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Without You

Peter Parker x Reader
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Prompts: “I can’t do this without you.” and “I’m crazy about you.”

Thank you for your request and for following me! Ok, so you didn’t specify what you wanted, so I apologize if this isn’t what you had in mind (in fact, I’m sure it won’t be,) but this is kind of what fell out of my brain for those sentences. Words: 1.9K.

Peter is in his 20s. Peter and reader have been together for a long time.

Warnings: This is a little gory. Or a lot. It’s a lot gory. Angsty fluff.

The tightly woven sheet of clouds outside your window blanketed the sliver of a moon hanging high in the sky, offering none of its luminance to the city below, making the already cold, rainy night seem even more dreary and off-putting in its darkness; darkness that made it difficult to see him in your equally blackened room. The masked form of him had practically fallen into your arms the moment you’d slid the window of your shared bedroom open at the sound of his panicked knocking, the entire weight of him supported by your chest; your back protesting the angle; his wet, sticky arms around your neck as he slumped against you.

When the bridge of his nose found the crook of your shoulder he released a soggy sigh into the skin there.

The dampness of his suit spread over the front of you, your borrowed t-shirt quickly soaking through and warming your skin. He groaned when you shifted, an arm pulling too tightly at his back to prevent him from sliding down your body, chests smashing together as you tried your best to support his drooping, lethargic form. “Hey, c’mon,” you encouraged as you started taking slow, measured steps towards your bed, his booted feet lagging and unintentionally smashing against your bare toes. “Peter, hun, you’re really heavy.”

He nodded, the corrugated material of his suit chaffing against your wet skin. You freed up an arm to pull his mask off, his wet hair sticking to the insides, lifting as you freed the strands and flopping back down onto his ears and forehead, dampened curls sticking to his skin as you dropped the fabric to the ground at your feet.

“Pete?” you adjusted your arms again, looping them underneath his, pulling his face from off of your shoulder, his chin bouncing off of a bony collar, to get a better look at him, “Peter, what’s wrong?” His hands hung limply at his sides, cascading pitifully over the tops of your own. When his eyes met yours, you were startled by how utterly exhausted he looked; the darkness in the room accentuating the bruised coloration beneath dull brown. It was the color of his skin that bothered you most, or really, the lack of; so pale that his skin was nearly glowing, rain water and sweat glistening, his clamminess casting its own ghastly light.

You furrowed your brows, voice escaping you in a whisper, “Peter?”

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For freshman going into art school: the bare bones recommendations

So ya chose to go to an art school… That’s great! 4 years of coffee and easy mac with a tin of paint thinner are in your future, friend! 

But what do you actually need for an art school? Do you need the master set of pastels and oils or do you just need a pencil? Honestly… It depends on the school. 

BUT!! From my own personal experience at the Kansas City Art Institute, I’m going to make a list of things to bring and what not to bring (at least on move in day). 


The dorm.

Every college is different on how their dorms work. Some are communal (like KCAI) some are single room apartments. But these basics should help you know what to buy and what to leave behind 

( NOTE: every college has a different guide on what to bring and what not to bring. Please adhere to your school’s rules to avoid fines.)

YES list–the things you absolutely should bring

-mini fridge (2.5 cubic ft is good, if you share with your roommate you can go bigger)

-microwave; you OR your roommate. no one needs 2 microwaves.

-string lights. for when ya wanna see your desk but your roommate’s asleep.

-small trashcan. bring a pack of trashbags–draw string is the best.

-shower caddy/bag with flip flops. shower shoes are expensive, flip flops work the same. 

-house shoes. for those cold days and walking to the bathroom.

-a small shelf/storage ottoman/storage seat. You want to have space to store your dry foods and textbooks, but you wanna be able to have a seat other than your desk chair. 

-shoe organizer. whether it actually holds your shoes or not, this is great or organizing things. socks, cleaning supplies, hairspray and febreeze are off your desk and out of your closet. 

-door mirror. you can get some pretty good ones for cheap at walmart or target. be sure of your door dimensions first though. 

-2nd phone charger/long phone cable. for charging your phone in bed or at your desk. you never know how far away the outlet will be. 

-fairly new power strip. just to be safe and to plug all your stuff into. 

-body pillow if you don’t like cold walls. 

-a notebook for each class that involves reading or note taking. you might think you can use a binder for all your classes, but easier organization and lighter backpacks are always good. also keep a highlighter and pen with each notebook. it’ll be well worth it, trust me. no one likes losing pens on exam days. 

-at least 2 rolls of quarters (about $20). laundry. it costs $. at KCAI my laundry usually runs at $3.25 because i add a little more drying time. 

-some sort of storage for your desk that isn’t super heavy. I’m currently using both a plastic crate from walmart for books and a cardboard box to keep stuff away from where I work. 

-water filter pitcher. water purity is different everywhere, and even though the water may be clean, a lot of people get sick their first week in a new area just because of the water difference. a filter eases that discomfort just a bit more. 

-folding laundry hamper. I say folding because it’s easier on move in day and it holds more. win win!

-basic cleaning supplies. messes happen. 

-ETHERNET Cable. the wi-fi WILL go out while you’re at school. it’s just going to. so have an ethernet cable the proper length from the plug to your desk for your computer. (Note: ethernet is only best when the wi-fi is out. it connects to main campus computers and that’s dangerous. PLEASE only use when the wi-fi is down.)


NO!! list–leave this behind.

-your massive collection of books. I have too many here myself, but you’re not gonna read or use personal reference books as much as you think. Bring only what you use more than once a month. 

-stereo system. no one likes overly noisy neighbors. 

-pots and pans. unless you live in a swanky apartment dorm with a kitchen, you’re never gonna use that stuff. a coffee mug, bowl, and a microwave are as about as 4-star restaurant as you’re gonna get.

-movies in cases/videogames WITH cases. use a cd binder. works the same and saves space. 

-a bunch of fancy clothes. you’ll really only need 2, maybe 3 nice outfits in art school. pack 2 weeks of tops with 1 week of pants. saves space and laundry you have to do if you alternate weeks. coats, jackets, and cardigans are up to your style.

