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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Marked

4.5k words, G rated

When Scorpius arrived in that hellish other world he discovered he had the Dark Mark branded on his arm. He hoped that when he left it would go away, but here he is, back in his own world, hiding the scar from his best friend and his dad. 

Am I allowed to blame one of the actors for a fic? This is one hundred percent James Le Lacheur’s fault. I wrote this after seeing her first show as Scorpius back in October. For those who don’t know, her Scorpius rubs his left arm during the conversation about the Voldy timeline in McGonagall’s office, and I’ve now seen that happen twice, so it isn’t a coincidence. It made me wonder whether the Scorpion King is marked, and whether that would affect Scorpius. 

This is also @bounding-heart‘s fault for talking about Scorpius and Dark Marks recently. It’s time to finally drag this thing from the angsty depths of my iPad and unleash it on the world.

Thanks to @abradystrix for betaing! 

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homeybadger  asked:

Howdy! (I love your works btw). Could you please do something with either Dark and Anti or Dark and the Reader get into a fight? And both fights end with the Reader getting hurt and passing out? I'd like to see how Dark reacts to that tbh. Also, do you have a Masterlist/Masterpost?

Hmm, nope, I don’t have a masterlist! I should make one, though it would probably entirely be fic I’ve written instead of headcanons, since there are a ton of those floating around and it’d be hard to pin down. When in doubt, search a keyword using /search/[insert whatever here]!

However, I decided to go with the prompt of Dark and Anti fighting, since that one seems more likely.

You knew that if Anti and Dark were in the same room, something bad was sure to ensue. Still, you decided that maybe you could break up the fight before it escalated to anything out of control.

A bad decision, of course. Anti’s unpredictability and Dark’s stubbornness melded together in a cocktail of danger when the two started to fight physically. You were unable to just stand by, though, not wanting to see either of them get hurt as you sensed the rising hostility.

Before you knew it, you had stepped between them and fallen to the floor, unsure of what exactly had caused you to collapse before you swiftly lost consciousness due to the blow.

When you awoke, you had a splitting headache. You opened your eyes and upon looking around, you saw Dark, seething with anger. He had blood dripping from his nose and lip, and his hands weren’t clean of the red fluid either. You could smell it in the room.

“You shouldn’t have interfered,” he said simply. “It was under control.”

You groaned as you sat up completely. “It didn’t look like it,” you mumbled as you rubbed your head.

“The nuisance has been… dealt with.” But for how long? Anti always seemed to find a way to make a grand return. “Please refrain from stepping in in the future,” Dark ordered.

You couldn’t promise anything, but his anger was almost tangible in the heavy atmosphere. How long were you out? The smell of blood seemed like it was everywhere. What had he done?

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rfa boys + v + saeran with MC as brand new parents. Like, we're talking baby time with middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, and crying and not sleeping and the exhaustion that comes with being a new parents, but also a cute moment here and there as well.

Awww anonny you’re hitting me with the feels! I could write tons of pages about the Mystic Messenger characters being parents so these turned out to be longer and fluffy! I based the children’s sex on my last post about these peeps being parents and I also added Jaehee just because I didn’t want her to be left out so hopefully that’s okay! I kind of want to give the children names and personalities now because I’ve become so attached to this idea thanks to you and the other anon’s parent request! I absolutely loved writing this request so I really hope that you enjoy!! :)


  • Yoosung is surprisingly really helpful when it comes to dealing with your newborn son
  • He understands how exhausted you are from the day and usually takes the night shifts when taking care of your son
  • Yoosung already stays up late to play LOLOL and has even started to set up a schedule as to when to check on his son while also killing some monsters
  • The times whenever Yoosung is actually asleep and hears your son crying, he always gets right out of bed to care for him
  • Your son sometimes has problems properly latching onto the bottle when it’s feeding time so Yoosung gives him little encouragements to help him
  • “Come on little guy, you have to drink your milk! How else will you grow big and strong enough to help daddy slay the monsters in LOLOL? Hey, that’s it! You’re doing it! I’m so proud of my little man!”
  • There have been nights where Yoosung is just exhausted from work and just wants to sleep but when he hears his son’s crying, he’ll attend to him no matter what the problem is… unless it’s diaper changing then he may call you for some assistance
  • One of Yoosung’s favorite things in the world is showing your son picture books of animals and seeing his reaction to each one, slowly but surely teaching his son the wonders of being a Vet
  • Yoosung is honestly Super Dad and is extremely attentive to his son’s needs because he’d do absolutely anything for his son


