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first time planning out a comic (which may or may not be based off @tinylittle-femalechrist‘s partially deaf Jeremy au…….)

I would give anything to hear Jin’s submissive moan as I tease him, those plump lips of his quivering as I work him up, to the point where he grabs my head and forces me down, and that submissive moan is no longer - replaced by a dominant, hungry growl. Within seconds, he’s pinned me on the bed, those usually soft eyes holding a dark, threatening glare. And when I look up at him, I’m completely engulfed in those broad shoulders, watching in anticipation as he leans down to me...

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Autobots Imagine # 11

imagine Ratchet had ended up Jack’s guardian instead of Arcee.

June: “Where’s Ratchet?”

Optimus: “Working in the medical bay. Sorry to disappoint you.”

June: “And I wore heels and everything.”

Jack: “MOM!”

like that, she asked

Petyr x Sansa || Rated M || 2,776 words

Prequel to “like this, he taunted

y’all know what this is ;))))

“Like that?” she asked.

Sansa stared up from where her hand was working slow, uncertain strokes. He’d shown her before - had crept into her room last week, a whispered Shhhhhhh when Sansa startled at the weight of him dipping the bed. He had shown her with his own hand, with hers. Had shown her with the way his lips crushed against hers. The moans he let her swallow.

He had shown her so much - and gods how much Sansa liked learning.

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Today I have a special treat for you guys. Recently Mimikyu went to his new forever home, and the person who bought him (who has bought a 3 other plushes from me, can you spot them all?) sent me pictures of Mimikyu out in the world! It always makes me incredibly happy to see where my work ends up and how much joy it can bring people.

So from my heart, Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers! I hope you are all safe and happy today. <3 

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


I’m sorry for all of the memes and zero (0) quality art, so please have these wips that I’ll finish for valentine’s day (hint: pair skating practice and bad pickup lines)

FILL IN THE BLANKS if you’d like (and then we can compare pickup lines hahah)


Thorin, Thorin, wake up. The eagles…the eagles…the eagles are here.

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

#BendyHTtakeover Recap

((so I’m gonna compile all the Good Shit from the #BendyHTtakeover event into one post okay here we goooo))

  • Sammy has been writing music for most of his life, “from a young age […] tunes would pop into my head, [writing music] was the only logical step. ;)”
  • Willow Weep For Me” is Sammy’s favorite song, he apparently considers it modern. what time period does this game take place in jfc
  • Sammy made a handful of puns during the event. Puns are great.
  • Apparently he liked Bacon Soup at one time, but “it kind of lost its luster after a bit.. But you’d have to be crazy to not love chocolate cake!”
  • Putting on pants is apparently a struggle for him.
  • Someone asked if Norman was behind the organ from chapter 2. He responded with “The organ… I don’t know what you mean. Although Norman, our projectionist, he was always very bright..” which might be a hint to something, a compliment, or another pun - who knows.
  • An ad for a Little Mermaid bedspread got posted in the middle of the event, probably on accident. Someone joked “Sammy’s favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, confirmed.” All he had to say was something was amiss with the post, and the bed looked comfortable.
  • Sammy still writes and sings music when he’s not praising Bendy, and has written “so many dozens of songs! So many! When you’ve been in this business as long as I have… you’re quite busy.” He also said “Perhaps you shall hear them someday.” pls
  • His clearest memory of the studio besides the ink pump is “a whistling sound, a vague melody.. with a sinister purpose.”
  • When asked for advice on composing music, he responded “Music is all about layers. Rich and lush. Practice, my friend. That’s what it’s all about!”
  • Wally’s catchphrase is apparently contagious. Someone asked “Sammy, what would happen if Wally lost his keys again?” To which he responded, “That Wally! That man can’t ever keep his things in order! If I didn’t know better I’d say his mind was wayyyyy out of here!”
  • Headcanon confirmed, “Sheep Songs” is Sammy’s favorite song he wrote for the Bendy cartoons.
  • He wears the mask to “resemble the most perfect form I know!”.
  • He might not be able to see without the mask as well, someone later asked “how do you see with that mask?” and he replied “how do you see without yours?”. Might have just been a joke, or confirming the “ink monsters can see through Bendy’s eyes in cutouts and posters” theory.
  • Sammy thinks Susie is “A charming woman.. quite… charming.. I recall only her face… that.. smile.”
  • He took some selfies for us.
  • Someone asked how he felt after what happened to him at the end of chapter 2. “I can’t recall any injustice on the part of the Ink Demon. He is.. most fair.” Apparently he’s fine with being pancake’d.
  • “Who’s better? Bendy, Alice, or Boris?” “There is only our lord Bendy.”
  • What makes Bendy so worshipable is that “[He] knows all and sees all. He is the hope we’ve been waiting for!”
  • “The last I can recall… I had a flowing cascade of brown hair.. I miss it so… or was it blonde? No matter.. it was splendid.”
  • He regrets never going to Coney Island.
  • Someone asked what he thinks of Alice “Ohhh such a voice! So.. heavenly! So beautiful!” Tied with his earlier comment about Susie, this makes Samsie shippers such as myself rejoice.
  • He is honored that people write songs about him, and Bendy.
  • He doesn’t only make puns, he memes. According to him, “if you have the proper training, mayonnaise IS an instrument.”
  • His favorite instrument is the banjo, he was always fond of it and it “plucks the right chord with me”
  • He thinks bacon soup can be good, “it’s best when aged for a while I hear.”
  • He’s happy Joey let him name the song “Sammy Jam” after himself.
  • Someone asked if he had a special someone before becoming an ink monster. His answer was a flustered “Someone.. special? … I.. well.. there was.. this one. I almost remember.”
  • He doesn’t quite know where Joey is, but he thinks he’s off raising his salary somewhere.
  • He doodles Bendy sometimes.

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I love Michael Masters and he and Danny being bffs is astethic af

Yiiiiiiiiiis~ Mike is near Jazz’s age in the show. He’s like big bro to Danny

first study then you can go ghost