-anything that takes up more floor space than your fridge or ottoman. UNLESS you know for a fact that you’re gonna set up your desk under your bed in a “T” formation, there’s not much room. so consider a floor pouf or a cushion to go behind the ottoman to make a seat with a back.

-a bunch of purses, shoes, or hats. Again, UNLESS you know exactly how the room is laid out it’s hard to figure out space. if you use a purse, 2 maybe 3 is the most you’ll need. shoes are basically this: everyday, everyday #2, shoes for rain/snow, 2 pairs of nicer shoes, and flip flops for the room if you don’t use houseshoes. 

-your vast collection of coffee/tea mugs. I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to pick favorites. at most you’ll use 2-3. I personally only have 1 here and then I have my water bottle. 


Other than those things, check with your school list when it’s available to you to see what you need and what you don’t. Once you’ve filled the checklist THEN you can start bringing other things like books, pillows, electric kettles, irons, etc.

Every school is different, and KCAI has its own guidelines on what is or isn’t allowed. See what rules you can wiggle around and disguise based on your own needs. (aka not illegal stuff. duh. but like mattress pads and extension cords. 

Now that the dorm is covered, let’s get to actual art stuff! 

The short answer: every school’s different. and KCAI’s freshman/ foundations year is unique compared to other schools’. The reason being is that aside from animation and film, foundation year is like a free sample buffet on what majors there are. We have still lifes, charcoal, woodshop, illustration, writing, sculpture, painting, and individualized work all year. 2nd semester is when classes get more focused but still. it’s kinda crazy but really nice in the long run.

The budget that’s recommended IS a bit um… well… depends on the teacher. I personally had a teacher who liked for us to do a bunch of stuff without fully using our materials or would have assignments where new materials would run out and we’d have to buy more. 

A safe budget for supplies is about $200 per semester. Now, that’s for supplies only. Take into account food and amazon shipping and emergencies for the rest of your $. 


Stuff you’ll need that they don’t tell you in the beginning of the year

KCAI offers a “FOUNDATION KIT” at the beginning of the year that is about $250 all together. The list they give you is well organized so you can buy stuff on your own to save money. See what you already have or can buy for cheaper prices before you buy the kit. 

Now, again, every teacher is different. Here’s the BASIC list based on mine and other friends’ experiences. 

-glue gun.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. usually comes with foundation kit. I got a nice Superbonder dual temp. gun at Hobby Lobby with a stand. Works great and has a long cord. 

-more hot glue sticks than you thought was possible. sold in the KCAI campus art store. sculpture and cardboard are gonna be big parts in the beginning of the year, but you’ll be thankful later on. be SURE you’re using dual temp. sticks and the proper size for your glue gun. 

-sandpaper/ sandpaper block.   sold in the KCAI campus art store. not too expensive, like $5. the sanders are gonna be busy in woodshop. 

-safety goggles. sold in the KCAI campus art store. wood dust and/chips hurt. just get some simple safety glasses.

-masks. sold in the KCAI campus art store. not too expensive. get a new one every 3 weeks. about 2 needed in total. 

-measuring tape.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. OR go to walmart/home depot for cheaper. mine is a 12 ft self-lock one. it’s pretty good. 

-painter’s tape.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. I think it comes in the foundation kit, but you’re gonna run out. get at walmart for cheaper.

-(not a need but it’s super helpful) trashbag taped to your desk. saves trips to the trashcan and helps your space stay tidier. 

-speedball carver.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. to carve screenprinting rubber stamps when you get into pattern. PERSONALLY I ordered a set of wood whittling tools on amazon that work the same, were cheaper, and work on more than just rubber stamps (pumpkin carving!!) 

-baby wipes. you don’t really NEED these, as sinks exist, but when you work with charcoal and you don’t have enough time between the next drawing or lunch, these help a bunch. 

-push pins.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. teachers recommend the metal ones, I just use the clear plastic ones. less distracting when critiquing. 

-BIG ruler, more of a yard stick.  sold in the KCAI campus art store(?) I think it comes in the foundation kit, but you can always just buy a cheaper metal yard stick or share with a friend. 

-drawing pencils.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. comes with foundation kit. I’m not talking #2 pencil you use all the time, I’m talking 4B and 6H and such. Get a decent set with a sharpener. 

-vine charcoal.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. comes with foundation kit. this charcoal goes away FAST. get an extra box before classes start. 

-white chalk.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. for when your charcoal is just not erasing. 

-X-acto knife.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. comes with foundation kit. the blade is gonna dull down eventually so get an extra for later. 

-box cutter.  sold in the KCAI campus art store. think it comes with the foundation kit. Now, I personally am terrified of box cutters because I over-think injury possibilities, so I just use my x-acto knife (hello dull blades). But unless you’re a scaredy-cat like me, a simple box cutter is needed. 

-cutting mat, self-healing. sold in the KCAI campus art store (I thiiiiink). those weird green mats you see in sewing sections or on artist speed-draws? yeah you’re gonna need one. Big is good, small is fine too. 


Other stuff depends on the teacher. Trips to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Blick, Creative Coldsnow (kansas city), or other places for supplies IS gonna happen. If you don’t drive, find friends who are doing supply runs too and carpool. 

Art school is crazy and it’s fun, but it IS college. So keep a weekly schedule, take notes, and do your homework. 

Good luck! 

Back Again (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

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Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader 

(collab with @angerybisexual )

Requested?: ‘You should totally do “I still love you, even after all that’s happened.” With Lin. Have fun with it lmao’

Prompt: Lin broke the reader’s heart and she struggles with the breakup but then Lin waltzes back into her life.

Words: 4700+

Warnings: Angst, Heartbreak, Mention’s of Family Death, and Swearing

Masterlist / Angery’s Masterlist


Why were you still hellbent on that guy?

