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You can’t tell me that Pre-Kerberos Shiro and Keith didn’t do sappy dumb embarrassing stuff when they go on dates. LOOK. AT. THEM. Friggin matching shirts. How gross can you guys get? Even Zarkon can see that blush of yours Shiro. Keep it together. They’re so cute I can’t stop drawing them. OTL

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There was rumor that TNT kept a Neopian Canon bible, and between that and Jellyneo you all wrote the lore of Neopia. Does Jumpstaff have the bible now? I'm just concerned about the quality of the writing from here on out.

Two bibles. One for the world and one for the site. That duality of the brand – site vs world – was a hard thing to explain to people. The world lore didn’t have humans, Neopets took care of themselves, Neopia Central didn’t actually have a movie theatre in it, things like that. The site bible explained human involvement, who TNT was, which parts of the site were canon, etc. The upkeep on them was REALLY tough, though, so they weren’t very up-to-date. (That’s kind of what the Creative team was, collectively: Living Brand Bibles.)

But… I did have to condense them both, over 260+ pages, down to a “bite-size” 40-page PowerPoint to try and explain the brand to potential buyers when it was up for sale. I give you page 10:

How about page 22?

Good times.

Anyway, that would have been the most recent version of a brand bible that existed when I left.

Does JumpStart have them? They bought all assets (code, art, documentation, etc.) and the servers those assets were stored on. *nod*

I’m not sure what you mean by Jellyneo writing lore? They never made any content for Neopets. Unless you just mean they recorded the lore in one place for people to see? Then yeah, fansites had good repositories. TDN, SunnyNeo. Great sites. Even we used those sites all the time to look stuff up.


exactly six years later, and they still only have eyes for each other. 

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ily = i love yuuri

Headcanon that Victor isn’t very up-to-date with English texting lingo, and that at some point he asks someone what “ily” means and he mistakenly hears them say “I love Yuuri” instead of “I love you.” Internally, he’s like ‘ahhh that makes sense’ because, yes, everyone in Saint Petersburg loves Yuuri. It makes sense that Mila and Sara would text each other “I love Yuuri.”

So he starts texting Yuuri “ily” and Yuuri starts saying it back. Victor finds this slightly odd but also very endearing because!!! Yes!!! Yuuri loves Yuuri!!! One day they’re talking and Victor makes a note about this and Yuuri has to explain it to him and…. And Victor is shook……

if you ever ask, hey emily, what’s the weirdest, pettiest drama you’ve ever gotten yourself into? 

i will say, oh how about that weird stretch of time where my ex boyfriend and i wordlessly posted videos to songs with Relevant Lyrics on social medias while he was dating someone else after i broke up with him?

literally the worst stretch of time of my life we were TERRIFICALLY PETTY AND NONCOMMUNICATIVE 

12 days of Kissmas.

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Plot Summary: Bucky’s promised for the next 12 days until Christmas to surprise you with a different kiss each day. 

Day 1|Day 2| Day 3|Day 4|Day 5|Day 6 |Day 7 |Day 8|Day 9|Day 10|Day 11|Day 12

 ‘This song is ridiculous’ Bucky scoffed.
You rolled your eyes as ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ sang out in the background
‘Get with the times old man, didn’t you have anything like this in the 40’s?’
Bucky replied ‘We were in the middle of World War II; this whole Christmas thing wasn’t like now, we had to ration, we didn’t buy gifts; we made stuff – these days it’s over the top’
You frowned ‘Y’know you’re a right Grinch when you want to be’
Bucky chuckled, he didn’t see the enthusiasm for expensive, exaggerated Christmases and he wasn’t up to date with everything in the modern world – but he sure knew what a Grinch was.
‘Maybe you’d like this song – 12 days of Christmas?’ You suggested, as you put the track on.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree.

Bucky laughed ‘Great! So now we’ve gone from one expensive Christmas to 12 days of filling my house with pointless garbage’
You groaned in frustration
‘So what do you want it to be?! 12 days of lets be miserable and make out with random girls in bars?’
‘How about 12 days of Kissmas instead?’ Bucky smirked, teasing you.
’12 days of what now?’ You spluttered, choking on the water in your glass.

