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eleven questions tag game

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rules: answer eleven questions, make up eleven questions & tag eleven people.

11 questions:
1. what are your fav animals?
Hedgehogs. I tend to draw hedgehogs on all my exams and assessment.

2. what are your fav subjects/ area of focus in study????
Dramaaaaaaa and music. 

3. who are your fav artists?
Vincent van Gogh, @wilted-wildflowxrs @rawmenoctis @noriartz

4. who are your fav music artists?
BTS, Marina and the Diamonds, Twenty One Pilots, G-Dragon, BIGBANG, BLACKPINK, K.A.R.D, Akmu

5. who is your fav internet personality/celeb?
Daniel Howell and Phil Lester.

6. how would you want to be described as?

7. how would you describe yourself?

8. what is your fav social media platform? why?
probably twitter right now because I get all my good bts content 👌👌👌 

9. who has been an important influence in your life?
My sister; I used to want to be exactly like her when I was younger. 

10. what do you look for in potential love interests?
Just, if you can deal with my bs you’re pretty cool.

11. how/what do you want to be remembered as/for? 
I don’t want to have done nothing in my life, but just being remembered as everyone’s favourite teacher at school would be enough for me.

my questions: (these high-key suck I’m sorry)
1. what’s your hogwarts house?
2. who is/are your favourite author/s?
3. what are three things you want to do before you die?
4. if you were only able to talk to one person for the rest of your life, who would that person be?
5. favourite pastel colour?
6. best drink? (I’m looking for drink recommendations help me out ❤❤❤ (non alcoholic for recommendations but put whatever down as best drink I ain’t holding you back))
7. names you would give your child?
8. pineapple on pizza or nah? 
9. if you had to start learning how to play a new instrument right now, which would it be?
10. would you rather go blind or deaf?
11. top five favourite songs?

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If you’ve been tagged but don’t want to do it, don’t worry about it. Do whatever you want. cheers!

Well, I was tagged by @stargazingphan into this (hello, cielo! Thanks a lot~) to shuffle my music and write down the first ten songs that come up!

1. Fireflies by Owl City (I liked it before it was a meme, dammit)
2. Call me Maybe by Carly Rar Jepsen
3. The Bird and The Worm by Owl City
4. Flores en la Orilla by La Oreja de Van Gogh
5. Girlfriend by Icona Pop
6. Misfit by Amy Studt
7. Radio-Friendly Pop Song by Matt Fishel
8. Sarcasm by Get Scared
9. Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes
10. Soñar Contigo by Zenet

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i was tagged by @robinsrunway to post 6 selfies from 2016🐏

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