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Do you know how to color skin tones? I'm going to start coloring my art but I've been scared to do anyone who's nonwhite because I'm not sure what appropriate skin tone is what

ah, not sure if I’m good at it, and I suck at explaining how I do things, but I can show u my color palette for skin tones

and here are some examples of how I use that palette of colors for various characters :0 hope it helps 

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i love ur pokemon mob au!!! do u have natures/moves/abilites/ picked out for everyone like u do with shou? and what pokemon is reigen?

yeah!!! i doodled up some reference sheet things of them! :0

mob’s an espurr… or is he? something that’s established in the pokemon anime is that Mew can change its form to look like other pokemon, so i actually like the idea of mob as a mew who doesn’t know hes a mew!!! he only looks like a mew when he hits ???% tho, and that’s also the only time mob uses his hidden power move. im bending the rules of pokemon a lil bit here lmao

Ritsu’s a shiny espurr! even though he’s a psychic type, i think he had a lot of trouble actually using his psychic moves. he and mob are probably adopted in this au tbh. Frustration is his most powerful attack :0

Teru’s a braixen! i almost made him shiny but i think regular braixen’s pallet fits him more nicely. i gave him hidden power electric bc his aura is a spiky lookin yellow!! this is pre-mob teru, i haven’t figured out what he’d look like with haystack hair lmao. also not sure abt his nature.

AND finally, the Dad… reigen’s a Zorua posing as a Drowzee! But he has No offensive moves whatsoever, he’s useless in a physical fight. He’s very good at keeping up his illusion though, only dropping it when he’s alone.

and yeAH thats everybody that i’ve figured out so far!! not including shou, who is in another post ;v;

Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning and I just–suffocate.

Lance starts being afraid of what he loves

(tryna color but obviously failing)

bonus slav:

they bond over mutual fear (shiro is not amused and hunk is low key worried about lance)

Introducing Miraculous May 2017!

Hey everyone! So knowing that some other fandoms have months dedicated to their shows, I decided to create one for our lovely fandom last year! While for 2016 it was Miraculous March, people requested that this year be May to coincide with Season 2! And thus, Miraculous May will run all May and if you guys want to be a part of it, just make sure to tag it #Miraculous May 2017, that way we can all find it, see it, and give you the recognition you deserve! You can write, draw, edit, do whatever you’d like!

The schedule for Miraculous May is as follows:  

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Aesthetic boards for some of the supporting characters in AWTA 💜

I was gonna include the demons, but I thought I’d do those guys separately-

((In order; Toby, Karman, Avery, Marigold))

((I also realised I don’t talk about Toby, Karman OR Avery nearly as much as I should- tHEY’RE REALLY IMPORTANT TO THE STORY))

The girl with the red ponytail was PERFECT FOR MARIGOLD—

Throwing money at government projects is not “biblical charity”. It’s a waste and poor stewardship. Before you crap on conservatives because you think we’re not “ charitable” enough, why don’t you find out what we actually do in our communities. Heck no don’t give money to the public schools. I’m not even going to start on what public schooling has always been the worst thing for this country. Don’t take the money that I work hard for, and force me to support a system that I believe does more harm than good. I’d rather that money go to the homeless and abortion ministries I do with my church. Don’t just assume that because we don’t want the government choosing how our charity (tax) money works, that we’re somehow greedy and against helping people.

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Um... What do you do if you wanna interact with another blog but can't draw?

//Wellllll, first of all EVERYONE can draw. Everyone.

You just need to practice. Practice, use references, look up tutorials, and just keep on practicing! I seriously mean it when I say everyone can draw. 

as for interacting without drawing, some blogs are more than willing to do text rps, you just gotta look for them!

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What mastiff was used to kill prisoners?

Supposedly, the Ovcharka, if the guard doesn’t convince the dog to disengage before it kills the prisoner it attacks during an escape or riot. However, many mastiff breeds, mixes, and types have historically been used as prison guards because they are large and pack a lot of power that most unarmed humans are not going to try to argue with. Also why most people are heavily discouraged from getting one of these kinds of dog for service dog work.

This particular family imported one all the way from Russia bc they saw cute teddybear puppy turns into very large teddybear dog and were very unprepared for the teeth and fury this dog grew into. I ended up referring them out to someone better equipped to handle a dog that weoghs as much as I do and wants to rip my face off.

Voltron Characters?

Some of these obviously got more effort/quality/thought/etc. but it was an accident. Poor Pidge got the worst of it because I forgot the shading. May redo her… plus I think the ones I draw less actually got more attention because I had to look up reference… 

More or less just practice getting used to my art tablet

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3

“He eats that even though my ass is RIGHT HERE, uneaten.”
-Viktor Nikiforov, Christmas 2016

I haven’t had any internet all day, I literally drove over a mountain to find a starbucks with free wifi so I could post this shitty, hastily drawn comic for you people. I hope you appreciate it.