It has been a year since you got your heartbroken by the man whom you thought was your soulmate. Ever since he walked out of that front door, you were a mess.  You still lived in the same apartment. You still slept in the same bed you two once shared. You still had his number in that phone he bought you for your birthday. You still had everything that you should have gotten rid of long ago. Why do you still have them?

To be honest, you were in denial.  

Lin-Manuel Miranda was perfect.  

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Wait in Line: Chapter One - Derek Hale x Reader

As always, thanks to @julieanncupcake!

Inspired by ‘Wait in Line’ by James Bay, you can listen to it here. As well as this post, we all need a friend like this :)

This is a prequel to Reunited, I’m thinking of turning it into a drabble series so feel free to send in ideas! :)

Pairing: Young Derek Hale x Female Reader

Derek Hale Masterlist

Wait in Line Masterlist

Derek forced what he hoped was an encouraging smile on his face as (y/n) came out of the ensuite in the sixth outfit she’d tried on in the last hour. She fiddled with the hem of her skirt, trying to make it sit properly, before turning to him with raised eyebrows.

“You look beautiful” He meant it, god did he mean it, but he couldn’t find it within himself to be more helpful, not when she was getting ready to go on a date with another guy. (Y/n) face dropped as she let out a sigh while trudging back into the bathroom. “What? (Y/n/n) you look great”

“It’s just not the right one” Derek fell back against her bed, letting out an exasperated groan which earnt him a chuckle in response. “I think I’m gonna go with the second one”

A couple of minutes later, she reappeared wearing a simple dress with her hair framing her face perfectly. In the half an hour they’d spent going through different outfits Derek had forgotten how much he liked the second outfit. He had to clamp his jaw shut to stop it from hanging open as he nodded in approval.

A blush stained her cheeks as she sat next to him on the bed, nerves bubbling in her stomach as she imagined that she was going on a date with Derek instead of Adam. He bumped their shoulders together, frowning as she worried her lip.

“You okay?” (Y/n) nodded slowly, reaching for his hand and entwining their fingers. The gesture sent Derek’s heart into a frenzy while he had to remind himself that they were just friends and that she was going on a date with someone else.

“I just want this to go well” Her voice was quiet as she kept her eyes trained on the floor. Deep down, she knew she had to stop doing this to herself because dating other guys wasn’t getting rid of her feelings for Derek, no matter how hard she tried, it just caused her unnecessary embarrassment when they inevitably dumped her.

“It will, and if it doesn’t then we can laugh about it and I’ll break his nose” (Y/n) snickered, shoving his shoulder before moving to pick up her bag. Derek found himself staring at her as she paced the room nervously, her knuckles turning white as she gripped onto her bag. He stood up, cautiously approaching her and placing his hands on her shoulders. “(Y/n/n), it will be fine”

Derek kissed her forehead before forcing himself to step away from her. He couldn’t read her expression as she gazed up at him.  

The sound of the doorbell ringing snapped them both out of their daze. She sent Derek a nervous smile before going downstairs to greet Adam. Derek wanted to hate him for stealing his time with (y/n), but he knew that he would make her happy, and really, that was all that mattered.

Derek couldn’t sleep as the night stretched into the early hours of the morning. He hadn’t heard from (y/n) and it scared him slightly, she usually texted him as soon as she got home to tell him what had happened. Sighing heavily, he rolled over in bed and reached for his phone.

Derek: Did you have fun?

The minutes passed agonisingly slowly as he waited for a reply.

(Y/n): Fun isn’t the word I would use to describe it

He sat up in bed, concern creasing his brow.

Derek: What happened? Are you okay?

(Y/n): I’m fine Der, get some sleep x

Derek: (Y/n/n)

(Y/n): I’m okay, I promise. I just need a hug and then I’ll be fine

Derek: Do you want me to deliver a hug?

A flicker of a smile appeared on (y/n)’s face, she wondered how she ever thought there could be anyone else who could capture her heart. She contemplated telling him to go to sleep but she was miserable and in serious need of some comfort.

(Y/n): Please

Derek scrambled out of bed as soon as her reply came through, reaching for his trainers.

Derek: I’ll be there in ten minutes x

He pulled his window open, wincing when it squeaked loudly. Curses left his lips when he realised it was raining but she needed him and nothing was going to stop him from getting to her. Within a minute he was out of the house and running across town towards (y/n).

She jumped when Derek knocked on her window, scrambling out of bed to open it for him. He climbed inside, his clothes dripping as he offered her a sheepish smile.

“You’re soaked” She whisper yelled. Derek just snickered as he shrugged his shoulders, he didn’t care, not now that he was here and could see that she was okay. “Hang on, I’ll find you something”

(Y/n) routed through her draws, smiling triumphantly when she found one of Derek’s t-shirt that she’d forgotten to give back as well as a pair of sweats he’d grown out of. He pressed a kiss to her forehead as he accepted the clothes before going into the bathroom to change.

She was sat on the bed when he came back, holding her knees to her chest as she tried to forget all the awful things that Adam had said to her and to focus on Derek.

“Hug?” (Y/n) rushed into his open arms, nuzzling into his chest as he pulled her closer. Derek stroked her hair softly as he soaked in her comforting scent. After a couple of minutes, she moved to pull away but Derek had other ideas. He lifted her, chuckling when she scrambled to wrap her legs around his waist. Keeping one arm wrapped around her waist, he used the other to pull back the duvet before settling against the headboard with (y/n) cuddled against his chest. She let out a content sigh as she relaxed into his warmth.


“Much” Her words were mumbled into his shirt, the domesticity of it all making Derek’s heart flutter.

“Do you want to talk about it?” She shook her head, refusing to meet his eye. His arms tighten around her instinctively, the need to protect her was almost overwhelming. “Do you want to watch Disney films until you fall asleep instead?”

A content smile spread across her face as she nodded, though it quickly turned into a frown accompanied by grumbling when Derek got out of bed to get her laptop.

Half an hour later, they were snuggled into one another as Cinderella played on (y/n)’s laptop. Her eyes were growing heavy as Derek played with the ends of her hair and occasionally pressed kisses to her temple.

