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Would I Ever Lie to You?

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: There’s no free tables in the lunchroom so you find yourself sitting with Peter, Ned, and Michelle.

Request: 40 “Have I ever lied to you?” + 30 “Can I sit here? The other tables are full.” and i added 53 “I’m flirting with you” also this was requested by @thebucckybarnes aka alex the love of my life

Warnings: None

Word Count: 437

Notes: sorry it’s so short akghaf

You sighed as you looked around the lunchroom. Everywhere you looked you saw lunch tables, completely full. In other words, there was nowhere for you to sit.

Your usual spot had been taken by a new student who had bonded with your friends. You weren’t about to kick them off of the table to fend for themselves in this chaotic place, so you figured you could just find some new lunch buddies for the day.

However every single table was full.

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anonymous asked:

I'm a little fuzzy on the language of "attack" when referring to asthma, but one of my characters runs for a while and then gets wheezy+tightness of chest. Their inhaler is a three mile walk away, and ambulances can't be called for plot reasons. Could they survive the walk with rest periods/be able to talk? Could they later spend a couple of months carrying a rescue inhaler but no prescription meds? (If it helps, they've never been hospitalized for an attack and rarely have them)

Hey there nonny! I have a two-part series on Asthma coming sometime in the next month or two – I’m finally getting back into writing posts, which is so nice – but here’s the skinny. 

Asthma is one of those annoying positive feedback loops. That is, they get some inflammation in their bronchi and bronchioles, which makes them wheeze. Wheezing is scary, and it can set off more of an immune response, which triggers more inflammation. 

A “rescue inhaler,” or albuterol (trade names: Ventolin, Proventil, ProAir, about 8 million more across the globe) helps by giving what’s called a beta agonist that encourages the bronchioles to open up. Other meds for asthma knock down the inflammation (steroids) or help dry out the secretions that come along for the ride (anticholinergics). 

Albuterol is a great fix for mild or even moderate asthma attacks, which it sounds like yours is, but it isn’t always enough even in those cases. 

As for walking for miles… it’s possible, but it’s going to make them a lot worse. The longer an attack goes on the harder it is to break, because that cycle goes on for longer, and the more severe it will become. I wouldn’t throw the book across the room if I read it, though. 

My suggestion would be, as with all things, ramp up the challenges. Over time, have their breath get shorter and shorter, the need for rest more frequent. One thing people don’t always describe about asthma is the fear. It’s realyl hard to not get terrified at the feeling of being unable to breathe. (If you want to try this for yourself and you’re not asthmatic or have heart conditions, try breathing through a straw for a few minutes. You’ll get the claw-at-your-own-chest sensation, which just ramps up over time.) 

So I would say yes, this is believable, it’s okay if you decide that even after they get their inhaler it doesn’t fix things completely and they need to go to the ER, they should be exhausted by the end, ramp up the exhaustion / trouble breathing / fear. Sentences might come out whole at first, but by the end, they should come out in 4-5 word bursts. 

Oh, and they’ll likely be exhausted once their inhaler kicks in and they feel better. They may also feel very shaky. 

Also, consider the implications of having someone else involved. Does a friend swoop in with a car at the last minute? What about having someone walk with them and having the character’s fear reflected in their behavior? 

I hope that all of this helps! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


[Maim Your Characters is out TODAY!

Episodes in Each Season That People Seem to Forget About/Not Talk About
  • Season 1: Volcano, Mecha Streisand
  • Season 2: The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka, Chickenpox, Cow Days
  • Season 3: Spontaneous Combustion, The Succubus, Korn's Spooky Pirate Ghost Mystery, Starvin Marvin in Space
  • Season 4: Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?, Probably, Pip
  • Season 5: Super Best Friends, Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants, Here Comes the Neighborhood
  • Season 6: Red Hot Catholic Love, A Ladder to Heaven
  • Season 7: I'm a Little Bit Country, Red Man's Greed, Grey Dawn, Butt Out
  • Season 8: Up the Down Steroid, Something Wall-Mart this Way Comes, Cartman's Incredible Gift
  • Season 9: Die Hippie Die, Wing, Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow
  • Season 10: Cartoon Wars Parts 1&2, A Million Little Fibers
  • Season 11: Lice Capades, Night of the Living Homeless
  • Season 12: Britney's New Look, Eek! A Penis, About Last Night
  • Season 13: Fatbeard, The F Word
  • Season 14: Sexual Healing, You Have 0 Friends, Poor and Stupid, Insheeption
  • Season 15: TMI, City Sushi, A History Channel Thanksgiving
  • Season 16: Faith Hilling, Insecurity, A Scause for Applause, Obama Wins!
  • Season 17: Let Go, Let Gov, Informative Murder Porn, Goth Kids 3
  • Season 18: Handicar, The Magic Bush
  • Season 19: Safe Space, Sponsored Content
  • Season 20: Member Berries, The Damned, A Douche and a Danish, Members Only