‘From now until Christmas Day, I’ll give you a different kiss each day’
‘I’d rather choke on Stark’s homemade wine quicker Barnes’
Bucky’s laughter vibrated through the sofa ‘Looks like you’re already doing a grand job on that water. But hear me out doll, 12 days and not a single present in sight, just appreciating what you’ve got already’

Your eyes narrowed.
‘How does this benefit you?’
Bucky smirked, glancing sideways at you. ‘I get to kiss you every day and avoid this Christmas bullshit – it’s a win-win situation for me’
You looked away from Bucky starting to rant ‘I don’t believe that for one second; I mean how can you not like Christmas, cold weather, hot drinks, movies and cuddling under blankets, it’s not all about presents. I mean unless-‘

Bucky kissed your cheek.

You could feel the heat in your cheeks, shock setting in your nerves.
‘W-w-what the hell Barnes?’

Bucky grinned, singing ‘The first day of kissmas, my true love gave to me, a smacker right on the cheek!’

You let out a giggle at his song – you had no idea what you had let yourself in for, for the next 11 days.
But it was going to be eventful.

What the Signs want in Season 2 of YOI
  • Aries: Michemil is canon
  • Taurus: Michemil is canon
  • Gemini: Isn't up-to-date on YOI, wants Viktuuri to get engaged
  • Cancer: Michemil is canon
  • Leo: Michemil is canon
  • Virgo: Michemil is canon
  • Libra: Michemil is canon
  • Scorpio: Michemil is canon
  • Sagittarius: Emimike is canon
  • Capricorn: Michemil is canon
  • Aquarius: Michemil is canon
  • Pisces: Michemil is canon
What I Love About - Dimple

As far as I’m concerned he’s alive until proven (double) dead. So here’s what I love about him. Definite spoilers for anyone who hasn’t gotten up-to-date with the manga.

  • He’s seriously had a bunch of character development.
    • Okay, so he never really gave up his ambition of being God.
    • But he used to throw people around and take total control of them to get his way.
    • Lately with his mind power he only took control of one specific aspect of people to get his way.
    • Somehow that was even creepier.
  • He’s a little troublemaker (I have a different word in mind, but it’s Polish and I don’t know how to spell it).
    • A true sassmaster like a lot of MP100′s characters.
    • Loves messing with people.
    • If it was revealed that he purposely moved furniture in the office like a few millimeters over just so Reigen would trip or stumble into it I would believe it
  • His design is pretty cool. It’s unique to say the least.
  • Totally called Reigen out upon first seeing him (despite Reigen not being able to hear/see him) but was still insulted when Reigen called him a lower level spirit
  • He’s like one of those guys in anime that sees someone stronger and says, “Yeah, well, if I was at full power I could totally do that.” (Doesn’t mean he actually could because even with the Diving Tree arc we don’t get to see him at his height of power)
  • Dimple’s a good friend
    • *Cries forever*
  • Despite acting cowardly and wanting to save his own skin he still sticks by Mob and Reigen
    • In the Mogami arc, he was scared almost senseless but he didn’t try to leave when Mob and Reigen got trapped with the other psychics
    • He’s a spirit he could have easily left
    • Stayed with them, kept Mob’s body safe, and then went after him
    • Protected Mob’s body by possessing it and then possessing Gouda in the World Domination arc
    • Stayed with Mob until he got his butt kicked by Suzuki Touichirou
  • Still has not possessed Reigen
    • Reigen is like the easiest target, he’s not psychic and he’s always right there
    • Probably hasn’t done it because he knows Mob will slapped him right out but still
  • He keeps on possessing different people (except Reigen)
    • I don’t know, I kinda find it funny
    • What is he up to now, like 6-7 people that he’s possessed if you include the Kageyama bros
  • He did help Ritsu, kinda, with developing his powers
    • And he went to get help when he saw things were going too far
  • The way he keeps trying to shake psychic’s hands only to get kicked or slammed around
    • I’m looking at you, Mob and Ritsu
    • No wonder he avoided Reigen’s hand when he went to touch him after he gained the ability to see spirits
  • Dimple does actually help Reigen when Mob’s not available
    • Not during the Separation arc obviously, but otherwise yes
    • Actually during the Separation arc, way to rub salt in the wound, you jerk
    • Hey, it’s free food when he helps Reigen
  • He is totally Mob’s parent along with Reigen
    • Only other person besides Reigen who went up to an esper and asked them to stop fighting Mob because they both know he doesn’t want to fight anyone
    • During the World Domination arc he calmed Mob down enough so he didn’t completely explode in a way that would kill everyone
    • Then he and Reigen had multiple powwows during the arc on how to help Mob (like when he and Mob first got to the hide-out and when they were tracked down by the Claw espers)
    • He and Reigen looked after Mob together
  • He realized that it wasn’t necessarily that he wanted to be God
    • The real thing he wanted was friends
  • He always comes back
    • Every time he’s gotten trounced and/or it looks like he was finally killed, he pops back up
J.A.R.V.I.S - Bucky Barnes