“I want a Prince Charming” A laugh rumbled in Derek’s chest as his hand moved from her hair to trace patterns on her back.

“You’ll find him (y/n/n)” After making sure she was fast asleep, Derek moved to get up, carefully and somewhat reluctantly pulling away from her. He placed the laptop on her desk before kissing her temple. Stepping away from the bed, he jumped when she wrapped her hand around his wrist.

“Stay” Even if he’d wanted to, Derek couldn’t say no to her. He pulled the covers back, snickering under his breath when (y/n) opened her arms expectantly. Settling onto his back, he let her rest her head on his chest as she quickly drifted back to sleep cuddled against him. He fell asleep wondering how he was ever going to move on from her.

(Y/n) woke up alone, she tried not to be disappointed, knowing he’d left to avoid getting in trouble with both of their parents. It was a struggle to get up, especially when the bed was still warm from his presence. She tried to ignore the fact that her bedding smelt like him now.

After a frantic rush to get ready, she waited for Derek to pick her up so they could go to school.

(Y/n) attempted to hide the smile that pulled at her mouth as she watched Derek jump out of Peter’s car and strut towards her. When he reached her, he held out his hand, guiding her to stand up from where she’d been sat on her porch steps. A surprised laugh escaped her mouth when he placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

“Your carriage awaits, my lady” She rolled her eyes, hoping he wouldn’t notice the rise in her heartbeat. Peter rolled his eyes when she got in the car, mumbling about how he was going to be late if they didn’t stop messing around.

When they walked into school Derek was immediately swarmed by his friends while (y/n) moved to her locker to get out her books.

“How was your night?” She smiled at Abbie, snickering when she started to wiggle her eyebrows suggestively.

“It was good, really good” Without realising, her eyes had drifted over to the other side of the corridor where Derek stood laughing with his friends.

“Tell me everything” Turning back to Abbie, (y/n) rolled her eyes.

“It wasn’t like that. The date was awful actually, but then Derek came over and cheered me up”

“Cheered you up, huh?”

“You know it’s not like that” Abbie snorted as she watched her best friend stare longingly at Derek.

“If you say so” She singsonged before waving goodbye as she walked to her first lesson. (Y/n) shook her head, blushing when she realised Derek was watching her. A small smile appeared on his face as he made his way towards her.

“Ready for maths?” Before she could stop him, Derek took her books from her hand and tucked them under his arm along with his folder. He then offered her his other arm while grinning widely.

“Really? We’re doing this?”

“Yep,” He emphasised the ‘p’, smirking when she linked her arm through his. “I’ll be your substitute prince charming until you find your real one”

(Y/n) forced a laugh, not sure she was ready to deal with the fact that she already found her prince charming and he just so happened to be her best friend.

anonymous asked:

Please can you rec fics that are set in the 2016/2017 pleaseeeeeeeeee xxxxo

Heya ! I guess you mean Canon fics ? So this is what I found, but fair warning, I haven’t read them (one or two exceptions though)  … hiatus canon fics are too much angst for me :D

- Keep Holding On  : Prompt: When Louis finds out he’s not Freddie’s father, he turns to the only friend he has left in L.A. The boy whose heart he broke three years ago. (18k T)

- Just Want You To Hold Me  : Harry returned and gave him a bright pink towel, smiling politely. “Thank you” Louis croaked. Awkward. He hated the fact that normal moments like these had to be filled with tension, but he guessed that it was like that after a breakup. At least they still talked, even considered each other close friends. Just not too close.orHarry, Louis, Liam and Niall finally go on their lads holiday together. The only problem is that Harry and Louis have broken up, and Louis is still in love with him. Maybe they will solve their problems - on a yacht, in the middle of the ocean. (7k, NR)

- we both knew the cost : Louis expected certain things from the hiatus: songwriting sessions with Liam, long meetings for his new label, and lots of time in LA with Freddie. He never thought “getting together with Harry” would be on that list. Or that it would be followed quickly by “breaking up with Harry.”It’s been nearly a year since they spoke, but when Niall’s save-the-date comes, Louis knows it’s only a matter of time before he and Harry have to talk about everything that’s happened between them. It doesn’t help that One Direction’s hiatus has an end-date and that, too, is rapidly approaching. The last thing he wants to do is spend an entire week trapped in an Irish castle where he’ll be forced to deal with everything, but Niall and Liam aren’t giving him any choice in the matter. (63k, E)

- head head heart   : After Dunkirk has wrapped filming, Harry struggles with his inability to reach subspace. He tries taking the matter in his own hands before Louis intervenes with a plan of his own. (11k, E)

- under the vanilla sky : Who the hell wears a hat like that on a yacht?  That’s one of the things Louis thinks when he sees Harry from across the deck of the most expensive, ridiculous boat he’s ever been on.  He also thinks he’d like to get closer.  Just to see what’s under those aviators.  Just to verify that, yes, in fact, those white swim trunks might be a little see-through when wet.  Just to see if someone could really be that hot in real life.  On a yacht.  In the Caribbean sea just off the coast of St. Barts.  Here’s what really happened on that yacht.Or, my opinion, at least. (8k, E)

- All I Wanna Do  : “That’s perfect!” Harry tells him clapping his hands together, “How about I meet you at your place?”Well this is awkward.  Louis had originally kept the house they lived in, but since the break, Louis has moved into a flat overlooking the London city skyline and sold their old place.  “Yea, sure,” he says, “I’ll text you the address.”After Harry gives him a questioning look, his eyes furrowed like a grumpy kitten he goes on to explain, “I sold the house,” is all he tells him.Harry nods in response, “Oh…well alright.  I’ll see you tonight then.”  He waves at Louis before turning around to find his car in the parking lot.Louis lets out a deep sigh.  That was rough, so much for not having an awkward encounter with Harry.Or: After they decide to break up, Harry and Louis spend the hiatus apart. A year later, the band reunites to start working on their new album. (7k, NR)