I love Kyle and Cartman’s relationship for how complex and contradictory it is.

They’re worst enemies, yet somehow remain close friends. They often argue and fight, but—at the end of the day—they’re back to hanging out with their mutual friends; playing video games, using their imaginations, going/being taken on wacky adventures, etc.

I think it’s possible to feel ambivalently about someone, and that people can play multiple roles in a person’s life; and that this is the case with Kyle and Cartman.

Their relationship contradicts itself in so many ways. They constantly insult each other, yet manage to get along for the most part. There are times when they work together, and times when they compete against or straight up fight each other. There are times when Cartman has disregarded Kyle’s life or plotted/attempted to kill him (ex: ”Toilet Paper”), but saved his life in “Smug Alert” and the second part of the “Imaginationland” (aka “Kyle Sucks Cartman’s Balls”) trilogy. Likewise, Kyle has saved Cartman on multiple occasions. Kyle also shows concern for Cartman’s behavior; wanting Cartman to see the error of his ways. In “Up the Down Steroid,” Kyle says that—although he often has moral objections to the things Cartman does—he feels it’s his responsibility as Cartman’s friend to intervene this time because he’s afraid Cartman will go to hell otherwise. Not to mention the questionable behavior Cartman exhibits toward Kyle on occasion (trying to get Kyle to suck his balls, pinching Kyle’s cheek and calling Kyle his “little monster, giving Kyle taco-flavored kisses, etc), which can be construed as rather contradictory behavior toward someone who’s supposed to be your enemy.

I think what’s interesting is that they’re actually rather close; partly due to their constant bickering and exchanging of insults. Even if negatively, they interact constantly, and have shown obsessive tendencies toward each other (specifically Cartman). They know each other like the backs of their own hands. Cartman finds Kyle beneficial, as Kyle reacts the most to him and gives him the most attention. Without Kyle around to rip on, as Stan says, Cartman’s life is empty and hollow. That’s why Cartman saves Kyle in “Smug Alert;” he doesn’t want to lose his enemy. That aspect of their relationship is important to him; and probably to Kyle, too. They see each other as a challenge.

Kyle doesn’t appear to be as close with Kenny as with Stan and Cartman (even if he always gets along with Kenny; they have little interaction); and Cartman seems to be closer with Kyle (for better or worse) than Stan or Kenny, despite or perhaps due to claiming to hate Kyle the most. (At one point, Kenny and Cartman were closer, but Butters replaced Kenny as Cartman’s best friend. I think it’s important to take plot progression into account.) Stan and Butters are arguably the only characters Kyle and Cartman are closer to than each other. Whenever Kyle and Stan temporarily go their separate ways, Kyle always turns to Cartman (”Prehistoric Ice Man,” “The Super Best Friends,” “You’re Getting Old,” “Assburgers,” “Faith Hilling”). And (speaking of plot progression) they seem to be getting closer (as friends (as opposed to enemies)) in more recent seasons; ever since “You’re Getting Old.” Particularly in episodes like “Assburgers,” “Faith Hilling” and “Gluten Free Ebola.”

They’re relationship has fluctuated over the years—they started out as simple frenemies, then their feud became a bigger focus, and now they’re starting to gradually become better friends—but one thing about it that remains consistent throughout the series is that it’s complex and contradictory; they’re close friends and worst enemies. They’ll always find themselves on opposing sides, but end up back where they started; on the same team. That’s my favorite aspect of their relationship.