  • Zen definitely tried his best whenever it came to dealing with your son at night, he just wasn’t always the best
  • He’d come home tired from rehearsals and as the two of you were about to fall asleep, your son would start crying
  • With a deep sigh, Zen would roll out of bed and tend to his son’s needs
  • Your son was like his father for more than just his looks, he was extremely vocal like Zen
  • Zen would wince sometimes at just how loud his son would cry but he found that his own voice would usually soothe the little one
  • “Listen son, I’m really proud of you for working on that singing voice so early on in life but mommy and I are tired. How about you listen to your old man sing a little bit and then you go back to sleep alright?”
  • When it came to night feeding and diaper changing, Zen would typically have to turn to you for help because he would usually make the bottle too warm and could not change a diaper to save his life
  • But when your son wasn’t crying his little lungs out, one of Zen’s favorite things is to put his son on his bare chest, taking ahold of his son’s tiny arms and moving them in random patterns and singing to him while lightly kissing his forehead
  • Zen definitely has room to improve with his parenting, something he understands and accepts, but one thing that he’s mastered is to always love and care for his son


  • Jaehee already has experience taking care of the other RFA members, who’re basically kids, so she ends up being a super great mom
  • She sees how exhausted you are so Jaehee’s more than willing to take care of her daughter at nighttime
  • Your daughter isn’t a very loud crier but Jaehee can always tells when she’s in distress
  • Jaehee’s a pro at diaper changing and heating up the bottles since she had lots of experience with heating up her coffee
  • But there are times when both you and Jaehee are tired but your daughter is crying her little heart out but of course Jaehee will attend to her, she just may be a little bit cranky in the morning
  • When your daughter refuses to fall back asleep, Jaehee likes to read her stories from a fairytale book, even acting out all of the parts which earns a few giggles from her tiny daughter
  • “This is what I want you to learn my daughter, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. You’re going to grow up to be such a strong and beautiful girl and me and your mother want you to be happy. We’ll make sure to always encourage you to follow your dreams.”
  • You notice your daughter starting to fall asleep only when she’s cradled in Jaehee’s arms, making Jaehee give you a shy smile
  • Jaehee is an amazing mom, no one would argue that, and her daughter grows up knowing just how much her two mothers love her


  • Jumin wanted nothing more than for his daughter to grow up in a healthy, loving environment
  • To do this, Jumin wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, so since he worked during the day he usually would spend all night with her
  • But when your daughter would cry, Jumin would panic never knowing what she needed
  • Jumin was terrible at changing diapers, he could ever get the bottle temperature right, and it seemed like every time he’d try to pick his daughter up, her cries would turn into wailing
  • He was about to give up hope of being a good dad but you kept encouraging Jumin, telling him to just keep spending more time with his daughter then she’d start warming up to him
  • One night when you and Jumin were sleeping, the two of you heard your daughter crying yet again and just as Jumin was about to call a nanny, you convinced him to go to her
  • He was reluctant but did so, carefully picking up his daughter to try and get her to calm down
  • When her crying turned louder, not that Jumin was surprised, he tried something new and started to rock his daughter back and forth while singing a lullaby in his deep voice
  • “Do like my singing my little girl? Hmm your mother says the same thing but I don’t think it’s that great. But I’m glad that you like it, I’ll sing anything for you my precious girl.”
  • His daughter eventually fell asleep in his arms, making Jumin almost cry on the spot as he cuddled her closer in his arms
  • Jumin may not be the most experienced dad, but after that moment he knew that he would give his daughter all of the love he could because, besides you, she was his favorite person in the world