- After all that time   : I’m sorry I fell asleep on you.“ Louis murmured.  "It’s alright” Harry answered. Because ‘Oh no it’s alright, I loved having you near me again, all sleepy and cuddly’ seemed not the right thing to say at that point, he opted for adding “You seemed very tired, so I didn’t want to wake you.” Harry and Louis broke up in 2012 because they just couldn’t deal with all the hiding and closeting. Or well, Louis couldn’t take it, since he was the one to break up with Harry. They tried to remain friends, being in the biggest boyband and all, but it just wasn’t the same. Harry had to see Louis having girlfriends and living the straight life everyone expected him to. But one day during their Hiatus that started 2016, Harry finds Louis standing in front of his door. Will they find their way back to each other? Even though there is a baby and a girlfriend in the game? (34k, NR)

- Take Me for a Spin : The night of the Pride of Britain Awards 2016. Louis goes to the ceremony and out to the club afterwards, but what is Harry up to? (6k, E)

- walk heavy on delicate ground : “What do you want more than anything in the entire world?” Harry asks, dragging a finger lazily up Louis’ bare chest. “To know myself again.”[Louis grows a beard and battles depression during the hiatus.] (7k, E)

- Somebody Left the Cake Out in the Rain    : January 10th, 2016: Louis is sad and tired from stunting, so Harry takes him to a bakery to cheer him up. Cue flirting, sarcastic comments, and fluff. Lots of fluff. Canon-compliant, 2016 fic. (5k, NR)

- I Can Move You Like An Earthquake : Or, Louis made a baby and Harry’s not speaking to him. They find their way back to each other with the help of a secret beach house rendezvous. (20k, E)

For Keeps

Originally posted by parkejimins

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Fluff / One Shot
Word Count: 1.8k

March 9th, 2017.

09:36 AM

A beam of sunlight breaks through your curtains, dancing over your features. Being the light sleeper that you are, your eyes flutter open as it hits your eyelids. You groan, squeezing your eyes shut as you roll to the other side, hiding your face from the light.

Oh, how you hate those damn curtains. You make a mental note to search the web for roller shutter producers first thing after breakfast. Ah, breakfast. Your stomach rumbles at the thought.

Sighing, you sit up slowly. Puffing out a breath to gently lift your bangs into the air. Your gaze falls on what can only be described as a heap next to you in bed. All tangled limbs and sheets, messy raven black hair, and – as you lean closer to admire the boy’s face - eyelashes. You’ve always been a big fan of his face (his beautiful, soft face) but the way those eyelashes frame his deep brown eyes when he looks at you, oh boy.

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Ceci Magazine Feburary 2017 Issue:
Chanyeol’s Interview

Question: You’ve mentioned that one of the best movies of 2017 that you have watched is “Hyung" in which D.O has starred in. In particular, which scenes stood out or caught your attention the most?
Chanyeol: Until now, i’ve only seen the movie once. (laughs) Amongst the many scenes, one in particular stood out to me the most; it was the scene where Kyungsoo was dancing. This is a side of Kyungsoo that I’m pretty familiar with.

Question: Even though you’ve learned DJ-ing from BeatBurger’s Shim Jae Won, he was apprehensive about the fact that you were able to perform it during your concerts. It must have been an accomplishment for you, after having done so for 44 consecutive concerts.
Chanyeol: I’ve become closer to Jaewon hyung through our conversations while I was learning DJ-ing from him. He seems rather impressed with my persistence and perseverance with regards to music. I always show the prettier side of me when i’m engaged in music. Honestly speaking, i’m not amongst the members that dance well during our concerts. Hence it got me thinking about other forms of performances that i was able to showcase. This led me to discover about DJ-ing, which i thought was a good alternative. I encountered many setbacks throughout my tenure, but as i had expected, i was able to better understand and adapt quicker to the lessons taught during the time frame between the last EXO’Luxion concert to the present EXO’rDIUM one.

Question: You’ve mentioned about your personality being one that is rather impatient. However, it seems that you do tend to dedicate time and patience to specific areas of your interest. People who are impatient tend to give up rather easily.
Chanyeol: Having an impatient personality allows me to stay focused on the task on hand and time seemingly passes by quickly. For instance, i wanted to master the Japanese language as quickly as possible. Therefore it spurred me on to study diligently on a daily basis. Whenever the time permits, i find myself reading up on Japanese vocabulary. During my plane rides to Japan for our conducted tours, i would take the opportunity to read up on Japanese vocabulary books to further expand my knowledge.

Question: What have you been diligently working hard on recently?
Chanyeol: During the month of January, we had a window period where we were free with no schedules. I picked up snowboarding as a result. I spent my time looking up various video clips featuring people performing a variety of stunts and jumps while riding on it, which prompted me to want to do the same. I kept having to replay the video. The following day i attempted it and fell close to a hundred times. I don’t usually fall as much, but for this particular stunt i was intending to learn, i ended up falling a hundreds of times. However i managed to succeed at the end. Throughout the 5 days of my practice, 3 of which i even found myself having difficulty trying to walk (laughs). Given my type of impatient personality, iI wanted to pick up the skill as quickly as possible. I poured in all my time and effort into doing so. I also tend to have a personality whereby, i would get frustrated if i wasn’t able to accomplish goals that i had initially set out for.

Question: From your acting debut in the movie “Salut D'Amour” to the present drama “Missing Nine”, you’ve certainly learnt many acting skills cumulatively as a result right?
Chanyeol: Of course. Especially during the filming of the drama “Missing Nine”, i’ve learnt a lot just by looking at the way my seniors act. Initially, when we had to appear as a group, i was deeply intimidated. As every single word in the script, if not executed properly, could cause devastating differences. I found myself constantly working on how to convey my feelings of exasperation on set back at home. I also began thinking about ways to help better convey my tone and voice. I consulted the director about this issue many times. Especially with the help of a senior whom i’m particularly close with, Kim Sang Ho, i’ve learnt many things.