One of my favorite Kyle/Cartman scenes is in Up The Down Steroid when Kyle confronts Cartman about his plan to enter the special olympics. To me, it is an expression of Kyle genuinely caring about Cartman. Instead of ratting him out or taking him down in some complicated manner, Kyle decides to tell Cartman honestly how he feels about the situation. Kyle expresses that he believes Cartman will go to hell if he does this and says that as his friend, he has to put a stop to it. As his friend. Kyle doesn’t even hesitate to call Cartman his friend like he so often does. When Cartman tries to turn the tables, Kyle is lost for words. He transcended their rivalship to try and save Cartman. It’s a shame Cartman couldn’t overcome the rivalship also.

Gym Curse

Alex, freshly dumped and burning with humiliation, looked skeptically at the storefront door.  “Helpful Healing” ran in script across the burgundy awning.  He paused for a moment, looking furtively to the left and right, then as the flood of emotions overwhelmed his heart again, he pushed decidedly through the door.  Within several minutes and a couple hundred dollars later, a curse was purchased, performed, and targeted at his now ex-boyfriend Nick, and his obsession with physical fitness.

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5. “Please, just don’t leave me.” Liam Dunbar

Liam was jogging through the woods, his music pounding at full volume. He slid to a stop when he saw a large tree lying in the middle of the path. It must have fallen during the storm last night. He started walking around the tree, then froze. He smelled blood.

He looked around, but didn’t see any blood on the path. Taking a deep breath, he walked into the woods, trying to track the scent as best he could.

“Hello?” He shouted, looking around. “Is anyone out here?”

The scent got stronger the further he walked. There was a lot of blood.

“Hello? Give a shout if you’re out here!”

“Help.” He heard a faint shout from deeper in the woods. “Help me please.” I’m coming.” He shouted, running through the woods, following the scent of blood.

He slid to a stop, eyes wide, when he saw the bloody form trapped under another fallen tree. “Hey, hey are you okay?”

“Yeah, I'm… I’m doing fine.” The bloody girl rolled her eyes. “How are you?”

He looked her over with wide eyes. She was pale, her dark eyes huge in her head, hair matted and stringy with blood and dirt. Blood soaked the ground around her stained the tree bark from where it say on top of her.

“Better then you.” Liam dropped down to his knees beside her. “What happened?”

“I was running…” She coughed, wincing, “and got caught in the… in the storm.”

“Okay.” Liam nodded, studying the fallen tree that was lying across her legs and torso. “Can you get up?”

“Don’t you think… don’t you think I would have done that already?” She winced, and her head dropped back onto the leaves. “Ow.”

“Okay, okay. I’m going to try to lift the tree.” Liam grabbed the trunk.

“How?” She asked, looking him up and down.

“I, um,” he bit his lip. “I’m on steroids.”

She coughed out a laugh, blood dripping down her chin. “Makes sense.”

He started lifting the tree, and she screamed.

“No stop it! Oh my god stop!” Her eyes rolled back in her head and tears slipped down her cheeks as she screamed. The smell of blood grew stronger.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry!” Liam put the tree back down as gently as he could. He looked down to see tears leaving tracks in the mud and blood on her face. “Listen, I’m going to call for help okay?”

“Okay.” She nodded. “Please… please do that.”

“Okay, just hand on.” He pulled out his phone and swore. “Crap. I don’t get reception out here. I’m going to go back to the path and call someone okay?”

“No no wait!” Her bloody hand locked around his wrist, fingers icy cold. Liam looked at her with wide eyes, and she swallowed thickly, eyes glazed with tears and pain. “Please. Just don’t leave me.”

“Okay.” He nodded, sitting back down beside her. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Okay.” She sighed, her eyes slipping closed.

“No, hey wake up!” Liam shook her shoulder, and her eyes fluttered open weakly. “Just stay awake okay. It’s okay. Somebody’s going to find us.” He looked around anxiously, hoping someone would come by. “Eventually.”

This was for angels—demons. I already posted this but it glitches out my tumblr app so I’m posting it again. Enjoy!!