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, J.A.R.V.I.S

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 549

Author: Hannah

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just imagine bones realizing chekov isn’t up to date with his necessary hypos so he plans his whole day around making sure he catches chekov at his most vulnerable, like while he’s eating his lunch, or surprising him in the turbo lift, all just to get revenge for chekov’s never ending Russia trivia

Centipede & Owl: Two Lost Souls

The parallels between Kaneki and Eto.

[This is a rather long read and if you aren’t up-to-date with Tokyo Ghoul :re this could spoil some things for you.]

Unidentifiable Sorrow…
Having succumb to despair,
& the desire for destruction,
Lost on the way back home.
& forgotten to go back at all.
I had a sweet dream,
that never existed,
& so I wish for death once again.

Eto and Kaneki both stand in the center of both the human and Ghoul worlds and they have even lived in both worlds. Since the abuse of his mother, neglect from his aunt and the life changing events which led to him becoming a Half Ghoul, his torture at the hands of Yamori, and the confrontation with CCG’s White Reaper, Kaneki has known sorrow. He never wanted to become like he is now and was thrown into a harsh world. Kaneki has gone through physical and mental horrors.

In the 24th after some event which took her ‘foster father’ from her, Eto had been alone, fending for herself as she grows in power. Since her early childhood, there had been someone there for her to show the young hybrid love and compassion and teach her. No longer. With the writings of her mother and nobody there to care for her anymore, Eto began her hate for the world, the powerful emotions overtaking her sending her spiraling down the dark path she’s walked ever since.

Anger. Both have felt this, Kaneki shown to feel it more than Eto thus far. He has wanted to save those who close to him and it drives his actions in a strong way. In a sense, it is his reason for living despite everything that had happened.  His anger however has been aimed at Aogiri who has been partially responsible for the dangers his friends have faced. While he will defend himself against CCG, he has no remorse for Ghouls in several cases.

Eto’s anger is seen pointed in two directions. First, she hates V for what they have done and has no mercy for anyone associated with V including those within CCG as they stand in her way of getting to the prime culprits. Secondly, she despises her father for his choice to run from V instead of fight them. At this point, it could be said that she views her father as a tool of creation on the path to destroy V and finally tear down the birdcage. It could also be said, she despises relationships as she is known to destroy them any chance she gets. Revealing that Kanou isn’t the father that Kuro and Shiro believed he was. Targeting Shinohara in the Anteiku arc. Torturing Takizawa and making him eat his own parents. The torture of Kanae.

That being said, Kaneki has shown instances of physical punishment to his opponents in bits of anger. This is scene when he impales Nishiki over and over. This shows again when he faces Ayato, breaking numerous bones leaving him incapacitated. We can even add in Kaneki threatening to stick a centipede into the ear of Madam A during his search for Kanou. Similar instances could be seen during his time as entertainment for the Gourmet (Tsukiyama).

One other similarity between the two is their belief that if one is weak then they are at fault for what happens to them or for those who are taken from them. Eto has brought this up when speaking with Hinami and Kaneki has voiced this himself on a few occasions.

Emptiness. Both of them have shown fake smiles which hold very little happiness behind them. Eto has known very little happiness though this will be covered in a little bit. Kaneki has always shown some form of hiding how he truly feels, from touching his chin or the fake smiles. Something I stated before is that Kaneki didn’t want to become what he is now but he’s forced to live with it and has become empty inside especially after his departure from Anteiku. When he visits :re as Haise. he thinks about how he possibly had someone beautiful (Touka) in his life before and shed a tear.

