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Harry was being walked through customs. How do you think he staged this? LOL the desperation is strong

Gosh thanks for the reminder that I can’t have fun or headcanons you fool obviously we won’t lmao for sure when he arrived but do you remember the time Louis went up the down escalator at LAX just to get the picture?


Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


@daisugavolleyballweek Day 3. Beauty and the Beast // Gangster-Mobster.

“The heir to the Sawamura clan is absolutely crazy, but it’s his first lieutenant you gotta watch out for. That guy is a fucking psycopath.”

  • Victor episode 7: *kisses Yuuri* It was the only way I could surprise you more than you surprised me.
  • Yuuri episode 10: *gets Victor an engagement ring* I couldn't think of anything better.
  • One of them in the future probably: *adopts two kids and Yurio* It was the best idea I had.

Bokuroo beach headcanons

  • they manage to get on a boat, however small, and use any sound system they can find to blare I’m On A Boat
  • while out swimming, Bokuto gets on the inflatable whale they brought and Kuroo tries to join him but the whale is no where near big enough. Bokuto reaches out to hold him up and says dramatically, “Don’t let go!” and Kuroo responds with, “I’ll never let go.” and Bokuto acts serious for all of ten seconds and then he’s pushing Kuroo under
  • both of them think they’re so clever making some stupid drawing on the other one’s back in sunscreen
  • sandcastles
  • Bokuto demanded they get a sandcastle kit before they arrived here, even if the tools are way too small for their hands
  • Kuroo wonders why he didn’t think of it first
  • Bokuto 100% picks up the towel to shake off the sand and ends up getting it in both his and Kuroo’s faces
  • staying long enough to watch the sunset
  • regretting staying long enough to watch the sunset because now they’re both freezing and their clothes are in the car
  • needing to wash off the sand and cautiously staring at the showers because wow that is going to be extra cold
  • Bokuto braves the water first and flicks water towards Kuroo, asking if he could be anymore catlike when he practically hisses at Bokuto
  • racing each other to the actual shower when they get home
  • very warm and very tired cuddling


I know everyone’s been asking me about this for 6 months, but considering this queued post ONLY just surfaced, I’m starting to get actually worried. Like I state, I trust her to not actually actively off herself (and since it’s a queued post, it was probably written as a vent I hope) but considering how she’s fallen off the grid, the situation just took a really morbid turn for the worse. 

Yes, I have Rhea’s actual name and potentially her current residence, but I’d like to appeal to anyone else if she’s reached any of you guys in private or otherwise. All her Google Docs have been removed, her Reddit and Habitica were deleted and she hasn’t responded to any Skype messages in approximately 6 months. 


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well. that escalated quickly.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
here’s my belated HBD for victor! my family is way too festive during Christmas, so i had no time to draw my fav ice skating husbands. Also i HC victor as the type that doesn’t care about his birthday, because to him he’s ‘20′ forever lol.

EXTRA: from shoujo manga scene to Christmas memes. (i cannot escape the memes srry ; u ;))
(again read from up to down) 

^^; i know that Russians don’t celebrate Christmas on the 25th but having traveled all around the world, Victor knows that while he’s turning another age, people are getting festive and blasting MC’s Christmas album. (lol at least i am  XD)

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and or holiday! ^ u ^ 

If life is a river, then pursuing Christ requires swimming upstream. When we stop swimming, or actively following Him, we automatically begin to be swept downstream.
Or, to use another metaphor more familiar to city people, we are on a never-ending downward escalator. In order to grow, we have to turn around and sprint up the escalator, putting up with perturbed looks from everyone who is gradually moving downward.
—  Francis Chan, Crazy Love
After Trump’s win, a Sanders book tour becomes group therapy — and a chance to regroup
Fans of the runner-up in the Democratic primary turn to the senator for reassurance about politics.

For nearly a week now, many of them have been reeling, wondering what will happen in Washington and what it will mean for the “revolution” Sanders pushed. On Monday, he urged his supporters to become more involved politically, not less.

They were taken inside in groups, led up an escalator and steered past the cafe, where they waited in another line that led to a beige curtain blocking the view of store patrons. After a chance for a photo and a few words with Sanders behind the curtain, some emerged in tears.

Goldstein, who described the senator as “insanely gracious,” said she was doing her best not to cry before leaving the store.

Others expressed their emotions in different ways. “I feel crazy, like I just took a hit of drugs or something!” yelled one perhaps 30-something woman, who declined to be interviewed as she headed down the escalator.

Some were wearing light-blue “Bernie” T-shirts from his upstart presidential campaign. One woman sported a button reading, “Talk Bernie To Me.” A college student was clad in a “Bernie onesie” decorated with dozens of images of the senator’s head.

All, it seemed, were still trying to make sense of a general election somehow lost by Democrat Hillary Clinton — one that many of them said they thought Sanders could have won if only he had been the party’s nominee.

“I think it was a terrible mistake,” said Josh Youngerman, 25, a political activist and actor from Brooklyn, who argued that Sanders would have been the stronger candidate against Trump.

With his message of economic populism, Sanders connected better than Clinton in some of the Rust Belt states that she lost, including Michigan and Wisconsin, he said.

Youngerman said he had volunteered for Sanders’s campaign in five states and logged more than 400 hours working phone banks for him — yet never met the senator before Monday night.

“It helps. It helps, for sure,” he said, quickly changing his tone. “But still, it’s pretty devastating. We have a fascist for a president.”

“It is really emotional,” Kayla Ichikawa of Queens said after she and her husband had their picture taken with Sanders behind the curtain.

Before Sanders’s primary bid, Ichikawa, 24, said she felt jaded by politics. Sanders gave her hope.

I know the jokes about Lena popping up to see Kara but what if it was part of her “can’t live in fear” mentality. She was originally planning to text Kara but was like “what if she has me blocked, what if she doesn’t check it or what if she just ignores me - wait I’ll just call her - wait - what if she doesn’t pick up?” And it just escalates until she’s worked herself up into an anxiety bomb about to go off so she cancels her meetings and immediately goes to see Kara both times because she literally cannot handle stewing in the fear of rejection and just wants to get it over with if it’s gonna happen. Lena Luthor runs towards the things she fears because she will not tolerate living in it and this has made her awkward and intense in relationships but always the first to say “I love you”

For Your Convenience (Part 6)

Story Summary: To help you finally make a move on your long-time crush, you get assistance from your newly hired co-worker. (Retail/Department Store AU)

Word Count: 954

‘For Your Convenience’ Masterlist

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You can do this, (Y/N). You can do this, you assured yourself as you made your way up the escalator. Looking around, you noticed that more customers came in the store. When you finally reached the top level, the men’s department was jam-packed with shoppers roaming around the area. You started to feel relaxed, more so relieved at the scene since Steve was probably busy helping out customers. Maybe you didn’t need to flirt with him. Not today.

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