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[TRANSLATION] 170331 pledis_17′s Twitter Update

[17’S JUN] 나 좋아 하니(당근) 나 생각나니(당근) #세븐틴 #당근준 #당근준_좋아하니_당근 #캐럿준

[17’S JUN] Do you like me(carrot) Do you think of me(carrot) #SEVENTEEN #CarrotJun #Carrot_DoYouLike_CarrotJun #CARATJun

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You can’t tell me that Pre-Kerberos Shiro and Keith didn’t do sappy dumb embarrassing stuff when they go on dates. LOOK. AT. THEM. Friggin matching shirts. How gross can you guys get? Even Zarkon can see that blush of yours Shiro. Keep it together. They’re so cute I can’t stop drawing them. OTL

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not to be fake deep but riddler is really attractive and people who cosplay him are too. i’m not just talkin’ eng*mashow level cosplay (amazing btw) but anyone who dares to don his colors and symbol and call themselves the Riddler.

They’re all perfect. 

Please support your Riddler cosplayers with love and kindness.

so an anon asked me about my favorite simblr editors and i decided that an old list i created wasn’t up to date, so i thought hey, maybe i should do a follow forever? so here it is!


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honestly, in comparison ‘How My Cat Almost Sat on City Council’ is almost boring.  My older brother (burning with rage after he didn’t get to vote in the last election since he has a January birthday) wrote her name in a ballot of some sort (look, I really don’t know how city council works at all; it may have been a nomination???  I also spent most of that year in a Very Unhealthy State, so I definitely wasn’t keeping up to date on my cat’s political career).  I don’t remember the exact position?  It was something about mosquito control, which I didn’t even know was an elected position.

Anyway, after talking about it at school, a whole bunch of fresh-faced 18 year olds wrote her name down too.  It was something of a private joke.  Voter turn-out was so fucking LOW that a cat won and we got a letter in the mail congratulating her.  My dad had to call and explain that she couldn’t serve on basis of being a cat.

just imagine the poor fucker who lost to a cat due to a bunch of meddling kids though.

My Reasoning

As you can see, the GDP of Germany is 3.356 trillion USD

The GDP of the Netherlands is 752.5 billion USD

3.356 trillion + 752.5 billion = 4.108 trillion USD

and if we split 50/50 in the divorce 

4.108 trillion/2 = 2.054 trillion

which puts me in fourth for the largest GDP in Europe and is a

2.054 trillion - 752.5 billion = 1.301 trillion

1.301 trillion/752.5 billion = 1.72

1.72 x 100 = 172% increase of my GDP


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exactly six years later, and they still only have eyes for each other. 

anonymous asked:

How would tiny Connor react to the letter, wouldnt Evan have picked him up before he could leave? XD

and then Connor and Evan become actual friends, Connor doesn’t kill himself, and things seem happy, except Jared is ignored because Evan genuinely believes that he only hangs out with him for car insurance and he spends more time with the Murphys than with his mom since his mom is away from home almost all the time


The Bright Sessions: Sam Barnes x Chloe Turner

C: I have an idea. Now that I’m 21 and everything, I’m gonna go buy a bottle of wine and I’ll come over after you’re done with Dr. Bright. We’ll forget all about dimension jumping and mind reading and have an honest-to-god, girls night.[…]

S: That sounds really nice. Thank you, Chloe. It means a lot.

/ / fun fact: Tennessee can rock suspenders.

Sherlock is a Raging, Pretentious Dumpster Fire That Thinks You Are Stupid For Loving It: A Tumblr Essay by Logan Sanders

 A few days ago an anon asked me about my thoughts on BBC’s Sherlock. I decided to write an essay about it. Warning: There are spoilers for Sherlock and Doctor Who in this essay. If you aren’t up to date on both and don’t want them spoiled, wait to read this until you’ve caught up. Thank you. I also curse more than usual in this essay. Please forgive me. 

In the 1891 novel A Case of Identity, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said through arguably his best and most influential creation, Sherlock Holmes, “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” This phrase can be applied to a tremendous amount of situations and mediums since it was penned by Doyle. It is no surprise that it can be applied to Doyle’s work itself. You know who Sherlock Holmes is. Everyone knows who Sherlock Holmes is. In fact, simply holding a pipe or wearing green plaid or saying the word “elementary” brings forth the image of a hook nosed, dark-haired, fair eyed detective who has been so saturated into our culture that any child who was raised in it will know the name ‘Sherlock.’