Moving on to Eto now, we can touch on a few points that we can say about her past, what little we know of it. Following the loss of Noroi, she lost that love and compassion she once had, forming a void inside of her. She became empty inside and she replaced what she once had with hate and later on with the beginning of Aogiri which took away from her loneliness. However, she had still just wanted to be loved though part of her feels that she cannot be loved as everyone close to her dies.

“No matter how much you fill that empty hole, the fact that it is empty will never change.”

Both have a desire for destruction however, their desires can be said to be different. Eto’s is a burning urge to see the birdcage ripped apart and V destroyed once and for all with a new world rising from the ashes.

Kaneki’s however points more towards the destruction of Aogiri and self-destruction. Depending on how you look at it, Kaneki went in to V14 partially wanting to die. which in a sense he did. Currently, he is on the path of self-destruction wanting to die but not allow those close to him to have a similar fate, preferring for them to live on while he ends the nightmarish life he’s had. Kaneki has certainly suffered greatly over the course of the manga and now he wants to end it in a special way.

Eto’s path of destruction could be said to reach to anyone who stands in her way of defeating V and she isn’t above using any tools available to reach this goal whether they are people or even subordinates.

This path of destruction they have been set upon has guided them far from a home of sorts that they both could return to should they choose. Anteiku. Though the coffee shop was destroyed after CCG’s raid, it had always been a place welcoming to Ghouls while not turning away Human customers. For years, Yoshimura Kuzen ran the coffee shop, waiting for his daughter to return. Hoping that one day, the little girl he left in the care of someone he trusted would return to him. In the back, he even kept a special tea cup from Ukina’s shop turned upside down. Something that surely would’ve meant a lot to his dear lost child. It’s clear he had thought over what he would say to her when she finally did. What he told Kaneki about his status as a One-Eyed Ghoul felt as if it were something he had wanted to say to someone else. As we now know however, Eto had seen the cafe and her own father but instead of stepping inside and meeting her father face to face, her anger showed and she stormed off, Kuzen finding the crumpled book she left behind. His saddened expression as he held the ruined novel was one that sticks with me.Ever since, he had waited and waited. However, by that time, she had no desire to return.

Kaneki found a home of sorts with the staff of Anteiku. They looked out for each other and despite now having to adapt to the Ghoul way of life, it was a place he could return to. It was also a place he was familiar with as he visited them with Hide. After his kidnapping by Aogiri and severe and traumatizing torture at the hands of Yamori, he began to become distant from Anteiku, forming his own group to take on Aogiri Tree and almost refusing to go back. His desire to seek out Kanou led him into confrontations with CCG and further away from where he could be. It wasn’t until CCG targeted Anteiku in a raid that he wanted to return however, in a sense he failed to return, being driven into the underground and into the fateful confrontation with Arima which changed him for quite some time.

This leads me into their 'sweet dream’ which they both had, if you wish to call it that. Starting with Kaneki here. Following the incident in V14, Kaneki was now Haise Sasaki who while he appeared to be Kaneki was different in several ways. Haise seemed to have a more stable mental state than Kaneki did and even deciphered how Takatsuki Sen (Eto) must feel by reading her books. This is one difference between Haise and Kaneki. While Kaneki seemed to enjoy Takatsuki’s novels, Haise did not. He could see the sorrow and despair behind the well written words in each of her works. However, Haise was a persona created by Kaneki during his time in Cochlea following his near death at the hands of Arima. The poor guy drove himself insane, clawing at the door, his eyes, screaming to be released. Haunted by nightmares and refusing to eat. Arima calmed him down and allowed him to choose the name which he would go by. from an assortment of kanji, he chose two which together formed Haise.

The name of his sweet dream. For a time, he lived a decent life as a Ghoul Investigator. Or so it seemed. In appearance, he was happy however, just like his old self, when he mentioned being happy, he touched his chin. We all know that that means. Deep down of course was Shironeki, the personification of Kaneki within his mind. Kaneki wanted his body back and slowly but surely, Haise began to see that maybe he needed this other part of him if he wished to achieve his goals. At the time it was believed that Kaneki had forgotten everything however, I believe this isn’t the case. Instead, he created Haise as a way to live outside of the horrible life he had, if only temporarily. Over time, those repressed memories came back and the old Kaneki began to resurface.