  • Seven would always joke around about being the best dad ever but he honestly was starting to become one
  • His sleep schedule is the worst so he’d always be ready to go to your son when he started crying
  • By some miracle, your son didn’t become a crying mess all that often, making both you and Seven extremely relieved
  • It took Seven a while to get the hang of changing diapers and getting the bottle ready, let’s just say there were lots of times when you had to help clean up the mess Seven made
  • But Seven would always let you sleep when your son cried at night because he cherished his time with his little boy
  • When the little Choi was being extra fussy and wouldn’t stop crying, Seven would lift him up and spin around in slow circles, telling his tiny son crazy made up stories
  • The smile his son would show made Seven’s heart melt, he finally had a family to call his own
  • “You know little guy, I never knew what it was like to have loving parents. But you’re never going to feel that way because me and your mom are going to love you for forever! And maybe someday if you’re extra good, I’ll take you to space with me!”
  • Your son always seemed to calm down whenever Seven was with him, realizing that your husband made a father-son bond that would never be broken
  • Seven would always spend as much time as possible with you and his son, making sure that his son would grow up in a family that was filled with lots of love


  • V already had a feeling that life was going to get a bit… messier when your twins had come into this world
  • He always had an immense amount of guilt for not getting the eye surgery sooner so that he could see his children
  • So V figured that taking care of your fussy twins at night would at least start to show how sorry he was
  • The twins weren’t easy to deal with, your son would try and crawl out of the crib and slobber on anything he could get his hands on while your daughter was a crying machine and would flail around whenever anyone would try and pick her up
  • V definitely had his work cut out for him
  • He was a terrible diaper changer and he usually ended up dropping the bottles of milk on the floor before even heating them up since it was still dark outside, not helping with his poor vision
  • But as time went on, V started getting more and more confident as well as helpful with his twins
  • He loved having them sit on his lap while he watched their eyes widen in wonder as V showed them his scrapbooks of photos
  • Granted, he had to be careful of his son’s drool and his daughter’s tears when handling the photos
  • “You two sure seem to like this photo a lot and I’m not surprised. Uncle Jumin took this one of mommy and me in the garden. I really love this photo, even though it’s pretty blurry, we still need to teach Uncle Jumin how to take photos when you two get older. I’ll have him take a photo of all four of us together when you both are bigger okay?”
  • Now every time V’s with the twins, they immediately start to crawl onto his lap waiting for a new scrapbook to be presented to them
  • V had become an amazing father to his twins, not that it surprised you, and when they did get old enough, V received the eye surgery to finally fully see his beautiful family


  • Saeran was absolutely terrified about being a father and having a child to look after
  • In fact, Saeran was practically afraid of his son, he saw his own vulnerable self within his son, making Saeran think of his own awful childhood and wanting nothing to do with the little boy
  • You would usually end up taking care of your son day and night since Saeran would get flashbacks of his childhood and nearly had a panic attack once
  • But one night when you were feeling extremely sick and resting, Saeran heard his son crying from the room next door
  • Saeran cautiously went to his son’s room and yet again, panicked when seeing his son crying, reminding him of himself
  • But then his son looked Saeran right in the eyes, making Saeran freeze but realize that his son needed him and that nothing else mattered
  • He gently picked up his little boy and sat down on a rocking chair, softly shushing him and wiping his tears away
  • “I’m so sorry for not taking care of you and properly loving you. But you helped me realize something, you’re my son and nobody’s going to take you away from me. I promise to protect you and love you for forever so don’t be sad anymore okay?“
  • From that night on, Saeran became a super dad and wouldn’t let his son out of his sight, soon becoming a diaper changing and bottle making expert
  • His favorite thing to do with his son is to go sit outside and stare at the clouds, with Saeran usually chuckling when his son would get excited and point at the sky
  • Saeran soon became an amazing father and husband, he would always make it a point to tell both you and his son how much he loved and cherished you two
Theory Time

On the Black Fairy.  I can’t completely hate her because we know she used to be good and then something happened (of which everyone claims not to know) and then she turned dark.  To me, it seems obvious that she turned dark because of whatever happened with Rumple.