Question: The adult persona of Chanyeol must have been well adored isn’t it?
Chanyeol: Well I guess so, it seems. (laughs) During our breaks, besides the usual conversation about acting, i do converse about social issues, politics etc with my seniors. I realized that i could benefit from having conversations like these as well, as it gave me more insight about the adult life. It was fortunate that i was being casted for this drama.

Question: Upon reading up about the character “Lee Yeol” that you potrayed in the drama, i felt like it had a striking resemblance to your character off screen. Didn’t that provide you with a better advantage?
Chanyeol: I did notice that the character I potrayed in the drama bore similar resemblance to the way i behave in my daily life. However, after having to act it out, i realized that it was in fact actually pretty contrasting. Although the people around me are familiar with my own personality in real life, i worked hard in trying to potray the character of Lee Yeol well.

Question: During the drama it’s been known that the 9 members had suffered from a plane crash incident. To put the film into the real life perspective, given that the conditions aren’t so severe, what would you have done during the times in which you’ve experienced exasperation and feeling exhausted?
Chanyeol: During the early days of my debut, i remembered feeling extremely dreary and constantly being exhausted. However i was always there to lighten the mood for my fellow members. These days, after having familiarized ourselves around each other after so long, this practice slowly died down, we find ourselves keeping to each other more. I guess it’s due to the fact that people generally get sensitive when they’re tired. I can also say the same for myself as well. I tend to feel really guilty about it before bed, so i’m really trying to keep my emotions in check. This is something i would like to work on this year.

Question: Whilst filming in Jeju, what did you do during your free time?
Chanyeol: There wasn’t much free time in general. When it happened to rain during filming, i would spend the time bonding with my seniors as we sat around during a meal and play games together. This really allowed me to bond with my seniors. During our actual breaks, we hardly went on our separate ways. Instead, we would gather together and chat continuously on end. Those times were very much enjoyable for me and everyone else, as it was also a time for us to heal through our conversations.

Question: You were the one that started the band ‘Heavy Noise’. Ideally you tend to stick to one you set of to do, but do you have times where you tend to just give up half way through the process?
Chanyeol: Nope. None of that sort. In fact i was even more optimistic during my middle and high school days. I would always gather amongst my friends as we had fun joking with each other and exploring new instruments and such. I still have vivid memories about us spending time in the ensemble room and going out for spicy rice cakes thereafter. It was an enjoyable time for me. During the days where my band was active it gained much popularity and attention from others. I remembered surprising everyone with my musical instrument abilities albeit being a transferred student. (laughs)

Question: As such, you must have been a tall and attractive student back then.
Chanyeol: I think my golden/prime days were back when I was in 3rd grade during High School. (laughs) I was constantly fooling around with my classmates and we would always keep silent whenever a female student passed by out of basic respect. However afterwards, we would basically just resume with our antics. When lunch break approached, others would make a dash for the cafeteria, while i would just take my time strolling towards it. During soccer matches, i would also be at the sideline having fun and laughing along as well.

Question: You make school hallways seem as though they are fashion runways instead. It seems like you are pretty self loving, but you do find yourself wanting to be acknowledged by others around you for your efforts as well right?
Chanyeol:You’re right. However having said that, apart from wanting the love and attention from others, i don’t wish to be pretentious. It feels good to be acknowledged, but i’ll prefer to set a limit to it and not go overboard. When i feel like i have made someone feel uncomfortable in any way, i would go back and think about it and reflect upon it.

Question: Often times, people with good lucks have found themselves in a situation where their attributes are overshadowed by their outer appearances. You can be good at everything, but it’ll all be overshadowed by your looks isn’t it?
Chanyeol: Frankly speaking, it isn’t the outer appearance that distracts the public from my talents. But rather, it encourages people to pay closer attention to my outer appearance as opposed to my talents. It gives me the motivation to perform at my personal best at all times, to basically constantly showcase what my capabilities are. If i’m at the 100th level right now, it makes me aim for 10000. Similar to music, i always find myself aspiring for greater heights in life. Although i constantly receive praises from the people around me, i still find myself doubting my abilities at times and even losing my confidence as a result. Hence whenever i have my free time, i work hard at the practice studio to try and further improve myself.

Question: Would there ever be a day whereby, after looking at yourself in the mirror, you think “I’ve accomplished more musically, as compared to working on my outer appearance”?
Chanyeol: No doubt, i have thoughts like that as well. I’ve always been asking my fellow seniors in the industries about what they think about me. And they’ve always replied that i show perseverance and tenacity in my musical composition. Of course it feels good to receive great compliments like this, but it also spurs me on to further improve on my skills for the better as i feel like i’m still lacking in many aspects as an individual. Eventually, it’s the enthusiasm that i have to learn more about music that’s behind it all.

Question: You’ve previously mentioned that “One’s imagination surpasses the abundance of all imaginations”. I find that rather quirky and adorable. Has anything changed ever since?
Chanyeol: Yes, definitely! I’m all about exceeding my own imagination. Before i hit the hay every night, i usually picture a scene in my head during filming. Not long ago, i pictured myself earning a quadrillion bucks.

Question: If that (earning a quadrillion) was true, what would you do with all that fortune?
Chanyeol: I would build a 20-storey high building. The first 3 levels would be converted into a practice space. This year as part of my resolutions, i decided to work on my dancing. During the past year, i’ve observed myself through the monitors and realized that i had loads to work on with regards to my dancing abilities. Besides attending more dance lessons, i would commit myself towards my fitness as well. Those facilities would be found at the upper levels. Then comes a study area where i would learn what’s basically necessary, and my studio, where i receive coaching on my lyrical compositions as well. It’s basically all about working towards self-enhancement and establishing a greater me.

Question: It’s been a good 5 years since your debut with EXO. Are you aspirations currently what you had hoped for prior to your debut?
Chanyeol: I feel like i’m drawing closer to my childhood dream of being a composer, a producer. Although i thoroughly enjoy my time working as a singer, i do hope to expand my outlook towards lyrical compositions as well as producing music. Given my spare time apart from my daily commitments, i hope to gain more insights with regards to music. Although i do feel satisfied being an EXO member, i’m always greedy for more. Albeit the old saying that everyone has a point where they reach their personal limits, i feel that although this may be true to a certain extent or so, we all still have a long way to go. Once you reached a milestone, it would only serve to drive you further into reaching your fullest potential.