It wasn’t until Eto herself took personal action that the real Kaneki awoke once more, ending the dream. Haise Sasaki was no more.. Kaneki Ken had returned. 

Or was he always there? Truth is, Kaneki never really disappeared. This showed in a scene I mentioned before, when Haise saw Touka and shed a tear. This was not Haise crying.. but Kaneki. He had believed that she was killed by Arima when he had told him “I killed them all.” Seeing her alive and well was certainly something that brought a form of relief to him.

Overall, in several ways, his old self remained as he made bonds with the Quinx Squad similar to those bonds he made with Ghouls of Anteiku. However now it serves as an inner conflict in the war which rages.

The young Eto, while looking to form an organization that would one day rival the mysterious group known as V, used her skills in writing and became Takatsuki Sen. While originally, the purpose of this was likely to support Aogiri Tree, it became a bigger part of her life than I believe she thought it would. At such a young age she became quite popular and quickly rose to Best-Selling author status. Takatsuki Sen, a horror novelist had many fans who loved and adored her. Something Eto lacked for quite some time. While she was with her fans, the same person who threatened CCG was there however, her personality was quite different. Known to be manipulative and sadistic, when she appeared as Takatsuki, she took on a more child-like and ditsy personality. Normally running late to her book signings.

One interesting thing to note is that despite her manager, Shiono, discovering the truth that she was a Ghoul, he continued to work with her and Eto let him live. In a sense, Takatsuki Sen can be seen to be Eto’s humanity. As the famous novelist, she got to sample the human life and enjoyed being around her fans. Despite being told that she shouldn’t she would take pictures with some of them. The One-Eyed Owl, taking pictures with fans of her work? When you think about the sadistic little Ghoul that has lead Aogiri up to this point, this seems rather odd, doesn’t it? This was Eto’s own personal dream.

She lived a nice dream and had someone who seemed to care for her that she even showed a form of caring for. However, that dream has since come to an end. Turning herself in and revealing herself in a press conference, she has killed off her own dream and now everyone knows Takatsuki Sen is a Ghoul. But the real end came most recently with the death of her manager. This, I feel is an act which further shows her that she cannot be loved because those closest to her die.

With all that said, this brings me to our grand conclusion and something both of them share in different ways..

A wish for death.

With everything Kaneki has been through up to this point, he still wishes to end his rather miserable existence in a grand way or as Shironeki put it, “I wish to die in style.” To him, he feels that he should die at the hands of Arima, someone he has seen as a father-like figure during his time as Haise. He has been down this road before. But, he was saved from it once and likely will be again. He calls it his “last job”. The last acts he will do before he goes willingly to death which he believes will finally free him from the cruel world which has wronged him so. He wants to do something which will make him loved before he goes and this could be the act that could do so, but fate may have other plans for this poor tortured soul..

While, it is harder to say that she has such a wish, Yoshimura Eto is set upon that route. The natural hybrid has spent over a decade locked in conflict with CCG and hasn’t been able to accomplish her goal. With Aogiri on the brink of total destruction, she has turned to the plan she believes will lead to the goal she has been working toward her entire life. Even at the age of 27, she says how she has gotten old and has even shown she is no longer hiding. Revealing Takatsuki Sen as a Ghoul, turning herself in to CCG and in the eyes of V, these are not beyond her plan. However, it could be said that she could even look toward her own demise. Though she spent time among humans and glimpsed that life, she has done terrible things and wants to create a new world and looks to pass this goal on to Kaneki who could carry on the fight even after her passing should she die before V comes to an end. Keep in mind, this is pure speculation however, she has lived a long and lonely life full of sorrow and anger. It is likely she too could look toward an end at some point.

To pass on and be free from the burdens of a cruel world …

Dylan Obrien soulmate Au

Y/N pov.

You were currently sitting in your dark living having a Harry Potter marathon by yourself surrounded by snacks and Chinese. You were half asleep and your favorite part of the order of the Phoenix was coming up when your phone ranged.

You quickly searched for it through all your trash before finding the buzzed electronic device.