I don’t think that she abandoned him.  I think it’s quite possible she loved Rumple and wanted to keep him and raise him when he was born.  Except that as soon as he was born, he was forcibly taken from her by the Blue Fairy.  I think it was Blue because she’s the big upholder of fairy laws.  Perhaps she didn’t find out about it until right when Rumple was born, and then she managed to get the upper hand on Black Fairy and take her baby away right after birth, because fairies can’t have babies with humans (Malcolm).

I simply don’t believe Blue when she says she doesn’t know why Black Fairy turned dark.  She knows.  I think she was the reason why.   So Blue takes Rumple away (gives to his father) and makes it so Black can never see him again.   Black then starts to turn dark.

Then it all devolves into “If someone took my baby from me, I’m going to take everyone else’s”  queue her no longer protecting children and instead stealing them.  And she just gets worse over time.

It explains her wanting them all to call her mother (which I felt was deeply rooted psychologically) as well as her projection onto Gideon, and her offense in 6x16 that there is any other mother for him than her.   It also explains why she wants Rumple to join her in her plan for evil.

She does love him.  But she’s been evil for so long that it is dark and twisted now.  But she does want to reconnect with him (I believe this is why she didn’t straight up control him to come with her) and she even said they were going to “be the family they were always meant to be”.  To me it’s clear she wants the family she lost and that she loves Gideon and Rumple but it’s just all twisted now for her.

Going to clarify again that I’m operating on the theory she did not abandon Rumple of her own free will.  That would very obviously be traumatic.  I really do think that’s what happened.

Going up! Just a fun, action shot type of pic of my 1980’s heroine, Abi Drotsky. My side project, Up Since Dark extends no further than a series of drawings, but it’s a great distraction from my usual Victorian woes.

I’d love to colour this and fill the blanks. What’s Abi up to? What’s she looking at? Where is she? And, perhaps more importantly, where the heck is Gangfield?

I’m thinking skateboard. :)

Realize -- Chapter Seven “A Day of Nothing”

Sebastian StanxReader and Tom HiddlestonxReader (Pick your team #TeamSeb #TeamTom)

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain …  Here’s Chapter Six! :) @foureyedsiopao

chapter one | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four | chapter five | chapter six

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Photographer - Michael Clifford

Words: 800+

Summary: You are a photographer and try to make a picture of Michael at a music festival.

Warnings: None!

A/N: My first one, hope you like it! Let me know what you think (:

I look at all the people in front of me and raise my camera. I went out for pictures of the forest, but ended up at a music festival. Some band is performing and the lights are on, making the stage light up since it’s getting dark. The screen behind the four boys says 5 Seconds of Summer and it lights up when a new song starts. I take some pictures before I move closer to the stage. From this close I can actually see the boys playing the guitar, bass and drums. Suddenly I wish I had a backstage pass, I’ve had it before and I made some of my best pictures. The girls around me push me from side to side to get closer at the stage, which makes it hard to hold my camera still and take pictures. Then suddenly, the hair of one of the boys who plays guitar catches my eye. It’s dyed a bright blue and most of the time it matches the flashing lights. I raise my camera again and zoom until I’ve got his torso and head at the left side of the screen, but then a girl stumbles against me and I almost let my camera fall.

‘Will you please be careful? This camera is expensive, you know?’ I snap frustrated. The girl ignores me and just pushes further forward. I shake my head and try it again, but people keep pushing me, so it won’t work. Frustrated I let my camera down and look at the boy. His eyes meet mine and he smiles at me. I smile back and when he waves I laugh. All the girls close to me scream and wave back. I enjoy the rest of the song, but thinking of all these girls who are making it hard to take that one picture. Then the song ends and I was waiting for a new one, but the blue haired boy starts to talk. He thanks everyone for being here and then he looks at me again.

'Now, I want to ask this girl something.’ he says. Confused I furrow my eyebrows. 'Yes, you. The girl with the camera.’ he laughs. 'Don’t attack her because I actually don’t know her, but I saw you trying to make a picture of me?’
It’s almost quiet and it kind of scares me. I feel like everybody is looking at me when I smile and nod, not knowing what to do with all this attention, even my face is on the two big screens on either side of the stage.

