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Would like to praise you noting how S2 put the final scene of ACOK 3 quarters of the way in the episode and how instead the final scene is basically everyone is doomed. I feel like Bran and Rickon surviving Winterfell being the final scene of the book shows one of the series themes, that even though the world may be terrible, one shouldn't give up their ideals and give up hope, how they should strive to keep going. Unlike the show which misses this and instead goes "everything sucks haha EDGE"

Well, thank you very much!

I see two big problems with the season two ending. The first, as I’ve said and you’ve reiterated, is that the change means that everything sucks haha EDGE.

The second problem, which I didn’t get into because a) immediate note-taking isn’t always conducive to season- and series-long reflection and b) I only started really thinking about this thanks to your message, is more of a philosophical difference. GRRM is pretty fond of to-be-continueds that pose the question “what do these events mean?” rather than a more direct “what’s going to happen?!” There’s a difference in how the audience reacts, and it’s pretty much that “what does this mean?” invites a long-form answer whereas once you expand that initial “what’s going to happen?” into a specific question, (e.g. will the zombie horse tread on Sam?) you can answer that specific question in one word. The show tries for the GRRM approach, but makes some questionable decisions in ending seasons three (understatement) and four, and errs on the side of “what’s going to happen?!” in seasons two and five.

I’m going to go into more detail beneath the cut. Once again I wrote waaaaaaay too much about something you did not solicit my opinion on.

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