It is no secret that Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite properties of all time. Even before I was comfortable expressing emotions, I made it clear that I loved Doyle’s work. It was an unbridled and unapologetic love that could not and will not be contained. I am not the only one. Holmes has left his fingerprints on Western Culture in a way that almost no other character has. There have been countless adaptations throughout film, literature, radio, animation, comics, graphic novels, and just about every single other medium you can imagine. There were fourteen splendid serial black and white films, hundreds of television shows and tv movies, and even more properties that have taken cues and given homage to this classic. Every iteration of Holmes and Watson has seen and brought out something new from Doyle’s first sixty stories. However, there are, in my opinion, two essential elements to any story containing Sherlock Holmes. The serialized nature, and Dr. Watson.

Today, I will explain how the BBC property Sherlock ignores both of these, and manages to shoot itself in the foot so many times that there is no foot left to shoot.

However, I would like to begin with a quick disclaimer. Everything herein is simply my opinion. Many people like Sherlock for what it is, and that is fine. Television shows, like books, belong to their audience. This is simply what Sherlock is to me.

BBC’s hit modern adaptation of Doyle’s works titled simply Sherlock, took off after the first season of three episodes premiered in 2009. The show follows the titular character Sherlock Holmes played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Dr. John Watson played by Martin Freeman as they consult with Scotland yard on it’s most grueling and difficult cases. There are many, many problems with Sherlock, but in order to simplify this process, I am going to generally focus on one man’s influence on the show, Steven Moffat.

Steven Moffat is generally accepted to be the sexist, homophobic asshole who ruined Doctor Who and stained the world with the third and fourth seasons of Sherlock. That was an extremely emotionally charged sentence, so you know this is serious. However, credit where credit is due. Moffat is a talented writer. He has a knack for contained, complicated, preferably one-off stories. His early work on Doctor Who is a good example of that. Two of the first episodes in the new rebooted series were written by him, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, a two-part story that stood as a metaphor for the hardships of the World Wars, especially on the children of Europe, many of whom were orphaned. The story is hard hitting, terrifying, and contains one of the few truly happy endings in the series. Nobody dies. It also served to introduce one of the best characters in Doctor Who, Jack Harkness, who also happened to be one of the first openly pansexual characters on television. These two episodes are nearly perfect, and the acting of Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, and John Barrowman mix easily with the fun yet meaningful tendencies of Moffat’s style. Moffat wrote many more stories like this under show runner Russell T. Davies (a man who had an eye for the little things that we were speaking about earlier), including some fan favorites such as Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace. This was Moffat at his best. However, Davies stepped down as show runner after the fifth season and passed the torch to Moffat. This is where he went completely off the rails. As soon as he had control, he began introducing so many plot lines that it became headache inducing to follow. The Doctor encountered the crack in the universe and began to be hunted by the Silence, and when he opens a paradox, the TARDIS exploded and created the cracks in the universe, and then it’s revealed that The Silence is an organization trying to keep his name a secret (“Silence will fall when the question is asked.” “But what’s the question?” “Doctor who?” (Do you get it? Like the title of the show. That’s what the show’s called. He’s so clever)), and then the doctor discovers that the Silence programmed his wife (Amy and Rory’s daughter) to kill him and there is a heart breaking episode in which she does against her will, but it turns out that he used a robot body so that he wouldn’t die and he erases himself from history but then people begin to piece together who he was by the holes he left in history and then everyone he loves dies and he gets a new companion and, oh, do you remember those cracks in the universe that were clearly established to be the TARDIS exploding? Well, fuck you, that’s GALLIFREY THE SINGLE MOST DEFINING EVENT IN THE REBOOT DOCTOR’S LIFE HAS BEEN COMPLETELY ERASED AND IT MEANS NOTHING AT ALL AND THE REASON WHY EVERYBODY’S SO CONCERNED ABOUT HIS NAME IS BECAUSE GALLIFREY NEEDS TO HEAR HIS NAME THROUGH THE CRACK SO THAT THEY KNOW IT’S HIM AND THEY GIVE HIM MORE REGENERATION AND NOW HE HAS TO GO FIND GALLIFREY BECAUSE FUCK YOU NOTHING MATTERS ANYMORE AT ALL.

Virgil has been working overtime during our weekly Doctor Who episode over the past few years. As you can see, this need for an over arching plot completely lost the fun, buddy-adventure feeling that carried the show from the brinks of becoming little more than British history to relevance once again. Sure, the early episodes of the reboot were missing a bit of coherency and could have used a light season theme, and sure, there were a few arcs in Tennant’s days as the Doctor, however, nothing so big that it smothered the focus of the story; the actual story.

Moffat is a good writer, but he should know his limits. He needs to be controlled. He is like Michael Bay. The first Transformers movie was fine. It was funny, and entertaining to watch with plenty of humor, genuine human characters, and plenty of exciting action. It was good because Steven Spielberg was there as executive producer to reign in Bay’s more eccentric ideas. However, after the first movie was such a success, Bay was essentially given complete creative control. And once he was, Transformers 2 turned into a breeding ground for bad action, underdeveloped characters, and stereotypes that all tied together to make a boring, unfunny sequel to a good movie. Sherlock is Moffat’s Transformers 2. Someone needs to be his Spielberg and reign him in. That didn’t happen with Sherlock.