'Can I see it?’ the boy asks. I laugh and shake my head no. His expression changes and the smile disappears from his face.

'No, it’s not like you can’t see it, but people kept pushing me, so I couldn’t make the picture.’ I scream. Because it’s quiet he hears me and nods.

'For a moment I thought you didn’t like me.’ he grins.

'I don’t!’ I interrupt, laughing. He sticks his tongue out and laughs too.

'Now, let this beautiful girl take her picture,’ the boy asks the audience, 'and then come backstage so I can see it, okay?’ he continues and gives me another smile. I smile and nod, I raise my camera again, zoom and then take some pictures. When I take a look at them, one girl looks at my camera.

'She’s really good, I swear!’ she screams. I blush when the boy laughs, I found myself wishing it wouldn’t be this quiet anymore. Then I lift my thumb up, so he knows the pictures are good.

After two more songs, I decide to go backstage, as the boy asked. One of the people walks towards me and gives me a wristband which says 'backstage’, probably because the boy on stage asked me to come.

'They have one more song left, Michael will come over here after their performance.’ he says, probably referring to the blue haired boy. I nod and wait for the last song to end. To kill time, I take a look at the pictures again. I was able to make some more when they were playing again, suddenly no one touched me anymore. I’ve got some really cool ones. Just when I look up, I feel two hands on my shoulders. I squeal and turn around to see who scared me, Michael.

'Hey,’ he grins. I stick my tongue out and let my camera hang down.

'You nasty boy, don’t ever do that again!’ I laugh. Michael smiles.

'So, do you often make pictures?’ he asks. 'Oh wait, I’m Michael by the way. Not good at being social, sorry.’ he laughs.

'Oh, don’t worry, me neither. I’m Y/N.’ I smile. 'I practically make pictures every day and at every event I am.’ I say. I raise my camera and show Michael the pictures I’ve made.

'Wow, you’re really good!’ he exclaims. I blush and smile.

'Thank you!’ I say.

I can understand why whitewashing may be frustrating to see, but it is not okay to shame artists.

Last night I came across not one, but two, Voltron blogs that were reblogging art they deemed “whitewashing,” and leaving rather rude comments, criticizing the artist for coloring a character too light. Referring to the artist’s Lance as “Larry” for example. 

Most of the arts seemed fine. And before you start writing me an angry ask, I am a POC myself. So long as a brown-skinned character is darker than the white character drawn next to them, it doesn’t bother me. I am not an artist, I can’t draw, but I sometimes color line art. Coloring is hard. I cannot understand lighting for the life of me. You don’t know if an artist is still struggling with figuring out coloring and lighting. Give them a break. 

People who feel the need to publicly shame artists for not coloring a character dark enough in your opinion… who the hell do you think you are? That is so rude. If it bothers you that much, politely and privately message the artist. I’m sure they would much rather appreciate receiving constructive criticism privately, instead of being publicly called out and their art mocked. 

Get over yourselves. I cannot wait until this tumblr culture of “I must publicly call out this person for doing (”problematic” thing), so I can show off how good and woke I am” dies off. 

@autumnkepler asked:
“Can you please draw a baby version of all six sakamaki brothers (merman AU) cuddling on some soft corals ((idk about sea life •__•))”

But my! If the babies, so smols just look at Teddy’s size to theirs were in such a place, they’d be spotted and attacked immediately!
They were kept hidden in a small cave day and night, sleeping in the soft sand.
The surprising thing is, even if they went to sleep separated, they always woke up nestled up to each other…

Playful Lessons - George Weasley x Reader (Request)

Request: “Can you do one with George Weasley, where like (Y/N) is dating George, and he’s like sliding his hand up her skirt and stuff in class, and then after they ditch dinner, and go do the ‘deed’. Thanks!”

Warning: Graphic Sex


“I’m so bored.” you yawn, struggling to keep your eyes open.

“Same here. As much as  I think he’s a cool guy, I could make this lesson so much more interesting than old Lupin here ever could.” George Weasley’s eyes lock onto your own, “For you, anyway.” he smirks as his hand disappears under the desk.