Question: In conclusion, do you have anything that you would like to say for Ceci?
Chanyeol: Let’s Love! ( laughs)

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)

anonymous asked:

For that 'I love you' prompt, what about 4 and 20 together? Alfred is freaking out, especially acter watching a horror movie, and Kiku tries to calm him down with tea or something.

for the “how you said ‘i love you’” prompt list!
A/N: this turned out longer than I intended, lmao. sorry it took me so long, I’ve been in a slump recently :’^)

4: over a cup of tea + 20: as we huddle together, the storm raging outside;

Alfred kept his eyes tightly screwed shut as another clap of thunder resounded throughout his flat, clutching his pillow to his chest. 

Yes, the oh-so-brave and courageous self-proclaimed hero was, indeed, afraid of thunderstorms. 

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anonymous asked:

Maybe a bachelor au drabble about Harry and Louis' wedding day or if you're feeling angsty their first real fight after leaving the show 🙈💕

I’ll do you one better; I’ll combine them.

The story I swore I’d never revisit, and I’m sorry it took me so long to answer because I’m pretty sure this request has been sitting in my inbox since July:

The past six months have been a whirlwind of absolute and utter chaos. It’s been stressful, loud, intense, crazy; Harry wouldn’t change a single thing about it. He’s never been happier a day in his damn life.

He gets to wake up next to Louis, eat dinner with him, hold hands when they’re watching movies, grocery shop, laugh with him, cry with him, love the hell out of him. And so much of it is mundane, but it’s Louis that makes it not feel that way, that makes it feel extraordinary. Harry feels like the first 26 years of life were wasted not being with his boy.

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TRUE ROMANCE: III + Book 2 of Soul Mate

Summary: What if second chances did exist…except in another life?

A/N: Here’s part three of my oh-so-cliche modern au fic that i actually adore writing because i’m a fuckin’ sucker for romance. Hope you all enjoy and your kind feedback is appreciated :)

Warning: None!

Word Count: 3.2K+

I + II

Mother nature must have been furious because the rain hadn’t stopped for the past eight hours or so. Of course, you hadn’t realized how much time had flown because the entire time Ben had you either crying from laughter or crying from a movie–either way, you were crying. You were amazed at how easily you two connected, it almost scared you. Just a day ago you had met him and here you sat, casually on his couch as if you two had known each other for years. But what topped the cake was the fact that you nearly had fallen asleep on his shoulder as the soft sounds of rainfall mixed with the old black and white film he had been showing you caused you to drift off–it was hard to stay awake, especially with the lack of sleep you had this week.

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Dan and Phil versus the World

Well, here goes. This marks a lot of firsts in my internet life. How do people post fics on Tumblr? I don’t even know.

Artist: Sadly, none, but if you send me a link to art for this fic, I will promo it!
Beta: Sam (@phantropolis)
Word count: 12k
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some coarse/inappropriate language and one description of a panic attack
Summary: In an alternate universe (where Poe the cactus survived), Dan and Phil revisited Japan after TATINOF. Now they’re back in London, but something’s changed, leaving Dan tense and restless. Maybe they’ve been so busy selling Dan and Phil™ all these years that they’ve forgotten how to be themselves. Storytelling has a way of seeping into real life, but it only confounds things when you start to believe it.
Author’s Note: I signed up for the PBB in May on an impulse, having never before worked with either a beta or an artist. Thanks to Sam for her top-notch beta reading and bants. This story is dedicated to you, without whom it would probably still be half finished and abandoned. I hope it’s not (too) crap for a first phanfic. The themes are friendship, understanding, growth and dreams, and there is a lot of introspection, analysis and flashbacks. Really, the whole story is one long existential crisis on Dan’s part. And procrastination station.

Read on AO3 here!

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I Can’t Apologize Enough Part 1

Author: Hannahc56

Word Count: 1,305

Request: “I just hit you with my car and was the only one to visit you in the hospital” AU

A/N: I saw this on Tumblr somewhere, and it was an entire list of good AU’s and I found this one fascinating. 


     You wrapped your greasy fingers around the volume dial and turned it till you could feel the bass making your organs rumble underneath your ribs. You wiped your hand on your jeans, and pushed the McDonalds bag to the passenger side. You flipped through the stations, nothing but Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift filled the speakers in your car and you weren’t satisfied. You needed a song to scream to, a song to drive to. 

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Tall, Dark and Handsome
TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: comments would be lovely. I’m leaning towards two parts but I don’t know yet. 

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Dark Clouds

(Hi guys! This is my first time writing something of this nature. So it might suck. I hope I did the request justice!)

Request:  can you do a scenario where tae’s gfriend is depressed and to keep up with him(since he is super energetic and happy)she takes a lot of antidepressants and energetic drinks? And he finds out? (I changed it up a bit, I hope you don’t mind^^)

Pairing: Taehyung (V) x Reader

Word Count: 1800~

Warnings: Dealing with mild depression, may be triggering to some

Originally posted by falling-through-autumn

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Good Feelings

A/N So here is my entry for NaLu day! Little bit late in the day…but I really wanted to try it!
So here is my first ever attempt at a NaLu fan fiction!(based on a prompt from this list. And let me say…this made me fall in love with the ship even more!! :)

Big thanks to comewhatanime again for reading it over for me first! Truly, Thanks Britt!


Lucy glanced at her watch.




She let out a heavy sigh. Her date was suppose to meet up with her at 5:45 to catch the 6:00 showing of Jurassic World. Yet, here she stood, 15 minutes past the designated movie time and 30 minutes past the time her date had agreed to meet her.

I guess he decided there were better things to do

To make matters worse, it started to rain. As she turned to return the way she came, she noticed a peculiar man cursing at his phone. Thinking he might need some help, she walked up to him to offer her assistance.