So here is why it’s bad.

Sherlock loses its footing in the very first episode. For the majority of it, things go well. The story is introduced from Watson’s point of view and we spend most of the episode focused on the actual murder. That is until the very end, where James Moriarty is introduced as an overarching villain for the entire series. James Moriarty? As in the one, relatively unimportant villain who only showed up in two of the original stories and was only famous because he was the one that “killed” Sherlock, for a decade, at least. They have taken one of the two most important aspects of the show, the fact that you can watch or read the stories in any order and not be lost, and they have completely abandoned it an hour and thirty minutes into show. You cannot watch an episode out of order, lest you miss the entire story. Jim Moriarty is also relentlessly queer coded in this show. There are several mentions of his sexuality in every episode he is in, and there is no point to it besides illustrating his “obsession” with Sherlock. That’s not even mentioning the fact that Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Moffat’s co-writer on the show, often refer to Moriarty as, and I quote, “absolutely psycho.” Yes, because the best way to establish a problem with mental health is to make your character a raging stereotype of the homosexual community. As though this isn’t an extremely popular show that informs the way a very large audience thinks about gay people. Because if the one gay character that people see in popular culture is the villain, there will be a part of them that labels every gay person they meet as, how did Moffat so elegantly put it? Oh yes, “absolutely psycho.”

I can provide many examples of healthy, happy, non villainous gay people, i.e. Virgil, Roman, Patton, and, incidentally, myself.

Sherlock also has an unhealthy insistence on Holmes’ intelligence. That’s nothing new, Sherlock has always been established to be a very, very intelligent man. It’s who he is, he is a detective who sees things that other people don’t, at least not a first. The difference between the Sherlock in the original series and the Sherlock that we see here, is that the original Sherlock was practically smart. There were explanations inside of the story that made sense and taught the audience something through information that was available to the them. His intelligence is tangible, and we see that filter through which Sherlock receives information develop and even begin to inform Watson’s and the audience’s point of view. You feel smarter after reading a Holmes story. This Sherlock? He is smart because he’s smart. He draws from information that we as an audience never even get the chance to observe and his process is unexplained and usually, nonsensical. He shows up knowing exactly what happened because oh, he heard someone say it off screen, or oh, he figured it out while Watson was messing around with a cat, or oh, it was a fucking boomerang. He is smart because he has to be smart, and we barely have the brainpower to argue with it anymore.

Dr. Watson is perhaps this show’s greatest sin. Watson is the center of Doyle’s stories. He is the narrator and the human eye through which we see the sometimes eccentric and alien nature of Holmes. Watson is essential to our viewpoint, and the reason why we learn throughout the series. Watson is not necessarily the heart of Holmes, but it is an easy way to generalize him. Holmes has emotions, make no mistake. He might rely heavily on logic and intelligence, but he is a human being. The reason why he is written into a robot in our minds because the writers of Sherlock have no idea a) what the actual definition of ‘sociopath’ is (here’s a hint, Sherlock is not one), and b) how to balance intelligence with emotion. So we have Sherlock who is all smarts and any attempt at emotion is fruitless and compromising, even literally revealed to be a life threatening weakness by the end of season three, and we have John who is not allowed to have any intelligence or further the plot in any way because he is always on the brink of an emotional break down. Instead of Holmes playing off of Watson, the two of them bouncing ideas around and noting information that comes together to make a full case, Sherlock has little white text explain everything to the audience and keeps John around to call stupid and show everyone how dumb we are because we literally had no way of getting the information that Sherlock had. So John’s role as the audience surrogate is turned into a way to mock us, and he, as a character, is utterly useless.

Let me just say that John Watson is a doctor, a soldier, a veteran, and a very, very smart man. Turning him into this ghost what his character actually is an insult to Martin Freeman, who is by the way, quite a good actor, everyone who has ever portrayed him, the character, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself.

This show frustrates me beyond words.

I would like to get into the aggressive queerbaiting, the absolute destruction of the entire purpose of Irene Adler’s character, and the mistreatment of all of the show’s female characters, but I think that those three problems could be essays in and of themselves. In fact, I think I will write them eventually and post them here. That’s for a later date, however. I’d like to end with something that I think really sums up the show’s relationship with the original works.