“George, please just bugger off! I’m supposed to be concentrating!” you giggle, flicking his hand away from your leg and straightening yourself up in your chair.

“You weren’t complaining last night.” he grins, propping his head up with his hand.

“George!” you hiss, trying not to laugh whilst looking around to make sure that nobody was listening.

“Can you two be quiet in the back please. There are others in this class that WANT to learn.” Lupin orders sternly.

Your cheeks redden as you realise you must have been talking loud enough for people to hear. George merely sniggers upon seeing your reaction.

“Calm down, Y/N. We won’t be the first, and certainly not the last 'amorous’ students at Hogwarts.”

“Yeah well, I don’t want people thinking of me like that, George.” you whisper shyly, not wanting to sound like too much of a killjoy.

“I seriously doubt anyone thinks of you like that Y/N,” George laughs incredulously before leaning closer to you, “I’m pretty sure anyone would be pretty damn shocked to discover what you’re really like in the bedroom.” he whispers, his finger now drawing circles into your knee.

“Oh really?” you croon.

“Like you need reminding.” he replies confidently.

Flashbacks of the night before come flooding into your mind’s eye, causing your body temperature to rise slightly as George strokes your inner thigh.

“You do remember last night, don’t you Y/N?” he asks, interrupting your explicit daydream.

“Mhm.” you answer, biting your lip in an attempt to contain yourself as George’s long fingers slowly travel up the soft skin of your inner thigh. Higher and higher. Closing your eyes, you remember how his tongue had made the same tantalising journey towards your sweet spot last night.

“Miss Y/L/N!?”

Professor Lupin’s voice snaps you out of your drunken-like reverie and your eyes spring open, only to find that the whole class’ eyes were on you.

You look to George for any sign of support but he’s already burrowed his head in his arms on the desk to try and hide his laughter.

'I’m glad you’re finding this funny!’ you rage, making a mental note to get him back later.  

“Professor?” you voice tentatively, feeling your face flame violently.

“Are you going to pay any attention in this lesson or are you too busy seemingly falling asleep?” Lupin barks.

“I’m sorry, Professor. It won’t hap-”

“That was my fault, Professor. I had her up most of the night last night with err.. homework.” George finally comes to your rescue.

“Are you not able to cope with your homework on your own, Mr. Weasley?” Lupin asks sarcastically.

“Oh, yes Professor. Just, this one in particular was just, so.. hard. I really, desperately needed a hand with it. She was just the right girl for the job you see.”

George was evidently trying to hide the growing smirk on his face throughout that sentence; knowing full well that you would be dying of embarrassment at the thought of what he was really telling your Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

“Right, well, we might as well wrap things up for today. Make sure you bring that essay in by the next lesson. And George – Don’t be keeping other pupils up with it either please.”

“Yes Professor.” George answers as you both get up and leave the classroom.


“I can’t believe you!” you cry, trying to keep a straight face as you, Fred and George sat down in front of the fireplace in the almost empty Gryffindor common room.

“Why, what’s he done now?” Fred questions.

“Oh, nothing, it doesn’t matter.” you stutter, not wanting to relive the moment.

“Come on, spill the beans.” he presses.

“She loved it really.” George sniggers, winking in your direction.

“Oh! Jesus Christ. Too much information, I don’t want to know.” Fred exclaims in mock disgust.

“What’s that?” Ron enquires, sitting down on the hearth with Harry and Hermione.

“Nothing for your little baby ears, Ronnykins!” Fred jokes patronisingly.

“Bugger off! I’m not that much younger than you two you know.” Ron grunts, “Anyway, we’re going down to dinner. Are you three coming?”

“Might as well, nothing going on up here is there?” Fred replies, getting up from his seat and turning towards the portrait hole.

You begin getting up to follow the four of them but George discreetly grabs your wrist and pulls you back down beside him.

“Err, actually. Y/N isn’t feeling too well so I’m just going to stay up here with her. We might come down in a bit.” he lies as you shoot him a confused glance.

