing the baby’s breath wreath on her sister’s head.

“Thank you for that,” Lucy smiled to her sister-in-law.

“Just be glad I prolonged the wedding planning. I don’t think he would have liked it only taking four months,” Y/N grinned.

“You helped me plan as well as carrying not one but, two babies, caring for and raising a now 6 year old boy, as well as running a country with your husband,” Lucy remarked, “you could have asked me to wait three years.”

“You still look well-rested and beautiful,” Susan shook her head.

“What do you think, Lu?” Y/N shifted the attention off of herself.

“Beautiful,” Peter remarked from the doorway before coming into the room.

“You think?” Lucy turned to him, smoothing out the front of her dress.

“I know,” Peter smiled, offering her his arm.

“I suppose it’s that time,” Susan left.

“Remember what I told you,” Y/N whispered to her husband before leaving.

“I’m so proud of you,” Peter smiled, “you have become a beautiful young woman and I could not let you go to anyone less than the best which Dimitris is. I love you Lu,” Peter’s eyes filled with tears, “Y/N was right. You’re not a little girl anymore.”

“I’ll always be your little sister, Pete, you’re not going to lose me,” she smiled to her brother.

Peter cleared his throat, “shall we?”

The two Pevensies made their way into the church. With every step towards the alter, Peter’s gripped a little tighter as he fought back tears. When they came to the alter, Peter nearly couldn’t let her go but, then he saw Dimitris looking at Lucy the way he looked at Y/N and he knew. As usual, Y/N was right. He kissed her hand and gave her away to her husband to be. He came to stand by his wife and kids sill struggling with his tears.

Y/N reached down and grabbed his hand, “it’s supposed to hurt,” she whispered tenderly, “that’s how you know it means something.”

When one of your cousins likes MLP and the other likes Star Wars and you’re short for time on Christmas presents


It’s Day 3 now and I’m gonna post something I’ve never posted on here before. Bad art time, guys. These are the original concept sketches that eventually led up to the creation of this blog!

2 years ago, I was originally drawing these for the @lunadoodle blog where I drew a doodle of Luna a day to submit there. But I kept drawing Luna with Celestia and I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed drawing the two of them just being cute and interacting together. So much so that I made this tumblr.

In the description for the first doodle: “ Who knows maybe I’ll use it in a comic someday.” pffhaha little did I know. It’s really cool to just see the style develop, and just remember where I was back then.

Anyway yeah enough with me rambling. Hope you guys enjoy this little piece of blog history ^^

sutahasu  asked:

Ahhh idk if this would be weird but Celes and Aoi? (LudenHina/Cuppa donuts) I honestly don't know what the ship is called at all tbh ;; Anyway, I hope you're having a nice day uwu

Here you go! I don’t know what this ship’s called either tbh but it was fun to draw -Mod Komaru

this is emotionally exhausting

[Commission] Campfire

A commission for yodajax10 based on the final part of the IDW comic, “The Return Of Chrysalis”, where Scootaloo ends up sleeping on Princess Celestia’s back after the battle with changelings.

Here’s a little story he wrote to accompany the picture:

Celestia: Scootaloo?…Scootaloo, what’s wrong?
Scootaloo: Nothing! I…I’m just a little scared…I-I just feel like another changeling could be around! I don’t know where or who it might be?
Celestia: Scootaloo, trust me. All the changelings are gone. You’re all safe. Do I look like a changeling?
Scootaloo: No?
Celestia: Are you sure? (Playfully nuzzles Scootaloo, making her laugh) You might find me under the bed!…Why don’t you sleep with me right now?
Scootaloo: Really? I mean…you don’t mind?
Celestia: Of course not.

Thank you for commissioning me again!