“Hello” you said

“Y/N it’s mike” Mike was you manger

“Oh Hi Mike what’s up.”

“I just wanted to be the first to tell you got the roll of Teen Wolf for Next season.”

“Oh My Gosh are you serious.” You gushed

“Yup have a great night.” He said beige hanging up.

This date couldn’t get any better this was one of your favorite shows and now you got a part as a new character for the last season.
You sighed happily first the HP marathon, then the job. And the most important part when you woke up this morning


You woke up to the warm sun on your face. You had no plans so you decided to watch one of your favorite movie series and have a lazy day at home. You made a nice breakfast, then got in shower to get ready for shopping for you fun day.
After shower you glanced down at your arm and saw your count down clock.


Two months eight weeks seven hours thirty-two minute and twelve seconds until you meet your soulmate. How did it get so far down. You swear the last time you looked at the clock you had a least 4 years left.
What changed in you or your soulmates life that you two will cross paths early.

*Flashback over*

You smiled thinking about finally meeting the person you’re meant to be with.

*two months later*

Dylan pov.

“Posey I’m freaking out here man.” I yelled at one my best friends.

“Dylan, mans what’s wrong?”

“Look at my clock dude.”

We looked down at my clock to see that is read


What if she didn’t like me.
What if my being and actor and traveling a lot bother her.
What if what if
Before I could panic more Posey grabbed me.

“Dylan calm down everything is going to be okay. This person is made for you and if this is a problem you guys will work it out. YOU ARE SOULMATES DUDE.” He said

“Thanks man means a lot. But do I look okay.”

“Hah you look okay.”

“Okay great.”

“Okay now we go to get to set.”

Y/N pov.

You were kinda panicking today was your first day at work. You got the script a couple weeks ago but now your shooting. You first seen were with Tyler Posey and Dylan Obrien. They we both fanatics actors and you were worried about messing up.

Add on to how nervous you are . You saw that know your meeting your soulmate today. You refused to looked down to see when. And try to just get through the day.

As you walked through the building you ran into Dylan S. and Holland.

“Hey you’re Y/N right, you’re going to be play Harley? Dylan asked

"Umm yup that’s me nice to meet you both.” You replied before shaking both of their hands.

“Okay welcome the show I’m looking forwarded to working with you. Holland said

"We are on the way to see the rest of the class come on.”

You smiled before following behind them. On the walk you guys talked a lot and they even invite you out after working saying the whole cast did after the first day back.

As you walked towards the set you saw the refreshments table and decided to get something to eat since you were so nervous this morning to eat.

After you got to the table you reached for a muffin when you heard two synchronized buzzing. The sound when two soulmates are together. You smiled to see who met the one true love. But turned to see Dylan O. Standing behind you. You realized that it was clock buzzing. You looked down at your clock saying


Then moved your eyes to the identical buzzing clock next to yours.

Your eyes moves up the arm to the shoulder. Soon meeting the ember eyes of your soulmate.

“I’m Dylan.”


“I think your my soulmate.” He smiled at you.

“Okay Hi Soulmate.”

being a depressed sapphic girl isn’t easy. don’t feel bad if you don’t have the energy to learn about our history just yet. don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up to date with news because it’s too upsetting. don’t feel bad if you have to stay home instead of going to pride because changing your clothes was as far as you were able to get. it’s not your fault and this won’t last forever.


[Requested by Anon]

“I know you get this question a lot, but your connection on the show is just so strong! Are you guys dating in real life?” A fan asked, feeling nervous, standing in front of you both.

“No one can do a sex scene that intense and not have any feelings for each other!” Another fan croaked.

Both you and Jensen belted out in laughter. He hid behind his hand, staring directly at you as he chuckled.

“It’s called acting!” You cackled.

Jensen’s lips slowly fell, and he looked intently at you. Those words made his stomach churn.

“You’re right.” He finally let out. “It is just acting, but I would never have that kind of chemistry with anyone but her. She’s amazing.”

You listened, feeling your heart speed up.

“We aren’t dating-” he paused and sat up in his chair. “But hopefully, one day we will.”

Those words stitched into your head, and the blood rushed up to your cheeks.

The crowd applaud and screamed.