“Hey, are you alright sir? Is there anything I can-”

“DAMN IT!” Lucy jumped back, startled by his outburst. She took a closer look at the man through the rain that grew heavier by the minute. He had an alarming shade of pink hair that spiked out in every direction. He was quite tan and rather built if Lucy dared to say so. His striking features were even more amplified by the furious expression he currently wore on his face. 

While these thoughts ran through her head, the angry man looked up at her in confusion.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I was just—you’re shivering! What are you even doing out in this rain?” Lucy realized she was, as he had said, shivering from the wet clothes that had started to cling to her.

“I didn’t even notice…I was on my home anyway.” But before she could turn around to leave, the man grabbed her arm and pulled her into the theater.

“There! Much warmer in here. What were you doing out there anyway?”

Lucy gaped at him. “Well what were you doing out there!” 

The man scoffed at her as some of his previous anger returned to his face.

“I was waiting for my date to show up, but apparently she had something better to do! And she couldn’t even bother sending me a message before I sat here and waited for 25 minutes!”

“…at least your date notified you of their decision.” Lucy looked away with the look of rejection in her eyes 

“Wait, you’re saying your date stood you up too?!” What a jerk!” Lucy smiled at that, pleased that someone shared her opinion.

“My name is Natsu, by the way. What’s yours?  Since we are swapping sap stories now.” The man, she knew as Natsu now, chuckled. Lucy felt something warm bubble up from her chest. He has a nice laugh. Wait! What am I thinking? I just met the guy!

“So are you going to tell me your name or continue fighting with yourself on whatever issue you are thinking of?” Natsu laughed again.

The warm feeling returned as well as a soft blush that crept onto her face.


“Alright then Lucy. It’s decided!” Natsu stood up from his spot with determination as Lucy looked at him in confusion.

“What? What’s decided? Whoa-where are you taking me now?” Natsu had removed her from her spot and dragged her to the counter.

“Since both of our dates couldn’t be bothered with us, screw them! Let’s go see a movie together instead!” Natsu looked quite proud of his decision while Lucy still looked baffled, but…

There it was again. That feeling.

Lucy snapped out of thoughts in time to hear Natsu say, “Two tickets for Jurassic World please!”

“How did you know that’s the movie I was going to see?”

“Considering the fact it just came out today, its not that hard of a leap.”

Oh..right. Way to go Lucy. Now he thinks you’re some moron.

“Oi! Earth to Lucy! Is it that fun to argue with yourself?” Lucy blushed at that, shoving down the feelings that threatened to emerge again.

“You go get us a seat! And I will buy some popcorn.” 

Lucy was walking away before Natsu had a chance to argue, but she thought she heard a quiet, ‘Yes ma’am’ from her new pink-haired friend. She stopped.

Since when did I consider him my friend? 

She ran to the proper showing room and tried to spot Natsu in the already dark room. Despite the lack of light, it wasn’t hard to find him. She sat next to him and checked her watch-6:25 

Did I miss anything?”

“Nah, you know they play ads for like 30 minutes. In fact you’re just in time! Looks like the movie’s starting!”

It became darker in the theater and Lucy took this chance to study Natsu more. His childlike expression made her laugh. Quite the opposite from the angry expression she had first seen. This expression fit him much better.

“…dinosaurs?” Lucy blinked, realizing she missed the question. “Pardon?”

“I said are you a fan of dinosaurs?”

“Of course! I have been waiting for this movie for a long time!”

“Oh? I didn’t have you pegged for a dinosaur girl.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Now shush I am trying to watch this man be torn limb from limb!” Natsu laughed at her excited expression before settling in with the popcorn and enjoying the scene-both the one in front of him and the girl sitting next to him.


“That was awesome! When those raptors helped out! But then they died, and I never expected to be upset over them! The movie had me rooting for raptors!” Lucy spluttered on and on about the film while Natsu walked next to her, laughing silently about her antics.

“I couldn’t believe people actually thought that system was going to work? Did they learn nothing from the previous movies? And when they-“ Suddenly Lucy was spun around to find her lips meeting Natsu in a soft kiss. The pair stayed like that a moment before they both pulled away.

The reoccurring blush had come back to Lucy’s face as she looked up at Natsu in bewilderment. Natsu smiled down at her before grabbing her hand and walking forward 

“Hey, hey, hey, where are we going?! And y-you-“ Lucy tripped over her words while trying not to trip over her feet.

“ I think you’re cute.” Lucy stopped abruptly, forgetting she was currently linked to the fast moving pink-haired man in front of her and was pulled forward. “What?”

“I said I think you’re cute. Or do you need to have a debate in your head over it first to process that information?”

Lucy attempted to control the butterflies in her chest, along with the warm feeling rising up. This man…

“I’m glad our dates ditched us.” Lucy laughed at that, still walking hand-in-hand.

“Yeah, me too.”

Break me

TITLE:  Break me


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance 

FIC SUMMARY:  OC is left heartbroken by Tom. But can they make mend their relationship?


Author’s notes: I challenged myself to write angst and heartache. Comments would be splendid.

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bloodsport (fighting in a love war) [23/?]

I would say sorry, but I’m not. 

rival assassins AU: they live in a world rife with death and destruction (of which they are often the cause) - is it even possible to feel anything other than the thrill of the kill? [also available on ff.net] [cs assassins series so far]

23. coin drop: Killian gets a new target and Emma is not as understanding this time.

It’s a Tuesday and a generally nice day.

The steady onslaught of rain is a soothing metronome against the window of his hotel room, a blurry mass of dark clouds blotting out the morning sky beyond it.

His phone rings. The classic Nokia ringtone is a stark contrast to the natural dulcet tones permeating the room and he puts down the book he was reading to seek out the singing device (Swan had teased him for the old fashioned sound bite as soon as she heard it, laughing hysterically and adding it to the list of things that apparently made him an ’old man trapped in a young man’s body’).

(He resents that title.)

Strolling across the room, he glances at the caller ID and answers. Gold’s leathery cadence greets him, all business when he says, “You’ve got a new target.”

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