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When you’re playing cards with a lad down the pub and it all seems to be going grand, but then you notice he has hooves instead of feet and ur like ‘ah here, fuck this’

The crown is always a burden. But it cannot be borne if you cannot stand. 

overcome - laura mvula ft. nile rodgers || 1000 deaths - d’angelo & the vanguard || cold war - janelle monáe || black man in a white world - michael kiwanuka || two hearts - valerie june || munayé (my muna) - mulatu astatke || on & on - erykah badu || black is the color of my true love’s hair - nina simone || killing me softly - the fugees || ain’t no grave can hold my body down - sister rosetta tharpe || don’t wish me well - solange || river - leon bridges || who tells your story - the roots ft. common, ingrid michaelson || 

BONUS: ***flawless - beyoncé ft chimamanda ngozi adichie

L I S T E N | (for @reluming)

Love and War

Request: Hi love, I was wondering if I could request a Newt x reader where they’re in the arctic trying to find a dragon (reader studies them maybe?) and the reader starts a snowball fight with Newt, and pretty much just fluff. Hope this makes sense, much love. P.S. You’re great and I love you

Word Count: 1,246

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @thosefantasticbeast2 @studyforthreehands @benniesgalaxy @whatinbenaddiction

You sit outside, thick mitts on your hands, heavy coat bundled around your shoulders and zipped up to your chin, hat pulled firmly over your ears and, for the first time since you’ve got here, you’re finally warm. The sketchbook lies open in front of you, resting on a blanket that you’ve set out to protect your things from the arctic snow. A telescope’s right next to it, meticulously placed to ensure direct sight of your target: a Swedish Short-Snout that had inexplicably taken residence in the blizzardy region of the arctic.

The area around your eye hurts, a consequence of spending the last three hours pressing it against your telescope, desperate to catch another glimpse of the creature.

“Spot him, love?” Newt emerges from your tent, almost comical in the fluffy jacket covering his thin frame.

You sigh and sit back, rubbing your face. “Not a thing since five. It’s like he knows I’m waiting.”

Newt chuckles at this, plopping into the snow next to you. “He doesn’t like being bothered upon waking? Seems the two of you have something in common.”

“Hush,” you grumble, “he doesn’t have messy hair and morning breath to worry about.”

Newt tugs you against his side, kissing your hair. “Morning breath? You? I hadn’t noticed.”

You make a face at him. “Oh hush, Mr. Talks-in-his-sleep. It’s a miracle I can get any sleep at all with the conversations you carry on with yourself.”

“Are they interesting conversations?”

“Hardly. Last night it was all about mercury and the properties of venoms.”

Newt smiles. “I never realized I’d be so fascinating in my sleep.”

You roll your eyes. “No one would agree. Not when it’s two in the morning and they’re trying to sleep.”

Before Newt can defend himself, the wind springs to life, sending your sketchbook skittering over the canvas. The sketchbook that holds all your research and notes and sketches that you’ve managed over the past five days of freezing. The sketchbook that will be ruined if it lands in the snow.

You lunge for it, narrowly missing the telescope, sliding across the blanket, hand outstretched. The sketchbook’s inches from your fingers when it lifts and zooms behind you. You twist instinctively, reaching for it, but the action leaves you unbalanced and you fail to grab the blanket and stop yourself.

You tumble onto the snow and roll a few feet before managing to stop yourself. Snow has made its way between your jacket and your neck, your nose is freezing, and you’re about ready to kill Newt as you shove yourself to your knees.

He’s grinning at you, fighting laughter.

“What the hell?” You grumble as you brush snow from your cheeks.

He holds out your sketchbook, dangling it over a pile of snow, mischievous smile on his lips.

You slow, staring at him. “Don’t you dare.”

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Hi Miya! You said Jimin can fuck people up if he's annoyed but what exactly does that? And how signs act when annoyed, can they all be vindictive?

Hey, anon! Sorry for the delay on answering you. Jimin has Scorpio working strongly in his life (Venus conjunct Mars, bringing great determination and inner strength that can be scary), a sign that talks about vengeance and holding grudges. The guys joked about it more than once, I think it’s even on one of their profiles of Festa… Maybe last years’? I’ll look for it after posting this so I can link it for you. Anyway. Not only is he intensely emotional but he also has strong Libra placements - a sign that talks about being fair and looking for justice. When combined like this, it makes one emotionally involved regarding everything that he thinks might be done wrongly. Meaning if he thinks the person is acting badly or in an incorrect way according to his standards… He’ll let the person know. However, nor Libra or Scorpio are confrontational signs - meaning he’ll look for revenge but in more subtle ways (that could easily be more destructive for the person being attacked since they can be of deeper meaning or longer durations). He’s also very clever with how he communicates because of his Moon in Gemini, so he could easily fuck someone up without the person ever knowing. lmao A dangerous mochi. I think he doesn’t do these frequently though, and if he does do it it’s to defend people (even people that he doesn’t know much, like in that case with that korean program geez I forgot the name now lol I’ll look for the link as well). But he can be very petty on a daily basis, I’d bet. lol So with all that combined he can be very dangerous if crossed, I have no doubt. I like that he knows how to protect who he loves. I think it can be tiring for him to worry so much and feel so much at all times, though.

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(oh look - the definition of a trap)

Separatedly I’ll talk about the signs. Water signs are the most likely to hold grudges. And everyone thinks Scorpio is the worst but in my opinion Pisces and Cancer are just the same. lol I guess they could even be considered worse since people don’t normaly expect them to be - so since they’re more subtle in nature, people are likely to take longer to realize that they’re being manipulated or “attacked”. Pisces fools everyone, to be honest. Remember it’s a mutable sign - it changes accordingly to situations so it’s the one that takes longer to be recognized as the little shit it can be when crossed. lol Very closely followed by them are the Fire signs. They can be just as bad when reacting out of annoyance but it’ll happen immediately and they’re likely to forget it as soon as it’s done. So basically they react as soon as the thing happens and people will know they’re being attacked for sure, but Fire signs are too agitated to keep holding on to things that have already happened - so although they’re very dangerous when crossed since they WILL attack they’ll probably forget about it in the next hour or two. lol So Fire and Water are equally bad regarding anger / reactions when crossed but in very different ways. 

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I want to get a laptop for my birthday

Guuuys, I’m back~ <3

Not sure if someone noticed but I haven’t been posting much these days xD I had my hands full with projects and exams but now I’m finally free! Good news is that I passed all my classes so next year I’ll be graduating for sure <3 sooo I’ll be more active now even if I still have my internship during vacation, thanks a lot to everyone who’s sticking with me all this time, you guys are amazing! <3

YO anyone else out there who liked The Man without a Face (1993) a lot even though Mel Gibson?