“Oh, what’s wrong Y/N?” Hermione asks, “Do you want me to take you up to the Hospital Wing?”

“No thank you, Hermione. I’ll be fine. It’s just a headache.” you stutter, realising how much of a bad liar you are compared to George.

“As long as you’re sure!” she smiles, her bushy brown hair bouncing after her as she turns to leave through the portrait hole.

“What was all that about?” you ask George once they had all left.

“Your innocence drives me mad, Y/N.” he whispers, placing himself roughly between your legs and kissing you deeply.

“Me? Innocent?” you ask angelically, biting on his lower lip.

George sniggers before nibbling on your neck and jawline.

You feel his strong arms wrapping around the back of your thighs as he pushes you up onto the chair arm. He lifts up your skirt whilst placing small kisses on the warm, soft skin of your thighs.

“Oh, George!” you moan, as he suddenly places his mouth over your sweet spot, breathing hot air onto your underwear.

He continues to tease you mercilessly, kissing and biting your clit ever so gently through the wettening fabric of your underwear as he grabs your behind, squeezing your curves roughly.

George moves slightly upwards, taking the hem of your underwear between his teeth and pulling them off slowly.

“Wow, babe. You’re so wet!” he exclaims at the sight of your dripping mound.

“Well you’ve been getting me all worked up since Dark Arts.” you blush, aware of how wet you’ve been all evening.

George smirks proudly before plunging a finger into your core.

“Ohh yeah!” you moan loudly, arching your back slightly as your body adjusted to his intrusion.

“You like that, Y/N?” he asks, as he continues to pound your throbbing walls with his middle finger.

“Mmm, yes!” you groan, grinding your clit into the palm of his hand.

“Do you want more?”

George had barely finished the question before you almost screamed your reply.

“Good girl.” he whispers huskily, lowering his mouth over your naked flesh and gliding his tongue up from your perineum to your clit before dipping his expert tongue inside you.  

Your body writhes underneath him as you grind yourself into his mouth. You feel a familiar knot growing in the depths of your stomach and you know that it won’t be long before you reach your climax. Your hands reach down, your fingers running through George’s flaming red hair, desperately trying to push his tongue deeper inside you.

Your legs begin to shudder and you throw your head back in pure pleasure, squeezing your eyes shut as George brings you ever closer to your orgasm.

“George! I’m going to cum!” you cry, wrapping your legs around his shoulders and clutching the chair arm tightly as the knot in your stomach explodes.

George continues to work on your womanhood, prolonging your rapture for as long as possible.

“Mmm, Y/N, you taste so good!” he moans, cleaning you up with his tongue before starting to unzip his tenting trousers.

“Oh no, no, no. Don’t think I haven’t forgotten what you did to me earlier!” you giggle, getting up and straightening your skirt.

George looks scandalised for a moment, but shrugs his shoulders nonetheless as he zips himself back up and pulls you into his arms.

“Shall we go down to dinner?” you ask contentedly.

“As long as you promise to sort me out later.” George jokes, looking down at his deflated manhood.

“I promise.” you smile, kissing him passionately before heading down to the Great Hall.


You walked in to find Fred, Harry, Ron and Hermione sitting in their usual spot in the middle of the Gryffindor table.

“What took you two so long? There’s barely any food left.” Harry states, pouring you both a goblet of pumpkin juice.

“My head was splitting.” you lie, “I wanted to wait until it was a bit quieter down here.”

“Feeling any better?” Hermione enquires politely.

“Oh, much better thanks!” you smile, before shooting a knowing look at George who already had a grin on his face.

“Aren’t you hungry mate?” Fred asks George, looking at his twin brother’s almost empty plate.

“No, I’ve already eaten.” George replies with an air of self-satisfaction and a wink in your direction.


Thanks for the request! Sorry it took so long, hope you like it! 


there was this lil grey and white cat sitting atop the the separation where my apartment complex has our dumpster’s and i didn’t notice him at all til i looked up and he was so cute and calm just chilling there. i’m so glad kobe didnt notice him bc kobe’s such a punk and will bark at even a cat’s meow

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