The show’s first episode, A Study in Pink, is a reimagining of A Study in Scarlet. In the original story, the word rache is written in blood on the wall of a cabin in which a body has been found. Inspector Lestrade suspects that the killer was trying to write “Rachel” but was interrupted before he could finish, therefore, a woman named Rachel must be involved. However, Sherlock points out that rache means ‘revenge’ in German. In the show, a detective named Anderson, points out that rache means revenge, and Sherlock literally slams a door in his face before stating that, of course she was writing Rachel. It would be simply ridiculous for someone to write rache on the floor, right Doyle?

The best two word description that I think I can give to Sherlock is “wasted potential”. There is so much in this show that could be good. They had a set of a solid actors, plenty of funding, great technical and camera work, and writer that, given the right parameters could have written a series of fun, smart stories that paid homage to one of if not the most influential piece of literature in British history. If they had just remembered the little things that made Sherlock Holmes stick out in our hearts centuries after he and Moriarty tumbled over the falls together, then maybe this show wouldn’t have left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Instead, Moffat hit me in the back of the head with a fucking boomerang.

I suggest you watch this video for a much more in depth look at some of the things that I touched upon here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkoGBOs5ecM

I’m angry and I’m going to bed.

Be More Chill Retro Cool Kids Headcanons

-Christine and Jeremy didn’t end up dating, the experience with the SQUIP being a little too much for the two as a couple

-Brooke started to date Jeremy again, both ready to have an actual, not trying to get another girl relationship

-it’s a few weeks into the relationship when Jake, now crutch free, admits to Jeremy that it might sound silly but he used to have a crush on him but it was alright since it’s clear Jeremy loves Brooke

-“I’d never make you cheat on Brooke. Unlike some people.”

-Chloe doesn’t know why, just that she’s going to need to kick Jake’s ass tomorrow

-to not feel guilty he tells Brooke too about his feelings for Jeremy and they end up taking their situation out

-surprisingly she understands and after they begin to hang out together before Jake joins their relationship

-they are the coupliest trio ever, like they do everything together

-Brooke loves braiding their hair and teaching them how to braid

-movie night at Jeremy’s house every Thursday, they rotate between their favorite movies

-Titanic is the movie they all cry at

-fro yo night, they all go to Pink Berry

-Jeremy’s anxiety spikes at school sometimes and he goes to Brooke and or Jake for comfort

-Jake switched between Jeremy and Brooke’s house for a place to stay do he doesn’t have to stay in a crappy motel

-Jeremy’s dad knows about his son’s boyfriend and girlfriend and is chill about it

-Brooke’s parents don’t know about Jake and for as much as she loves both her boyfriends she’d rather keep it that way

-she’s not ashamed but she is scared about how they’ll react

-Michael is the one who nicknames them the Retro Cool Kids as a joke and the couple name just kind of sticks

Hey guys! Glitter here! So I noticed a lot of AHS blog masterposts that aren’’t up to date or don’t update when they get notes on their little posts so! Please Like/Reblog if you are apart of the AHS Roleplay Community. Please put in the tags your character(s) and from what season they are. You can also reblog if you have an AHS verse! Let’s make it easier to find people to write with!! I will update this post later once I compile a master list!

Xoxo Glitter

Blind Date Masterlist

Alright folks, here we go!!! Thank you everyone for taking part in this! I´m very excited that so many people want to be a part of this and meet new people! Now, I´ve tried matching everyone up to their wishes, but if I got something wrong please don´t come banging down my door. There´s A LOT of people and while I put everyone down on a list I might have mixed something up, BUT  you can still have a nice thread, I mean…when does the person you talk to online actually turns out to look like the picture they sent? ( When it comes to dates anyways ) and besides: I´ve found that those threads usually turn out to be the best and even if they don´t end up dating you might find a friend for life ( and so will your character ) or it´ll be a story to tell that goes down as the worst date in history! ;)

Anyways, you´re welcome to slide into your partners IMs and set up a thread or maybe you´ll decide to simply put out a starter for them and see where it heads.

If you guys want you can tag your threads with #blind date shuffle so other people, who want to, can check and see how everything is going and maybe even find MORE people to write with or bond over horrible dates!

If, for whatever reason, you´re not on this list but have reblogged the post,  ( unless it was reblogged after I made the post about it closing ) please feel free to come into my IMs and let me know and I`ll find you a partner! ( I put people´s urls on the list so if somebody changed their url in the meantime etc  you´re welcome to let me know as well and I´ll see what I can do! )

Other than that: HAVE FUN!!! <3

PS: Tumblr won´t let me tag all of you so just check this post for you name! But I made sure at least ONE of you is tagged, so you should be able to find each other!!

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Riverdale S2 Theories

Okay mates this is gonna be a long one but bear with me, also don’t read if you aren’t up to date with episodes or are avoiding the episode promos cuz ya know, spoilers. Below are all my ideas/suspicions!

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